Everyone was staring at Kurt as they waited for him to speak. His eyes were on his plate, mine on Finn. I didn't have to right to accuse him of anything, but I knew that something was very suspicious about the way he was acting and putting Kurt into this type of situation. From what Kurt had told me about Finn, he was sweet and caring and a little oblivious. Finn was supposed to have a big heart and he was supposed to be supportive; why was he being anything but that now?

"Well?" Burt pushed, his eyes glued on his son.

Kurt sighed and looked at his father. "I haven't been going to school. I never even applied to Ohio State like I told you I did."

Burt opened his mouth but closed it and shook his head. "I don't even know what to say."

Carole reached out towards Kurt and I leaned back in my chair, almost as if I'd just disappear completely. "Sweetie, why did you lie?"

"Because we couldn't afford it, Carole. Me going to college? We didn't have the money at the time."

"I thought you said that you'd gotten a loan?" Burt butted in.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "And when would I have that paid off, Dad? College loans are the worst. I already owe you guys so much for Dalton and I figured that if I had a job then I could just pay you guys back sooner rather than later."

"Kurt, we told you don't have to pay us back," Carole stated, her hand finding Kurt's. He looked at her and shook his head.

"Where are you living, Kurt? With Puck?" Burt asked.

"Yes. Noah's been extremely generous. He and I share an apartment and we work together and even though it's not really an ideal situation, I'm dealing."

"Where are you working?" Quinn asked, intrigued at the scene playing out in front of her.

Kurt didn't respond. He only looked down and sniffled a bit. I put my hand on his knee and squeezed it. He looked up, eyes wet and wide with fright.

"Tell them," he said to me. "Please."

"You have to do it," I whispered.

He shook his head. "Please."

I looked away from him and met his father's eyes. They were practically the same color, except his blue was more dull and tired.

"Have you ever heard of Fire and Ice?" I asked.

"Never," he replied.

I blinked and sighed. "It's a club."


"It's a...strip club..."

Silence. Long, horrible, tense and suffocating silence. I could feel Kurt gripping onto my hand with dear life as we waited for a response.

"You're a stripper, Kurt?" Carole asked, her voice shocked but not disgusted.

"Yeah. I make about two-hundred a night, minus the tips. I've applied to other places, anywhere but strip-clubs, but no one is hiring and..." Burt stopped him with the sound of his throat clearing.

"Didn't you say you came into money recently?" he asked.

Kurt blinked and he squeezed my hand again. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"The end of last month. You came into the shop with a brand new car. You said Grandma sent you money, but I called her and she said she didn't. I let it slide because you're a big boy, but where'd you get the money for a new car, because I sure as hell know that you didn't get it using stripper money."

"I gave it to him," I stuttered. Burt's eyes snapped to me. "Kurt told me he was having money problems and I gave him the money."

"How much?"

"Ten grand."

"You're lying!" Finn butted in.

"No, I'm not," I said, feeling very confused. "I gave Kurt that amount."

"Not that! Why you gave him the money."

"Shut up, Finn," Kurt hissed.

"What's going on, boys?" Carole asked.

"Nothing," Kurt replied. "I think Blaine and I are going to go."

"I disagree," said Burt. "All of you are going to come clean. No more lies. What's going on?"

"I'm not going to tell you," Kurt said to his father. "Not now and not ever. I'm an adult. I live on my own and I sure as hell don't need any of you to boss me around and judge me. I've had enough of that my entire life."

"If you're putting yourself in danger I'm going to stop you," his father stated. "You're still my son and whether you like it or not, you're going to tell me everything."

"Tell them," I whispered to Kurt.

"Blaine..." he began, pain in his voice and panic in his eyes. "I can't."

"But you have to."

"Then I want to do it alone. Could everyone excuse me and my parents, please."

Quinn got up quickly, tugging at Finn to do the same. I gave Kurt another squeeze and kissed his forehead before I got up. I hated to leave him alone, but I wasn't going to push him anymore. I stared at Finn's back as he walked out of the dining room. We ended up in the living room and I took a seat on the couch. Finn took a seat in the recliner and Quinn muttered something about the bathroom and left. I stared at the carpet and Finn stared at me. My palms began to sweat as he continued to look.

