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Lelouch covered his mouth as he let out a yawn. Despite his protests, he had spent the night at NERV HQ at their request. He had made sure to contact Nunnally to tell him that he was fine, and that he would be back as soon as he could. As another yawn escaped him, a cup was held near his face.

"Here you go." Cecile said. "I'm sorry that we had to make you stay here overnight."

"Its fine." he lied. "I'm just a bit worried about my younger sister."

"Oh, you have a younger sister?"

"Yes. Shes very dear to me." Lelouch didn't know why he was opening up to this woman, but there was something about her that made him feel he could trust her, at least to an extent. She seemed nice enough.

"It sounds like your sister is very lucky to have such a caring older brother like you." Cecile said as she gave the boy a warm smile. "By the way, I'm Cecile, since we haven't been properly introduced."

"Lelouch, though I'm sure you already know my name."

"Well, its a pleasure to meet you, Lelouch." she said with a smile. "Now, I hate to just leave you, but I do have work to get done."

"Its fine."

"Well then, if you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to come find me. I've always got an ear open." Cecile said as she began to walk off.

"I'll keep you in mind." Lelouch said as he began to drink from his cup. He would have to admit Cecile was nice enough, and her kindness appeared to be genuine. Though that didn't necessarily mean that he would trust her. He just didn't trust most people. He then got up as he decided to take a walk to familiarize himself with the base. "Its not like theres much else to do around here right now."

Shinji awoke suddenly, finding himself laying down in bed, in a white room. He sat up briefly, then lied back down, staring upwards at the ceiling above.

"I don't recognize this ceiling." he commented to himself.

In his office, Gendo sat at one of the heads of a triangular table. On one of the other ends was a large man with long white hair in curls. He was none other than the emperor of Britannia, Charles zi Britannia. At the third end was an elderly man with a tan visor over his eyes conected to red devices over his ears. He was known as Keel Lorenz, the leader of Germany, which was currently Britannia's only territory in Europe. Surrounding the table were stone monoliths, each with a number starting at '02' and going upwards. Other than Gendo, none of these people were actually present, and were using holographic technology to offer the illusion of being present for a meeting. Even the triangular table he sat at was mostly holographic, extending out from his usual desk.

"So the Angels have finally returned." a voice from one of the monoliths said.

"Yes. The Fourth Angel attacked and was destroyed. We have have aquired the Third and Fourth Children, and Eva Unit 01 was successfully activated and deployed." another said.

"All appears to be going according to our plan thus far." Charles said. "And we shall have to see to it that it stays that way."

"The damage to Unit 01 will be only a slight setback, and is a minor concern compared to Unit 00's suspension." another monolith commented.

"And with the Second Child set to arrive in Japan, and the upcoming shipment of Unit 02 and Unit 03, we are sure to be ready for the next Angel's arrival." yet another monolith pointed out.

"However, see to it that Unit 04 and Unit 05 are completed on schedule, as well as all subsequent ones." another of the monoliths ordered.

"We are counting on you not to disappoint us, Gendo." a different monolith said. "It is your duty to make sure that NERV and the Evas are used appropriately."

"Ageed. Defeating the Angels is only one part of our plan."

"Yes, the Human Instrumentality Project is our primary goal." Keel said. "I should hope that I don't have to remind you not to lose sight of it, Ikari."

"Of course not." Gendo said. "Rest assured, Seele's plans shall come to fruition."

"Lets hope the committee's trust in your organization's ability is not misplaced." Charles said.

Shinji stared out the window into the Geo-Front. As he did, he heard movement watched as Rei was pushed by on a gurney. She was bandaged, and appeared to be much more passive than when he last saw her.

"Oh, you're awake." Shinji heard, and turned to see Lelouch walking towards him.

"Uh, hi... Lelouch, was it?" Shinji replied, and the other boy nodded, stopping next to him, and staring out the window as well.

"So how was it out there, inside that thing?" Lelouch asked without turning to face the boy.

