Seeing Stars

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Chapter 20: One Month Later, One Year to the Day

In about one month, the latest disaster that invaded the Watchtower and the damage it had caused was gone. Everyone was a in a bit brighter spirits, despite losing two allies in the never ending quest of truth and justice. Wonder Girl was studying her new powers, learning how to manipulate the cold with Ice and the dark with Dr. Light. Donna thought of this as a blessing from the gods; new abilities that they felt she was worthy to have. There was no scientific explanation anyone could find as to how Donna developed these powers, but the younger Amazon princess did not need nor want an explanation. She was happy.

Farrah had also become accustomed to her new situation. When she was not crying or sulking, she was in her room, shifting between her human and hybrid forms. She stared at the mirror, hours at a time, just to see if the woman in the reflection was really her. She had always thought of her animal guise as her true nature, and only thought of being human when she was using her image inducer. Now, she could be fully human and be her hybrid self at the same time. At first, Farrah had to concentrate on using this new ability. However, with some practice, she has been able to change more quickly then when she first started. Still, she had a long way to go before she would be able to change at the rate her image inducer made her change.

Besides these two women, other members of the Justice League and the Titans were changing as well. Blue Beetle and Tigra were growing closer and closer, and there was talk that wedding bells could be in their future. Wonder Woman and Batman were also getting closer, albeit a little longer. Since allowing Themysciria to return to the world stage sort of speak, Diana had ambassador duties to perform. Winning the Amazon competition again meant she would help Themysciria in adjusting to the new Man's World. Artemis still protested, but honored Hippolyta's wish and command.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl were also getting closer. Despite all that had happened, Hawkgirl delivered her son into the world with no problem. While John Stewart was grateful for his son, he was also very jealous of Hawkman. After what had been happening because of Shadow Thief, and with the avian hero's constant reminder that he and Hawkgirl are united through reincarnation for thousands of years caused a serious ripple between John and Shayera. Shayera assured John that there is nothing going on between them. While John believed her, a part of him could not help but wonder if she was telling the truth.

The couples Fire and Flash and Guy Gardener and Ice were also becoming more closely knit together. Bea and Wally were made for each other; both were wild, and could easily burn the midnight oil, no pun intended. As for Tora; she was happy her relationship was progressing so well. But she wanted something more; something like marriage. Being sweet and innocent, she could get it, but the ice-making heroine had to wonder if the red-headed Lantern she was dating had the maturity of such a subject, primarily after she saw Tigra try to mince him while filming her in the shower. To make a long story short; Guy has not taken to doing that for quite a while, at least until he gets out of the infirmary.

Black Canary and Green Arrow have had a rocky relationship, to say the least. After what happened with Shado, Dinah demanded that Ollie come clean about everything. (1)

The archer attempted to recall everything, but it was not to the satisfaction of the martial artists and Dinah has decided, while not to break things off, hold off on dating Ollie for a while so she can sort out some affairs.

Presently, Donna was walking down the halls of the Watchtower, carrying a small jewelry box. She wanted to cheer her friend up, and, after returning to Themysciria, had one of the metalsmiths make something special for the lioness. While it was no big secret that Donna liked Farrah, badly, the Amazon warrior was not thinking that when she was going to give this present to her friend.

Farrah was languidly stretched out on her bed, in her human guise. Donna knocked on the door and Farrah, her eyes shut, said,

"Come in, Donna."

She waited a few moments before smirking and opening her eyes,

Wonder Girl blinked,

"How did-?"

Farrah sat up, smiling,

"Avengers taught me to be aware of my surroundings. Besides, the way your perfume smelled, I'd say you were out to impress me."

Donna tried to lie her way out of it,

"How do you know I would try to impress you, sister? What if I were to impress a man?"

Farrah brushed her hair back, letting it cascade down her shoulder,

"Usually, it's the guy that gives the jewelry."

Donna could no longer hide it,

"It is true, sister. I wanted to give you something."

The two sat next to each other and Donna handed Farrah the box. The white-haired young woman opened it and stared in surprise,

"Donna…this is beautiful."

It was a solid silver necklace charm, in the shape of a cat. The charm was a bit small, but the eyes were emerald.

Donna smiled,

"It's how I envision you; the silver for your long fur, and the green eyes as some of the most heavenly I have ever gazed into."

Farrah looked at her friend,

"Ok, you're creeping me out a little."

Donna suggested,

"Maybe you should put it on."

Farrah nodded nervously,

"Yeah, that might be a good idea."

She turned to the mirror and watched as Donna fastened the clasp to the necklace. When she was done, Farrah looked at it. She shook her head,

"This is truly gorgeous."
Donna purred,

"Perhaps…but I have a hard time deciding what is more beautiful; the necklace, or you, sister."

Farrah wanted to turn around, but Donna was up faster. She purred,

"Gods, you smell nice. Your human side is almost as appealing as your animal side."

The white-haired woman could feel her friend caressing her stomach. The princess sighed,

"It pains me to see you so lonely, Farrah. I do not want to see you in pain. I want to see you happy."

Donna placed her head on Farrah's bare shoulder. She closed her eyes,

"Gods, your skin is so soft."

Farrah stood, frozen. She really wanted to break free from Donna's grasp, but Donna was firmly, but gently, holding on. The raven haired warrior said lovingly,

"Do you…want me?"

Farrah immediately turned into her hybrid form and slipped away, panting,

"Donna, what the hell is this?"

Donna continued a strong come on, seductively smiling,

"I have a new costume I have been dying to show you. Ever since what happened with Diablos and Selene, I have decided to put on something a bit more…cosmic, shall we say."

She got to the door and purred, looking over her shoulder,

"You know, you could help me out of my old one. I might let you cop a feel."

Farrah blinked. She had no idea what to say to that. Donna chuckled,

"Too bad, really. I would like to have those claws break my skin. It would be so hot."

She then left. Farrah touched her new necklace charm and shuddered,

"Ok, I'm starting to see Diana's point. I have been a bad influence on her."


Persiana, in her animal form, decided to do some work at the Watchtower bridge. J'onn asked,

"Are you feeling better?"

Since the attack, Farrah and J'onn have had a lot to talk about…when the Martian was not being stalked and chased by Looker. Thankfully, it was daylight where the television host was and sound asleep in her coffin.

Just then, the monitors on the station sounded an alert. Superman came in,

"What's going on?"

Persiana looked at the monitor,

"There's an unusual energy reading coming from this room. It appears to be some sort of portal."

Wonder Woman and Hippolyta entered. The queen asked,

"What is going on?"

Superman said,

"I wish I knew."

J'onn looked at the monitor again,

"The portal is being opened and the exit one will appear here. I am putting an alert up in case the entity or entities coming through are hostile."

As the alert was issued, a large glowing disc appeared on the bridge. Otherworldly lightning coursed through the disc and showered the room, yet nothing was being destroyed or even touched. The portal grew larger and larger, until it had reached a maximum height of fifteen feet in all directions.
A looming figure was coming forth through the portal, and, as it did, others began to appear.

When the brilliant flash was over, though, Farrah picked up on a voice she thought she would never hear again.

Crisis smiled,

"Hey, Persiana. Miss me?"

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(1) See Shock of a Lifetime for Details