Author Note: Torchwood is owned by the BBC. Here is the final chapter which is definitely M rated as requested, hope that you enjoy!

Chapter Four

Ianto woke up slowly, for the first time in months without the aid of an alarm or because of the rift alarm going off. He stretched, revelling in the simple luxury of a fluffy pillow and the pocket of warmth that surrounded him in the duvet. Ianto's toes curled up lazily, as he stretched his lithe body out and yawned.

Ianto picked up his watch from the bedside table and was surprised when he saw the time; it was just before six and he usually wouldn't begin work until eight and the others wouldn't be in until at least nine.

Ianto contemplated going to sleep again but it obviously showed how comfortable this new bed was as, despite being so tired the night before, he felt refreshed and well rested. Ianto turned on his side and looked at Jack who was still asleep, he was surprised as Jack usually slept very little; obviously he was enjoying the bed as well.

Ianto watched as Jack slept soundly, his chest rising and falling shallowly; Jack's eyes moved behind his lids and Ianto knew that he was dreaming. He often wondered what Jack dreamt about; his life on Boeshane? His adventures with the Doctor? The team? Sometimes he dared to wonder that Jack would just dream of the two of them spending time together.

Jack made a small noise in the back of his throat and Ianto knew that he was stirring, he grinned as he decided that he should help his lover wake up. He carefully peeled the duvet away from Jack and moved downwards, thankful that they had decided to sleep in the nude.

Ianto began to gently stroke Jack's cock and was pleased to see that, although Jack wasn't fully awake, certain parts of his anatomy clearly were. Jack groaned and shifted restlessly; Ianto couldn't help but grin and speed up his strokes.

Jack's eyes flew open and he looked downwards, "Ianto what are-" A moan spilled out of his throat as Ianto immediately took Jack into his mouth. "Oh God Ianto!" Jack groaned, his hands going straight to his lover's hair and his hips thrusting upwards.

Ianto let Jack go with a lewd pop but kept one hand on his lover's cock. "Morning," he grinned.

"Morning" Jack panted.

"I thought that perhaps we should christen the bed" Ianto said, far too seriously and composedly, for Jack's liking.

"Yeah" Jack said, not really able to think about replying any more eloquently.

When it seemed like Ianto wasn't going to continue, Jack shifted his hips. "So let's get christening" he grinned.

Jack was almost surprised as Ianto surged up suddenly, planted his hands on either side of his head and pressed their lips together in a heated kiss. Jack's moment of shock did not last long and he ran his fingers through Ianto's hair, pulling him closer. Ianto teased apart Jack's lips with his tongue and plundered his lover's mouth; Jack groaned when Ianto's tongue swiped the back of his teeth. They broke apart minutely, sharing their breath and panting heavily.

"I want you" Ianto growled, his accent thickened with unrestrained desire.

"I need you" Jack moaned; he bucked his hips, making them both groan.

Ianto kissed Jack again passionately, before shifting to the side slightly. Jack let out an unmanly whine at the loss of contact and frowned as Ianto looked down at him, smirking and with an eyebrow raised.

"I kind of need this" Ianto whispered, waggling the tube of lube that he had obviously grabbed when he had moved.

"Get on with it" Jack said grumpily.

"Don't sound too excited then" Ianto said mock-huffily.

Jack looped his arms around Ianto's neck and grinned, "oh please my wonderful Ianto..." Ianto smiled. Jack grabbed one of the spare pillows and thumped Ianto on the head with it, "get on with it" he continued.

Ianto kissed Jack again and nipped at his lip playfully, "fine, fine. The abuse that I suffer" he said, acting put upon. He manoeuvred Jack's body, slipping the pillow underneath his hips.

"I'll abuse you in a minute" Jack mock growled, before gasping as Ianto's slippery fingers breached him.

"Promises, promises" Ianto grinned.

Jack threw his head back and moaned as Ianto prepared him, scissoring his fingers and brushing against his prostate. He was lost in the sensations and barely registered the sound of tearing foil as Ianto ripped open the condom with his teeth.