Shinji looked at his arm, recalling the pain he had felt when the Angel had hurt the Evangelion's arm. "It was scary. I felt what the Eva felt. Misato said that I wasn't actually being hurt myself, but I felt every bit of it..."

"I see." Lelouch said as he reflected on his words, wondering what it would be like when it was him inside of one of those things. "I don't know what it must have been like in there, but I gues I'll find out eventually." he said out loud.

"Huh?" Shinji said as he turned to face the Britannian boy.

Lelouch sighed. "Your father wants me to pilot another of those giants. They tell me more Evangelion will be arriving next week, and I have little choice but to pilot it."

"Are you afraid?" Shinji asked.

"More than a bit, but like I said, I have little choice but to pilot it."

"Why is that?"

"Because if I don't, my sister will have to." Lelouch said, clenching his fist. "And just like you couldn't let that injured girl pilot, I can't let my sister pilot one. I'll never allow that to happen."

"What?" Lelouch, and Shinji asked.

"You heard me." Misato said. "Starting today, I'll be taking care of you two from now on. We'll be living together."

While Shinji wasn't sure what to say, Lelouch knew exactly what he wanted to. "No."

"Whats that?"

"I said 'no.' It means that I refuse."

"Really? And why is that?"

"Many reasons. For one, I'm already staying somewhere else, and I don't need you take care of me." Lelouch stated.

"You're a fifteen year old boy with no parents, and you're taking care of your younger sister." Misato said looking at a file on the Britannian boy before her. "And on top of that, for whatever reason, Commander Ikari wants you to be supervised, so since I volunteered to take care of Shinji, I said I could watch you as well. Unless of course you'd rather have someone a little more strict breathing down your neck every minute of the day who isn't the type to overlook some of your bad habits. Like say, ditching class to gamble."

Lelouch frowned. "It would seem that NERV has done its homework." he commented. It would seem that for now, he had no control in the matter, a feeling he hated. He would have to comply in this situation, if only because he knew that anyone else that NERV would assign to look after him would be much worse. "And what about my sister? I'm not just going to leave her by herself."

"Of course you won't. She can move in with the rest of us." Misato said with a smile.

Lelouch walked into his home, having been dropped off to pack up his things and get Nunnally. Considering his alternative, he reluctantly accepted to live with that woman. Misato said that she would be back after dropping off Shinji and doing a bit of shopping. As soon as he walked through the door, his sister rushed at him, and immediately embraced him in a hug. "You're finally back! I was so worried about you yesterday!" she said.

"I told you last night when I called that I was fine." he reassured his precious sister.

"I know, but I still wanted to see you."

Lelouch gave his sister a reassuring smile and said "You don't have to worry about me anymore." He then pulled out of the hug and looked his dear sister in the eyes. "Now, theres some important things I need to talk to you about right now."

Shinji stood outside the door of an apartment holding a grocery bag. He couldn't help but think that this place seemed nicer than the last place he had stayed. Next to the door were several boxes with a NERV label on them. "Perfect, your stuff is already here. I actually just moved in myself, so I've still got plenty of unpacking to do myself." Misato said as she unlocked the door. Opening it, she stood aside. "Well, don't just stand there, c'mon in!"

"O-okay. Thank you for having me." Shinji said.

"Oh, don't talk like its a burden for you to be here. This is your home now, too. Just come in." she

A bit hesitantly, Shinji stepped through the open doorway and into what was his new home. "Well, home sweet home." he said sheepishly.

Misato gave him a smile and repiled "Home sweet home." As the two walked in, she then added "Oh, and sorry if things are a little messy. Like I said, I'm still settling in here." Shinji looked around, and was left speechless by the sight. 'A little messy' was possibly the biggest understatement of the year. The place was littered with beer cans, as well empty bowls and cups of instant ramen, empty bags of chips, and empty pizza boxes and even all over the unpacked boxes of the woman's stuff, which were themselves also placed haphazardly around the room. "Anyway, why don't we put this stuff away in the kitchen before I go pick up our other two roommates." the woman said cheerfully, completely unfazed to just how much of a mess her place was, but then again, it was her mess. "Once I get back, we can celebrate all of us living together with a bit of a party.

