Chapter 11- The Beast Triumphant

This was it. The final meeting the Jinchuuriki would have on the Akatsuki situation. With everyone present, Naruto decided to start things.

"We had a great victory yesterday, but unfortunately we have one more target," said Naruto, everyone now looking at him with interest.

"You know who it is?" asked Han, raising an eyebrow.

Yes, thanks to Konan, former member of the Akatsuki. The final member we have to kill is Uchiha Madara," said Naruto, getting shocked faces from everyone.

"Uchiha Madara? Are you sure she wasn't just playing you?" asked Yugito, as she was sure he was dead.

"Yea I mean, Madara has been dead for a long time. He was killed by the Shodaime Hokage at the valley of the end," said Roshi, as he had heard of the story a lot.

"She had no reason to lie to me. Uchiha Madara is alive and he is the last threat that need to be dealt with," said Naruto, seeing them all get serious.

"I agree with Naruto. Madara used me as a puppet when I was the Mizukage. I'm looking forward to this showdown," said Yagura, seeing everyone's determination growing.

"Kyuubi says he can lead us straight to him. We find him, we finish this thing," said Naruto, getting up with everyone else.

"When should we move though?" asked Fu, as it seemed like everyone was ready to go.

"I'd like to go ahead and deal with this. Anyone have a problem with that?" asked Naruto, seeing everyone shake their head.

"Lets end this," said Gaara as they walked out of the meeting room.


"You're going after him now? Are you sure want to go after just finishing a fight with a powerful foe?" asked Tsunade, as she was concerned with Naruto;s well being.

"I've had enough time to recover from that. Besides, the sooner I get this over with, the better it is for the rest of the Jinchuuriki," said Naruto, determination rising in his eyes.

"Very well, but you had better return when this is over," said Tsunade seeing Naruto nod before departing.

When Naruto left, he made his way to the gate of Konoha where the Jinchuuriki were waiting. All of them preparing for the last opponent they had as a group. Each was ready to fight, and each was ready for whatever laid ahead. Without even talking to one another, they looked at each other, nodded, and went off. None of them noticing that some one in Konoha was watching them. And that someone was helping the enemy of the Jinchuuriki.

(Forest of Dead Trees- Few minutes later)

"Naruto, how much further is Madara?" asked Utakata, as he and the others were getting just a little bit tired of running to nowhere.

'Kyuubi, is he close by?' asked Naruto, looking at the large kitsune in his mind.

"He's close, and he's actually heading directly towards you. He's not alone either," said Kyuubi, receiving a raised eyebrow from Naruto.

'Another member?' asked Naruto, not really expecting this out come.

"Possibly, but there is also a lot of forces behind him. You need to be on your guard kit," said Kyuubi, seeing Naruto nod before disappearing.

"Kyuubi says that he's coming to us, and he's brought backup," said Naruto, everyone surprised that it wasn't just going to be the one opponent.

"How much backup are we talking about?" asked Yugito, wanting to know just what they were in now.

"Another strong guy plus a small force," said Naruto, seeing most of them sigh in annoyance.

Yagura was about to say something, but was cut off by the arrival of the enemy. The first was a man with black, spiky hair. He wore a orange, spiral mask and a Akatsuki cloak. The man next to him was unmistakable. He wore bandages on his right arm and right eye. His hair was also black and spiky. His face was scarred, and he also sported a cane. Behind the two was a group of anbu consisting of about six members. The anbu were different in the fact that they wore short, black, long-sleeved jackets over their current attire.

"All of you gathered in one place. This is going to be a synch," said Madara, smiling underneath his mask.

"So you're Madara. No wonder every one thinks you're dead, they cant tell its you underneath that mask," said Naruto, who shifted his focus from Madara to Danzo.

"I know you. You're one of the council members from Konoha. Danzo right? Tell me, what're you doing working with this guy?" asked Fu, seeing look at her with serious eyes.

"I have longed for the spot of Hokage. Madara here wants to rule the world with a worldwide genjutsu. Ill be immune and be in charge of Konoha while he has his fun. All he wants is you nine, and I'm obliged to give you to him," said Danzo, as wicked smile spreading across his face.

"You're plan is gonna alter course because your up against the Jinchuuriki force, yeah!" rapped Bee, making his signature pose after words.

"We shall see. Anbu, engage the enemy!" yelled Danzo, while his men saluted and raced toward the jinchuuriki.

They got about a few feet before all six were engulfed in sand. They sank lower and lower until they were completely submerged in it.

"Ultimate Sand Burial!" yelled Gaara, before the sand erupted and blood made its way to the surface.

All the Jinchuuriki looked at the display, and then gave Gaara a look of anger.

"To be fair, you guys got to fight powerful enemies while I was stuck on the sidelines. This makes us even," said Gaara, folding his arms.

"I guess I couldn't really rely on Danzo's troops for too much. Now, I'll take you with my own hands," said Madara, making is Sharingan eye known.

"Do what you think will help, but we are gonna walk away from this," said Yagura, pulling out his hook staff, and the others getting ready.

"We shall see," said Danzo tearing off his bandages on his eye and arm.

