A Lynley/Havers story. Barbara Havers is a sergeant with a mission. They must find the murderer. She is prepared for almost everything.


It is my first fanfic ever.

I do apologize before you read this if you think it´s bad. If you think it´s good, I thank you.

I don´t own anyone of the characters. They belong to the writer Elizabeth George.


A sergeant on a mission

Chapter 1

"Yeah, I´ll do it" Havers said without any doubts. She looked at Hillier that sat on the opposite side of the desk. He looked pleased. He new she would do it, never doubted that for a second. The one person that would have anything negative about the plan would be Lynley. He´s very protective when it comes to his DS.

"Good, that´s settle then. Tonight at 8 pm you will be here and I let some people take care of you before us al leave" Havers looked a little uncertain before she answered him. "You mean to fix me up or something like that?" Hillier smiled a bit, typical Barbara, he had expected a more violence reaction about this but of course he wouldn´t complain. "Yes Sergeant. To fix you up. You doesn´t really look like a hooker on your own"

Barbara swallowed when she thought about it. She was going to go under cover as a hooker to try gathering facts about the new murder investigation. Three prostituted women had been murdered, but it seemed like they had been hold hostage for a while before their death. They all had a lot of bruises and cuts like they had been hit and kicked before their death. That´s what Lafferty had said, all because of the bruises (the colors and that) Thank god that their would be polices in a van close to the street where they, after weeks of investigation, think the girls were picked up.

Havers left Hillier's office thinking about what the hell she was going to be forced to wear. She hadn´t a clue, maybe a short dress that showed a lot of skin. She didn´t like to have that kind of clothes. She felt naked. Not that she tried that style more than a few times a long time ago.

No one could call Barbara Havers fat. She really wasn´t. She was normal highs for a woman and she was quite curvy. Her hair was red and is going a bit longer than to her collarbone. The eyes were green. She looked good but it was only herself that didn´t noticed.

She sat down at her desk thinking this is going to be a very long 24 hours.


Lynley had been to the club again. The club was called Club la Luna. It was on the same block as the place where the girls had been picked up. No one on the club could tell him anything about the girls. Except the bartender, but he only remember one of them as 'the girl sitting with a man, having fun' and that wasn´t that much of a help to the investigation.

Hillier had told Lynley when he left for the club that he had a plan to find out who picked the girls up. Lynley thought about this plan on his way back to the met. The only thing he could come up with was that they were going to use a decoy. Probably wasn´t this Hillier´s plan, he knew that it would be too dangerous. He parked the car and took a look on his clock, half past seven pm.


Barbara was nervous as hell. The persons that would fix her up had come. She only saw them quickly, the man immediately disappeared into Hillier´s office with the door closed behind him and the woman went into one of the female restrooms with a big suitcase. It was when Barbara saw the suitcase that she realized that she had sold her sol to femininity, at least for tonight. All she could do was to wait. Winston was there too. They just sat on a pair of chairs in the corridor.

"You alright, Barb?"

"Yeah, I´m just fine." She said realizing it was so totally untrue.

"If you say so" Winston said looking at her suspiciously. She new he didn´t believe her at all. It was at that moment when Lynley walk in trough the door at the end of the corridor they were sitting in.

"Inspector, Hillier wants to talk with you immediately" Winston rose rapidly.

Lynley looked at Winston and then at Barbara, who still sat. When he saw Barbara´s facial expression, he immediately understood something was going on, and he wouldn´t like it. He just nodded at Winston before he walked up to Hillier´s office, knocking and entering.


"No way!" Lynley was mad. Really mad. Hillier had gone with the decoy plan. The worst of all was that Barbara, his DS, was the decoy.

"Come on Lynley, it´s the only way to go to the bottom with these murders"

"It´s too dangerous. You know it is" Lynley wasn´t going to let this happen. In no way would he accept to send Havers into a probably dangerous mans car dressed up as a hooker to find the murderer. "It must be another way"

"It isn´t! And Sergeant Havers has agreed to do it. She will be finished to leave in…" Hillier looked on his watch"… half an hour if she doesn´t complicate."

Lynley opened his mouth to protest, but Hillier interrupted him before he had the chance of saying anything. "I know that you don´t want her to get hurt but she wont and she will have a gun with her, god knows were."


Barbara felt uneasy. When they showed her the clothes she had refused. Two against one and some intimidation she had put the clothes on. Now she felt almost sick. She really did look like a hooker! A very tiny skirt, a very low-necked shirt, some fishnet stockings and a pair of high heal boots going almost to her knee. Thank god they also brought some hair extensions. Her hair was now going under her breasts. She had put the clothes on first and then had they fixed her hair. Don´t forget the make-up. She had on more make-up at the time the she would use during a year. Seeing herself in the mirror didn´t make her happier (isn´t that what a make over was about? Make the person look fabulous and happy) Well, she would fit into her character at least.

She herds a knock on the door. The two make-up artists looked satisfied and Barbara´s courage sank. Another knock and a voice she recognized as Hillier's. "Barbara, are you decent?" She didn´t know what to say. Was she? To her, this was quite a bit from decent. "I guess"

The door opened and she saw Hillier, Winston, Lynley and a few more polices that would come too. None of the polices said anything. Their mouths were opened and they just stared. She blushed. "Is it okay?" she said, uncertain to what their reaction meant.

"You look like… WOW!" Winston said. Havers blushed harder. It wasn´t every day she heard that from a man. Even trough she looked like a hooker. Some of the other polices wolf whistled.

"Shall we go?" Hillier said after a while. He thought Barbara looked really amazing and totally different in that outfit but also very much like a hooker. Well, that was the purpose of this.

Havers nodded a bit and then looked at Lynley. He hadn´t said anything yet. She couldn´t really read his facial expression but the eyes had a huge intensity.

He didn´t know what to say. Barbara always plain dressed, she never had anything that was tight to her body. That body hadn´t he expected. So curvy and amazing. He though someone must have switched her into another woman but under all the hair and make-up he actually saw his Sergeant. She really looked… what was the word… hot, sexy… something like that at least. When she looked at him their eyes met and he could see her give up a little smile.