Chapter 1- the two meetings

Naruto was lying in a hospital bed, having failed to bring back Sasuke. He looked down at the scarred headband that once belonged to Sasuke. His concentration was broken by the arrival of Jiraiya.

"I heard what happen to you. I also know that Sasuke has joined Orochimaru," said Jiraiya, as Naruto now looked back down at the headband.

"Yea, I guess I failed in the end," said Naruto while Jiraiya sat outside the window looking out.

"Give up on Sasuke. He won't come back, no matter how much you try," said Jiraiya as Naruto now looked at him with a slightly angry look.

"I won't, I made a promise and I'm going to honor that promise," said Naruto looking serious at Jiraiya, who just smiled.

"Fine, if that's your decision, then I guess I should get you prepared. Time to train," said Jiraiya, as his new student gave him a salute.

"You got it, though I have to take care of something right now," said Naruto getting out of his hospital bed and walking in bandages.

"Wait a minute. Where are you going?" asked Jiraiya, as he didn't want his new apprentice going and hurting himself.

"It's nothing dangerous, just a meeting I've been planning for a while," said Naruto as he exited leaving his teacher bamboozled.

(Unknown cave)

"How long has it been since we've all met like this?" asked Kisame who was just a projection of himself.

"Seven years, not since Orochimaru left," said Sasori, who used to be comrade to the immortal snake.

"And now he has the sharingan," said Zetsu, his black half.

"Is that true Itachi, your little brother?" asked Sasori, while Itachi remained quiet.

"Don't be impatient, hm. We've got plenty of time to deal with him," said Deidara, laughing a little to himself.

"Yes, but don't forget what it is that we seek. Everything, including the nine tailed fox," said the leader as they all left.

Meanwhile, another meeting was taking place. This meeting was setup for nine participants. All of them with having the same fates; to be holders of evil beast. And now they have a common purpose and must unite. Seven of the nine had arrived, but the other two were going to be being late.

"It figures. We all come together finally and two of them just can't get here on time can they?" asked a blonde girl with a Kumo headband.

"Chill out, Yugito. We here for the same thing yo," said a man with sunglasses and seven blades on his back.

"Still she's right. Where is the Ichibi and Kyuubi?" asked a man with a scar on his eye and a staff on his back.

"I don't know, but if they don't show up then I'm taking off," said an older man with red hair.

"Patience, Roshi. I'm sure they'll be here. They must've run into some trouble getting here," said a man entirely made out of metal.

"Still, I'm bored out of my mind. Waiting makes me sleepy," said a girl with green hair from Taki.

"Take it easy. Hopefully we can get this meeting underway," said a squinty eyed boy with a pipe.

"Yes, we can," said Gaara appearing from the entrance and greeting each guest.

"I was starting to worry. Where is the Kyuubi?" asked the man with a scar.

"He'll be here shortly. He just came back from a dangerous mission," said Gaara as everyone had mixed emotions about this.

"Ugh, I can't wait any longer. I need something to do," said Yugito as she stood up and stretched out.

"Might I suggest learning how to not being so impatient and noisy," said Roshi who got an ugly look from Yugito.

"Mind repeating that old man," said Yugito who drew a kunai as Roshi stood up.

"Young people, don't get anything you say so you have to beat it into them," said Roshi as he got into a fighting stance.

"Hey don't kill yourselves before we even discuss anything," said Naruto as he limped in to the meeting room with arm in sling.

"Dang kid you were in a fight. You sure you all right?" asked the man with sunglasses.

"I'm here aren't I?" asked Naruto as he smiled and everyone calmed down.

"Okay roll call. Gaara: check Yugito: check Yagura: check Roshi: check Han: check Utakata: check Fu: check Killer Bee: check and Naruto: check. That's everyone," said Gaara as he sat down.

"Okay, some of you may know, the Akatsuki attacked and tried to capture me during the chuunin exams," said Naruto, as all the members looked at him now.

"Which pretty much confirms that were their targets," said Yagura, getting a nod from Naruto.

"Are they the ones who did that to you?" asked Fu, who was curious as to how he got injured.

"No, this was done by a friend who has become confused," said Naruto, as the others had different reactions.

"Some friend," said Roshi, who was sure if one of his friends did that to him, he'd end them.

"That's your opinion, but were getting off topic," said Naruto, as the others nodded.

"What is it you're proposing, Naruto?" asked Gaara, as he wanted to know how to deal with this threat.

"Someone has informed me that the Akatsuki won't make a move until three years from now. I propose we train in that time and meet back here two and a half years from now. Sound good?" asked Naruto, as everyone pondered and looked around.

"Okay then, we'll each get stronger then meet back here," said Yagura, as everyone nodded.

Both sides prepare, but who is the hunted and who is the prey?