The little yellow Minion did not budge, and his eyes did not even flutter beneath his goggles; Dawna's heart sank. She tried to find a pulse, but was unable. Knowing that Stuart may not even have a pulse to begin with, Dawna felt confused. She knew that she had to do something, and fast. She shook her head silently and cursed herself for not making herself learn more about her own boyfriend. Dawna did not even know what he was exactly. Could it really have been his heart that gave out? Or something more…. mechanical? Dawna knew that she had been thoughtless up to this point. She reached for cell in her purse, to dial 911. But then she stopped.

There was something that she did know about her Stuart, and that was where he worked. They had passed through a neighborhood about a month ago, and Stuart had pointed out to her that his workplace was just underneath the most conspicuous house in that area. At least, he started to tell her. Stuart had then slapped his little gloved hand over his mouth. It seemed he had forgotten that it was supposed to be a secret. They walked on, towards the park, and Dawna did not press the issue.

Then there was another time were Stuart had felt "run-down" and he had mentioned something about seeing a "Doctor Nefario," for it was this doctor that could help him with whatever was ailing. Stuart had mentioned that night that it was quite all right, that he would see Doctor Nefario the next day at work (in so many words, Stuart being a Minion.) And the next night, Stuart had been just fine. Again, Dawna did not ask questions. She knew that deep down inside, (and on the outside) that Stuart was different. And that is what she was attracted to. She had had enough of the same old guys, with their shirts un-tucked and their crass stupid sense of humor, asking her out for a drink. Dawna did not drink. She also had had enough of boring men in suits and ties asking her out to dinner. Always the same restaurant. They just did not make her heart…flutter.

But Stuart, on the other hand. He was different from the other guys. In a lot of ways.

Dawna lifted Stuart up, he was not too heavy, but he was not too light either. His limp little body felt like a sack of potatoes to Dawna. But she did not mind that, she knew that she had to find this Dr. Nefario.

It was late when Dawna arrived at the big house she had remembered from the walk Stuart and she had taken that one evening, but the young woman was certain she had the right place. One could not forget it, it stuck out like a sore thumb, while all the other house stuck out like perfect little fingers, with perfect fingernails.

Dawna climbed the steps, and rung the doorbell. A little shudder came over her, and it was not just because the house that she was standing in front of was so creepy. It was something else.

She waited for a few minutes, and was about to go look around the back, for something just did not seem right; how could this be Stuart's workplace? As scary- looking as the house was, it was a residential area. But could it be Dr. Nefario's home? Dawna had lost track of time, and realized it must have been very late. Perhaps he was in bed.

But then the door slowly opened.

To Dawna's surprise, a young girl of about eleven stood in the doorway, holding a glass of milk. The two stared at each other for a moment, until the brown-haired girl spoke.

"Is that Stuart?" The young girl almost dropped her milk.

Dawna placed Stuart down on the floor in front of Margo, relieved that she had seemingly come to the right place, but was still confused.

"Yes, he fainted and I don't know how to help him. Is a… Dr. Nefario (Dawna said the name very carefully) here? He needs help right away…"

Margo motioned for Dawna to come in. "Yes, Dr. Nefario is down in his, uh-lab. He can help Stuart, I'm sure. Follow me."

Dawna picked her Stuart up again, and proceeded to follow the be-speckled girl down a long hallway. Dawna's eyes were drawn to the monstrosities of decorations and wall hangings about her, but the girl in front of her broke her thoughts.

"We have to be quiet, my Dad is sleeping. Don't touch anything, and don't look at anything," she said bossily. "I am going to take you straight to the lab. I'm Margo, by the way."

"I'm Dawna."

Margo nodded, and stopped in what seemed to be a living room, or TV room of sorts. Dawna started to explain that she was a friend of Stuarts when she found herself in a tube of sorts, sort of something that you would see in "Star Trek." Margo got in beside her, and before she knew it, Dawna was being transported downwards.

This is the strangest place that I have ever been in. I do pray, that everything will be all right in the end, because I am beginning to feel very afraid.

Dawna closed her eyes.