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AN: This is the sequel to my piece, 'Like Father, like son' and was inspired by the fanfic author Loads Of Randomness.

"C'mon Scor, I want to get a decent seat!" Albus called over to his best friend as Scorpius preened himself in front of the mirror.

"Albus, you want to get a seat near the teachers table so you can oogle Professor Chang." Scorpius replied laconically. "Hardly anyone WANTS to sit there. Especially not in Slytherin."

Albus blushed red at Scorpius's comment and grumbled about certain snakes who were too perceptive for their own good.

"Albus, you're simply far too obvious in your feelings." Scorpius continued, ignoring Albus's grumbling. "You're a snake, TRY to show some of the subtlety we're supposed to be famous for."

"This coming from the guy who practically drooled over Alice Longbottom for the better part of last year." Albus countered and it was Scorpius's turn to blush vividly red. "See you downstairs!" Albus called out as he dashed out of the dorm and down to the house tables.


As Scorpius had predicted, the end of the table next to the professors was nearly empty. (Although there were a couple of Slytherin sixth year girls looking at Professor Longbottom with some interest.)

Sitting down, Albus helped himself to a large bowl of porridge.

"You do know that you don't have to EAT that slop." Scorpius told Albus firmly as he sat down beside him. "It's not like it's the only food here."

Albus swallowed a large helping and grinned. "Ah, my dear Scorpion, porridge is like the food of the gods. It's just too good to be ignored."

"I don't know how you can eat that stuff." Scorpius countered disgustedly. "It looks like stuff the pigs eat."

"Oink, oink."

"Cute Albus, real cute." Rose cut in. "So, did Al drag you up here so he could ogle Professor Chang?" She asked Scorpius.

"Something like that." Scorpius replied amusedly. Albus frowned at both of them, but Rose simply ignored him.

"Well you're out of luck today. Professor Chang is in the hospital wing." Rose gave Albus a contemptuous glance as he opened his mouth to speak. "Just a flying accident, nothing serious. Some nervous first year crashed into her in the air and broke both her wrists."

"Oh. I ho-" Albus's speech was abruptly cut off when a red envelope landed in front of his bowl of porridge. Scorpius raised an eyebrow.

"Merlin, WHY would YOU get a howler?" he asked. "I'm pretty sure that you haven't been up to anything lately. Or at least, not been caught."

"I have no idea either Scor." Albus replied, a puzzled expression on his face as the howler started to smoke.

"You'd better open it Al, it's ab-"

Scorpius was cut off by the howler erupting into song. But instead of hearing his mothers voice, as he expected, it was in fact his little sister Lily's voice. Loud enough to be heard by the entire Great Hall.

Cho and Alby sitting in a tree

"I'm going to kill her." Albus muttered angrily as the song finished the first part.

First comes lessons, then comes love
soaring around in the sky above!

As the song finished, Albus sunk down into his chair, his face a flaming red.

"Mate, you ok?" Scorpius asked in a concerned voice. He felt guilty about this, it was a song of his invention after all.

"I'm fine." Albus growled. "But…would you mind helping me get Lily back for this? I REALLY want her to understand that you don't wind up a snake."

Scorpius grinned. "No problem mate."

AN: The little song the howler sang was created by Loads Of Randomness. I thank her for giving permission for me to use it.