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Lelouch cracked open an egg as he prepared breakfast for himself, his sister, and the rest of his room mates. It was the day after Asuka had arrived, and as he had expected, Asuka didn't seem to lighten up with Shinji after her bath. Thus far, Asuka acted almost exactly as he had expected, she was just as loud and self-centered as she had demonstrated throughout the day before, and now seemed to dislike Shinji even more after the little show he had recieved the night before. However, most likely due to her current dislike of her 'competition,' despite her habit of making sure her presence was well known, she at least mostly kept to herself and played a handheld game console she always seemed to have on her. He was also thankful that she seemed to not have anything against Nunnally, so she seemed to get along well enough with his sister. Though at the same time, he was worried that she was a potential negative influence for her.

Misato was still asleep, having passed out last night at some point. It was evident that the woman was much too fond of her alchohol, and didn't care about the ramifications of her consumption. But he decided that he would hold his tongue in this situation. It wasn't any of his business, afterall. Shinji on the other hand, he seemed to be getting along with fine, though he found the boy's compliance to be frustrating. He didn't say much to him, or anyone, and mostly kept to himself as he listened to his old SDAT player. As for the other occupant of the apartement, Nunnally absolutely adored Pen-Pen.

Casting a quick glance back at the table, he saw Nunnally waiting patiently, a slight yawn escaping her. He then saw Shinji enter into the room silently, and his sister greeted him with a cheerful "good morning" that Shinji returned with a more subdued one. He still wasn't used to all this. Not long after, Misato stumbled in like a zombie. "Ugh, I hate when I have to go in early..." she groaned, then took a seat at the table. "Morning kids. The food smells good..." she said as she put her head face down on the table.

"Good morning, Misato." Nunnally greeted her with her usual cheerfulness.

It was then that Asuka walked in, now dressed in the Ashford Academy middle school girls uniform. "So, how do I look?" she asked as she posed slightly. "Not that I care what the pervert thinks." she added with a glare towards Shinji.

"I said I was sorry..." Shinji muttered under his breath, having learned well enough last night that his protests would only fall on deaf ears.

"You look nice, Asuka." Nunnally said politely.

"Why thank you, Nunnally." Asuka said with a smile. Lelouch figured he had the girl pegged. She was the type of person who lived for the recognition of others. He honestly couldn't say that he would enjoy having to deal with her. He figured that she would only continue to grate on his nerves as she already was.

Shinji didn't know what to think as he followed behind Asuka through the Ashford halls towards their classroom. He thought that this school was much too fancy for him to be able to go to. He couldn't believe that a school this nice allowed Japanese students. He could even see some of the glares that some of the Britannian students were giving him. The Japanese students seemed sympathic of his plight, but he knew that wouldn't last. If people knew who his father was, he would be scorned by the Japanese students as well. It was always the same for the son of Gendo the traitor. No one cared that he had no contact with him, or that hehad been cast off by the man just as he had his county. Shinji was merely an outlet for them.

Asuka on the other hand payed them no mind, even though the looks she was recieving weren't the same kind, at least not yet. Her appearance wasn't as obviously non-Britannian as Shinji's was, so she would get away for a bit. Of course, that was probably because she was in fact part Britannian due to her father, though she rejected his lineage, and embraced her mother's heritage, mostly that of being German, though she had no shame in being Japanese. She just refused to accept any and all of her Britannian roots, and Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu was her only parent as far as she was concerned. Langley and Shikinami were merely assumed names to hide her true heritage, though she wished she could have used Soryu.

She had spent her life living in Britannia, and had grown dull to the condescending looks that she had recieved there. Since she had rejected everything to do with her father, even hiding that she was his, and thus was all-Number from her lineage as far as most were concerned, meaning that to the damn Brits she was nothing more than dirt. It didn't matter to them that her association with NERV gave her status equal to a lower noble. Not that she wanted to have Britannian nobilty, mind you. Her experiences had lead her to detest most Britannians. Though after years, it no longer bothered her as much. She knew she was better than some over-privledged nobles, after all, she had gotten to where she was on her own abilities and not thanks to being born into some stupid family, unlik what she assumed made up half the Britannian military. And a bunch of pampered rich school kids were no different where she was concerned. She would merely prove it as necessary, and show them up at every opportunity. No one got away with looking down on her. No one. She was the best, after all.

As they entered the classroom, Shinji saw the familliar face of Rei Ayanami sitting at a desk in the back near the window. 'So she goes here too, huh?' he thught. She was still bandaged up from the injuries he had seen her with the other day. He caught her glance at his and Asuka's arrival before she turned her gaze out the window.

After a while, classes began, and they were called to the front to introduce themselves. Going first, Asuka walked up to the blackboard and wrote her full name in elegant, neat, and perfect cursive before turning to face the class. "You all have the honor of being classmates to Asuka Langley Shikinami. And if anyone has a problem with me, then speak up and I'll deal with you." she said.

While the other class began to form their opinions of the new girl, Shinji found his eyes drawn to her for some reason. He knew she was a Number like him, as he had been told she was a mixture of german and japanese, both of which were amongst those Britannia had conqured throughout the years. Yet here she was, not only challenging anyone who might look down on her, but she seemed to be radiating confidence that she could deal with whoever might try. She was the exact opposite of him, who still stood off nervously to the side, hoping no one would notice or pay much attention to him. He really envied that confidence.

"Uh, hello. My name is Shinji Ikari." he said to the classroom nervously.

Kallen frowned as she glanced towards the seat next to her. She was annoyed that the stuck-up Britannian guy was back. He hadn't been in school the other day, and had hoped that he had either moved away after the giant monster attacked or died during it. Either way, she wouldn't have had to see him again. 'Guess they were too much to hope for.' she thought to herself. 'Oh well. I've got more important things to worry about anyway.' She was of course thinking of the upcoming mission in two days. Acting on Tamaki's intel, they were going to steal the truck's transporting Prince Clovis's poison gas, which meant that she would have to be a part of the mission. She was their resistance group's best pilot, so of course they had to take her on such a big job. She started to smile with pride without realizing it, thinking of her skills. Her talents meant that she would get to help her brother, and that meant everything to her.

Next to her, Lelouch ignored all the going-ons of the class, instead focussing all of his thoughts on all that had happened to him lately. Everything about what had happened to his life in the course of the past few days had happened, and were beyond his control. And it all bothered him to know end. He had thought that he had been so careful over the years, and yet he had thought wrong. Here he was, now being forced to dance in the palm of Gendo Ikari. And what angered him the most was that there was nothing he could do about it. As the class ended, he stood up, and walked over to Rivalz. "Rivalz, I'm in the mood to play some chess. How about we ditch the next few classes and head to our usual place." he told him.

"Sounds great." Rivalz said with a grin. "I was actually hoping you'd be up for going to today."

Lelouch smirked. He needed to blow off some steam, and what better way than his favorite passtime of beating some arrogant nobles at chess.