"You ready?" Ianto practically growled.

Jack opened his eyes and looked into Ianto's, "always."

Ianto hesitated for a second, almost floored by the emotion in Jack's voice before slowly sliding inside his lover. Jack arched his back at the intrusion, relishing the slight burn before pain gave into pleasure. Ianto's arms were shaking as he used all his will power to not start thrusting immediately; wanting to give Jack a chance to get used to him, but Jack wasn't having any of it.

"Come on" he moaned, wrapping his legs tightly around Ianto's waist and locking his ankles together.

Ianto dropped down to his elbows and smiled, "so bossy."

Any retort from Jack was swallowed as Ianto kissed him and began to move his hips at the same time. This was never going to last long; it felt like they hadn't had time to be intimate in months, instead of just days. Jack pushed down, meeting Ianto thrust for thrust and scrabbled at Ianto's back, leaving vivid red marks against his pale skin, as Ianto brushed against his prostate.

As Ianto thrust harder he was only aware of Jack's gasps and moans of pleasure, the tight feeling of Jack around him and the urge to keep going, chasing his orgasm. He raised himself up on one hand and snaked the other hand down Jack's chest, gripping his cock.

Jack gasped and when his vision began to tunnel, he was almost cross; he wanted this to last forever. He looked up at Ianto and drank in the vision before him, Ianto's eyes were closed, sweat glistened on his brow and his breath was coming out in short pants.

Ianto's eyes snapped open, as if aware of Jack's gaze and he whispered raggedly, "come for me Jack."

Jack groaned and raised his head for another kiss, it was messy and lacked finesse, as teeth clashed and tongues battles, but it was what he needed. After another couple of strokes from Ianto's hand, Jack dropped his head to Ianto's shoulder and bit down hard as he came. Ianto's hips stuttered in their rhythm as he felt Jack's muscles clench around him and his own orgasm rushed to meet him as Jack bit his shoulder.

"Oh god Jack!" Ianto cried, thrusting once more and collapsing down on top of his lover.

Jack couldn't help but grin as his body sang with the effects of his orgasm and he pressed a kiss into Ianto's sweaty hair. Ianto smiled and kissed the patch of Jack's skin that was closest to him.

The two men lay there, limbs entwined until their breathing became less harsh and eventually Ianto rolled off of Jack with a groan. Jack immediately rolled onto his side, propping his head up with one hand and twirling his other fingers through Ianto's springy chest hair.

"I should get a new bed more often" Jack grinned.

Ianto huffed a laugh and looked at Jack fondly, before wrinkling his nose and grimacing, "I'll be back in a second."

Ianto walked to Jack's en-suite bathroom and quickly disposed of the condom before wiping down his stomach.

"Jack" he said, coming out of the bathroom with a wet flannel for his lover to use, his face fell as he walked into the room.

"Yeah?" Jack said, sticking his head out from the wardrobe. He saw Ianto's expression and the grin slipped from his face, "what's wrong?"

Ianto looked away from the bed to Jack aghast, "we didn't just christen the bed, we ruined it!"

Jack looked back at the bed and couldn't help but concede that Ianto had a point. Pillows were scattered across the bed and one had somehow ended up on the floor, the new smooth sheet was screwed up and had come away from the mattress and it looked like at one point one of them had leant on the discarded tube of lube, resulting in a stained red duvet cover.

Jack laughed and pulled Ianto towards him, he wrapped his arms around his waist and propped his chin on his lover's shoulder. "I think we thoroughly christened it" he whispered.

Ianto squirmed to avoid Jack's breath tickling his ear and smiled, "I guess we did."

Jack nipped Ianto's ear gently and then said, "fancy thoroughly christening the shower?"

Ianto laughed and turned around in Jack's embrace, "we christened that months ago."

Jack shrugged, "I could always buy a new one."

Ianto's face fell at the prospect of more shopping and he hastily tugged on Jack's hand, "no, no this one will do fine."

Jack grinned as he was tugged into the bathroom and couldn't help but think that perhaps he should threaten to buy some more new furniture in the future...