Everyone was surprised to see that he had a sharingan in his right eye. On his arm, he had a gauntlet on it, but he was unlocking the device. When he finally got it off, Naruto's eyes went wide at the site of ten sharingan eyes.

'Thank god Sasuke isn't here. He'd probably go nuts if he saw this,' thought Naruto, already having the Kyuubi cloak on him.

The Jinchuuriki splited up into two groups to take on the sharingan duo. The odd Jinchuuriki were in a group while the even were in another. Naruto's group took on Madara, which meant Killer Bee's group had Danzo.

Naruto's group surrounded Madara in an instant. Yagura, filled with anger for being the Uchihas puppet, charged at him with his staff. Madara just stood there as he waited for his attack. When Yagura swung, the attack went right through Madara. After the attack went through, Madara grabbed Yagura, socked him in the stomach, and threw him off somewhere. Naruto, understood his ability now, and immediately got an idea of what to do.

"Han, give us some cover!" yelled Naruto, seeing Han shift his stance a little.

Han gave a somewhat grunt before steam shout out of his furnace pack. Their battle area was a now a cloud of steam. Madara smirked under his mask. Did they really think this little smoke screen would work? He heard someone approach from behind he turned to see. What he saw was Fu, her speed enhanced by Nanabi, coming towards him. Fu jumped up and tried for a flying kick, but I also went past Madara. She went through, and he grabbed her leg. As soon as her grabbed her, though, Naruto came in and sliced his arm off at the shoulder. Madara jumped back and clutched the stub that was his arm. Naruto grabbed Fu and set her down.

"Very clever. But it's gonna take a lot more than that to take me out," said Madara, charging forward.

Gaara made a wave of sand and rushed it at Madara. Madara's mask swirled, and then he disappeared. Gaara looked around only to be struck by Madara's kick. Han rushed in and tried to attack when he attacked Gaara. Only for him to phase through Madara, and also received a kick to the face. Naruto decided to try his hand. Him and Madara fought for a little, only for Naruto to phase through Madara, and for Naruto to be caught by the throat.

"You have made quite a mess of my plans, just like your father all those years ago. I guess I should have killed you when I had the chance. No matter, I've got everything I need now right here. Any last words Uzumaki?" asked Madara, seeing Naruto squirm in his grasp.

"Yes. Enjoy the pain," said Naruto, going to four-tailed state, which started to burn Madara.

Madara's arm started to burn, then his entire body dissentergrated. Naruto caught his breath while the other's recuperated. The immortal was no more.

Yugito, Roshi, Utakata, and Bee were having difficulties with Danzo. Each time they landed a serious blow on him, the man would disappear like it was an illusion, and then be right back in the real world. After a while, Utakata noticed that every time he did it, one of the eyes closed on his arm. So they kept pressing their attacks. Killer Bee kept up his Seven-blade style. Utakata blew one bubble jutsu after another. Yugito enhanced her speed and agility to attack him constantly. Roshi one time caught Danzo in a lava jutsu. Danzo was alive, but at the cost of another eye.

They kept this up untile there was only one eye left, and it was in his skull.

"You're down to one, this battle is won, yeah," rapped Bee, Danzo growing frustrated.

"Don't be so sure just yet. I have the power of the Uchiha," said Danzo, but he was weary from battle.

"That may be true. However, you are outnumbered and out matched," said Naruto, as the other Jinchuuriki surrounded him.

"Very well, then I guess I'll just have to take you all with me!" yelled Danzo as strange markings formed on him and chakra was building.

"He gonna explode himself!" said Roshi, as he and the other's ran for their lives.

Danzo exploded, but the explosion just barely missed the Jinchuuriki. They got up and dusted themselves off.

"And that is the end of Danzo," said Naruto, seeing the others let out a sigh of relief.

"So, what happens now?" asked Utakata, as they were at the end of the road now.

"Now, I think we must go our separate ways. I myself will be heading back to Kiri. I don't want to be Mizukage, but that doesn't mean I can't be a silent guardian.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye my friends. May the future be a kind," said Naruto, as each of the Jinchuuriki went their separate ways.

(Epilogue- 10 years later)

Life was peaceful for the Jinchuuriki host. Gaara still remained Kazekage, but something was different in his life. A couple of years after the defeat of Madara, Gaara proposed to Sakura, who said yes. They now have two children, and have kept Suna prosperous. Yugito went back to Kumo, though returned later to Konoha. Why? To marry a certain blonde headed Uzumaki. Yugito along Fu, and Hinata married Naruto a few years after the final battle. The marriage served also as an alliance between Kumo and Konoha. Yugito has a 6-year-old son named Kiyoshi Uzumaki, and he is showing promise. Yagura dwells in the water around Kiri as a silent protector. Roshi and Han both now travel the land, though their place is usually Iwa. Utakata returned back to his master's home and continued to train there. Fu is now a Jonin of Konoha and wife of Naruto Uzumaki. They have a daughter, Minako, who has her father and mother's attitude, but is kept under control. Killer Bee met a man who made music and decided to put his rhymes with it. He is now very successful in the music industry. Naruto became Hokage a little while after Madara's death, then married the three women in his life. Hinata is currently pregnant with his third child. Life was good for the Jinchuuriki.

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