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Harry could barely contain his excitement when he woke. It was his birthday, not only that but people actually cared! He could already smell food even though he hadn't left his room yet. In a race to get dressed he completely missed a small package wrapped in red paper on his desk. He paused at his door only to take in a deep breath and regain slight composure over himself.

When he got downstairs he discovered the source of the smell. Mrs. Weasley was in the kitchen already cooking. When she saw him she smiled largely and walked to him pulling him into a hug. "Harry dear good morning and happy birthday!" she said pressing a kiss to his forehead.

A faint giggle that came from the large table caught his attention. He turned to see Ron and Hermione already starting on the breakfast that was laid out on the table. Sirius and Remus sat closer to the end, Remus reading the paper and Sirius going heartily after his food. He received a nod from the former and he returned with a great smile until Hermione got up and rushed to him.

"Oh Harry!" She exclaimed wrapping him in a hug, "Happy birthday!" Harry returned the hug noticing the watchful eye Ron was giving him.

"Ron," Harry acknowledge disentangling himself from Hermione.

"Happy birthday mate," Ron said as bits of biscuit flew out of his mouth.

"Ronald that is disgusting!" Hermione scolded as she sat back down, "How is your summer so far?"

"Really great, I'm so glad to be out of the Dursley's already," Harry returned as he sat beginning to pile food on his plate.

"I got your letter, I'm so proud you've done your homework," She beamed as she took a bite of toast.

"Probably going to fail anyway," Ron muttered off hand. At this Harry chucked part of his biscuit at his friend hitting him in the face.

"I am not," Harry defended, "What crawled up your arse and died?" he hissed in a voice low enough that Mrs. Weasley couldn't hear.

"Ronald is displeased because he learned a secret," Hermione said rolling her eyes.

"Oh really what's that?" Harry muttered with a mouthful of egg. Hermione looked all around the room before leaning and whispering something into his ear causing him to flush scarlet. This caught the attention of both Remus and Sirius.

"Please tell me you aren't considering it, Harry," Ron said almost pleading.

"I think it's cute," Hermione added.

"Don't worry, Ron," Harry said as he stuffed more food into his mouth.

"Any why not Harry, you should consider it," Hermione pushed as she finished her plate.

"Hermione I don't want to," Harry protested before falling silent.

"See, Hermione, I knew Harry would never betray me," Ron said triumphant before they began to bicker.

Harry finished his plate and walked it over to the sink were he was shooed away by a busy, but happy, looking Mrs. Weasley. She then scolded the others for not doing as Harry had and it was his birthday. The other two brought their plate to her before following Harry out. Ron wanted to see his room and Hermione wanted to see the library so he showed them around.

When they finished in his room he had heard the door open and shut several times announcing new arrivals. Ron was laying on his bed moaning about how amazing it felt, Hermione had spotted his homework and had taken to reviewing it. Harry only then noticed the small red package and picked it up. He saw Sirius' name on the tag and decided to save it for later if he was ever alone again. He slipped it into a drawer as he began trying to defend parts of his work to Hermione.

She finally gave up as they heard all the clocks begin striking noon. The three went down the stairs only to find the house deserted but people talking outside. Following the voices they wound up on the side of the house where there were several picnic tables and more people than Harry had expected. A little apprehensive to all the fuss over him at first it took a bit of encouragement before everything got comfortable.

Sirius smiled as he watched Harry and the other kids run around trying to splash water on one another. He hadn't really seen Harry act like a kid lately and it was good to see. He couldn't help but wonder what had been whispered in his ear a breakfast that had made him turn such a brilliant shade. Remus had dismissed it as nothing when he brought it up to him. Told him children were always going to talk in code, after all they had done it, and let Harry be for the day.

Harry threw himself down on one of the benches declaring himself 'out' as he tried to shake the water from his head. Fred and George had come and of course had instigated all of the trouble. The adults were carrying on with one another, for once though it didn't seem like they were talking about Order things but rather normal things, well as normal as wizarding things could be. As he was bent over shaking off his hair he caught sight of a pair of faded tennis sneakers standing in front of him. He slowly looked up seeing who they had belong to. Ginny was standing in front of him holding out a brown paper wrapped package. Suddenly the blush returned to his face.

"Happy birthday Harry!" She said all but stuffing the gift in his face.

"Hey Ginny," Harry said as he took it.

"Harry?" She asked looking confused as she saw the odd looking on his face.

"Can we go talk?" He asked standing and putting the package on the table.

"Sure," She said and let herself be led by Harry off behind a row of bushes, "Harry what's wrong?"

"Ginny, Hermione told me," Harry said placing a hand on his hot neck.

"Told you what?" Ginny asked looking thoroughly confused.

"She told me you," he stuttered and paused for a moment," Well she told me you, err, fancied me."

Ginny began to laugh out loud before throwing herself on the ground. "Oh Harry I knew she would jump to that conclusion." She said before grabbing his hand pulling him down. "Hermione asked me who I fancied," She began explaining, "I wouldn't tell her and she started guessing and since you two have some things in common she thought it was you I guess."

"So you don't fancy me?" Harry asked looking relieved.