"What are you doing?" he asked me. I looked up and questioned him silently. "You're a sick fuck, you know that?"

"I'm very aware of who I am, but what are you talking about?"

"You don't think I know?" he asked, seeming overly disgusted.

"Know what?" I hissed.

"Vegas! I know what happened in Vegas!"

I narrowed my eyes. "Nothing-"

"Don't give me that. Sam told me everything."

"Sam? Evans?"

He nodded. "How old are you, Blaine? Thirty?"

"Twenty-six," I replied in a harsh tone.

"My brother just barely turned twenty-one and you're acting like he's five years older than you. You do realize that Kurt's never been in a relationship before, right? He'd probably never even had sex with a guy until you forced him to it."

"I did not force him to do anything he didn't want to do. Don't even play that card."

"What's your game? What is that you want from Kurt?"

I shook my head. "I don't want anything from Kurt. He and I are in a relationship. That's it."

"Do you love him?" he asked me then.

"Of course I do."

He smiled. "You love Sam?"

"Loved. Not anymore. And I don't understand how in the world you and Sam are connected, but if he has any problems he should say them to my face. It's so despicable that he'd go to my father and tell him."

"It was my idea," he stated.


"Kurt doesn't love you. I hope you know this."

I glared. "Shut up."

"Your money is all he wants. You think he actually loves you?"

"He does love me!" I spat back.

"He's playing you!" Finn shouted back.

I felt my hands ball into fists at my sides and my jaw clench.

"Take it back," I said through my teeth.

"I'm just trying to let you know before you do something stupid...before he does something stupid."

"Why the fuck do you care? Honestly? Obviously you and Kurt aren't that close. What does it matter what he and I do? It's not your business."

He laughed. "It is my business. He's my brother. We're family."

"Finn!" Kurt hissed. He stampeded into the living room, his hands on his hips. Carole and Burt were ensue, both of them looking just as confused as I felt. "What do you know?"

Finn glared at me one last time as he pulled himself onto his feet.

"He knows about Vegas," I stated.

"Good, then we're all on the same page," Kurt sighed.

I looked up at him. "You told them?"




I met the eyes of Burt Hummel and boy oh boy it was awkward.

"You met my son at a strip club?" Burt asked me.

I put my face into my hands and groaned a bit, causing the group to chuckle. Except for Finn, but right now I was too busy not punching him.

"Dad, Mom, can you go away for a bit? I need to talk to Finn," Kurt said. I heard them all agreeing and the sound of feet walking against the carpet. I still had my face hiding in my hands and didn't take them out until I felt Kurt's arm go around my waist. I pulled my hands away and met his eyes. He grinned and then looked at Finn, who was back in the recliner and staring at us.

"How'd you find out?" Kurt asked.

"Blaine's old boyfriend," he answered.

Kurt nodded. "I knew Sam was behind this."

"I don't think it was just Sam, though," I responded. "We were very careful of the things we said to him. How could he have found out the exact details?"

Kurt looked at Finn, and then I looked. He only shrugged. Then it dawned on me. Sam didn't know the exact details of what happened in Vegas, but someone else did...make that two someones.

"Excuse me," I said then, quickly getting off the couch. I avoided eye contact with the two, mostly because I knew they'd be suspicious. I made my way down the hall and stepped out the front door, making sure I was a good distance from the house until I pulled out my cell phone.

"You're alive!" David answered, his voice full of sarcasm.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, I am. But I can't say the same for you or your bestest friend Wes."

"What are you talking about?" he asked with a sigh.

"Sam told my dad. He also told Kurt's brother, but the funny thing is there's no way Sam could have known exactly what happened...unless some one else had told him. I willingly let you and Wes in on what happened. And as my best friends, I expected you guys to keep your mouth shut. You want to tell me why I shouldn't come over and punch you both in the face?"

"Hey, I didn't say anything!" David exclaimed.