As the two made their way down the school grounds to where Rivalz kept his bike, they heard a comotion coming from nearby, and turned to look just in time to see Asuka punch a britannian boy that was twice her size in the stomach. When he then bent over in pain, she then knock him over with a kick to the face. They also saw two other boys, though smaller than the first, lying on the ground around her. Wiping her hands for show, she then looked around the crowd defiantly. "Let that be a lesson to anyone who wants to mess with me, the great Asuka Langley Shikinami!" she declared. "Anyone else?" she said as she surveyed the crowd, and some people took a step back. "Thats what I thought." Asuka said, pulling out her handheld game and started playing it as she walked off, with people quickly getting out of her path.

"Geez, wonder what happened there." Rivalz commented.

"If you're interested, I can ask her later for you." Lelouch said uncarringly as he continued to walk. He didn't really care, though he had a feeling he already knew. He recognized the three now unconcious boys as ones who would often bully japanese students.

"What? Are you crazy? She just beat up guys a lot tougher than you, and you want to ask her why she kicked their ass? I wouldn't go anywhere near her if I were you."

"Yes, well, I also would preffer not to have to deal with her, but unfortunately, I now have to live with her."

"What? With that psycho?"

In a relatively secluded spot of the Ashford campus, Shinji leaned against a wall as he listened to his SDAT player. As he did, he was approached by a pair other students.

"Hey new guy." the boy with glasses said.

"Yes? What do you need?" Shinji asked as he pulled the earbuds from his ears.

"Well, that friend of yours, the girl you came to school with. She just kicked the asses of a few Britannian students." the other boy said.

"Asuka did?" Shinji questioned with a sigh. "Well, I wouldn't say that we're friends. I only met her yesterday, and she already doesn't seem to like me much."

"Yeah?" the glasses boy asked. "By the way I'm Kensuke, and the big guy with me is named Touji. Don't know if you noticed, but we're both in your class."

"Oh, really? Sorry, I wasn't really paying attention earlier." Shinji replied.

"So, why are you just sitting here alone?" Touji asked. "I mean, normally people try to get to know the other students on their first day of school."

"I'm not really good at making friends." Shinji replied honestly. In fact, he had stopped trying a while ago.

"Man, you sound pathetic right now." Touji said. "You sound like you're okay being lonely. Well then, I guess me and Kensuke are gonna be your first friends at this school. After all, us Japanese gotta stick to together at a fancy school full of Brits like this one."

"Uh, okay." Shinji replied, not sure what to make of what had just happened. He then looked back over to the Academy grounds, and spotted a familiar face. Walking down a path was the bandaged-up Rei. He wondered what she was up to. He watched her as she walked off the school grounds and towards the front gate where he saw a car waiting for her.

It was much later that day and Misato was driving Lelouch and the other two pilots in her care to NERV HQ for training and tests. "So, how was all of your day?" Misato asked the three.

"Boring." Asuka replied.

"Hmm... You know, most people wouldn't call getting into a fight boring." Lelouch said from the front passenger's seat.

"It is when its with some dumb brits who think they're tougher than they really are." Asuka replied. "Oh, does it bother you that I was beating on your kind? A 'Number' kicking some Brits' asses?"

"Not really. They deserved what they got." Lelouch stated. "Some people mistake status for ability, and those guys you beat up on were some of those people. It was about time one of the people they tried to rough up actually taught them a lesson in humility. Though I'm sure they're too pig-headed to understand the lesson."

"Huh? Well, that sure wasn't the answer I was expecting." Asuka remarked. She was more than a little surprised by his statements. "Usually when I show up some snotty Britannians, others start getting upset."

"Yes, well, most other Britannians don't share my views of the world."

"And what would those views be?"

"That Britannia is the worst country in the world, and that its so-called nobility are are nothing more than over-privledged trash."

Asuka was momentarily speechless. She had been around other Britannians for as long as she could remember, and she had never met another one quite like this boy. Next to her, Shinji was also just as surprised. Sure, he knew Lelouch had been kinder to him than most other Britannians, but he never would have guessed that Lelouch actually hated his own country.

"Well, you two seem to be getting along better than yesterday." Misato chimed in. "This is the first actual conversation I've seen you two have together."

"I guess so." Lelouch responded uncaringly as he looked out his window.

"So, I've been meaning to ask you, but how was your haul from today's gambling?" she said with a snicker.

"I see NERV is indeed keeping a close watch on me." he said, a frown showing his displeasure.

"Sorry, but you guys are pretty important, so we've got to make sure that nothing happens to you."

"Gambling?" Asuka asked incredulously. "What, has Fourth has been hitting the casinos or something?"

"No, nothing like that." Lelouch replied boredly. "I just enjoy playing chess with arrogant people who think they're better than they actually are."

"Chess? You call that gambling?"

"It is when you play for money, though thats not really why I do it, though it is a bonus. I told you, some people think that they're better than they actually are because of their status. I can't stand people like that they're who I play against."


In the Shinjuku ghetto, Kallen quickly entered into the room. "Sorry I'm late, Naoto!" she said.

"Its no problem." Naoto said. "Now, Tamaki information says that Prince Clovis is having the poison gas transported the day after tomorrow. Its also being transported in two separate vehicles, and are going to be setting out in the morning. The intel also says that security is also going to be light since its supposed to be a secret. Now, the plan is gonna go like this..."

Lelouch sighed as he finished coughing up that disgusting orange liquid. It was only his second time, and he already couldn't stand the stuff. "I don't think I'll ever get used to that stuff."

"Oh, quit being such a baby, Fourth." Asuka remarked.

"Uh, please don't argue, you two." Shinji said timidly.

"Oh, shut up, pervert."


"Don't appologize! Stand up for yourself, you spineless wimp!" Asuka got so frustrated with Shinji in the short time that she had known him. Other than having gotten a good view of her the other night, she couldn't stand how he appologized for every little thing.


"I just said stop appologizing!"

"Not bad in the simulation you two." Misato said as she and Ritsuko came walking up. "You boys are really getting the hang of things."

"And what about me, Misato?" Asuka asked.

"You've been training a lot longer than they have, Asuka." Ritsuko said. "We already know you're a capable pilot."

"The only reason you're here is so that you don't slack off and lose your touch before your Eva arrives." Misato said.

"Impossible!" Asuka declared as she crossed her arms. "Its never gonna happen, because I'll always be the best."

"My, someone sure is conceited." Lelouch commented.

"You trying to start something, Fourth?"

"Of course not." Lelouch said with a shrug as he headed towards the locker room to change out of his plug suit. "I just think that someone thinks that shes better than she actually is."

"What was that?" Asuka demanded with an irate tone, but Lelouch had already entered the locker room.

Mari let out a yawn as she stretched before sitting back in the seat behind her. "Don't bug me at all you guys. I'm just gonna sleep the whole flight there." she said as she took her glasses of and put them in a case.

Next to her, Anya looked out the window of the plane that she and the others had boarded, and took a picture. "Recorded." she said in her usual monotone.

"Man, I just hope this flight isn't too long." Gino said, impatience clear in his voice. He currently sat in the seat across from Mari.

"Well Gino, we're only flying to Japan, and its just over the largest ocean in the world. I'm sure we'll be there in no time." Mari said sarcastically. She then closed her eyes and put her chair into a reclining position. "Now try not to be too loud, Gino."

