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Will Things Change?

Synopsis: After Edward leaves in New Moon he and his family receive four books. One book of the past and three books of the future. Will reading the books send Edward back to his soul mate sooner or will he continue think that it right to stay away.

Chapter 1: (EPOV) 3 Months

Three months, since I last held or kissed her. Three months, since I had watched her sleep. Three months ago, I did the hardest thing I have ever done. I left my angel, my love, my soul mate, my Bella. The only thing that kept me from running back is the belief that it was for her safety and for what was best. Who was I, but a monster that kept her in constant danger for my own selfish need to be with her. She was an angel that deserves everything that is good in this world and I was far from that. I curled into a tighter ball as I dried sobbed in the corner of some dingy attic in Rio.

Not long after I left my Bella, I realized that I could not stay around my family as well. Being the odd person out never bothered me more than it did now. I had love and I lost it for the rest of my eternity with only myself to blame. Soon after I left I tracked Victoria first down to Texas and eventually to South America where I lost her. I let out a small whimper and ran a hand through my bronze hair as I realized that I failed my angel again.

Victoria was James' mate and he was killed by my family and myself last spring when he decided to hunt my mate. It was my fault he decided to go after Bella and now it's my fault if Victoria wanted to hurt Bella for revenge. I prayed I was wrong and Bella will be happy and safe now that I was out of her life.

I recalled in my mind how her beautiful brown hair framed her heart shaped face. I could stare into her deep warm brown eyes for hours. In fact her chocolate brown eyes haunted in me now. The heart break when I left. Suddenly, I was jolted from thoughts by a voice inside my head. Alice said we would find Edward here. I hope he does not give us a difficult time. I don't want to fight him. She said it was important that we need to get Edward home now. Crap! He can probably hear me. My brother, Emmett was here.

Quickly, I got up from my spot on floor and headed to the window for an escape. I was faster than my family and would be able to make an escape. I reached the window to jump just as a tall lean blonde figure stepped through blocking me, my brother, Jasper. I turned around Emmett stood towering in the doorway.

"Please at least listen to us, Edward. We came all this way for a reason." Jasper stated cautiously looking at me. We tracked you down, because said it was emergency. I could feel him sample my emotions with his emphatic abilities. Poor guy is completely heartbroken! I am sure Bella isn't any better. This all my fault for being so, weak…

"Stop blaming yourself, Jasper. I don't blame you, neither would…. Why are you here? What did Alice see?" I said quickly changing the subject, I couldn't bring myself to say her name out loud.

"Alice says she saw us receiving a package that would affect all lives and it was vital that we ALL need to be there to deal with it. That is all the information she gave us. Please, just come with us to deal with this. I don't want to fight you, neither does Emmett. After we deal with whatever this emergency is, we promise to leave you alone." pleaded Jasper. At the same time I could feel waves of calmness being sent my way. Trying to escape both would be difficult with my current state of mind. I searched both brothers' heads for more information before I answered. They didn't have much more to go on, but whatever it was, was upsetting Alice.

"I will come, but I'm not making any promises on staying for long" I answered him sadly. I couldn't really leave me my family alone if there was trouble ahead.

"No bags? What have you been doing here? Why does it look like you have not hunted in awhile?" questioned my burly brother looking around and appraising me.

"No, I don't have any bags." I answered the first question not bothering with the others. Out of corner of my eyes I saw my brothers exchange a worried look.

"Let's get going for the airport. Alice has already bought us tickets. We will be heading to our house in Ithaca and we all should probably hunt before getting on the plane." Emmett said as he led the way out to the rental car on the street below.

We arrived at the mansion shortly before midnight that my mother, Esme, was currently restoring. As I walked through the door I was hit with all their thoughts.

Welcome home, son. Your mother and I missed you!

Please, son, don't leave us again. Stay! I need all my family with me!

This better be good Emmett and I were on our honeymoon.

Trust me, this is important to everyone. What have you done to your clothes?