"I wouldn't know. He and I, well, we haven't been talking as much as we used to. I think something's up."

"What do you mean?" I asked, completely taken aback.

"He's talking to Tiffany again, and something tells me that things aren't going well. He didn't show up for work today, or yesterday. I figured he was with you maybe, but I saw him at a Starbucks on my way home."

I ran a hand through my hair. I didn't have time to deal with this right now. "Fuck. Um. I'll figure something out..."

"Good luck. He's ignoring his phone. Do you know how much hell I've been through with you two this week? Maybe I have my own problems? Maybe I need my best friends. Maybe I'm having a meltdown."

"Yeah, yeah. Because life must be horrible with your supermodel girlfriend and job and parents who actually give a shit about you," I patronized. "I'll call you later and fix the Wes thing."

"Don't you just need to go back in your bed or something? Mope and shit about your boyfriend."

"Actually, for your information, I'm at his house right now. I'm meeting the 'rents."

"I do not envy you," he scoffed.

"Me either," I replied.

"Well, go get back to them and call me later and we'll both figure out what's happening to Wes."

"Roger that."

I went back inside Kurt's house and made my way to the living room. I came to a slow yield when I heard whispering.

"I don't like him, Kurt. He seems like such an arrogant prick," Finn said.

"You don't get to make a call in this," Kurt hissed back.

"I do! I'm your brother and he's a jerk and you need to find someone better."

"For the past two years you've treated me like a pariah. Now you want to come into my life and tell me who I can and can't love?"

I stepped into the room. "Why is that?" I asked.

The two looked up at me, moving a part from each other. Finn had been standing over Kurt, his arms crossed. Kurt was glaring at the taller man, his finger shoving against Finn's chest. Now the two were on opposite sides of the room, realizing that I had heard what they were saying.

"Why is what?" Kurt asked, fixing his shirt as he tried to diffuse the tension he could find.

"Why are you and Finn like this? Obviously you two were close at some point in your life, but now it's like you hate each other."

"I don't hate Kurt," Finn replied.

"And I don't hate Finn," added Kurt.

I shrugged. "Then what's going on? Why all this animosity towards each other. I know it's none of my business, but going from not having a sibling to having one, I know what that's like. And sure, she's a brat and I want to slap some sense into her sometimes, but I still love my sister and I would hate it if there was something destroying our relationship."

Finn cocked his head to the side. "I didn't know you had a sister."

"There's a lot you don't know about Blaine, Finn," Kurt said as he walked to my side. He put his arm around my waist and smiled at me. "He's a really decent guy, and I think you'd really like him if you weren't so transfixed on making him into a bad guy."

"I suppose so, but it doesn't change the fact that you whore'd yourself out to him," Finn turned his eyes on me, "or that he'd be willing to let you whore yourself out."

Kurt sighed and sat on the couch. I followed him, only because I knew that he just wanted to end this now rather than later. Finn refused to sit, instead he just wandered near the mantel of the fire place and began to fondle whatever objects were there.

"Things haven't been easy for me, Finn," Kurt began, sighing. "Stripping is so below myself, but I do it because it gets me money. And yes, I know, there are other jobs, but in case you haven't noticed, I'm not qualified for a decent job."

"You had a chance to go to college," Finn replied.

"It seems that way, but I never did. Dalton had taken all the money this family has had, and I know that's why you have all this resentment towards me. You had to work for that scholarship, and you worked so hard that I thought you were going to break, Finn. You threw everything away just so you could have a future. Rachel...you loved her more than anything, and you let her go so you could make a better life for all of us. Glee Club, friends, me. You gave up everything that meant anything to you just so you could work hard at school and football so you could be someone."

I had no idea. Finn didn't seem like the type of person who would really care about where his life would go. And it was what Kurt what saying, a slight tremor in his hands, that made Finn a hero of mine. It was only one minute previous that I wanted to punch him, and now I wanted to shake his hand.

Kurt's lips tried to make a smile, but they remained in a tight line. "You're amazing, Finn. You've sacrificed so much, and I know I have no right in asking more from you, but please, let this go. Hate me all you want, but don't hate the choices I make or the people I love."