"Harry, I love you but you're like Ron or any of my brothers." She said tossing a rock at him.

"So who do you fancy?" Harry inquired suddenly relaxed again.

"Promise you wont laugh?" Ginny asked looking sheepish and when Harry nodded she whispered out, "Neville."

"Oh Ginny, I love you," Harry said throwing his arms around her placing a kiss to her cheek.

Ginny giggled and returned the hug, "But you have to promise not to tell, I'm afraid of what Ron will do."

Harry swore as he leaned against Ginny playfully pushing her.

But what the two were not aware of was someone had been watching them. Sirius having spotted Harry and Ginny walking off hand in hand had found a moment where, he too could slip away. He came upon them just in time to hear Harry's declaration of love. His entire body shook with a mix of anger and hurt as he watch them talk in hushed tones. He stalked away quickly wanting nothing more to go inside and disappear for the rest of the day. He passed Remus on his way into the house and did nothing more than glower at him.

Harry and Ginny emerged from the bushes only to immediately rejoin the game. But before he knew it he was being called over to the largest table. On it was the biggest birthday cake he had seen, topped with sixteen maroon and gold candles. Harry laughed and blushed as everyone began singing to him. He inhaled deeply and managed to blow out the candles in one breath but as he looked up he noticed someone was missing. His eyes met Remus' who looked worried but simply shook his head. Too distracted by the sudden onslaught of clapping and questions being thrown at him Harry was thrown off of his silent inquiry.

As he ate his piece he realized why Sirius had tasted of strawberries the day before, under the vanilla icing sat the most delicious strawberry cake he had ever tasted. He smiled to himself as he ate unaware of the worried look Remus was throwing at the house as he tried to pretend nothing was wrong. After the cake came time to open the presents. Hermione had gotten him a new quill set and several books on Quidditch and dragons, Ron got him a brand new wizard's chess set, and the present from Ginny had been a Weird Sisters t-shirt. There were many other presents and he lost track quickly.

The day wound down slowly and most people had gone a little after the sun went down. The Weasley's and Hermione were staying the night before going back to the Burrow in the morning. Harry was thrilled but as they went back into the house he realized he hadn't seen Sirius again for the rest of the afternoon. He slipped out and began to search the house wondering what was wrong. It took almost a half house but he finally found him hold up in the attic looking miserable.

"Sirius?" Harry said softly as he walked towards him.

"What," Sirius snapped turning and glaring at him.

Harry suddenly felt as though he was only and inch tall with the way Sirius managed to tower him. "Are you okay?" He asked reaching to touch him.

Sirius snapped and hit away the hand, "Stay away from me," he spat as he shoved past Harry almost knocking him down as he left the attic.

Harry sat down in utter shock on the dusty floor. Sirius had never spoken to him like that, he sounded so angry. He couldn't understand what he'd done. As he thought on this several hot tears escaped his eyes and slid down his cheeks. He stood and ran down into his own room hoping no one had seen him. Throwing himself onto the bed he tried to stop the tears.

But someone had see his outburst. Ginny who had been coming up to ask Harry if he wanted to play a round of chess had been at the top of the stairs as he had run into his room. She could see the sadness on his face. She hesitated at his door before pushing it open and letting herself inside. She tiptoed to the bed and sat on the edge before placing her hand on Harry's back.

"Harry? Harry what's wrong?" She asked softly.

"Go away," Harry replied in a muffled voice as his face was still plastered into the bed.

"No," Ginny refused and continued to sit rubbing her hand in circles over his back.

After a few minutes of silence Harry had slightly regained his head. He turned it to look at Ginny whose face look so very worried. "Ginny if I tell you something can you keep it secret, you can't tell anyone not even Ron or Hermione?" he asked without even thinking.

"I promise, love" she agreed with a nod of her head.

"I was worried about you fancying me earlier because I'm in love," Harry began not exactly sure she would understand.

"Oh Harry who is it?" She asked beginning to understand what his tears were about.

"Please don't judge me," He said quietly only now beginning to wonder why he pouring out his soul to Ginny.

"Never," She said softly.

"It started with Sirius," Harry began, "I know it should be wrong but he's not like family you know? I didn't grow up with him. But somehow it grew to Remus. I don't know how but I love them, Gin. I love them so much."

Ginny smiled softly and ran her hand through his hair, "Do they know?" she wondered out loud.

"Yes," Harry nodded, "They, at least I thought they loved me."

"What happened?" Ginny asked looking very concerned now.

Harry told her about Sirius and his reaction. He began to cry again, the tears filling his eyes. He leaned into her hand when she placed it on his cheek. He realized now why he was telling her this. Ginny was never on to judge and she always seemed to think of ways to make things better again. She wasn't pushy or a know-it-all like Hermione could be, she simply cared.

"May you should talk to Remus, he didn't seem made during your party," She suggested as she stood. "I going to go before Ron thinks we're up to something"

Harry waved good bye to her as she left. He crawled up to the top of the bed and was about to pull back the covers when he remembered the small gift from Sirius. Hoping out of bed he padded to his desk pulling out the package from the drawer. He pulled the note from under the strings and read it.