"Huh? Why are you singling me out?"

"Because I know Anya isn't going to bother me, and Kaworu is probably going to sit there reading the whole flight." she said, gesturing towards the other boy sitting across from Anya without opening her eyes, who was intently looking over a book of sheet music. "Plus, you're way too loud most of the time."

"Aw, c'mon Mari..." Gino whined, and Mari opened her eyes and glared at him. "O-okay, I'll be quiet!" he replied nervously.

"Good. Wake me when we get there." she said closing her eyes once more.

After a few minutes, Gino loked over to Kaworu. "So Kaworu, you know anything about these Knightmares we're being called in to test?"

"Not much." the other boy replied. "All I know is that Lloyd built them. We're being asigned to work under him."

"Lloyd? Isn't he the guy that works for Prince Schneizel?"

"Yes, but he also works for NERV."

"NERV, huh? So then, you think I might get to pilot one of those Eva things?" the blonde asked hopefully.

"I couldn't say." Kaworu replied as he turned a page. "They require special pilots, who are hand picked by the Marduk Institute. Thus far, I know there are only five who have been picked, with Mari being one of them. Though I hear that there are many possible candidates. Anya and I are two of them, in fact."

"What? So then, you guys have a chance of pilotting one, too? Then what about me?"

"Not likely." Anya said as she took a picture.

Lelouch sat at home at the kitchen table, simultaneously reading through his homework and his operating manual for the Evangelion. He had once again gone to NERV earlier in the day for training. Shinji was currently working on dinner, and Misato was still at HQ, working the overnight shift. "Working hard, Fourth?" Asuka asked as she sat down accross from him.

"Yes, I suppose so. Not much else to do around here." Lelouch replied as he turned a page of his textbook, not looking up at her. "Any reason you're attempting to distract me from my work?"

"Distract you? Why would I care how you do in school, and I'm already a much better pilot than you." she scoffed, and Lelouch rolled his eyes at her ego. "I'm just trying to be polite and get to know my fellow pilots. Even if one of them is a filthy pervert."

"I keep telling her that was an accident..." Shinji muttered under his breath, though he was ignored.

"Really now?" Lelouch said, glancing up at her. "The "great" Asuka actually showing interest in someone other than herself? I wouldn't have thought it possible."

Asuka narrowed her eyes. "Well aren't you quite the smartass, Fourth."

"I try." Lelouch said as he returned to his activities. "But seriously, I'm not sure why, but I get this strange feeling that you don't like me." Obviously, this comment was dripping with sarcasm.

"I'll ignore that comment. Anyway, so tell me Fourth, since its just something I've been curious about since yesterday. But why does a Britannian like you hate your country?" Asuka said.

"Well now, thats not something I care to share with you." Lelouch replied.

"Fine then, be that way." Asuka said as she got up and pulled out her handheld game and played it as she walked out of the kitchen. 'I guess thats what I get for actually trying to give a Brtannian a chance.' she thought to herself.

Shortly after she did, Shinji spoke up. "Why do you hate Britannia?" he asked. "I mean, I've never met a Britannian that hates Britannia..."

"Its mostly a private reason." Lelouch said. "But I will tell you something, since I've got a feeling that you might understand a bit."

"What do you mean?"

"Lets just say that it has something to do with my father."

Mari stretched as she got of the plane, followed by Gino, Kaworu, and Anya, who promptly took a picture. "Recorded."

"So, this is Area 11, huh?" Gino said as he looked around the terminal for the man the supposed to meet.

"It sure is." Mari said. "Now where is Lloyd? I'm just itching to get in a cockpit."

"Uh oh. We all know what that means..." Gino said, a chill running down his spine.

"And just what are you implying, Gino?" Mari said, getting into the blonde boy's face.


"Thats what I thought." Mari said with a smile as she backed away.

"Well, aren't you quite the bunch of characters." a voice said and the four turned to see Lloyd and Cecile approaching them.

"Its nice to meet you four." Cecile greeted them with her usual warm smile. "I'm Cecile, and this is Lloyd."

"Hello, ma'am." Mari greeted. "We are the pilots being transfered into ASEEC."

"Well, the uniforms already told us that." Lloyd said, looking over the four. He already knew that three of them were Evangelion pilot candidates, but other than that, the three were mysteries, and their pasts mostly classified. Only Gino's records were public. Of course, not that he cared in the slightest. He only wanted top pilots to test his machines, and anything else was pretty trivial to him. In fact, capability was the reason why he was going to recruit his fifth test pilot, even though it was against protcol.

Anya took out her camera as she took a picture of the two scientists. "Recorded." she said in a monotone.

"So, how long until I can get into one of those Knightmares you're working on?" Mari asked.

"Well, we've only got one ready so far." Lloyd said. "And we've already got someone else in mind to pilot it."

"Aw, that sucks." the girl let out in disappointment.

"Uh, sorry for prying, but why bother having us tranfer to your unit then if you're gonna give the first machine to someone else?" Gino asked.

"Ah, well, you see that is the tricky part." Lloyd said with a wry smile. "You see, he is an Eleven, so that means he won't normally be allowed to pilot. But, in the simulators, he shows a lot of potential. But the simulators that are a required part of military training are just a formality for Honory Britannians. SO, we're gonna show what he can really do by putting him into the Lancelot the first chance we get."

Shinji was currently minding his own business as he sat by himself during his free time between classes. He didn't really know how he should spend it, so he simply secluded himself for now. Of course, keeping to himself didn't necessarily mean that others would keep away from him.

"Hello, Third." Asuka greeted him as she approached.

"Oh, hey Asuka." Shinji replied meekly. "What do you need?" He figured she wouldn't be talking to him unless she wanted something from him.

He figured right. "Have you seen Fourth around?"

"Um, I think I saw Lelouch with a friend of his." he replied.

"Take me to him."


"What are you, stupid? I just told you to take me to Fourth. I want to talk to him."

"Uh, okay?" Shinji said hesitantly, but none the less, he did as she asked.

Lelouch walked with Rivalz towards his friend's bike, and took a seat in the sidecar. "Man, I hope we get a pretty good haul today." Rivalz commented. "I've already got the match set up, and its for a nice sum of money." he explained, already looking forward to his share.

"Today is looking to be pretty boring." Lelouch said to himself as Rivalz started uo the bike. Honestly, he really hated where things seemed to be going for him lately. He hated being Gendo's puppet. Then again, it wasn't like his life was much better before. He knew all too well that his life had been stuck in a rut, and had been ever since he had settled in here at Ashford. And all he had to look forward to was to work out his frustrations on a few hapless, cocky Britannians. Still, not much of an improvement for him. Honestly, it was pretty clear that he was now worse off thanks to being force into being Gendo's pawn.

He really wished that something, anything, would change.

"Hey Fourth!"

He was broken from his thoughts by the familiar voice

"'Fourth'?" Rivalz repeated, unaware of what the term meant.

"Its a nickname she gave me." Lelouch said. "What to you want, Asuka?"