"Uh, yeah..." was all Shinji could say as he followed her into the kitchen. As he did, he took note of the contents of the fridge, which was nothing but ice, snacks, and nothing but beer. He couldn't help but wonder just what kind of life Misato lead, and just what he was getting into by staying with this woman. He then caught sight of a second fridge in in the corner. "Um, whats in the other fridge?"

"Oh, don't mind that. Hes probably still sleeping." Misato replied without even looking away from what she was doing.

'Sleeping?' he wondered to himself.

"And there we go. Everything is put away. Now I can be on my way." she said as she closed the fridge. She then left the kitchen and headed for the door. "I shouldn't be gone long, so just relax for a bit right now." she said right before she closed the door behind her.

Shinji then looked at the disaster area of a living room and sighed. "I guess I'll bring my stuff in for now..." he said as he headed to the door to get the boxes of his possessions that were right outside.

As Misato drove on her way towards Ashford to pick up Lelouch, she thought back to her earlier conversation with Commander Ikari.

"Sir, if you don't mind, since you need someone to watch the Fourth Child, I could do it. I've already volunteered to take care of Shinji, so I guess I could take care of Lelouch as well." she had said.

Gendo had stared impassively at her for a few minutes saying. "Fine. But you must be aware of the most important thing about observing the Fourth Child, Lelouch Lamperouge."


"At some point in the future, Lelouch will come into contact with a classified individual. You are to inform me when you have confirmation that this has occured. Is that understood?" he said as a file was placed on the desk before him. Misato read through the file, which contained background on Lelouch, such as having no parents, taking care of his younger sister, his usual habits, and other things that she glanced through at the time.

"Yes sir."

Misato then glanced at the same file that sat in the passenger seat of her car, which was open to a page with picture attached to it by a paper clip. A picture of a young woman with long, green hair and amber eyes. As she neared Ashford Academy, she picked it up and closed it before putting it in the glove box. 'The Third Child, selected without a preliminary report, and arrives on the same day as the Angel attack, which was the same day I was supposed to bring the Fourth Child to meet with Commander Ikari. Not only that, but the Third is also his Commander Ikari's son. The coincidences keep adding up, plus now theres this mysterious girl that I'm supposed to watch out for. I can't help but wonder just whats going on...'

Misato smiled widely for the young girl who stood before her. Next to her was an exhausted looking Lelouch, who when asked why he was like this, Nunnally had said that 'he did all of the work before Sayoko helped us.' Misato had laughed at that.

"So you're going to be taking care of my brother and me for now, Miss Misato?" Nunnally asked her.

"Yes. And you don't have to call me 'miss.' Misato will be fine." Misato said as she kneeled to be on eye level with the girl. "And you must be Nunnally. You seem like a very sweet girl. I hope we get along." She said, and recieved a smile back from her.

"Okay." Nunnally replied.

"Well Lelouch, your sister is a lot nicer to me than you are. Now why can't you?" Misato said as she stood up.

"Thats because Nunnally is innocent, and doesn't know what you're really like." he replied, and his sister looked at him in confusion.

"What do you mean, big brother?" Nunnally asked.

"For one, Nunnally, Misato is very imature for her age." he told his sister, and Misato frowned.

"Maybe, but she seems real nice." Nunnally said. "If shes going to have to take care of us from now on, I want to give her a chance. I remember how you and Suzaku never got along, but then you two became good friends."

Lelouch sighed. "Misato is nothing like Suzaku..."

"Shinji! We're home!" Misato called out as she opened the door to the apartment and walked in. As she did, she was surprised to walk into a clean room. "Oh wow! And you cleaned everything up while I was gone! You didn't have to do that!"

"Sorry. I kinda trpped over some stuff, so I just started to clear a walk way, and I guess I didn't stop until everything was cleaned." he explained.

"'Sorry?' Don't appologize for cleaning. You saved me a lot of work!" Misato said. "Anyway, you've already met Lelouch, and here is his adorable, and much-nicer-than-him sister, Nunnally." she said as she pointed to the younger girl.

