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A few years later…

"We finally found this place! Damn, after all that, I was beginning to think this place didn't exist- dattebayo!"

"Stop complaining! We're here now, aren't we?"

"Yeah, and it took a heck of a lot of time to do that! It took so long to get here; I forgot why we came in the first place- dattebayo!"

"Baka! We were invited to the wedding, that's why!"

"… Oh~! Yeah! Natsu and Lucy are getting married! I remember now!"

"Is this how your brain processes? How are you supposed to be Hokage?"

"Mou, Sakura-Chan, the Hokage ceremony is in a few weeks! Don't jinx it!"

"Naruto, after all you've been through, you honestly think me making a joke is going to jinx what all your determination and hard work got you…?"

"… Of course not…"

"Then shut up and help me find this place already!"

"You're so cute when you're angry; you know that- dattebayo…?"

"Shut up, Naruto-Baka!"

"Hai, hai Sakura-Chan…" As the couple walked forward toward their destination, they held hands, while interlocking their fingers as their wedding rings- or you could say their proof of their strong indestructible bond for one another- was clearly displayed on their conjoined hands.

"Sakura! Naruto!" called a voice from the side. Naruto and Sakura whipped their heads to the side to see a happy, smiling pair of lovers known to be Juvia and Gray.

"Hey, Juvia! You look so pretty! I can't believe this is the first time we're meeting!" Sakura squealed and then hugged Juvia as Naruto and Gray shook hands.

"Nice to meet you two," Gray stated as Naruto narrowed his eyes at him.

"Damn it, you are similar to Sasuke!" Naruto stated as Gray just sweat-dropped at him. "Ah! Do you know where the church is? I think it was called Karta- something or the other…"

"Kardial Cathedral…" Sakura corrected.

"We were headed there right now," Juvia exclaimed with a smile as she lead the ninjas toward Kardial Cathedral.

"Wow… that… that's big- dattebayo…" Naruto stated, looking up at the church from top to bottom.

"I love it!" Sakura squealed as Juvia took her hand.

"Gray will help get Naruto ready, and you come with me. I'll help you get ready and we can see Lucy-Chan is her beautiful wedding dress!" Juvia stated as they made their way to a separate room in the church. Once there, Sakura quickly changed into her pink bridesmaid dress that was similar to Juvia's but Juvia's was a dark shade of blue. Then, they made their way to Lucy's room. "Lucy-Chan, someone is here to see you!"

"Come in!" Lucy called out from the other side of the room. When Juvia opened the door, Sakura saw a beautiful woman with long blonde hair in a neat and tight bun and in the most beautiful wedding gown she had ever seen. "Sakura? Oh God, it's great to see you again!" Lucy stated as she hugged Sakura tightly.

"Yeah… you look so beautiful…" Sakura stated with a warm smile as Lucy blushed.

"Thank you," Lucy stated in embarrassment.

"You've met before…?" Erza asked, walking in with a beautiful sleek red dress on.

"Yeah Erza! Lu-Chan and Natsu went to Sakura's wedding a few months back! You were on a mission, so you didn't know about it!" Levi stated, walking in with a baby blue bridesmaid dress on.

"I'm so nervous; I hope everything turns out fine!" Lucy stated as the girls comforted her.

"Don't worry; we will make sure nothing bad will happen on this most glorious day!" Sakura stated with a broad smile that promised truth and happiness.

"Damn it, I'm so nervous! I've never been this nervous in my entire life!" Natsu stated as Gray punched him on the forearm.

"Shut up and get a grip already!" Gray stated angrily as Natsu took a calming breath.

"Be a man for your woman!" Elfman shouted out from across the room as Gray and Natsu looked strangely at him, then at each other and then suddenly burst out laughing.

"I don't know what that means, but that still doesn't help much… If only Igneel could see this day…" Natsu stated a bit sadly.

"That's the exact same thing I said on my wedding day, only about my parents and Ero-Sanin…" said Naruto from behind Natsu who had changed into his own tuxedo.

"Master-Sama! You came!" Natsu stated happily as Naruto grabbed his hand, pulling him over, and then wrapped Natsu in a hug with his free hand.

"It's the big day, feeling lucky?" Naruto asked.

"The idiot is about to shit his pants!" Gray stated as Natsu looked angrily at him.

"Want to die on my wedding day?" Natsu asked.

"Want to die before getting married?" Gray asked as Naruto broke them up.

"It understandable to be nervous today of all days. I was so nervous on my wedding day, I-" Naruto was about to reminisce.

"Oh yeah! I remember Master-Sama! You were so nervous that you would jump at the slightest noise or sound! It was so funny!" Natsu stated as he and Gray started laughing their butts off.

"Did you yell 'boo' in his ear for fun…?" Gray asked as Natsu looked surprisingly at him.

"How'd you know?" Natsu asked in a shout as both the rivals laughed even harder.

