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prompts: falling, dancing without music

The night is warm, with fireflies zooming all over the sky. Sighing, Molly Weasley leans back against the grass. Really, it's summer, and shouldn't she be having fun? But, to her intense dismay, she's not having fun.

Hearing a crunching beside her, she turns slowly to see Scorpius Malfoy, lounging in the grass. "Having fun, Weasley?"

"Having fun, Malfoy?" She mocks, scowling at him.

"It's Teddy, isn't it?" He wonders softly, as if he could ever understand.

"It's Lily, isn't it?" She counters.

Biting back a cutting remark, he tells her, "Well, at least I admit it."

"Fine," Molly growls. Staring at the blonde boy, she feels anger bubbling up inside of her. At last, she yells, "FINE! I'm in love with Teddy Lupin. Is that really what you wanted to hear?"

As if he understands (as if he could ever understand), he just stares at her sympathetically. Finally, he speaks. "Molly, I know. It must feel horrible right now- it does for me, too-"

"But you knew all along, didn't you?" She replies softly, not trying to hurt his feelings. "I didn't know- he said he was going to take some time, try to work things out. I should have known it would always be her."

"Time for a distraction," he announces, standing up, brushing himself off. "For both of us."

He offers her a grass-stained pale hand, and though she feels a little bit nervous, she takes it anyway. Smirking, he twirls her around underneath the light of the blazing lanterns. For a second, Molly feels a bit of happiness that doesn't fade as he stares at her, grey eyes brimming with some unknown emotion.

"There's no music," she reminds him, biting her lip.

"We don't need music to dance," Scorpius responds, a pure smile taking over his face. However, suddenly it fades. Surprised, Molly spins around to see two people, hand in hand. Short little Lily and tall Teddy Lupin, in all his blue-haired glory.

Scorpius glares at the two 'lovers', fifteen and twenty-six years of age, hand in hand. "Isn't this wonderful? The pedophile boy and the little girl who doesn't know what she needs."

"And what do I need, Hyperion?" Lily spits, cold as ice, using his loathed middle name.

Scorpius stares at the ground. "Have you ever considered the distinct possibility that there are boys out there who are better than Teddy? Younger than him? Better suited for you than him?"

"There aren't any," Lily replied, looking slightly confused and not entirely certain.

Downcast, Scorpius replied slowly, "What about me?"

Enraged, a furious look appeared on Teddy's face at his cousin's blatant disapproval of Teddy's new relationship. Lily's face showed her obvious shock. Frowning, Molly added, "Teddy, did you know that all sorts of girls are in love with you? And that maybe you're hurting them by being with Lily?"

"So, just because all of those girls are in love with me, I'm supposed to hurt myself too by breaking up with Lily?" Teddy replied, still looking as mad as ever.

"Fine," Molly snapped, turning a bit red. "Fine, stay with Lily. I, for one, don't care."

Frowning, she went off, leaving an awkward looking Scorpius with the new couple. Finally, he let out a long breath, savouring the air, and told Teddy, "She's in love with you, y'know."

"Ah," Teddy said simply. "Molly's like my younger sister…. I just can't see her that way."

"Lily was like your younger sister, too," Scorpius reminded him simply, trying not to meet Teddy's eyes.

Teddy peered curiously at his cousin. "Scorpius, are you in love with her?"

"No," Scorpius sighed. "I… I want to love her; she's like one of my best friends. It would be so easy- she's so easy to love. But, I suppose love just doesn't work that way."

"Love is confusing," Lily and Teddy agreed, glancing at each other and smiling.

"You bet so," stated a glum voice from behind. Spinning to see the newcomer, Scorpius was greeted with blonde hair and bright dark blue eyes. Dominique wrinkled her perfect nose. "Merlin, Scorp, trying to kill me or something? Just came over to see what was going on."

Resisting the urge to vomit all over Dominique's tank top and Muggle jeans, Scorpius stated, "Lily and Teddy are going out."

"Oh, sorry, man," Dominique patted her best friend on the back. "That is…um…that's sad."

She didn't sound that sorry, though. As always when she was lying, her blue eyes darted awkwardly on the ground in front of their feet.

"You're lying," Scorpius stated proudly, as if it were some achievement of his.

"All right," Dominique sighed, placing both hands on her hips. "I'm lying. Sue me."

Scorpius cocked an eyebrow. "Why?"

"I'm in love with you," she finally breathed out. Widening her eyes as if she couldn't believe what she'd said, she muttered, "Well, forget I ever said that," and rushed off.

Indecision was apparent in all of their eyes.

Scorpius wasn't sure who to choose. Lily Luna-the girl who he'd loved for a year but was currently going out with Teddy Lupin? Molly Grace- the girl who he'd always considered loving but who he'd never been able to love? Dominique Hope- his best friend who had obviously been in love with him?

Lily seemed to be facing the same dilemma. Scorpius or Teddy- they were both in love with her. But she'd known them both since forever, and Teddy had seemed to fit her just like that.

Suddenly, Scorpius turned and waved over his shoulder to the two of them as he walked off. He knew who he wanted, who he needed, and now he knew it wasn't Lily.

Lily sunk into Teddy's arms. She knew who she needed too.

One Month Later

"Glad we got all of that worked out," the young redhead said, sinking into Teddy's strong chest.

"Drama is so overrated," Dominique added. The blonde boy beside her let out a chuckle.

Her hand in the young Lysander's, Molly grinned. "We were so immature."

"I agree," Scorpius laughed again, placing his arm around Dominique.

But where their significant others couldn't see, Molly still exchanged meaningful glances with Scorpius, and kissed Teddy on the cheek.

Because, love never made sense.

And that night, under the various stars, Molly stood between Scorpius and Lysander, one hand in each of theirs. Scorpius' other hand was in Dominique's, while her other hand was in Teddy's. Teddy's other hand was in Lily's.

"Look, there are a bunch of shooting stars," Scorpius whispered to Molly, awestruck.

"Those aren't shooting stars, idiot," Molly replied, rolling her eyes. "Those are lanterns."

Lysander nudged her other arm. "Make a wish, Moll."

She knew exactly what to wish for. She wished that everything would stay the same as it is right then, because (at that moment) it felt perfect to her.

As the lanterns started to fall out of the sky, she remembered how she fell for Teddy, Scorpius, and finally Lysander.

From the satisfied grins on everyone else's faces, they were all feeling the same things.

And she squeezed both Scorpius and Lysander's hands.

Can we pretend that lanterns in the night sky are like shooting stars? Cause I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.

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That was really confusing- so basically, at the ending there, Molly ended up with Lysander, got over Teddy, but she still had a strong (and sort of romantic) connection with Scorpius. Scorpius chose Dominique, and got over Lily, but still has a strong (sort of romantic) connection with Molly. And then LilyTeddy.

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