Mission in the Village Hidden in the Illusions

Hi guys I'm back… I know that I started this fanfic some odd years ago in my sophomore year of high school. Now I am a junior in college and I have gotten better- at least I hope can say that- with my writing and my knowledge of Naruto.

I have decided to change a few things around like their ages and the names of some of the OCs I created and some fiddling with the storyline. My hope is to create a fanfic that is AUish in a sense but true to the storyline and as well as test my limits in creating lovable, realistic characters and reaching beyond the norm.

The rating of this story is M for Mature since I think Teen maybe underestimating it. There will be violence, language, and sexual content – how explicit is up in the air-

The pairings will involve Sasuke and Naruto –if you don't like it, don't read any further, it will get -worse from, here own- and others.

I will feature many and many OCs involving a village –so once again, if it is not your cup of tea, please do not flame me for you reading it-

Now I disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or characters except my OCs and my village. All canon Naruto Characters are created and owned by Masashi Kishimoto.

Without further ado, I present 'Mission to the Village Hidden in the Illusions'

Prologue: A Thief in the Night

It was midnight in the village of Gensou; the only people that were out were nin patrolling the streets and gates of the village, those working night shifts, those returning home, and those that played in the district known as 'Sin City'. Them… or thieves and others up to no good. The usual robbers that sent their nights and sometimes days lurking in the alleyways and dark crevasses of the village. The ones that went looking for victims and goods to steal from. Of all the deviants, there was one that different. He wasn't looking for a victim. Not a piece of jewelry or cash. Not even a poor old woman to shake down as she cautiously tried to get home.

No, this man was after something much more dangerous and had something in mind that was much more devastating to the village he once swore his loyalty to as a shinobi, a jōnin, until he was betrayed. Now he was out for revenge and he knew just how to crack their foundation…

He snuck into the town's archives, a task he figured even a newly graduated genin could do. Sneaking pass the first floor and second weren't too hard. Especially when you knew how to scale through the windows. It was getting through the third floor security he would give him trouble. It was a fingerprint based seal and he knew that his access was long revoked from its memory bank. He just smirked and dug into his bag; bring out a severed hand, fingerprints intact.

"Hopeful," He said to himself, "They haven't removed you out of the system my dear MIA comrade." He pressed the hand onto the seal and waiting patiently for a moment, hopeful that this could actually work.

Luck was on his side as the door became ajar, just enough to slip in and close anyone saw here. He looked around, noting the different shelves and scrolls and books. Everything containing birth records, death certificates, case records, mission logs and information on every ninja that had lived, served, undercover or is still serving the village. Everything down to their associates and family. He smiled to himself. He knew people that would pay money for information like this. He grabbed a few of them and went to landscaping, grabbing the pages on the hidden ways to leave and come into the village as well as routes that were hidden to the ordinary eye and trade routes.

This was too good to be true for him. He became so gulfed in his thievery that he didn't hear the door he entered through creak open. Entering the room was a woman of late 20s with crimson red hair in a long braid and neon green eyes. Her heightened hearing had picked up footstep from the second floor. Turning off her flashlight before she even walked through the door, she could pick up on the strange but familiar scent of cigarettes and pine needles. Even though she had a picture in her mind what the smell reminded her of, she shook her head thinking that there was no way it could be him of all people.

Though the thought didn't give her any relief either way. She just made her way to see who or what this intruder was.

Her fingers fiddled with a kunai along her hip. She tried to creep up on the intruder quietly but feel her heel knock into one of the book shelf, making the lightness of sound to still enough for a trained nin in an already adrenaline heightened stage could hear. He could that the sound came from just a few 6 shelves away.

Fuck! He thought as he realized his was found. He scrambled to grab and stuff what he could into his bag. He made a beeline for window but stopped when a light flashed him and momentarily blinded his peripheral vision.

"Freeze," she said, "Turn around and show yourself."

He sighed and turned slowly around; his face towards the light as it showed his features. Her eyes widen as she looked at him. She scowled, her shocked expression now turned into a snarl.

"You!" She hissed at him with icy venom.

The man just smiled. As he gave her a small salute, he leaned backwards, falling out the window. The woman ran to the window and looked out of it. She could see that the man manage to landed safely and was now running away.

"FUCK!" She swore in frustration before sending out a flare that was bright and emitted a screech that was only understandable for the wolves and half bred mutts that she owned to hear. She jumped through the same window, pulling out her walkie and yelling into.

"Intruder in the restricted sector of the library, he's heading southward towards the gate. I'm right behind him. Tell Lady Kimiko, it's him." She said quickly but clearly.

The nin on the other line sprung into action as directed, tailing the woman in pursuit and retrieving their leader.

The thief was met with a force of 15 nin and ninken, including the woman that chased him down and the Kage of the village. The thief's hazelnut eyes looked at her neon green ones.

"Kimi-chan," he said in mock sincerity, "So lovely to see you again."

"That's Lady Kimiko to you scum of the earth." The woman hissed as her 3 ninken growling in their positions.