"I don't hate you, Kurt! Fuck. I don't...I'm just..." Kurt's step-brother searched for the words he wanted to say, but none came to him.

"I love you, Finn. You're one of the most important person in my life and I'd really like to fix this." Kurt turned and looked at me. He reached for my hand and pulled it into his lap and turned his eyes back to the man standing. "I'm quitting my job. I'm going to find a real one, finish up saving every cent I make for college and then I'll get a better job and I'll buy you everything you could have ever dreamed of. I'll make all this up to you."

"Really?" I heard myself ask.

Kurt looked back at me and nodded. "You hate my job more than I do."

I smiled back. "I know you probably wouldn't like it, but I'm sure I can give you the money you need."

"Not this time. I want to earn it." Had I been a little less in happy-town, I would have detected that Kurt's tone implied something other than him having a job to get money.

"I don't care about any of that," Finn said then. We looked at him, and he had his hands in his pockets. "I don't care about you trying to make my dreams come true, or Mom's or Dad's. I don't care if you go to college."

"Then what do you care about?" Kurt asked.

"I care if you're happy, Kurt. I didn't resent you because you went to Dalton. I resented you because you gave up."

"I don't understand."

"Karofsky pushed you away, and you let him. And when our parents suggested that you go back to McKinley, even though Karofsky was still bullying, you let them. You came back to McKinley and you let yourself disappear and you just became a body. Sure, I was involved in my thing and I hadn't done anything about it, but you didn't make an effort anymore, Kurt. It's like someone took your soul."

Kurt let out a breathy laugh. "I only ever wanted to make things convenient for others, even if it went against everything that I was."

"You went back to McKinley?" I asked, but then I recalled the graduation picture. Dalton's gowns were more exuberant and bold.

"I did, even though I didn't want to. I was aware that my parents were literally killing themselves trying to make sure they paid tuition in time, and I knew that eventually I had to come back."

"Even though you had a bully who wanted to kill you?" I shook my head. Unbelievable.

"Yes. But I'm alive." He turned his attention back to Finn. "So you hate me for letting myself be pushed around?"

He shrugged. "That, and for not caring anymore. I saw your report cards. It's like when you left Dalton, you left your heart there, too."

"Dalton was my sanctuary; I had friends there and teachers who challenged me and I didn't have to worry about being thrown in dumpsters."

"Boys," Carole said then, stepping into the living room. "Sorry for interrupting, but Quinn's ready to go home."

Finn nodded and started for the doorway, but Kurt asked him to wait. He let go of my hands and stepped over my feet as he made his way to Finn. Before I knew it, he had his arms wrapped around him and the two shared an embrace. It was quick but very meaningful. Kurt pulled away and smiled at his step-brother and Finn nodded before he left the room. Carole raised an eyebrow but followed her son.

Kurt turned back at me and shrugged. "Family."

"Yeah, I've got my own."

He laughed and I stood up. I walked over and pulled him into a hug. My head rested on his shoulder and I inhaled.

"You're short," he stated.

"I know."

"But you're cute."

"I'd say the same about you."

"What should we do now?" asked Kurt.

I shrugged. "I guess I should go. I feel as if I've caused too much family drama for tonight."

"I don't want you to leave."

I stood straight and kissed him. "I'd take you with me, but I think you probably should stay and continue on all these lovely conversations with your loved ones."

"What are you going to do?"

My thoughts flickered back to the phone call I had with David. "Wes is having some problems, and I have to go save the day."

"My hero," he laughed.

"Walk me to my car?"

He nodded and intertwined our hands, our fingers lapping over each other. Outside Finn was backing out of the driveway. Quinn waved to us and I waved back.

"Do you think everything is going to be okay?" he asked me once we made it to the driver's side of my car.

"Of course. Look at us, we're okay."

"We are, aren't we? And just today you looked like everyone you knew had died and you'd lost your razor." His hand came up and cupped my cheek, slightly tapping the smooth skin there.