"I'll cut straight to the point; I want to come with you today on your little gambling trip." she stated simply.

"What!?" Rivalz let out in surprise.

Lelouch frowned at her stated intentions. "And why would you want to do that?"

"I want to see how good you are." Asuka stated. "Theres nothing to do around here, and classes suck."

"Well, if you were to come, you'd have to share the side car with Lelouch." Rivalz said.

"What? No way am I sharing a seat like that with him!" Asuka protested.

"Well, then you can't come." Rivalz said as he got on the bike. "The only other seat besides the sidecar is the driver's, and thats mine."

"I see." And with a smirk, she pushed Rivalz off the bike, then on a whim, pushed Shinji into the sidecar with Lelouch. Then before anyone could react, she hopped onto the bike and sped off as fast as she could.

"Hey! Thats my bike!" Rivalz shouted in protest.

"Don't worry, you'll get it back! I'm just gonna borrow it!" she said as they drove off. "Now, where are we off to, Fourth?"

"Don't I get a say in whether or not I wanna go?" Shinji asked as he tried to position himself better in the sidecar. But his protests were pointless at this point.

Naoto looked at the two armored vehicles that their group had captured. Tamaki's info had been right on the money. And thankfully, because it was apparently to be kept a secret, security was minimal. They had captured both with little resistance. He had briefly inspected the two transports, one had a capsule that was a bit bigger than a human, while the other had a larger container, and a small box. He was a bit curious by that. The smaller capsule definitely looked like some kind of chemical weapon, but the large container looked like a storage for something else, and figured it was probably big enough to fit a Knightmare Frame. Plus, what was with the box? Both trucks were devoid of anything else. He'd like to check it out, but he knew they didn't have time to waste on that just yet.

"So, what is the plan from here, leader?" Ohgi asked.

"I say its too dangerous to move them together." Naoto said. "If we split up, if one is attacked, the other could still make it back."

"Sounds good too me."

Naoto looked over to Kallen. She was currently pilotting one of their two Glasgows, with him getting the other. As much as he didn't want to, it would be best for them to each go with one car. But then he wouldn't be there to keep an eye on her. And what if something happened to her, and he couldn't stop it since wasn't with her. He then looked over to the two transports. Maybe the one with the larger container would be a priority?

"Okay everyone! We'll need to move out ASAP. The longer we stay here, the sooner the Britannian military will track us." he said to everyone. "Kallen, load your Glasgow into that transport. Nagata will drive. Saito and I will be in the other. Both cars will spilt up and take different routes back to the base. Everyone else, head back to Shinjuku, and we'll all meet up there."


"What was that?" Misato asked Kaji over her phone, having not heard her properly in her half-awake state.

"I said that theres just been a terrorist attack here in Tokyo." Kaji repeated. "They attacked a facility that was run by Prince Clovis, and stole a pair of transport trucks that he was having moved out of the Settlement. They're still on the loose and being pursued."

"What was stolen?" Misato questioned as she started to wake up and think clearly.

"They being tight-lipped about it. Too tight-lipped. They refused to tell us, and just said it was classified." he explained.

"So then why are you telling me this?"

"Just in case something happens, we want the pilots to be safe. You're to pick them up and keep an eye on them. Bring them to HQ if you want."

"What about Section 2? Isn't it their job to protect the children?"

"Personally, I don't really trust them in a situation like this. And you are the one responsible for Shinji, Asuka, and Lelouch. Just do your job before you worry about how others do theirs."

"Fine, I got it."

"Geez, some bar?" Asuka commented as she followed Lelouch in with Shinji trailing behind her. Lelouch simply ignored her.

As they entered inside, and older man stood up. "Oh, thank heaven I'm saved!" he said. He had been sitting at a table accros from a very well-dressed man, and on a table between them was a chess table with the pieces all set up. It was clear that the game was already in progress. "Are things going well at school? Oh, I see Rivalz isn't with you today. Who are your friends?" he asked Lelouch.

"What have we here? Mere school children?" the well-dressed man commented.

"Well look at this; a nobleman." he said, a smirk already on his face.

"I envy you kids today. You have so much time on your hands. Time for regrets." the man said. "What is your name?"

"Lelouch Lamperouge." he said as he looked at the ches board.

"Le-Lelouch, are you going to play the rest of this match?" Shinji questioned as he looked at the board. He wasn't an expert on chess, but even he could tell that the nobleman was clearly winning, and time had run out, so Lelouch shouldn't be able to plan his moves. "Uh, I don't think you can win."

"Tell me, Asuka," Lelouch said, acknowledging that she was there. "When do you think we would have to leave to make our next class?"

"On that piece of junk, I'd estimate twenty minutes if we went at top speed." Asuka said.

"Then be sure you drive safely." he said as he sat down. "I'll need nine minutes." he then looked at the older man, clearly the bartneder working here. "By the way, about yesterday?"

"Understood. We'll discuss it later." he replied.

"Nine minutes? Looks like someone has a big head, Fourth!" Asuka mocked. She figured there was absolutely no way that he would win. "You only have twnty seconds per move, so you think you can end this in just nine minutes? With how much of an advantage white has on black?"

"Of course. Thats enough time it will take at most." Lelouch said as he picked up the black king.

"You're starting with the king!? AHAHAHAHA!" the noble laughed.

"HA! You're such an idiot! You say you'll win in nine minutes, and you waste a move on the king?" Asuka said. And to think, she had almost thought about buying into his confidence.

Lelouch simply smiled as he moved the piece forward.

Rivalz grumbled as he walked over to where Milly was eating with Nunnally and two other girls. "I'd like to report a theft!" he said to her. "That tranfer girl with the red hair stole my bike!"

"Hm? How?" Milly asked.

"Red hair? Do you mean Asuka?" Nunnally asked.

"Yeah, that was her name! And she took my bike, and kidnapped Lelouch and that other boy she was with!"

"Other boy? Was it Shinji?"

"I don't know, no one said his name. He was pretty quiet, too."

"What!? Is Lulu safe?" the girl with orange hair, Shirley, asked, her voice clearly showing her concern. "What does she want with him?"

"Worried that another girl is trying to make off with with your darling Lulu?" Milly asked. "And clearly, she's got quite the appetite, taking two boys all for herself!" she said with a laugh.

"Cut it out, Milly." Shirley said with a blush.

"Excuse me, I overheard you three talking." a voice from behind them said, and they all turned to see Misato standing there. "Could you tell me what happened to Lelouch and the other two."

"Uh, who are you, ma'am?" Rivalz asked, warry of the japanese woman before him.

"Thats Misato. She is taking care of me and my brother, now." Nunnally said.

"So you're Ms. Katsuragi? I heard you were Lelouch and Nunnally's new guardian from my grandfather." Milly stated. "Go ahead, Rivalz. You can tell her what happened."

"Uh, right. Anyway, me and Lelouch were talking by my bike, minding our own business-"

"And getting ready to go gambling!" Shirley said.

"Uh, right, that. When that girl came up. She wanted to come with us, but we turned her down. Then she pushed me off my bike, pushed the wimpy guy with her onto Lelouch, and rode off."

