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P.O.V: Lucy

I walked to my apartment with a sigh. I had just got back from a mission with Natsu, and we succeeded, but didn't get paid since Natsu yet again managed to destroy half the town. I swear, the guy is going to make me go broke and then get me kicked out from my apartment, leaving me homeless. If that happens, I'll make sure he takes responsibility and pay for a new apartment for me to live in. I unlocked the door to my apartment with another sigh, thinking of the peace and quiet I'll have once inside.

"Hey Luce!" Gray greeted with a smile, drinking all of my cans of soda, sitting casually on my couch with his legs spread wide and holding something in his hand that I couldn't quite see properly.

"What the hell do you think you're doing in my house Gray! Wait, how did you get in here! Wait, put on some clothes you stripping freak! Wait, is that my unfinished story!" I yelled out as he looked confusedly at me.

"I came here to greet you from your mission and ask how it went. I got in the same way I always get in. Whoa! I'm not wearing clothes! When did that happen! And, yes, this is your story…" Gray stated, answering all my questions as I snatched my story away from him. "Hey! It was just getting good!"

"Out!" I said firmly, pointing toward the opened door.

"Can I just read if Annabelle tells Troy that she's actually a spy that was sent to gain undercover data on him and is ordered to kill him, but she actually fell in love with him? I want to know if he is going to hate her, love her back, run away with her or let her kill him! The suspense is killing me!" Gray stated, making my blood boil even more. Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered that he was enjoying my story, but he read it without my permission even though I distinctly told everyone that no one was going to touch it before I finish it.

"Get out of my house Gray!" I yelled out as he sighed and trudged out the door. I sighed for the umpteenth time that day. So, to relax myself, I decided to take a nice hot bath with Plue, eat a nice filling lunch and then write a little more in my story. After finishing everything, I looked at the time and saw that it was only 4 p.m., and I had nothing left to do. Damn, I need a life…

I opened my laptop and logged into Facebook, seeing if there was anything new happening with everyone else.

Levi commented on my wall saying Heard about what happened, sorry you didn't get any money. Try harder next time Lu-Chan! Erza posted a new picture of herself with Gerrard at the fancy masked ball they attended a few days ago and I felt myself smile at the picture. It was so adorable, and they looked so happy and cute together. I envied them a little, seeing as my knight in a scaly scarf didn't really have much feelings for me as much as I have for him. I sighed again, and looked through some other things.

Suddenly, I saw that I got a notification, saying someone wanted to add me as a friend. I looked to see a girl named 'Sakura Haruno' added me. I don't know any Haruno Sakura's… do I...? I checked her profile, just to be on the safe side. Her display picture showed a pale girl with pink hair and green eyes. Wow, the look was so unique; I was starting to think this girl was as unique as her looks. She lived in Japan like me, but not in Magnolia, but in some place called Konoha. Her relationship status says she's single, and we didn't even have any mutual friends. It says she female which is kind of obvious, that she's interested in men which was also obvious and that her occupation is a ninja. A ninja…? Seriously…? Well I'm a mage, so I can't judge anyone.

She seemed like a decent girl, and what would it hurt to make a new friend? So I added her. All of a sudden, I heard a 'Bing' noise indicating that someone was chatting with me.

Sakura: Hi, I didn't know if you would actually add me, but I just thought why not just make a new friend.

Wow, how straightforward, maybe being friends with this girl won't be that bad.

Lucy: Hey, I'm Lucy. Yeah, I thought it would be fun to make a new friend also. So what's up?

Sakura: I'm just bored out of my mind. I just got back from a mission and am beat! Oh, I'm a ninja so we go on missions so… yeah…

Lucy: cool, cool… I'm a mage and I also just got back from a mission and apparently since my partner is a complete idiot, I didn't get paid for it YET AGAIN!

Sakura: That sounds tough =(

Sakura: What kind of mage are you?

Lucy: I'm a stellar mage; I use keys to summon spirits. What kind of ninja are you?

Sakura: wow, that so cool! I'm just a medic-nin.

Lucy: So you're like a doctor? Wow, it says you're like only seventeen- like me- and you're a doctor? That's really impressive!

Sakura: -/- um… thanks… so what's this about an idiot partner?

Lucy: Only if you mean the most dense, idiotic, flame-brained, annoying, loud, moronic, headstrong, embarrassingly stupid, dumb idiot partner that ever walked the planet. Then, yeah, that's what I'm dealing with right now…

Sakura: Wow… I can sort of relate to that, since my partner is also exactly the same. He is the most dense, idiotic, annoying, loud, moronic, embarrassingly stupid, unpredictable, knuckle-headed, headstrong, prankster, dumb idiot of all the ninja kingdoms!