I gave a small smile to my parents and gave Alice and Esme quick hugs. I decided to ignore Rosalie. The sooner we dealt with the package the sooner I could leave again. Maybe, I thought I could swing by Forks and peak in on Bella, but I then changed my mind faster. No, I'm not going to break another promise to her. Even though I changed my mind fast, it was not fast enough for Alice not to catch. I saw her raise an eyebrow to me and I shook my head.

"Okay, thank you all for getting here. This package arrived the other day and it was marked urgent for Edward and the rest of us. All I can see that it is important for all to be here for it. I haven't been able to see an outcome of this, so I don't know much more than any of you." I saw her vision. We were all sitting around reading from a book with three others sitting on the table. I glanced at my pixie sized sister and she shrugged and handed me the box. It was addressed to me, so I opened it and pulled out four books and a letter. I cleared my throat out of habit and read the letter.

Dear Edward and the rest of Cullen family,

You don't know me, but like your Alice I see the future. The visions come to me as I write. Recently, I began write about your family. Normally, I wouldn't pass on my visions to keep myself protected, but this story I felt need to be shared. I hope you use it wisely and you don't need to worry about me leaking it out. I suggest you may want to read Twilight individually first since that information has already happened. I would then read New Moon, however, I would read that and the rest together. I know some of you will need the emotional support to read the whole thing. The following books should be read Eclipse then Breaking Dawn. I hope that in reading these books, you can make changes to save yourselves from any further heartaches and for the better.



"Well, who would like to read Twilight first? I'm sure if we start now, we can finish the first book and start the New Moon tomorrow afternoon. Yes, we all are reading it. If it affects all of us then we should take it seriously," stated our patriarch.

"Are you sure we can trust this person?" questioned Jasper concerned for his mate and family.

"What harm can come from just reading," answered Esme.

"Jasper and I will read first, then Emmett and Rose, then Carlisle and Esme and finally Edward. If we read as couples it will go faster." Squealed Alice as she grabbed the first book and her husband and ran off to start the book. No looking in any of our heads, Edward. You must wait like the rest of us.

I sighed wishing I had my angel to share it with. I wondered what could be in that book. I sat down on the couch to wait alone.

I closed the book as I heard Alice unnecessarily shout "He is done everyone to the living room". I crossed my arms and thought about what I just read. I finally got to see inside Bella's head. My Bella loved me despite that I was monster and possibly from the moment our eyes met in the cafeteria like I had. But, I am sure she was over me by now.

Everyone joined me in the living room. Alice sat in Jasper's lap in the other chair. Emmett and Rosalie sat on the love seat. Finally, Esme and Carlisle sat down on the couch. I looked at their faces and they all appeared to be somber, but Emmett. To my surprise Rose was the first to speak.

"Edward, I owe you an apology. I see now that Bella would have never shared our secret and she does truly love you and our family. You two belong together and I'm sorry for trying to tear you apart and not respecting what you had." I was surprised by her statement Rose didn't like Bella and rarely apologized. I was glad the book was able to show my sweet angel for what she truly is.

"Well, what are we waiting for, we should go get Bella." shouted Emmett jumping up excitedly. I saw Alice and Esme also with huge smiles on their faces.

"No" I growled out. "We left her to keep her safe from our world."

"But, Edward, she is your mate," whispered Esme

"She is never going to get over you. She is your mate. She will never love anyone more than you. Just as you will never love anyone else, but her. You want her to move on, but she will not be able to; not truly. I felt the strength of the bonds of your love for each other. It was stronger then any relationship I felt before." Jasper said softly but, seriously.

"What kind of relationship can we have if it kills her," I whispered.

"Maybe we should read the next book before we decide anything" Carlisle spoke up. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"I'm going first!" Alice grabbed book and opened it.

A/N: There is the beginning. The rest of the books are going to be read out loud book in bold and my story in regular face print. I wanted to get Twilight out of the way and not have to drag though it I think New Moon will be more important for them to read, however, I think most others had to get Bella's POV from Twilight specifically Rose and Edward. They started reading Twilight on Dec 21st (just before midnight) and will start reading New Moon on the afternoon of Dec. 22nd.