"Its nice to meet you, Shinji." Nunnally greeted him with a smile.

"Um, hello." Shinji returned.

"They go to the nearby Ashford Academy. And you've already beed enrolled, so you'll be going with them, too." Misato said.

Shinji was a bit suprised by this. "Are you sure thats okay? I mean, I'm not Britannian."

"Don't worry about that. Ashford Academy allows Japanese students to attend." Nunnally told him. "Theres more than a few Japanese kids in my class."

"Anyway, enough talk for now. You kids get the table ready while I make dinner!" Misato said. Not long after, the three learned that said dinner was all instant and microwavable food. As Misato took a big gulp from her can of beer before letting out yell of enjoyment over her beverage. She then looked over children who say before her. Nunnally was eating fine, while Lelouch frowned, not bothering to hide his displeasure though he was eating, albeit slowly. Shinji however, just seemed to stare at the meal, not eating a bite. "C'mon Shinji, eat up. Sure it may all be instant stuff, but its not that bad. Lelouch and Nunnally are eating it just fine."

"Its edible at least." Lelouch said impassively.

"Its okay." Nunnally said. "I've never eaten food like this, and its nice to try new things."

"You sure are an optimistic little girl, Nunnally." Misato said with a smile towards the youngest one. then turned back to Shinji. "So what wrong?"

"Sorry. Its just that, I don't usually eat stuff likre this..." the boy said.

"You're not being picky, are you?" Misato asked as she stood up and stuck her face in the boy's face, soundng a bit angry.

"N-no, I, uh, just meant... Uh, it looks good." he stammered out.

Sitting back down, the older woman let out a giggle. "This is kinda nice, huh? Just a couple roomies sitting down to enjoy a nice dinner together. Wouldn't you guys agree?" she asked.

"Uh, I guess..." Shinji said, still a bit startled from before.

"I don't know..." Lelouch said.

Nunnally giggled. "Its not so bad. Misato reminds me a bit of Milly, wouldn't you agree, big brother?"

"Hm... You have a point Nunnaly, they are a bit similar." her older brother found himself agreeing with her.

"Oh? And who is that? A friend of yours?" Misato asked curiously, wondering who this girl that she reminded them of.

"Shes just a girl we've known for a while." Lelouch said casually. "Very wild, and immature most of the time, which is where the resemblance lies." Shinji thought he saw a vein pop out on Misato's forehead as Lelouch said that.

Nunnally couldn't help but giggle slightly. "Please don't take any offense, Misato. My brother is very nice, but he takes a while to warm up to most people."

"Oh, I see." Misato said slyly, getting into Lelouch's face. "You act like the condescending and stuff, but you're really just a shy little boy underneath the act. Its alright, I won't think less of you." Misato siad mockingly.

Lelouch frowned. He couldn't help but think that Misato was exactly like Milly. He considered that if he was going to stay here, he might have to lighten up a bit, if just so that he wouldn't incure this woman's wrath. He knew how Milly could get at her most immature, and didn't want to have to deal with something like that on a daily basis. Dinner was mostly silent after that, up until they were almost done with their meal.

"Anyway, now that we're just about done, I think its time we divvy up the chores between us." Misato said. "Since we're all gonna be living here together, we gotta make sure we pull our weight around here. Well, except Nunnally. Shes still young, so she doesn't have to."

"Thats fine. I would just do her stuff for her anyway." Lelouch said.

"My, such a caring big brother." Misato said teasingly. "Now, theres only one way we can fairly split the chores up." Said fair way consisted of playing rock-paper-scissors, which resulted in the common patter of Misato with a single day for any chore, while Shinji and Lelouch averaged thrice a week on any given chore, with them sometimes ending up with four days on some. "And there we go!" Misato said after the sat game. "Now wasn't that fair?"

"Sure, why not..." Lelouch muttered to himself.

"Hm? What was that?" Misato asked, staring hard at the Britannian boy. "Ah, who cares. Anyway, its getting late, so why don't we get the bath ready? Thats just what we all need; a nice hot bath, wouldn't you agree?" She said as she looked around the room, not getting a response. "Well, since no one wants to volunteer, Lelouch and Shinji can have the first bath, then Nunnally, and then I'll go last."