"Point is! Once you're on that alter and see her walk toward you, all that nervousness will wash away and you're going to feel like the luckiest guy in the whole dang world…" Naruto explained as Natsu was whipping his tears away with his sleeves.

"That was… deep… Master-Sama…" Natsu stated as Naruto patted his shoulder with a cheeky grin.

"Don't get your clothes dirty before this wedding even begins!" Gray shouted, jerking Natsu's sleeve away from his face.

"Everyone! Move your asses! We're starting!" Gazille shouted out, laughing his spine tingling chuckle as everyone made haste to sit at a seat- anywhere- away from him.

"Save me!" Natsu yelled out, clutching Naruto as Gray tried to pull him away from the blonde.

"You'll do great Natsu, I guarantee it!" Alzak stated as he and Macau tried to pull Naruto away from Natsu from the other side.

"How do you know? You've never been married before!" Natsu counter-acted as Naruto bonked him on the head. "Ouch!"

"I always wanted to do that to someone since Sakura-Chan does it to me all the time… Anyways! Calm down, take a deep breath… and good luck!" Naruto stated as they all ran to their seats. Natsu gulped before the music started to play.

In the crowd were many of their closest friends attending the wonderful occasion. There was everyone of Fairy Tail, Gerard sitting next to Erza and Erza's 'family'. There were some council members who have gotten to know and used to Lucy over the years since Natsu got them both into trouble almost every mission they went on together. There was even Kaby, Lucy's first client when she first joined Fairy Tail, and the people of Galuna Island as well. Leon and Sherry, Hibiki, Eve and Ren, and everyone else. I think if you looked carefully, somewhere in the back, was Zeref as well. (In the S-class exam, Zeref is cool, he doesn't want to hurt anyone. The Dark guild is making him. Also, he's a complete cry-baby and is cute, so I officially like him…)

After a few long agonizing minutes of the boring piano music, the doors opened up, revealing Wendy, Charle, Happy and Romeo (Macau's kid) throwing flowers all over the aisle. After them came the bridesmaids in pairs like Cana and Levi, Sakura and Juvia. After them, everyone waited anxiously when suddenly Lucy came into vision with Loki at her side, about to guide his master down the aisle. Natsu's breath was caught in his throat as he gazed upon Lucy, the most beautiful woman in the world and his sole reason for living. He wouldn't know what he would do without her.

As she took a few steps on the aisle with Loki, a large window opened suddenly, and with a loud cry, came Lucy's dad.

"Lucy!" Mr. Heartfilia shouted out as Lucy looked at him a bit horrified.

"Dad?" Lucy questioned as he stood in front of her, panting like he just ran a marathon.

"Lucy, I hope I'm not too late. I'm your father, I'm going to walk you down the aisle on your wedding day!" he stated in a rush as Lucy looked at him confusedly.

"What…? Why…?" Lucy asked.

"Lucy, I know I haven't been the best father in the world, but please let me try to make it up to you. I know I can't get your trust back all in once, so I'll try to gain it back little by little. So please Lucy, let me guide you down this path that you've chosen for yourself…" Mr. Heartfilia stated as some of the audience awed at him. Lucy looked a bit hesitantly at his hand, and then Loki connected their hands together.

"Loki?" Lucy asked as he just smiled at her.

"I'm here for you and you alone, because I love you, and I always will. You're my master, and I'd do anything for you. I will look out for you since I'm your celestial spirit…" Loki stated as Lucy smiled warmly at him. She took her father's hand as Loki walked up and punched Natsu before standing next to Gray with a smile on his face.

As her father walked Lucy down the aisle, she smiled proudly as everyone stared at her happily, especially the flaming head at the end of her pathway. As Mr. Heartfilia handed his daughter to Natsu, he smiled at the young lad and then pulled him close so that only Natsu could hear what he had to say.

"I would have gladly married her off to a rich man's son, but disappointedly she chose you. Remember that, because if you don't make her happy or if you do anything to her at all, you'll be hearing from me…" Lucy's father whispered and then retreated to finding an available seat in the crowd of people.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…" the priest began as he started going on and on with his long speech. Lucy and Natsu stared longingly and affectionately into each other's eyes and they couldn't get enough of one another, loving each other immensely with each passing moment. Lucy couldn't believe this day had finally come, after everything Natsu and she went through, it was time for the precious moment for them to finally bind them together.

"Do you, Natsu Dragneel, take Lucy Heartfilia as your lawfully wedded wife? To hold and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, do death do you part…?" the priest asked as Natsu looked confusedly at him.

"Huh…?" Natsu asked, getting lost and couldn't remember the question after the sickness bit, as Lucy's eye twitched in annoyance.

"He means do you want to marry her or not!" Cana yelled from her seat as Natsu smiled at her.

"Yeah! Why else would I be here for then?" Natsu stated with a lopsided grin as everyone in the background sighed in annoyance.

"You an idiot or something?" Gray called out as Natsu looked angrily at him.