"I see." she said. 'What the hell is Section 2 doing!? They're supposed to be watching the Children, but they let all three of them get away!' She was definitely going to report this to the commander. "Thank you for letting me know. Can you tell me where they were heading?"

"Oh wow! I have to hand it to you, Fourth!" Asuka said, not bothering to supress her laughter. "You really surprised me back there! And the look on that noble's face was absolutely priceless! And with thirty less seconds than you thought!"

"He also didn't have much time to move either, so I used that to my advantage when planning out my strategy." Lelouch said. "And as far as opponents go, nobles are tepid. Just over priveldged parasites, thats all."

"You have no idea how much I agree with you right now!" Asuka said. "And I'll admit, you're actually really good. I'm genuinely impressed. Maybe you should play against me some time."

"We'll see."

As they exitted the building, they saw that a large television monitor broadcast an announcement about a terrorist attack from yesterday that had occured in Osaka. "We apologize for the delay. Now, his royal highness, Prince Clovis, Third Prince of Britannia, will address the nation." a female announcer said.

Prince Clovis's image came onto the screen. "To all my imprerial subjects, including of course, the many cooporative Elevens who choose to serve the EMpire of Britannia!" he clutched his chest over his heart for dramtic effect. "Do you not se my pain? My heart was ripped from my chest, only to be torn appart! The remnants are filled with rage and sadness! However, as ruler of Area 11, I will not tolerate terrorism of any kind! Because the battle we fight is a righteous one, a virtuous battle to protect the well-being of one and all! Now then everyone, I would like you to join me in observance of the eight who died for justice in the line of duty." he said.

"A moment of silence, please."

As Shinji had watched, he saw that Leouch and Asuka had simply kept walking. "Uh, aren't you two going to join in?"

"I'm not wasting my time on that crap." Asuka said.

"And now its me who agrees with you." Lelouch said as he payed their parking fee. "Besides, spilling tears over those people won't bring them back to life, now will it?"

"Pretty dark, but absolutely true."

Clovis was furious. Moments ago he had been enjoying himself at one of his parties that he would often throw, and then had given a speech to the public about an incident from yesterday, when suddenly he had received news that angered him more than his ineffectual efforts during the Angel attack. His Code R transport trucks had both been attacked and stolen. He had immediately ordered that his royal guard and Knightmares be deployed.

He was not going to give those trucks up.

"Hey Fourth, your first move back there." Asuka said to him. "Why did you waste it on the king?"

"If the king doesn't lead, how can he expect his subordinates to follow?" Lelouch said.

"Huh? What is with that answer?"

"What do you mean?" Lelouch said as he read a book in the side car, though it was a bit difficult and uncomfortable with Shinji also there.

"Do you have some fantasy to be some bigshot leader or something."

"Not at all." Lelouch said. "Ambitions like that will ruin your health."

Then suddenly, they heard the loud beeping of a truck, and all three turned around to see an armored truck behind them, and Asuka swerved in panic. Inside the car, Nagata cursed at his luck. "You idiot, watch where you're going!" he said as he ade to turn down a ramp.

"No! Not that way!" Kallen protested, but it was too late. As soon as he turned, they broke through a gate, and into a construction site. At the truck's speed, they could stop as they crashed into the structure.

"Uh, I think that might have been our fault..." Shinji let out.

"I don't think so." Lelouch said.

"Me neither." Asuka agreed. "The idiot should have watched where he is going."

All three got up, and took a look at the crashed vehicle. As they did, Lelouch could swear that he saw something. "Looks like the powerline on the stupid bike got cut. Its useless right now." Asuka commented as she examined it. She then saw Lelouch drop his helmet and goggles into the side car, and headed towards the vehicle. "Hey, wait!" Asuka said as she ran after him, and Shinji, not wanting to be left alone in this situation, followed them.

"Hey, are you alright?" Lelouch called out, but no response. As he climbed up on top of the vehicle on a ladder on the side, Asuka abd Shinji followed him up. As they stood on top, they suddenly felt something strange.

"Its you. Finally, I have found-" It was as if it was a voice in their head.

But they could waste no time, as the drivers of the armored truck came to, and started the thing up. As it began moving, the three fell inside the truck.

"WHAT!?" Misato demanded into the phone. "You're telling me that you finally found the three, and they FALL INTO THE TERRORIST'S TRUCK!?"

"Just as bad, the milliary just caught up with the truck and is attacking it." Kaji told her.

"UGH! Section 2 is absolutely USELESS!" she proclaimed.

Next to her, in the passenger seat, Nunnally sat silently, though the situation was not lost on her. All she needed to know was that her brother was in trouble. When Misato had showed up looking for her brother and the others, she could tell that something was wrong, and convinced the older woman to take her with her to find him. She didn't want to lose the only family that she had left.

"Ugh, this is all your damn fault, Fourth!" Asuka declared, all of her postive opinions of Lelouch gone, and returned her her previous dislike of the boy.

"You'd think they stick a ladder on the inside, too." Lelouch commented as he looked around, ignoring her tirade. There were only two things he saw, and was the container, so he figured they might have to use that to climb out of the top. The other was a red Glasgow, but Asuka had already checked it and found that the key wasn't inside. They could also hear that the miliatry was following them as they ordered the vehicle to stop and surrender, and the truck swerved to avoid the gunfire.

In the driver's seat, Nagata was clearly worried. "Damn it, thats the military! What are we gonna do now!?"

"Have you forgotten? Thats what I'm here for!" Kallen said as she took off the hat she was wearing.

Meanwhile in the back, Lelouch and the others had gotten behind the capsule, seeing if they could climb out with it. "If we jump out, we've got the choice of breaking our necks or getting shot." Lelouch said.

"Well, sounds like quite the choice. Maybe if we're really lucky, we can have both happen!" Asuka replied, her sarcasm apparent.

"P-please don't fight you two, we need to-"

Shinji suddenly went silent as as the door to the front opened, and they watched a girl of their age walk out and take off her coat. "Can you enter the subway via the Azabu route?" she asked the driver.

"Kallen! Lets just use it here, why not?" the driver asked.

"Because that would mean a bloodbath! And my brother would never allow that!" she said as she climbed into the Glasgow, dropping her coat on the floor.

"That girl..." Lelouch let out. He couldn't help but feel he had seen her before, but couldn't place it. Of course, he in fact had seen her before, as she sat next to him in class. But due to his own disinterest, he hadn't payed much attention to her, and thus didn't recognize her right now.

"Stop checking out that girl, pervert." Asuka wispered as she elbowed him.

Naoto fired his own Slash Harkens at the pursuing gunships. "Damn. I really hope that Kallen is having more look than we are." he said to himself. His truck had gained pursuit at around the same time that Kallen and Nagat had. "Saito, head to the subway! That is the emergency escape route!" he ordered.

"Right, boss!" the driver of his transport replied. He veered away

Naoto then surveyed the area. He knew it was only a matter of time until he would be forced to face other Knightmares.

As the gunships closed in on the other transport, the back opened up and a Slash Harken fired at the closest gunship and destroyed it. When the door opened up completely, Kallen's Glasgow leaped out.

