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Epilogue. 50 years later. (BPOV)

Fifty years later, my family and I were doing something different than years past. We were living in the deep jungle of South America. We were helping a small community rebuild after devastation. We were deep enough in the jungle we didn't need to worry about the sun. Luck was with us that this tribe we were helping believed that we were the golden gods sent to help from their legends. So they were not afraid of us.

Most of us were doing something different then years past. Carlisle was still a doctor running a free clinic and Edward was working beside him. Edward was determined that after being close to me as a human, he could handle it. Renesmee helped out as their nurse. I was working as a teacher for some of the local children. Rose was actually working beside me, mainly with the younger kids that weren't school age yet. She loved it. Alice worked bringing clothes drives and food collections. Emmett, Jasmett and Anthony worked on building houses that Esme designed. Jasper worked on farming and irrigation problems. He had two helpers that had joined our family.

About twenty-five years ago, both Renesmee and Jasmett found their mates. We had located Nahuel and his sister Jennifer. Years before we found them their father killed Huilen in hopes that his son will join him. Instead Nahuel was more determined than ever to not help his father. On seeing her father kill her brother's aunt, Jennifer left with Nahuel. After our meeting with them, it wasn't long before they joined us, mainly, because of the connection that they formed with our children. About ten years, after they joined us we had a run in with Joham, needless to say it didn't come to a fight when he realized our coven was much stronger than his. Since then, he has left us alone. Both Nahuel and his sister also became vegetarian.

Our son Anthony was still alone, but I wasn't worried. After all, if it was going to happen it would eventually. Anthony reminded me so much of Edward in some ways. Besides looking like a human version of him, he was very quiet and kept to himself often. He enjoyed reading and has been playing the piano at the age of three months.

It was today when our lives came to another cross roads that he is realized he was truly like his father. Jasmett came screaming into the house.

"You idiot! How could you be so stupid?" Jasmett bellowed, unfortunately he received his father's ability to blow things out of proportion.

"I had to. That jaguar would have killed her if I didn't." Anthony was in a frenzy.

"Isn't it obvious why he did it? He is in love with her; leave him alone." Renesmee was now shouting, defending her bronze haired brother.

"Children, please what is going on." Edward and I entered the room. The rest of the family filtered in too. Nahuel was trying to drag Renesmee out from between Jasmett and Anthony who look ready to kill each other; she was ignoring his attempts.

"This fool was stupid enough to fall in love with human and nearly exposed himself to her by saving her life," Jasmett scowled.

"Hey, now," Edward looked offended by his son's statement.

"Déjà vu, anyone?" Emmett started to chuckle.

"Like father like son," Jasper also laughed.

"Enough, if your father didn't fall in love with me as a human and save my life; you wouldn't be here right now. So, I'm struggling to find he problem here." I glared at my ill-tempered son, who looked slightly ashamed now.

"It doesn't matter anyways. She promised not to say anything to anyone. It's not like she loves me back or anything, so it isn't a problem." Anthony lookeds sadly at the floor.

"Pllleeease, brother, dear. Haven't you seen how she has looked at you all week, you two have been flirting with one another? Its quiet obvious that she loves you too. Don't believe me, go ask Uncle Jazz." Renesmee giggled. Jazz confirmed her statement. Most of the family was watching with amusement on their faces. Only Nahuel and Jennifer look bewildered at what was going on.

"Then I will leave," Anthony stated. I quickly lowered my shield to speak to Edward.

Edward, we can't allow him to do that. We know it is wrong. You have to talk to him and tell him everything about us and what could have happened if we didn't receive those books. Edward glanced down at me with those golden eyes I fell in loves with years ago. He kissed me lightly and gave my shoulders a squeeze. I gazed around the room, most of my family looked concerned.

"Here we go again?" Alice sighed. She must be frustrated, because her nieces and nephews still interfere with her visions.

"Son, we need to talk." Edward grabbed our son by the arm and led him away.

A week later, we're back in the living room. Anthony was bringing his girlfriend, Bethany, to meet all of us. She had figured what we were after discovering a certain book in her room. Okay, so after I left a certain book in her room. But no one can prove that it was me, even though I'm sure Alice and Edward know. Edward's talk with Anthony went well, so instead of running he started pursuing.

They walked through the door, Anthony's arms was tight around the tall girl's waist. She had brown hair and brown almond shaped eyes. Edward's eyes widen slightly and a hint of an amused smile played on his lips. I wonder what he just found out. After a round of introductions Bethany spoke to us.

"This is going to be kind of awkward, you see I was reading your book." She paused and looked at me. "Well, I discovered my grandparent's names and knew it was them because of where you were living. This was before I knew about the vampire thing and I started reading the book with my grandmother and she found out at the same time as me." Her words came out in a rush and she looked very nervous.

"Who is your grandmother, dear?" Esme asked.

"Angela Cheney, you might remember her as Weber. See, her and grandpa took me in when my parents died. She's right outside, she wanted to come to see you." The girl answered.

Edward walked to the door. "Come on in, Angela." He called. He then helped guide and old frail looking Angela into the room.

"Bella, I want you to know the secret is safe with me, I will never say anything. I'm not a threat, I promise. My days here on Earth our numbered anyways," Angela's soft voice spoke.

"Angela, are you sick?" I asked in concern for my old friend.

"Yes, but please do not fret. Soon I will be rejoining my Ben. This trip was one last experience I always wanted to do. I'm glad I found you again. I'm happy that Beth and your son have found each other. Now I know she will be taking care of while I am gone." She smiled. I reached out and carefully gave my friend a hug.

One month later, Bethany and Anthony were married. Bethany wanted to marry before her grandmother past away. Angela past away a month after their wedding. Six weeks after that, Edward and I become grandparents of a little girl named Angela Marie. Bethany, like me, was changed at her birth. Although she struggled a bit more adjusting to the vegetation way of life, she was able to be around her daughter without a problem.

All my loved ones were happy in their lives. My life was complete.

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