"Fine, fine." Lelouch said as he stood up. "I guess I do still need a bath after yesterday."

"Thats the spirit. Just don't do anything that I wouldn't."

"Personally, I think the more responsible thing would be to do whatever you wouldn't do." the raven haired boy commented as he turned the corner, Shinji following him with a sigh. Shortly after, Shinji and Lelouch stood outside the bathroom, both naked save for the towels wrapped around their wastes. Shinji blushed as he noticed the bras and panties that hung near the ceiling. "Just ignore them. If she knows it gets to you, she'll just tease you even worse." he said casually, not even looking at them.

"I guess..." Shinji said, then opened the door. As it opened, the two boys were met with a sight that neither would have ever expected.

Back in the dining room, Misato and Nunnally heard screams from the two boys, and then heard footsteps as they ran down the hall befored they then stood in the doorway. Shinji, had a panicked look on his face, while Lelouch did his best to conceal that he had actually been afraid. "M-m-misato! Theres a thing-!" Shinji stammered out.

"Thing?" the woman questioned. Just then, from behind the boys waddled a black bird-like creature that neither they, nor Nunnally had ever seen before." Oh, thats just Pen-Pen. Hes a warm-water penguin, and I guess you could say that hes our other room mate."

"Oh! Hes so cute!" Nunnally said as ran over to fridge that it had gone into, just in time to miss the boy's towels fall down and expose them. The two boys quickly covered themselves and scurried off in embarrassment, the older woman snickering as she took a sip from a can of beer.

Lelouch yawned the next morning as he awoke from his sleep. He looked around his new room, which was nearly empty since he hadn't unpacked his things or moved the larger stuff from his old room back at Ashford. It was a bit smaller than his old one. It was fortunate that there were four bedrooms in the apartment, so they at least each got their own rooms.

Looking out the window, it seemed like a nice day, and it was Sunday, so he had no plans. As he got dressed, he contemplated calling Rivalz to pick him up and playing a few chess games at his usual place. He stepped out of his room and caught a whiff of something coming from the kitchen, no doubt Shinji making breakfast since today was his turn. He then knocked on the door next to his. "Nunnally? Are you awake?" he asked.

"Coming!" he heard her reply, then his sister opened the door. "Good morning, big brother!" she said cheerfully.

"Good morning to you, too." Lelouch replied warmly. "Did you sleep alright in your new bed?"

"It was fine. Its not as nice as our old ones, but I'm fine with it."

"Then I'm fine as well. Anyway, lets get some breakfast. It smells like Shinji is almost done."


Entering the kitchen, the two saw Shinji standing in front of the stove, who turned to greet them. "Oh, good morning. You're just in time; I just finished." he said as he made plates and set them in front of the two, who both thanked him. They ate in mostly silence until Misato walked in with her cell to her ear.

"Yeah, yeah. I understand Ritsuko. I'll get on it. See ya later." she before hanging up the phone and sighing. "Sorry to burst your bubble you guys if you had and plans for the day, but we've apparently got some important stuff to do today." she said as she took a seat at the table. "We've gotta go to the airport to pick someone up, and then we've got some tests and such to do at NERV."

"And what about Nunnally?" Lelouch asked.

"Well, we'll have to find someone to look after her before we leave, so I'll-"

She then watched Lelouch pull out his cellphone and hit a speed dial. "Hello? Sayoko? Could you do me a favor and come to our new address to watch Nunnally for a while?" He said into it. "Thanls, I apreciate it." he then hung up. "Everything is taken care of."

Much later, after the maid had arrived at the apartment, the three of them sat boredly in the nearest airport. Misato groaned, thinking about how she had planned to sleep in today. She sighed and then looked out a nearby window and saw Britannian military airship with the NERV logo landing. "Ugh, its finally arriving you two." she said with a relieved sigh to the two boys.

"So who have we been waiting for anyway? You've neglected to tell us." Lelouch asked.

