The fight for Freedom

Chapter 1

With the Cullen.

"Kids get up Now?" Esme Yelled from the end of the stairs. They were going to be late again if they didn't hurry up and get ready.

"Esme, darling they are coming down soon don't worry." Carlisle said as came down the stairs and gave her a kiss.

Charlie came from the kitchen then, and smiled. He walked over to them and handed both of them a cup of coffee. He gave Esme and kiss on the cheek before kissing Carlisle. He smiled and told them he would be late home before yelling up the stair to the children. Then he went off to work.

You see Esme, Carlisle and Charlie have grown up together. They did everything together. Esme and Carlisle start to date in high school, Charlie on the other hand became quite, he would not talk to anyone. It didn't take Esme long to understand that her best friend was in love with her boyfriend. But that was not as big of a shock, as to when she found out that Carlisle shared those feeling for Charlie as well.

Carlisle try to stay away from Charlie, but Carlisle became depressed and Esme be again to worry, after a year, Esme had enough and left Carlisle so that he could become happy, but as both Charlie and Esme found out, Carlisle was not the same man he was when he was with both of them. Carlisle could not chose when the time came. But Carlisle asked if they could just go back to being friends.

So they did, but that friendship soon became a relationship, all love each other, well both Esme and Charlie loved Carlisle more then they loved each other. The love they had for each other was nothing more than the same love you would have for your family.

None of them could think of what life would be like if they had never done what they did. Having a relationship with three people always seems to have its problems but not them. They couldn't be happier.

Their children came down the stairs soon but with a quick goodbye they left, you see Esme and Carlisle could not have children. Esme was unable to carry them, and if it was not for Charlie who know what would of happened.

Charlie though it would be a good idea to adopted, seeing as he was adopted, we like the idea so we when for it. But they had to keep their relationship secret. The outside world knew Carlisle and Esme were married. But they had know idea that Charlie was Carlisle boyfriend.

They first adopted Edward when he was 8, his parents passed away. They all loved Edward. He was a little chatter box. Always wanting to know thing that were going on around him. He loved the idea of having to dads. When Edward was 13 they adopted Hale sisters, Alice and Rosalie.

But since then their parents have become worried about Edward. He loved the idea of having other kids to play with. Edward was at school when they came home with the Hale sisters, but as soon as he enter the door they could tell something was off, Edward never came home from school in the middle of the day. Carlisle rushed over to Edward, trying to see if he was hurt or if he was sick. Edward passed the note he had in his hand to Carlisle before going up to his room.

They had sent him home because he had passed once and complained about being dizzy. But Carlisle could not get Edward to talk about it. The chatter box we all loved seem to disappeared. Carlisle being the chief of medicine at Fork hospital, would not let go of the fact that Edward was holding back something. And Charlie the police chief had to agree with them. They spent hours trying to get him to open up. But in the end they just passed him away. He closed himself off to every one around him.

Soon after the kids had left for school Carlisle left for work, leaving Esme to worry about her children.

With Bella and Emmett, Jasper

"Emmett, what's happening? What is she seeing?" Jasper yelled as he passed the car passed 100.

"I don't know she won't show me." Emmett yelled back

Bella had been in a vision for something now and they were began to worry. Not once in all the time they have known each other had she been in a vision this long.

"Bella, sis come on, come back to us." Emmett said as he placed his arms around her. Holding her tightly to his chest.

"Jasper, Look out." Bella yelled coming back from what ever she had seen.

But it was to late, the police car was to close and had noticed that they were going way passed the speed limit.

"Jasper, listen to me. We can't run any more. They need us, their going to die if we do." Bella turned her head and sobbed in Emmett arms.

Jasper made the car come to a complete stop, knowing what she meant but her words.

If they keep running their soul mates would die. Living without them was bad enough for all three of them, knowing their died when you could of don't something about would be far wrost.

The police officer came up to the car.

Jasper looked at the mans shirt for anything thing that might tell them about the man.


so they were in Fork, they hadn't been in Forks for over 25 years.