Seeing the back door open, Lelouch Asuka, and Shinji tried to run over and jump out, but it close before they could make it. "Ugh! This is your fault." she told the two boys.

"What did I do?" Shinji asked.

"Just shut up, Third!"


"Stop apologizing for everything!"

Outside, Kallen rushed forward. "You fellas know full well what this badass mother can do!" Kallen declared as she used her Slash Harken to take out another gunship.

"The rest of you, back off. I'll take this guy." a voice told the remaining pursuing gunships over a speaker. A VTOL carrying a Sutherland then flew up. "I can only assume that you dug that obsolete relic out of some scrap heap. An over-the-hill Glasgow is no match for a Sutherland!" the pilot taunted Kallen as his Knightmare was released. "Not to mention a filthy Eleven who spurns the compassion of our glorous Emperor!" the pilot, Jeremiah Gottwald, said as he fired on Kallen's machine.

"Kallen, we should both split up!" Nagata radioed her. "Both of us can't risk being killed! Naoto would never forgive me if something happened to you! Run for it!"

"But...!" she began to protest.

Suddenly, coming up from below and blocking the road, another Sutherland stood in the transport's way and fired on it. Though Nagata managed to to turn down another road.

"Simpleminded Eleven." its pilot, Villetta Nu, commented.

Back with Kallen, she attenpted to fire her Slash Harken once again, but it wouldn't launch, having been damaged by Jeremiah's shot. "No way! Its stuck!" she gasped.

"Secondhand junk!" Jeremiah declared as he got ready to attack with his Knightmare's tonfa. However, before he could strke, Kallen jetisoned her limb and launched it right at Jeremiah's machine, and it exploded. She then used the smoke as a cover to begin to make her escape. "I'll admit, I really like your spirit. However...!"

Back with Lelouch and the others, they were currently trying to use their phones. Unfortunately, they weren't having much luck. "No cell phone reception. We're out of range." Lelouch said. "And judging from the darkness and road surface, we must be driving along the old subway line. They're heading for an exit somewhere in the ghetto. Getting out will be dangerous."

"Still, as much as I hate them, the millitary has to help us." Asuka said as she pulled out her NERV ID. "We just show them this, and they have to protect us."

"And as insurance, we'll hand over a terrorist communicator." Lelouch said as he held the radio.

"Okay, so the terrorists have gone into the subway?" Misato asked into her phone, and as soon as Kaji gave her a positive response, she immediately turned her car around and took the ramp she had passed a few moments ago. The other drivers blared their horns, but she couldn't care less and payed them no attention.

"Misato, is my brother going to be okay?" Nunnally asked.

"Of course, Nunnally." Misato said with a smile. The older woman was really starting to regret taking the girl along. She had agreed at first, figuring that everything would be okay. But as one thing after another went wrong, she felt really bad having put her through this.

And of course, she couldn't stop thinking about the Children's situation. They were humanity's only hope against the Angels, and now they were stuck with terrorists.

As she drove into the old subway tunnels, she couldn't help but wonder what else could go wrong.

"Ah-ha!" Lloyd commented as he stared at Bartley.

"What are you doing?" the man asked.

"Looking at a man who blundered, am I right?"

"Why you...!"

There was a flash as Anya took the general's picture. "Recorded." she said.

"You really screwed this one up. The terrorists came and stole whatever it was that you and Prince Clovis were secretly working on. Retrieving it is simple, but you want to sweep up all their compatriots in addition. Let the terrorists go, and you can find their hideout too." Lloyd assesed, then turned around to where Cecile and the others stood. "Congratulations, your reasoning was spot on!" he told his assistant.

"It was nothing. I just thought it was strange." Cecile replied.

"Okay, thats enough." Bartley interrupted. "So, just what does the Special Corps want out of this?"

"I'm saying that I want to assist you with the cleanup." Lloyd said.

"To assist?"

"Correct! Because its data that I want."

"Uh hey, just what is it that the terrorists stole anyway?" Gino spoke up and asked.

"Chemical weapons." Bartley replied. "In other words, poison gas."

It semed like forever for the three young teens as they sat in the back of the transport. For the driver, things weren't looking to good. Nagata looked out the broken front window as he clutched his wound. Villetta had indeed hit him when she had opened fire on the truck, and had been struck by a few bullets. He was bleeding profusely, and he couldn't feel his left arm. Suddenly, the truck came to a large crack in the ground and came to an abrubt stop. No matter how hard he tried to go either forward or back, the thing wouldn't budge. "No... the tires are stuck..." he let out.

The accident was noticed by a nearby young soldier, one of the many Honorary Britannians that the military had sent into Shinjuku to find the trucks. Also, inside, it had caused some damage to the capsule, and a spark briefly flicked from it, though it was unseen by the three students.

"Please, Naoto... Ohgi... anyone... Find me...!" he said as he struggled to flip a switch as he started to lie down. This caused the side door of the trailer to open.

When the nearby soldier saw the capsule inside, he immediately radioed in his findings. Shortly after, he noticed three figures near the capsule.

"Well, looks like we finally have a chance to get away." Lelouch said.

"Yeah, now lets-" Asuka started but stopped as soon as the trio heard a sound outside. They saw too late the soldier leap at the and with a spinning, acrobatic motion, deliver a roundhouse kick to Lelouch and knock him to the ground. "Are you Britannian?" he managed to let out before he was pinned.

"Thats enough mindless murder." the soldier said.

"Wait, I'm not-"

"Planning to use poison gas? Don't play dumb with me!"

"Get off him!" Asuka said as she charged at him, and the soldier leaped back. "We're not here by choice, dumbass!" she said as she stood in a defensive combat stance. Shinji simply stood back behind the two, not wanting to get in the way.

"If thats poison gas, then it was made Britannia, wasn't it?" Lelouch asked as he got up. For the first time, the soldier actually got a good look at the boy's face.


"No more mindless murder? Then why don't you just obliterate Britannia!"

"Lelouch?" the soldier asked, surprising the three students that he actually knew the boy's name. He then removed his helmet to reveal his face, that of a brown-haired Japanese boy of the same age as Lelouch. "Its me, Suzaku."

And in that moment, Lelouch flinched in surprise. He recalled exactly who the boy before him was. His old friend, the son of the former Prime Minister, Genbu Kururugi. He hadn't seen him in about five years, not since Britannia invaded Japan.

"You know this guy?" Asuka asked, though Lelouch ignored her.

"You became a Britannian soldier?" Lelouch asked.

"Yeah, and what about you? You're a..." Suzaku responded.

"What are you, stupid? We have nothing to do with this whole thing!" Asuka interrupted. "We're only here by accident!"

"Lelouch, who are your friends?"

"This is Shinji and Asuka." he replied. "They're... coworkers, you could say."

Then suddenly, before the four of them could talk further, the capsule began to emit light fromthe openings, as all the seals began to release. On reflex, Suzaku took his gas mask and held it to Lelouch's mask as he tackled him to the ground. Shinji and Asuka ducked as they covered their mouths.

