6 Months Later

I was looking out on my grand stage. I would be married tonight to my mate, Edward. It was a long six months after we got back from our ordeal with a ton of talking and explaining and apologizing between me and every one of the Cullens. Rosalie and I would never be best friends, but we were finally on speaking terms. Alice forgave me instantly and so did the rest of them. Jasper was just happy to not have to fend off all the depression any longer.

Edward and I spent a lot of time just being. We'd talk, make love, and talk some more. We finally moved passed his leaving me and I could honestly forgive him. I held no grudges any longer. He did what he thought was best. After all the thoughts I had of leaving Bon Temps to protect my new friends I could understand where he was coming from back then. It's a huge beast of a burden to feel that not only being a monster, but a killer, you can still have healthy and happy relationships with everyone around you. And as both Rose and Pam pointed out on many occasions: The world did not revolve around me. It wasn't always about me. And that was so very true.

When Renee found out about what I was she wasn't too pleased. Vampires scared the shit out of her, which made me laugh. Some of them would want nothing more than to sink their teeth into her, but most of them weren't interested. When the shock finally wore off and she knew I really wasn't a different person she promised to be at my nuptials.

Gah! A wedding! Eric wasn't totally thrilled at first, but soothing Sookie's pain turned into something more than I think either of them expected. Now happily in lurve as I put it to them, they'll be a package deal at this shin-dig.

Sookie's yard was decked to the hilt for my wedding to Edward. All my new and old friends and family were there. It was just after dusk and all the twinkling lights were so beautiful and ethereal across the land. Here and there an extra blip of light would pass by and I'd smile. I loved fireflies. They were one of my new favorite things.

My father was the Sheriff of Bon Temps parish and he was seeing a woman named Halleigh Robinson. She was really pretty with short brown hair and brown eyes. She was an elementary school teacher and Andy's ex. After my dad took 'his job' and 'his girl' I was worried he'd need to be on suicide watch, but he only just got more and more drunk as the days went on. He'd eventually drown himself in liquor or die of renal disease, but he was too damn stubborn to go out on his own.

Alice was twirling around the place like a little pixie on fairy dust. . .or was that angel dust? Anyway, my mom flew in and she and Rose were doing my hair. Phil was crushing over Pam who was laughing in his face, and Sookie was acting like a proud mama, gushing over everything that was going on.

The nuptials were going to be short and sweet, given by a local pastor turned vampire (a couple centuries ago). Then there would be dancing, food, Tru Blood, and more dancing.

Edward and I had decided when we got back and back together we'd buy out Compton's place, demo it and build our own Southern plantation home. It was stunning. Straight out of the late 1800's. At least the furnishings. Not like the old place, ready to fall over with a strong wind.

It was nearly time, I was getting a bit nervous. Pam, with her perfect timing, burst into Sookie's room where I was dressed and being attacked with makeup and hair supplies. "You realize, your whole vampy family must swear fealty to Eric? I say come on down to Fangtasia after your honeymoon, we'll put you all on display and make tons more money. Apparently sparkle fairies are 'rare' and everyone's dying to see you! Now, buck it up, marry him, and go fuck him until the end of time. There's a date out there with my name on it, I'll let you know when I find it." And she was gone.

"Well, that definitely took my mind off of the wedding!" I laughed. Alice burst in with my father and looked at me all serious and scary like.

"It's time." She said and I shuddered.

"Jesus, Alice! You make it seem like I'm going to an execution." I frowned.

"Shush! Come on, let's go! Edward's a mess down there waiting for you!" And with that we were off.

Sookie was my maid of honor, followed by Alice and Rose. Pam was not about to wear a dress that she couldn't pick out so those three were it. Edward had Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle, Carlisle being the best man.

I walk down the front steps and down this crazy long white carpet. There are chairs lined up, white with shiny silver and lavender fabric. A canopy of moss has been erected with white trestles and there's music coming from somewhere. I wonder if it's a local band playing a sweet little country song I've never heard.

A lot of people talk about their wedding like it was totally the most magical thing that had ever happened to them, ever. I've seen magic, I've seen how one minute you can be alive and the next living dead. I've seen a lost girl with no recollection of who she was become a part of something bigger than herself without any questions asked, accepted when she remembers. I've seen the fall of something I never imagined would stop existing, and I've seen the world change and accept their darkest nightmares as 'people, too'. And I had all eternity to witness more magic.

Today though, today wasn't magical or spiritual or out of this world, it just was. It was an ending and a beginning, just like life and death in any form. I'd been there, done that, too.

I was taken from my inner musings when I finally looked up at the little alter where Edward was. All of the good and all of the bad had finally fallen into place and what would happen now would be right. Edward was stunning, as usual, in a black tux with a red vest. His hair as messy as ever. His red eyes had lightened nearly back to normal, they were this pretty copper color, same as mine. The smile on his face was something like serene. I'm sure mine matched.

My dress was made for me. It was ivory lace, with a small train, beading around the empire waist and had little crystals on sheer capped sleeves. My hair was up in a huge mess of knots, robin's egg blue feathers haphazardly placed. I wore the necklace Edward gave me and ballet flats, they were gold. The borrowed was Sookie's mother's garter. I promised to return it after the vows and use a new one for the stupid garter toss later. I had a veil that matched my cap sleeves pinned under my hair.

As I walked down the aisle I couldn't help but notice most of Bon Temps was there with smiles, most genuine. The Cullen's friends from Alaska were also in attendance. I had a feeling Pam may be interested in one, or all three of the girls.

Everything stopped, even my inner rambling when my father, who had walked me down the aisle in a tux and his chucks, handed me over to Edward with a nod and a look in his eye that promised certain death if he hurt me. Edward chuckled, probably hearing such things and nodded back with a smile.

We had our own vows, but used the traditional ones as well. Once pronounced husband and wife Edward dipped me slightly for a kiss. Chaste as it was, I could feel all of the love he ever had for me pour into that moment. My guard was down, he knocked me senseless and all I could think was how I loved that man, so deeply, so truly, and so unconditionally.

The kiss ended abruptly as he stared into my eyes, a look of shock on his face. "I heard you. . ." I smiled and crashed my lips to his, as if no one - especially my parents - were around.

Everyone ate, or drank, or both and danced the night away. I had several partners - male and female - and would have partied all into the night if it wasn't for the whole dawn thing. Eric was my last dance partner of the evening, probably planning it that way.

"Enjoy married life, and your honeymoon, but come back to us Bella. In my thousand years there have been only a few rare moments that will be etched into my mind for the rest of time that make me want to look back and smile. Meeting you, going through everything with you, and ending it with this dance will be one of them. I am proud to have found you that night, and I am glad to call you a friend." He kissed my forehead and smiled. I wanted to cry, I wanted to latch onto him and thank him again for everything he's done, but he wouldn't want that, he'd want it to end just like this.

"Bella, are you ready?" Edward asked from behind us. I took one more long look at Eric Northman, the man who - had he truly wanted to - could have taken me away from everything, even Edward, and smiled. Because he didn't.

"Yes, I'm ready." I nodded and with a kiss to Eric's cheek I turned and took Edwards hand. He led me to a limo with no other specifications as to where we were going.

As long as I was with him, it didn't matter. As long as I came home, back to Bon Temps, where my life truly began, it didn't matter.

The End

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