Harry. You're sixteen and while I wish I had been around for your other birthdays you were right, something good did come from this. All I want is for you to have the best birthday ever. I couldn't be happier, and I love you.


Harry put down the note and pulled of the strings. Under the wrappings he found two small boxes that had been stack on one another. Inside the first held a small golden stag statue, it made Harry smile. When he first opened the smaller box he was confused as he pulled the object out. He looked at it a while before realizing it was half of a black onyx heart. There was another note at the bottom of the box which simply stated "Remus has the other half." This made the tears pour from his eyes wondering if he truly deserved this gift.

Harry place the gifts back on his desk before crawling into the bed.

Harry woke to voices the next morning. He dragged himself from bed, not bothering to pretend as though he had bothered to wear other clothes. He went downstairs and didn't really eat the hearty breakfast Mrs. Weasley had set before him. He played with it until the rest of them appeared with their bags packed. He followed them out into the hall as they gathered for goodbyes. He gave the appropriate hugs and thank you's. Only Ginny shot him a worried look as she walked out the door. He watched the car pull away before turning and walking into the library leaving Remus to himself in the hall.

He pulled a random book of the shelf and sat in one of the chair hoping to look busy. Remus walked into the room and sighed. He wasn't sure what was going on now but he was about to bash his head into a wall with these two. Harry was always the best to start with, more willing to talk usually.

"Harry," Remus said softly as he sat across from him, "Harry what's going on?"

Harry looked up and then back down at the book. "Ask him," he hissed into the pages.

"Ask him what?" Remus continued in his soft tone a little started by the voice.

"Why he yelled at me. Or perhaps why he shoved me," Harry answered though his voice had lost the venom. He was desperately fighting the tears that wanted to spill.

Remus was taken aback by what Harry had accused. He stood and quickly made for the stairs but as he turned to leave the room he caught sight of the tears streaming silently. He bolted up the stairs and angrily threw open the door to his room finding Sirius moping on the bed. Slamming the door he pointed at the man and growled "What did you do to him?"

Sirius jumped first at the voice and then the anger in Remus' eyes. He quickly forgot his fear and retorted, "What is he accusing me of."

"Did you shove him?" Remus asked stalking to the bed his anger level way above control.

Sirius winced slightly worried of what was going to happen, "He's using us!" he shouted standing.

"Sirius Black!" Remus all but screamed, "Did. You. Shove. Him?" he asked again.

"So what if I did? He's fucking using us" Sirius growled though intimidated by the werewolf.

"How is he using us? How in the world could he be using us?" Remus asked resisting the urge to slug him.

"I saw him and the Weasley girl, he was kissing on her and telling her he loved her!" Sirius shouted before slamming his fist into the bed post.

Remus paused wondering what planet Sirius was from but when he realized how… serious the man was being he was confused. "I truly doubt you saw what you think you did," he said lowering his voice.

"Oh yeah? I'm absolutely crazy about making shit like this up," Sirius said seething.

"Sirius he has been crying what looks to be all night," Remus said with a sigh, "Maybe you should ask him what you saw." And with that Remus grabbed the other man's hand and dragged him down the stairs to the library. Sirius' heart panged when he saw that Harry had indeed been crying. He suddenly felt sick, but he couldn't ignore what he saw.

"Harry," Remus spoke as he pushed Sirius into the chair.

Harry wouldn't look up and he simply muttered, "What?"

"Sirius says you are in love with Ginny and were kissing her," Remus repeated realizing he was probably the only sane one.

"What?" Harry yelled looking up, "He's fucking lying!"

Remus had the sense of mind to step between the two men as they both stood.

"Lying? You think doing it behind bushes is going to keep people from seeing?" Sirius spat suddenly regaining his anger.

Harry growled and Remus also had the sense of mind to duck when he saw the fist clench. The next thing he saw was Sirius' head turn strangely as the fist made contact with his jaw.

"You fucking prat!" Harry screamed trying to lunge at Sirius but being once again restrained by Remus. "You think I was snogging her?" he yelled.

Remus contemplated for a moment letting the two after one another and just letting them go until blood was drawn. Instead he sighed, "Tell me Harry, what did Sirius see?"

"She was telling me she didn't fancy me," Harry said calming slightly. "She was telling me Hermione was wrong and that she was in love with Neville. I kissed her cheek because I was so relieved I didn't have to ruin a friendship." He explained, "And yes I said I love her but she's like my little sister."

Sirius suddenly went pale as he sunk into the chair realizing Harry was telling the truth. He felt sick again and stupid as well. "Oh Harry I'm so sorry," he said.

Remus let go when he felt the tension leave Harry. "You two are so, impulsive!" He yelled throwing his hands in the air.

"Harry I'm so sorry," Sirius repeated before standing, "Oh God, I'm sorry." He said reaching for the younger man.

Harry stepped forward into the hug feeling bad for the rapidly grow bruise on Sirius' jaw. "I'm sorry," Harry echoed.

Remus sighed and fell into a chair, "I'm just giving up," he murmured exhaustedly. He was never going to have a moments peace with these two irrational men.