"Qasim! Get up." My mom was standing on my head and shouting. I pulled my blanket and covered my head as I was sleepy and I didn't wanted to be disturb but my mom dragged my blanket and threw it on the floor in violence. I leapt out of my bed in a speed and my mom looked really angry at me. I rushed to the washroom as I didn't wanted to be scold in the early morning.

My mom didn't even let me get fresh properly as she continues banged on the washroom door and shouted at me to come out and take breakfast. If I don't wanted to be late so I needed to speed up and I did. I raced to the dinning table and filled my mouth with an egg and slice and my father yelled at me for that. He gave me a big, atrocious lecture on table manners and my have of the time was wasted in the lecture so I needed to buck up myself to be with time.

After my breakfast; I think I should call it after a dreadful lecture; I ran to my room and changed my cloths, checked my bag and at last I packed some mysterious books with me to read at Kohistan House but I thought not to take them as I wouldn't get time but I packed no one knows what will happen.

Everything was done and I went out my room and I got to see 2 huge bags lying on the gate, I was astonish to see such bag as we are going for a trip only and that was looking like that we are going for ever. I teased Sara for this and she got really angry, that was a something to happen as Sara get irritated very soon on even small matters.

Finally, everything was set and we are ready to begin our journey. I was really excited to begin our journey as I would get a lot to see in our long journey. I hoped everything will be fine when we begin our journey and reach there then I jumped into the car front seat. My mom and Sara were seated at the back seat, and we glanced at our father and wave good bye and we began our journey.