"Do you seriously want to get beaten up?" Natsu growled.

"You're supposed to say 'I do'!" Naruto called out as Natsu looked at him confusedly for about five seconds, processing this information, when it finally clicked in his head.

"Oh! I get it! Yeah, I do, priest dude!" Natsu stated as the priest just rolled his eyes.

"And do you, Lucy Heartfilia, take Natsu Dragneel to be your lawfully wedded husband? To hold and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, do death do you part? Even though I think a nice young woman like you can do so much better…" the old priest stated as Lucy smiled politely at him and Natsu fumed. Everyone in the crowd started roars of laughter at this bit.

"Hey-!" Natsu yelled out.

"I do…" Lucy interrupted as everyone in the church laughed at Natsu in amusement at his response.

"Are there any objections to why these two should not be wed…?" the priest asked the crowd. Some people turned their heads toward Lisanna, as she looked confusedly at them.

"What? Me? No way! I love Lucy, and it's so great that she loves Natsu so much! Also, they are such a cute couple! I wouldn't ever go in between two people who are so perfect for each other!" Lisanna stated happily with a smile as Mirajane patted her soothingly on the back, showing her moral support as an older sister should.

"This is your last chance to escape, you know…" the priest told the giggling Lucy as Natsu looked like he wanted to rip the old man's head off.

"Again with that? Mind your own business!" Natsu shouted out, flames licking the tips of his finger as Lucy smacked him backside the head and everyone laughed even harder at him.

"Well, if that is so. With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride…" the priest stated as Lucy smiled up at Natsu. He caressed her check in the palm of his hand, bent down and then kissed her gently on the lips as everyone clapped enthusiastically and roared with cheers and whistles.

In the mist of the newlyweds' passionate kiss, an explosion that seemed to come out of nowhere crumbed down the wall as some people started panicking and others went on their guards.

"It's Grimoire Heart!" Laxus shouted out as Ultear came into view.

"Where is Lord Zeref?" Ultear asked angrily as Zeref looked annoyingly and irritably at her.

"You couldn't wait until after the wedding to annoy me again…?" Zeref asked as Ultear looked happily at him, tears rolling down her eyes in sheer ecstatic bliss.

"Zeref-Sama! I'm so happy to see you! Come with me, we can conquer the world together, side by side!" Ultear stated happily, holding her hands out to him as he gave her a disgusted look.

"Oh God, is she some kind of creepy stalker or something?" Sakura asked with a disgusted look at her as Ultear looked confusedly at Sakura. Everyone else in the room started cracking up, even Zeref was chuckling on the side.

"Hey! Creepy stalker! Go home, your ruining the wedding!" Naruto shouted out as roars and waved of laughter filled the room. Ultear was so angry at this point, she couldn't contain it any longer.

"I will have Zeref-Sama! Grimoire Heart, attack!" Ultear ordered as the dark guild members charged and engaged into war with everyone in the church.

"Damn it, this reminds me of my wedding when Madara was a pussy sour loser for losing the war and destroyed my wedding!" Naruto shouted out as Natsu laughed at the memory.

"And the worse part, he had to ruin it a second right before the kiss!" Sakura stated as Lucy called out Taurus to join in the fight.

"Ah, good times, good memories. Right, Master-Sama?" Natsu asked happily as his burning fist collided into an enemy's face, sending him flying into tomorrow.

"That asshole!" Naruto yelled out angrily as he threw a Rasen-Shuriken across the room which hit about three enemies at a time.

"Throw the bouquet Lucy!" Erza shouted out as Lucy ran on top of the alter, turned around to face the wall and then threw it behind her. Most of the girls fought their way past the idiotic enemies to reach for the bundle of orchids. Finally, it landed into some unexpected hands. Leon's hands…

"Go Leon!" Gray stated with a laugh as he froze an enemy's ass on the side. Leon glared at him as Sherry came out of nowhere and hugged Leon, smoldering him with sweet kisses.

"Well, look on the bright side!" Cana stated, throwing a few cards as they swirled in the air and then summoned a rain of shards of glass down on the enemies. Then Levi wrote the word 'Tornado' into the air and a tornado came swiveling by and swooped up at least five enemies in its pathway.

"What bright side?" Sakura shouted out, punching an enemy as the enemy crashed into another enemy, knocking them both out cold. Someone from behind threw a knife toward Sakura, and before it could hit her, Naruto caught it and threw it right back at him.

"You guys got nice stories to tell your kids one day when they asked how you're wedding went!" Mirajane piped up as she kicked an enemy with her high heel boot.

"That's just nice…!" Gazille stated sarcastically, and then burst into a fit of hysterical laughing as he smashed his iron pillar arm into seven enemies.

"Well..." Lucy began. "It's always nice to hear everyone's comment on these types of things…!" Lucy stated with a warm smile as Natsu burned an enemy that was a little 'too close' to Lucy for his comfort.

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