"Thats not poison gas..." Suzaku said.

"Its... a girl." Shinji let out.

Indeed, they watched as the capsule opened, and they watched as inside was revealed to contain a girl wearing a restraint suit. She looked to be a few years oler than them, and had long, flowing green hair.

"Sorry. In all the confusion, I left it in the coat." Kallen apologized, refering to her forgotten communicator.

"It's okay. The Glasgows circuits are usuable." Ohgi repied.

"So, any word from Naoto?"vshe asked, her brother's safety being her first concern.

"Yeah, though not much. He ran into trouble as well." Ohgi replied. "He got separated from Saito, who drove into the subway. What about Nagata?"

"I don't know. We split up as well. But I think he made it underground as well."

"So, tell us the truth, Suzaku. Poison gas? This girl?" Lelouch questioned as he, Shinji and Suzaku began to free the girl while Asuka stood back and leaned on the wall.

"Hey, its what they told us in the briefing, I swear!" Suzaku replied.

"So then its clear they hid the truth from you." Asuka said. "But why? I mean, the obvious answer is that they don't want people to see this girl inside, so they said it was poison gas so that no one would open it. But for what purpose? Just who the hell is she?"

Suddenly, bright lights wre shone on the five of them "Stinkin' monkey!" a voice let out. "Being an Honorary Britannian will not excuse you. It doesn't give you the authority to do as you please!" the millitary officer in charge said.

"But sir, I was told this was poison gas!" Suzaku protested as he ran over to him.

"How dare you question your orders!"

This is bad. We're definitely in trouble.' Lelouch thought to himself. 'This is poison alright; a deadly one for Suzaku's superior's if its unleashed.'

"However, in light of your outstanding millitary achievements, I'm going to be lenient."" the millitary officer said as he pulled out a gun. "Private Kururugi, take this and execute the terrorists."

"But they're not terrorists; they're just civilians who got caught up in all of this."

"Actually, we're not even civillians." Asuka said as she pulled out her NERV ID. "We're all with NERV."

"NERV?" Suzaku let out in surprise. The girl's statement caused some murmurs from the soldiers, as they wondered what these three were doing here.

"I see. Then it is unfortunate that we could not rescue you before the terrorists had already executed you." the millitary officer stated.

"What the HELL!?" Asuka let out, becoming furious. "Do you have any freaking IDEA who we are!? We're the pilots f the Evas! I'm the Second Child!" When the man expression remained unchanged, the girl only grew more angry as her rage at the man built up. "You, asshole, are the BIGGEST IDIOT ON THIS WHOLE PLANET!"

"I never really liked NERV, anyway." he simply said. "Now, enough. Private Kururugi, follow your orders."

"I can't." Suzaku said. "I won't shoot innoncent people. I can't follow your orders, sir."

"Very well." the man said as he pointed the gun at Suzaku now, and pulled the trigger, shooting him in the side. "Then die."

"Suzaku!" Lelouch called out as he watched his friend drop to the ground.

"Well, NERV school cheildren, perhaps you shouldn't have cut class today." the man said. "Collect the girl. After you've secured her, kill all three of them."

"Yes, my lord!" all the soldiers responded.

The three of them could only stand there as they panicked, while at that moment, the mysterious girl also began to regain conciousness. Meanwhile, in the truck, Nagata had heard everything. He didn't know what was going on, but he could tell this was the end for him. He was starting to lose conciousness from his wounds, so he knew he probably didn't have long. And even if he did, he would soon be killed by the soldiers. As he listened to the exchange that had went on outside, he struggled to put a cigarette in his mouth and light it, and took one lat look at a picture he brought with him and clipped to the dashboard. It was of one him from before the war, with his wife and child. He resigned himself to his fate, knowing he'd be with his family soon.

"Death to Britannia..." he said as he reached for a switch. "Long live... Japan!" he said as he pressed it.

And at that moment, the cab of the truck exploded.

"Geez, these tunnels are like a freaking maze." Misato said as her card bumped u and down along the subway.

"Turn there!" Nunnally said as she pointed towards an upcoming fork. "Go left!" she said.


"I heard something." she said. "I think we should go left."

"Well, its not like I know where I'm going. These tunnels are a hundred times more confusing than HQ." she said, and went left as Nunnally had told her.

"They got away!? And you call yourselves the Royal Guard?" Bartley said into the radio

"Forgive me, my lord." the same millitary officer replied, now reduced to dirt beneath his superior's wrath. "The blast was mainly directed upwards, but the bedrock-"

"Why the hell do you think I only told you people about this!?" Bartley yelled, ignoring the man's explanation.

"W-we'll continue the inestigation!" he said before ending transmission

"The plan has moved forward to the next phase." Clovis stated.

"B-but your highness...!"

"I don't know what NERV is doing here, but we won't be letting them report back. If knowledge of her gets out, I'll be disinheritted." he stated. "Tell them back home that we're carrying out a planned urban renewal here." He then began to stand up as he issued the order. "As Clovis, Third Prince of the empire, I command you! Destroy Shinjuku Ghetto! Leave no one alive!

And that was it, all soldiers began to slaughter all the Japanese people that lived in the run-down city.

"Damn it. The car will never get through here." Misato said as she saw her path blocked by debris. "We'll have to turn around..." she said. She could also here the sounds of explosions from the area above.

As Nunnally sat there, she suddenly felt a strange sensation. "This way. Come this way." she heard a voice in her head. She was hesitant for a moment, but then she opened the door and ran out.

"Wait! Nunnally!" Misato called out as she watched the girl climb over the debris. With a grunt of frustration, she got ready to get out of the car, but then a sudden explosion form above cause the ground to shake, and suddenly the ceiling of the dilapidated subway tunnel began to crumble a bit as more ebris blocked her path. She could only stare in horror and shock as the situation sunk in. Now should couldn't go after the young girl. This was not her day. "Oh, MOTHERFU-"

"You there!" she heard a voice from behind, and turned to see a few soldiers behind her.

"Great, maybe you guys can help out. I'm from NERV." she said as she held up her ID as she got out of her car. But they seemingly ignored her as they raised their guns. "Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing!?"

"Our orders are to kill everyone in Shinjuku Ghetto, even if they're with NERV."

As Nunnally ran forward, she suddenly heard the sound of gunfire from the other side of her. "Misato!" she let out with worry. This was awful! Something might have just happened to Misato, and it was all her fault. And what about Lelouch and the others?

"This way. Come this way." the voice in her head beckoned her once again, just as it had moments ago. Just as it had told her to turn left.

With no other choice, she ran down the tunnel as fast as she could.

Lelouch, Shinji, Asuka, and the myserious girl ran down the tunnel. They had managed to get away from the millitary earlier thanks to the truck exploding. When it did, it had caused a small cave-in, which separated them from the Royal Guard. They could here the sounds of the chaos going on above them as they made their way down the tunnel.

As the the heel of the girl's shoe got caught in a pothole, she tripped and stumbled to the ground.

"What the hell are you!? This chaos is all your fault, isn't it?" Lelouch said as he stared at the girl. "Not only that, but Britannia has... They even killed Suzaku!"

