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A sergeant on a mission

Chapter 3

It was very dark in the cellar. Havers were terrified. He led her into a room to the right of the stairs. He closed the door to the room and when he moved he hand from her mouth to turn on a little lamp on the wall she screamed for help again. She screamed at least three times. She hoped Lynley would hear her. She trusted him; she knew he would come to help her.

Their relationship was in the beginning only as colleagues. They didn´t like each other at all but after spending time together solving murders they became friends. How after sever years of being partners they were best friends. She couldn´t think of working with another partner. They hade always helped each other if they needed it. That's why she thought that he would save her or at least try to.

"Shut up you little slut!" James was really mad. He took a scarf or something like that and put it on her as a gag. "Now can´t you scream again."

His hands holding her hands hard and then she remember the gun in her boot. She really couldn´t take it now. When she thought about it she couldn´t have taken it during the whole process from when he started to get evil. Now it really was too late too do anything about that.

He tided her hands and her feet before he started to hit her.


It was very dark in the hall but Lynley and the other managed to get in and start to search in the house for the man and Barbara. Peters and Bolton started upstairs and Tommy and Winston searched the floor they were on. None of them found anything. So now it was the cellar. Lynley went first. Peters stayed on the ground floor if the man tried to run up there later.

It was almost too easy when they came down the stairs. There was a light coming out from under the door to the right. They gathered, opened the door and run in.

It was a scary scene they entered. Barbara tied to her feet and hands with a gag lying on the floor. She had a lot of marks on her showing that he had kicked or hit her. The man besides her held a knife over her. She looked so terrified and helpless on the floor, tears coming down from her eyes. She looked up at them when they ran in. The man on the other hand reacted instinctively.


Barbara felt James place the knife on her neck. The cold blade against her warm skin. She was so scared. She saw Lynley, Winston and Bolton look at the knife. Then it happened a lot of things on a very short time.

Lynley ran up to James tackling him away from her. Winston was moving only a second after Lynley. He helped him wrestle down James. The knife was sent trough the air into a wall after the tackle. Bolton took his gun out running over to the wrestlers and screamed: "DON`T MOVE! OR I`LL SHOT!"

James was still. Winston and Bolton took him and made him ready to leave for the station. Lynley crawled over to Havers. He first took of her gag.

"You all right?" he sounded a little panicked.

"Now I am" she said. He smiled and started helping her to free the hands and the feet.

Winston and Bolton took James upstairs. Winston shouting back at Lynley: "We take him back to station first. We pick you up in fifteen. Okay?"

"Okay" Lynley shouted back.


It was when he saw her lying on the floor with a knife to her through that he finally understood. He knew it now; didn´t understood how he could have missed it for all this time. The woman lying on the floor was his colleague, his partner, his best friend, the love of his life. It wasn´t until he found her there that he realized how much he loved her.

"Barbara… you have no idea how scared I was. Hearing you scream for help and not be able to help immediately" he helped her sit up and pulled her into a hug.

"Yeah, I do. I do know that sir."

"Please, say Tommy." He smiled a little brushing her gently over her hair.

"Tommy" she whispered.

They hugged for a while. Then he said: "I was so scared. I thought I was going to lose you. That I never would be able to see you again." Some tears ran down his cheeks. "Thought I never see you smile again, never hear you laugh again, never be able to tell you how much I love you"

She moved away a bit, still holding on to him, just as much as she could face her. He loved her! How long hadn´t she waited to hear him say those words. She loved him too, she had loved him for almost six years now, never thought he would ever feel the same.

"I love you too" she said with a little smile. Her tears ran also down the cheeks now. Happy tears. He brushed her tears away with the thumbs holding her head now in his hands. The eyes met and both of them the saw just how much love their was in the others eyes.

They leaned in to each other and their lips met. Warmth, love and a lot of happiness flooded in that moment. This was true love, the greatest one you would ever find. The kiss depends with the passion coming from both of them.

A small couth caught their attention. Winston standing in the door looking at theme with a smile on hit lips. "We came back to pick you both up, but we can leave again if you like."

Tommy got up on his feet and helped Barbara up before smiling at her, taking her hand and led her out of the house.

The greatest love is the one that is rooted in friendship. Barbara and Tommy new that was true. So true.