Lucy: wow… and I thought I was the only one…

Sakura: same, I'm glad that I added you now!

Lucy: And that isn't even the half of it!

Sakura: I know!

Lucy and Sakura: even if he's all that, I'm still somehow in love with him!

Lucy: … you to…?

Sakura: … yeah… what's your situation like…?

Lucy: Ugh, Natsu! He's just so stupid and dense! He doesn't know the meaning of love! No matter how many hints I give him! I really like him, but I don't think he'll EVER feel anything special for me as more than a friend! He just too stupid! Why can't he just realize that I'm in love with him!

Sakura: wow… then why don't you just tell him that you do…?

Lucy: well, I don't want to ruin our friendship and make it awkward, since it's just so good right now. Plus, he's probably going to ruin it by saying 'I love you too Lucy! You're my best friend after all!'

Sakura: Ouch… can I see a picture of him so I can have a better vision of this?

Lucy: Sure, just go to my pictures and you'll find him. He's the guy with pink-red spiky hair, a red coat, nice showing abs, Aladdin pants, a scaly scarf around his neck, and a grin on his face that is so big, it covers more than half his face…

Sakura: Sounds hot, I'll get right on it.

After that, I sat back in my chair with a smile. I just made a new friend that has the same problem as I do. It made me feel good, and like I'm not the only one out there with a weird life. This Sakura girl seems to be an understanding and fun girl. I feel like we can actually become good friends. All of a sudden, I got a notification saying that 'Sakura Haruno' just commented on my photo. I went to it, feeling myself blush. She just had to choose the photo that Gray took of Natsu sleeping in my bed and hugging me, and I was deep in la-la land to scream at him.

Sakura: Whoa, Lucy, you go girl! I blushed even more after reading her comment.

Lucy: It's not what you think Sakura! He does that all the time!

Sakura: Ah, so you both have midnight sessions often, do you now?

Lucy: No! Sakura, don't make it sound wrong! And someone else took the picture!

Gray: Who is Sakura?

Lucy: Friend. Gray, you stupid stripper, DELETE IT!

Sakura: A stripper? I see I'm not the only one who is surrounded by weird people. Where'd you meet this guy Lucy? At a club?

Lucy: Sakura! He's my fellow guild member!

Sakura: Oh, so he's available. Can I have your number, Mr. Hot Stripper dude…?

Gray: Sure.

Lucy: Sakura!

Sakura: I'm just kidding Lucy! XD

Sakura: By the way Lucy, this picture looks very cute with you and Natsu in it.

Erza: I agree with you, mysterious friend of Lucy's…

Levi: How long have you been friends with Lu-Chan, Sakura?

Sakura: Uh… 20 minutes and counting!

Natsu: Gray you asshole! What the hell were you doing in Lucy's house taking pictures of us?

Sakura: Ah! This must be the famous Natsu!

Natsu: Famous…?

Sakura: Yup! I heard all about you from Lucy! Now it feels like I practically know you in person! ^_^

Lucy: Sakura!

Natsu: So what did she say about me? =D

Sakura: alright, and I quote: 'Only if you mean the most dense, idiotic, flame-brained, annoying, loud, moronic, headstrong, embarrassingly stupid, dumb idiot partner that ever walked the planet.'

Natsu: Lucy you're so~ mean!

Gazille: LMFAO!

Cana Alberona, Erza Scarlet, Laxus Dreyer, Mirajane, Gray Fullbuster, Juvia, Loki, Leon, Bisca, Alzak, Makarov and Happy liked Gazille Redfox and Sakura Haruno comments.

Natsu: Lucy!

Cana: Wow, Loki has an account on FB?

Alzak: Wow, Happy has an account on FB?

Lucy: he-he… about that Natsu… um…

Sakura: You people are funny stuff! *Eating Popcorn and watching the show*|

Lucy: Sakura! This is all your fault!

Sakura: Your point…?

Gray: She got you there Lucy…

Lucy: Ugh! Forget this! I'm leaving!

Sakura: So soon?

Lucy: I need some air…

I quickly logged out and then stared at the blank screen on my laptop in horror. What the hell just happened? Damn it, Sakura just had to do that! Well, if you think of it now, it was pretty funny… but repeating what I said to everyone is bad! How did she even remember exactly what I said…? She must be pretty smart… That doesn't matter! What the hell is Natsu going to think! Should I just shrug it off and say that I was annoyed at him because of the failed mission today, thinking I did nothing wrong on my part? Or maybe he got seriously offended and I have to somehow make it up to him?