"Kasumi, stand down." Kimiko spoke, holding back her kin with a command. "Don't let him rouse you. That's what he wants."

Kasumi spat at the ground but obeyed as commanded. Kimiko turned her attention the man in front.

"You know the penalty of returning here Hideaki." She said calmly. "Now return what you stole and the punishment won't be death."

Hideaki just sneered, palming one of the ill gotten scrolls in his hand. "I actually won't be returning these but I did come here for something else… or should I say someone else."

Kimiko bristled and tensed, even the ninken sensed it and started to reacted, bearing closer.

"I don't seem to see to her at all," he said, looking around the crowd, "Is she on a mission? Too bad, I really wanted to see her."

"If you think you're laying even on hand on her" Kimiko hissed, her eyes glowing brighter," I swear that I will fucking kill you and make you suffer a slow and painful death!"

Kasumi now made her way to hold back their leader. "Kimiko-obasan, your eyes."

Hideaki just shook him head. "Such a temper, how can you possible run a village if you're so emotional?"

"Get him!" Kimiko growled and the nin responded, charging forward. Hideaki was calm, too calm for a man in his position.

Before a hand could reach the man, a clay bird flew into between them and exploded. The force pushed back the frontline of the attacking the nin and Hideaki just stood there and watched Kimiko's shocked face.

Kimiko was in a state of shock. She had no idea of what just happened. Her face paled as a second accomplice came out of the shadows, his red eyes blaring the kekkei genkai of his ill fated clan.

"No…" she said, "You're supposed to be dead."

He said nothing and turned to Hideaki. "Are you done here?" His voice was monotone and to the point.

Hideaki smirked and showed him the bag. "Let's get going."

The other turned to the blonde accomplice that was standing on the building above the rest of the village force. "You know what to do Deidara."

Deidara sneered, holding two clay birds in his hands. "I'm doing all the work here, Itachi un."

Itachi's expression didn't change. "I thought you like blowing things up. Now get to it."

"Yea, yea un." Deidara threw the clay birds, setting off an explosion midair so all the birds did was create a distraction and even dust to cover their escape.

Kimiko coughed and pointed in the direction that they went. "After them…" she said. "Don't let them get pass the mountains.

The remaining nin went into pursuit with Kasumi leading the way.

It was a little over an hour went Kasumi and the group returned, Kasumi dejectedly went to the Kage's office. There was a burn mark on her wrist and her whole appearance disheveled. She knelt down and bowed apologetically, her face to the red tinted floor.

"Forgive me, Genkage." She said. "We lost at the border. The accomplices hit us with more bombs and some fire jutsus. No one was seriously hurt but we failed.

"It's alright." Kimiko replied, "Even though they got away, at least we didn't have any fatalities. If those two were the ones I think that they are, we won't have been so lucky."

"But Lady Kimiko," Kasumi interjected. She stood up and leaned on the desk Kimiko was sitting behind, her words were becoming frantic and her nails digging into the wood. "Those scrolls and documents they stole, if our enemies got a hold of them, this village, this whole region…"

"I know." Kimiko replied sharply, calming Kasumi from her current state. "You didn't think that I was just sitting getting old did you."

Kasumi huffed, cracking a small smile on her scuffed face. "Only you think like that."

"Catch." Kimiko said, throwing a medium sized capsule into Kasumi quick hands. "Send that to Konoha."

"Konoha?" Kasumi inquired. "Why them? Suna and Kumo are closer."

Kimiko lifted her eyebrow but it let go. This was her niece after all. "Konoha have the exact team I need for this problem. Three from there and 4 of our own should be able to complete before the worst happens." "That and their Kage owes us a favor from an 'incident' that happened here."

"Four?" the red head questioned before getting an idea. "When you say four, you don't mean…her?"

Kimiko's expression changed. "She's the only with enough Intel and experience for this mission and the other three will be able to help since they know as well. She'll be returning her mission in a few days. Right around the time they should arrive here."

"But will it be okay to use her?" Kasumi asked. "I mean, is she really ready for mission? The Uchiha will be a problem but you really think she's ready to face him again so soon?"

Kimiko could tell that Kasumi wasn't questioning her choices. More, she was worried about the outcome of this. Her fingers were placed under her chin. "I believe she can do this. She has her support and with any luck, the Konoha nin will help her in her progress. The hawk is ready and waiting. I advise you get moving."

Kasumi nodded and bowed before running out. Kimiko was left alone. She ran her fingers through her hair, noticing the few gray strings and black strains that remained her on her hand. She leaned back and opened a drawer and took a picture frame. The little collected dust was proof of how old the picture was.

It contained a photo of her and two girls of the age of eight and seven. The youngest was a splitting image of herself, though the girl's hair flared more. The oldest had moderate pale skin, long light silver hair and dark purple eyes. She sighed, thinking on how much the girls had grown and they would be tested to their limits with this mission.

She leaned back in her chair, looking over the city in the view behind her. She sighed and shook head.

"Sometimes, I really hate this job."