"Oh right. Well, its another pilot for the Evas like you two."

"Really?" Shinji questioned, a bit hopeful that he might not have to pilot if there were others to do it.

"Yeah, though her Eva won't be getting here until much later."

"Oh, I see." A faint trace of disappointment was in his voice.

The two made their way outside, and watched a large door on the airship open up, and out stepped a girl that was Shinji's age with long, fiery red hair with two red clips in it. She wore a yellow dress and had a confident look on her face as she strode up to the three. "Its been a while, Misato." she greeted the woman. "And I take it that the two with you are the Third and Fourth that I heard were found?"

"Uh-huh. Shinji, Lelouch, meet the Second Child, Asuka Langley Shikinami." Misato introduced the redhead before them. "You'll all be working together, so try to get along."

"Hmm." Asuka let out as she sized the two up, looking from Shinji, to Lelouch, and back to Shinji. "Neither of them seem all that impressive to me. So, was it one of these two pilotting Unit 01 in the battle, or was it the First?"

"It was Shinji here."

Asuka was then in the boy's face, who flinched slightly by the action. "Um, hello?"

"You may have taken down the first one to show up, but don't think that you're a better pilot than me." she said as she jabbed his chest with her index finger during the last nine words.

"Uh, okay?" he questioned, not sure how to react to this girl.

"I'll be sure to take down most of the Angel's myself, so you two and the First can just sit back, since I won't be needing any help." she declared loudly as she backed up and pointed her finger at the two boys.

"Not like we care..." Lelouch muttered, and Asuka threw him an annoyed glare.

But before she could say anything to him, another person stepped out of the airship. "Now, now Asuka. Theres no need to be off to a bad start with co-workers. Its best to get along, just like Katsuragi says." Kaji said as he walked up to them, and Asuka's mood brighten as Misato's visibly soured. "Nice to see you again, Misato. Its been too long."

"Kaji," Misato started sweetly, then quickly shifted tone as she finished. "It hasn't been long enough."

"Ouch. You wound me, madam." he said, briefly feigning harm. He then looked over to the boys. "So you two are the Third and Fourth Children, Shinji Ikari and Lelouch Lamperouge. Its a pleasure to meet you both. I am Ryoji Kaji."

"Uh, hello." Shinji said and Lelouch nodded.

"Anyway, Misato, would you mind bringing Asuka to headquaters with you? I've got something to take care of before I go there." he said as he started to walk away, not waiting for a response.

The three designated Eva pilots stood before Ritsuko, now dressed in what she had told them were called plugsuits, which she had said were meant to aid in their synchronization with their Evas. Shinji wore a blue one labled 01 with a white upper body and some black on the arms and sides. Asuka wore one that was nearly all red labled 02, with a black on the arms and orange over her breasts and a green area above them. Lelouch's was nearly all black labled 03 with some gold colored areas on the arms and his front.

"These body suits aren't very comfortable." Lelouch commented.

"You get used to them after a while." Asuka said.

"So you've worn one of these before?" Shinji asked.

"Of course. I've had quite a bit of training with my Eva, so of course I've worn this before." she said. "Wait, haven't you? You've worn one when you've used Unit 01, haven't you?"

"No. They only gave me the nerve clips when I used it for the first time the other day."

"WHAT? You've never been in an Eva before the other day?" she nearly yelled, shocked by this revelation. "But you've had training before, haven't you?"

"No. I only learned about Evas when I arrived here the other day." he explained.

This only served infuriate her more. She had trained for years to be an Eva pilot, and then this kid comes out of nowhere, and without any training, he pilots Unit 01 and beats an Angel! Asuka nearly seethed, but managed to calm down by telling herself that the Angel must have been really weak, and that he must have gotten lucky. 'Yeah, thats it. And I remember how much he was sucking at the start of the battle, so he definitely got lucky!' she thought.

She was broken out of her thoughts as Ritsuko cleared her throat. "Anyway, we're going to run some synchronization tests, and then I'm going to have Shinji and Lelouch start their training." she said.