"Hey, its not her fault..." Shinji interjected.

"Of course its her fault!" Asuka responded. "The millitary is doing all this because they don't want anyone to find out about her!"

"But why?"

"How the hell should I know!?" the redhead let out in frustration. "Just what the hell is the big deal with her!?"

The green haird girl could only stare, as her mouth was still covered by the restraints of her suit.

"Not there?" Lloyd questioned.

"It looks like hes gone to the front line." Cecile said.

"Even though we brought the Lancelot here?"

"Now whats gonna happen?" Gino asked as he sat off to the side with the other three.

"We steam rolled our way in here, but we don't have the Devicer we want to use it." Lloyd said as he held up and stared at the Lancelot's key

"What about one of us?" Mari asked hopefully.

"Well, if we can't get him in time, we might have to use one of you." he said with a shrug. "But there is still time. We can't deploy it without the permission of the one in charge."

"Man, I hope he doesn't make it." Mari let out hopefully.

"Recorded." Anya said as she took a picture of the group.

"Stay quiet. Wait here." Lelouch told the others as he slowly snuck up the stairs to check the exit. As he neared the top, he heard the sound of gunfire, and he.

"Report." they heard the voice of the same millitary officer.

"We found only Elevens here, sir." a soldier replied.

"Hm... You're sure of it? That exit comes out here?"

"Yes, sir. It matches up with our map of the old city."

As the four held their breath, wondering what to do, the heard the sound of a girl crying. Lelouch rexoilded a bit as he watched the soldiers shoot her. The group held their breath as they hoped that fate would be kind to them, and the soldiers would move on.

No such luck. Lelouch's phone suddenly began to ring. He quickly hung up the call, but it was too late. The soldiers heard the noise and readied their guns.


"Huh?" Shirley let out. "That jerk, he hung up on me! I can't believe it." she said. She had no way of knowing what she had just done, so she could only get mad at the boy for blocking her call.

Lelouch, Asuka, and Shinji were pushed against a wall as the soldiers held he girl. "An appropriate place for you to meet you end." the officer said.

"You scum..." Lelouch let out.

"Still, you did well for students. But I suppose thats to be expected, two of you are Britannian."

"I am not Britannian." Asuka said, venom in her voice.

"Unfortunately, my clever young friends, you have no future." The officer then aimed his gun at Lelouch.

"THEY MUSTN'T DIE!" the girl said, breaking free from the soldiers, the restraint over her mouth coming undone. She ran inbetween them and the soldiers just as the officer pulled the trigger. The bullet struck her right in the head, and she fell over, her life already extinguished.

"Y-you... You just shot her..." Shinji let out in surprise. The trio onlywatched in shock as they saw the blood pool out from the back of her head.

"Our orders were to bring her back alive, if possible..." the officer said. "Oh well, nothing can be done about it now. We'll just tell out superiors that the Royal Guard found the terrorist hideout and killed them all. Regrettably, the female hostage and the three from NERV had already been tortured to death." he explained to them. "So, what do you think, kids?"

'How can this be happening? First Suzaku is killed, and now this girl.' Lelouch thought, frozen in shock and terror. 'Now we're about to die. And before I've had a single thing to do with my life... Its all gone in a heartbeat... Nunnally...!'

'This is how its gonn end for me?' Shinji thought.

'Mama...' was the only coherrent thought that Asuka had, a single tear going down her face.

Then suddenly, the girl's hand moved and grabbed Lelouch's wrist. Suddenly, the three felt a strange feeling in their head, as it felt like they were transported elsewhere, strange visions flashing in their mind. "You don't want it to end here, do you?"

"What is going on?" No one was sure who asked that, but all three were thinking it.

"You all appear to have a reason for living."

"The girl? But thats impossible." Lelouch though recognizing the voice that was speaking as that of the dead girl.

"If I give you power, could you go on?" she asked. "I propose a deal. In exchange for this power, you must agree to make my one wish come true. Accept this contract, and yu accept its conditions. While living in the world of humans, you will live unlike any other. A different providence, a different time, a life. The Power of the King will isolate you. Condemn you to a life of solitude. Are you prepared for this?"

As the visions went through their head, they knew that there was only one possible choice. "Yes! I accept your contact!" they all said in unison.

And the they wre back in the Shinjuku Ghetto. Lelouch then stood up with renewef confidence. "Say, how should a Britannian that detests his own country live his life?" Lelouch asked out loud.

"Are you some kind of radical?" the royal guard officer asked as he raised his gun, but then let out a gasp as he stared at the three. Lelouch and Asuka were now standing up, and the looks on their faces unsettled the soldiers before them. Shinji just continued to stare down at the deal girl.

"Whats wrong? Why not shoot? Your opponents are just school children." Lelouch asked, covering his left eye. "Or have you figured out? That the only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed!" he said removing his hand from his eye. As he did, a strange bird-like sigil appeared in it.

"W-whats happening here...?"

"I, Lelouch, command you!" he said, stopping himself from saying his true name in from of Shinji and Asuka. "Now all of you... Die!" his eye emitted a strange light.

And in that instance, the soldiers of the Royal Guard all felt compelled to obey. Nothing else mattered except following this order. "Happily, my lord!" the officer said as he and the rest all took their guns and aimed them to their necks. All wore expressions of happiness, glad to follow the cammand.

"Bye-bye, assholes." Asuka said cheerfully as she waved.

And then they all pulled the triggers, all going to their deaths.

Nunnally looked at the scene before her. She saw several people lying on the ground, completely unmoving.

All of them were dead.

Most were soldiers, except one man.

All of them were dead. Just like her mother.

She walked over to the truck, hoping to find some sign of her brother, and praying that it was a sign that he was alive.

All of them were dead. Just like her mother. Just like Misato might be.

She could here the sounds of the chaos above. The sounds of the army slaughtering the innocent Japanese people. People who were only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

All these people were dead. Just like her mother. Just like Misato might be. Just like Shinji and Asuka might be.

She looked in the truck, and saw no sign of her brother. Only a damaged box and a large container.

All these people were dead. Just like her mother. Just like Misato might be. Just like her Shinji and Asuka might be. Just like...

"This world took away my mother, now it wants to take away all that I have left..." she let out. "GIVE HIM BACK!" she yelled tears streaming down her face. "Please, give back my brother!"

Suddenly, she saw a bright light coming from the damaged box. She looked at, and saw only a small object. It looked like it was a limbless doll of some kind with a bird-like sigil on its face. "I can feel your desires." it said in her mind, and she recognized it as the one that had lead her here. "I can feel your wrath; wrath that you don't even know you possess. Towards this senseless slaughter. Towards the loss of your mother. Towards the fate of those who have recently entered your life. Towards being helpless to do anything. And most importantly, towards those who would take away what is most important to you; your dear brother."

"W-what are... Who are you?" Nunnally asked. "You lead me here."

"I can help you. I can give you power." the doll said.


"Yes. Power to make your wish come true. I offer you a contract." It said as an arm began to form on the doll and reach out.

And hesitantly, Nunnally reach back.

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