I opened the window for some air, and lingered there for a moment longer. It got pretty dark pretty fast, making me smile as a cool night breeze passed across my face. This was actually soothing. I sighed, not in annoyance, but in relaxation. I went back on the laptop to see if anything else happened, even though it's been like two minutes since I was off.

As I log in, I see that there were some comments exchanged about the photo from the guild members, and almost everyone in the guild added Sakura as a friend. Even Natsu added her, and she was the one who insulted him! Or the one to pass on the insult since I was technically the one who said all those mean things… Wow, who knew she would get so popular with the guild members in less than half an hour?

A 'Bing' sound appeared suddenly, showing me a chat starting between me and Sakura again.

Sakura: Sorry about that, I didn't think you would get mad about it…

Lucy: Nah, it's ok, it was just kind of embarrassing…

Sakura: good, 'cuz I want to say that I don't regret doing it!

Lucy: May I ask why?

Sakura: Well then I'll tell you since your just dying to know, because of me he's going to come to your house through the window and ask what happened. You say it was just a misunderstanding, since you just told me the obvious traits about him that everyone knows about. He will smile and say, you made a nice friend or something like that. You'll smile at him and then you take it from there! XD

Lucy: … do you have a wild imagination…?

Sakura: So I've been told… T_T

Lucy: Well, I have one to so it doesn't matter!

I was about to talk to her about some more things when suddenly I heard something from my side, and I saw that it was Natsu coming in through the window.

"Oh my word! What are you doing Natsu!" I yelled as he looked confusedly at me.

"Coming in…" he simply stated.

"Then why don't you use the door like a normal person!" I asked as he just shrugged, like there was nothing wrong with coming through the window.

Lucy: brb

I quickly typed to Sakura so I could give my full attention to Natsu. I raised a brow at him as he just stared intensely at me.

"So…?" I ask him.

"So? Why did you just say out of nowhere to that Sakura girl that I was dense and idiotic and a flame-brain and all those kinds of things? You probably meant it in a joking way, but seriously Lucy…" Natsu stated with a frown as I gulped. Was what Sakura said actually coming true? What was she, psychic? I let out a breath, and decided to follow through with what she said I'd do next.

"It's a misunderstanding; I didn't mean it in a bad way. She just asked why I sounded so beat up and under the weather, and I started ranting about the mission and all, that I didn't get money again because of a certain someone. I was just a little pissed off and she was joking also. Plus, those are your obvious qualities that everyone sees you as, and she thinks you sound like a funny guy, so there isn't anything wrong…" I stated, finishing my explanation. His face twists into thinking mode, as I start sweating nervously. Maybe he's going to say that what I just said was obviously just a stupid excuse… maybe this whole thing was just stupid… maybe I'm just stupid…?

"I get it! That makes sense! You made a nice friend, Lucy! I just came by to ask about it, but if that's all it was, then everything is cool now!" Natsu stated with his lopsided grin. I stare at him with a surprised look. He actually bought all that? Oh my gosh, Sakura is a freaking genius! She doesn't even know the guy, but she was still able to predict his actions like it were nothing and she'd been doing it all the time! She must be a really cool ninja…

"Yeah, well, since that's all you needed then you can leave now…" I stated, walking toward the door and opening it for him so he could walk out and leave. As I look back at him, I see that he wasn't even there anymore. He must have jumped out the window. What a moron… I close the door and sit back on my chair and resumed typing away on my laptop once again.

Lucy: I'm back!

Sakura: What happened? *Smirk*

Lucy: Strangely, Natsu was here and everything that just happened was exactly as you predicted would happen…

Sakura: *Smug Smirk* I take pride in my knowledge…

Lucy: Are you like, some kind of freaking genius? How did you even know that would happen? =S

Sakura: Talking from experience. I know how to handle his type by now… T.T

Lucy: You are so going into my best friends list!

Sakura: Cool!

Lucy: Anyways! I want to know all about you and your knuckle-head, and these handling techniques that you know so much about next time we chat! But it's late and I have to go now… =(

Sakura: OMFG! IT'S ALREADY THIS LATE! I have an early shift at the hospital tomorrow… :E

Lucy: Sorry…

Sakura: Nah its ok, I'm used to it already! Anyways, it was nice meeting you Lucy!

Lucy: You to Sakura! Bye!

Sakura: Bye-bye! *Sakura Haruno has logged off*

I logged out as well as sat back on my chair with a sigh and then followed out by a smile. The day turned out to be better than I thought it would go, and I managed to occupy myself somehow nicely. I got up and then lay in my bed, wrapping myself up tightly within the blankets. I shut my eyes, a smile plastered on my face. I sighed for the last time that day, and then fell into a deep sleep. Maybe now that I became friends with Sakura, my days would be more interesting and hectic then they already were. Yeah, I really needed that…