Lelouch pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, wishing there was some kind of alternative to his current situation. He was really starting to dislike the redhead sitting next to him as she continued to go on and on, alternating between boasting about her getting the highest synch scores, and complaining about how she'd have to now live with Shinji and him. Shinji just sat quietly in the frontt seat, while Misato complained about someone she only reffered to as 'that bastard,' and her usual reckless driving wasn't improving his mood. 'Thankfully, we're back at the apartment.' he thought to himself as Misato skidded into a parking space. He quickly got out as soon as the car stopped. Once back in the apartment, he was greeted with a hug from his sister, and Misato introduced her to their newest room mate as Sayoko left.

Asuka then looked into the hallway. "So, which room is mine?" she asked. She opened a door to look inside one. "Man, these rooms look too small. All of my stuff will barely fit into this apartment when they get here." she muttered to herself.

"Oh, thats right." Misato said, realizing that there weren't any other rooms. "Well, Lelouch, Shinji, it looks like you two are going to have to share one while Asuka gets the other."

"Okay." Shinji agreed.

"Fine." Lelouch said, figuring it was this or her sharing a room with Nunnally, and this was the lesser of two evils.

"Anyway, I'm hungry. Shinji, its your turn to make dinner tonight." Misato said as she opened the fridge and removed one of her beers and took a large gulp from it, and showed her enjoyment of it by letting out a yell.

"I'm going to take a bath before dinner, so none of you better come in." she said as she walked down the hall.

"So how was your day Nunnally?" Lelouch asked as he and his sister took a seat at the table.

"It was fine, Lelouch." she replied "And what about you?"

There was then a sudden shriek thoughout the apartment, and a naked Asuka burst into the kitchen. "Misato! Theres some kind of weird creature in the bathroom!" the girl let out in a panic, and Pen-Pen waddled past her.

Misato couldn't suppress her laughter, and Nunnally giggled a bit as well. "The same thing happened to my brother and Shinji last night." Nunnally said.

Lelouch was smart enough to know that if this was like last night, he shouldn't turn around. Shinji however, didn't think as he turned and said "Misato says it a penguin. His name is Pen-Pen, and-" He froze as he saw Asuka, and his face turned red.

Asuka quickly regained her composure, and the first thing she realized was her current state of dress, or rather, lack of. Her face turned an equal shade of red as she screamed as she leaped at Shinji and kicked him in the face. "You pervert! Letch! Dviant! You idiot!" she yelled at the boy as she covered herself and ran off.

"Well, living here certainly doesn't seem like it will be dull..." Lelouch deadpanned.

"Man, it sure was fortunate that huge monster didn't wreck the ghetto too badly." Ohgi said as he looked around the surrounding area as he sat with Naoto and Tamaki, waiting for the others to arrive. "The worst we got here was a building destroyed, and it was already falling appart before. It really could have been a lot worse."

"Those Brit bastards sure were considerate to hog most of the damage that thing caused." Tamaki said with a loud laugh.

"Knock it off, Tamaki. It doesn't matter who they are, no one deserves to have their home destroyed. Regardless of however it happens, you shouldn't laugh about it." Naoto scolded. "Besides, I want to hear what this so-called 'amazing info' that you called us to tell."

Tamaki grinned. "I was gonna wait for the others to get here before I told everyone, but you're the boss. Anyway, I heard from a guy about something interesting in a facility thats run by Clovis. He figures its too dangerous to keep here in the settlement since the news says that more of those monsters will be back, so its going to be moved in few days."

"And just what exactly is it that they're moving?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just some poison gas."

In Britannia, Charles zi Britannia stood in a hangar that contained two massive Evangelions that stood next to eachother. One was primarily red with four eyes and an orange crescent-shaped piece on its forehead, while the other was black with a red area on its face. With Charles was a man dressed in a while and black uniform with a white cape with gold trim, and one of his eyes was stitched closed. Charles seemed to be staring in silence at the black Eva, Unit 03, for a long periord of time before started to walk away without any words, and the other man followed behind. Charles then cast one last look at Unit 03 before he finally exited the hangar.

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