Chapter Four:

"Er-um..." She gulped thickly as he stared at her, his dark brown eyes boring into her. "Sure?" It came out as a question, because she had been caught off guard.

She didn't get up today expecting to be asked out on a date!

Seth grinned, like he had just been told her won the lottery, a blush staining his tanned cheeks. "Awesome! Er, I mean great." Hs shuffled a bit, unsure of himself. He had never dated anyone before, or wanted to.

Until now.

Leah rolled her eyes at the two preteens and cleared her throat. "Hate to break up this sap fest but I'd like to get out of here and spend some time with my future sister in law." She gave a gruff laugh as both pre teen's flushed red.

Kagome flushed, a light sweat breaking out on her brow, she knew her cheeks had to be flaming red!

"Leah!" Leah rolled her eyes a the high pitched cry her brother gave and grabbed Kagome's arm and began tugging her out of the diner.

"Bite me." With that she dragged the younger female after her, chuckling as she gave a hastened wave to Seth.

They were so damn cute!

It almost made her a good way!

She wasn't a warm fluffy person but damn if it didn't make her happy to see her brother happy after all the drama that had been going on.

It also gave her a reason to tease him, something any older sibling would love and take advantage of.

"Where are we going?" Kagome blinked, trailing behind Leah through the reservation. She could tell the older woman was in thought yet she really had to use the restroom. She had hoped to use the restroom before they left the dinner but Seth;s impulsive question had made her completely forget.

Leah blinked, rubbing the back of her head as she looked around. "Hm...wanna hang out at my place its down the block." She pointed ahead of them.

Kagome smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I gotta go to the bathroom." Leah cracked a grin as she let go of Kagome's arm to point at a bush.

"You can go over there." She laughed as Kagome flushed and rolled her eyes.

"Leah!" She waved her arms in front of her chuckling at the younger woman.

"I'm kidding, kidding. Let's go. Before the horde descends." She wrinkled her brow at the thought of her pack, they had made her home their home.


Didn't pay a damn bill either.

Kagome laughed as she followed behind Leah, she honestly liked the older woman, if only she was her actual age she knew they would be the best of friends. Not that they wouldn't be, the age gap was just a bit...odd.

Then again Leah was the kind of person who didn't care what other people thought.

She admired that about her and vowed to be more like her, she was given a second chance at life and wasn't going to waste it.

"Well this is home sweet home, excuse the mess. Half the damn res lives here but they don't pick up after themselves."

Kagome laughed as she took in the homely house, it was medium sized and she could feel the love that inhabited it. She followed Leah inside and kicked off her shoes, setting them in the corner as Leah pointed down the hall.

"Bathroom's that way...I'd look before I sit if I were you." Kagome blushed but nodded, having a younger brother she knew how lazy boys were when it came to lifting and putting the seat down. Many a time she had a behind full of toilet water because she had not looked before sitting.

Kagome nodded and went to the bathroom, she didn't really have to go she just wanted to sit and think for a couple minutes. Things were getting weird for her, maybe it was just La Push that was weird. Kagome wasn't sure.

She actually didn't believe she agreed to go on a date...she was kind of dazed when she agreed and now that she thinks about it she wants to hit herself.

She didn't know him and she just agreed!

She wasn't some idiot girl, she should know better.

Taking a deep breath Kagome turned the sink on and splashed some water on her face, "Today hasn't really even started and it already feels long..."

Drying her face she looked in the mirror and gave a sigh as she left the bathroom, flickering the lights off before she closed the door. Making her way back out to the main room Kagome saw Leah sitting on the Couch, and stood up when Kagome came into the room.

"Come on we can go into my room..." She grinned at the younger girl, as she led the girl down the hall away from the messy living room.

Leah opened her room door dragging Kagome in and shutting the door behind her and locking the door behind her.

Kagome blinked when she saw the girl lock the door, causing Leah to give an apologetic smile, "If I don't lock it the idiot boys just barge in...I could be changing for all they care but they still come in unannounced."

Laughing she nodded in understanding, "That would be a good reason to lock the door."

As Kagome followed Leah's lead and sat down on the bed, she really didn't know what to talk about.

"So.." Leah started, a cat like grin on her face, " are going on a date with my little brother..." Kagome's face turned red, she knew this conversation was going to be a long one.

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