"Not being with you feels like that." I put my hand over his. "But you really need to work on the whole facial hair thing. Shaving is a pain."

"I'll think about it, but for now, what's next?"

I thought it over for a moment, bringing his hand down from my face and putting it in between us.

"Let's go somewhere. But this time with no terms and rules. Let's just go for us," I said.

"You spoil me, Mr. Anderson," he replied, leaning in to kiss me.

"Someones got to revive the inner diva in you, don't you think?" I kissed him back, pushing him against the car door as my body molded against him. He threw his arms around my neck and I kept my hands glued to his waist. He opened my mouth and wiggled his tongue in and I easily matched his advances.

I heard a door open and I snapped my eyes to the sound, only to see Burt standing in the doorway, arms crossed and a red face. I stopped kissing Kurt and stepped away from him. Kurt looked puzzled until he realized what was cockblocking us.

"I'll see you later," Kurt replied, kissing me once more before he made his way to his dad. I waved goodbye, only receiving a wave back from Kurt. Without much hesitation, I got into my car and drove away.

Now, the last thing I wanted to do was take myself out of a tense atmosphere and throw myself into another. But being Wes' best friend meant that I had an obligation, and I wasn't about to let him down. And luckily for me Wes made me the keeper of his spare key, so when he didn't answer the door I had a way to get in without breaking the door down.

He was in his bed, sleeping, and I wondered why it was that when either he and were depressed we'd find sanctuary in a bed. I snapped on his light and called out his name. He groaned and woke up, his brown eyes finding me.

"What the hell? What are you doing?" he asked, nearly yelling.

"Wes, you're in so much trouble," I said to him.

"I don't care. Go away."

I kicked off my shoes and jumped onto his bed and proceeded to jump until he got so annoyed that he'd wriggle around and I'd "accidentally" trip over his leg and fall on top of him. After a minute or so of wrestling, I had successfully gotten Wes out of his bed.

"What do you want?" he asked. "I was sleeping."

"So you've been playing hooky from life, too? I know why I've been depressed, but why are you?"

He shrugged. "Life just sucks right now. And I'm not depressed, I'm just taking a bit of time to sort things out."

"David would say otherwise," I stated. "Apparently you've been ignoring him."

"That's because he likes to think he controls my life."

"This is about Tiffany?" I questioned, feeling my eyebrow raise.

Wes scrunched his nose. "Yes. And I want to stab myself because of that."

"David hates her, you know. So do I, not that my opinion matters."

"I know. And I hate her, too. But God, I love her."

"She's a slut. She cheated on you. And I'm pretty sure she can't even consume a real meal anymore," I said.

"Can we not talk about her? What are you doing here?"

I sighed and sat on his bed. "Why did you tell Sam about what happened in Vegas?"

Wes stiffened and his eyes fell to the ground. "I was mad."

"About what?" I was super pissed at this point, but I knew that lashing out at Wes wouldn't do any good.

"About what you were doing. It wasn't you, and I think you went off the rails and when I ran into Sam at the hotel that one morning, I guess I was just so upset with you that I didn't filter anything."

I nodded and stood up.

"Don't be mad at me, Blaine. I know what I did was fucked up and everything."

"You're my best friend, Wes. You've been there for a lot of rough moments in my life, David too. And I would love to forgive you for this, but not only did you put everything at risk for me, but you did so with Kurt." I pushed my sleeves up to my elbows, only to give me something to do with my hands other than what I actually wanted to do. "Did you know that Sam told Kurt's brother?"

Wes shook his head. Of course not.

"I've had a hectic day. Not only did Kurt and I almost officially break up, he told me some things that I wasn't ready to hear about myself. I met his family, too. A lot of things were revealed tonight, and it really sucks that my best friend would do something so shitty."

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

I nodded. "I'm going to try and forgive you, Wes. I've made mistakes that have affected you before."

He let out a single laugh. "The taco party."

I nodded. "The taco party. Had I known that it was supposed to be a meat-free shindig, I wouldn't have done it."

"My mom banished you from our house."

"How was I supposed to know that someone would get upset about the fact that tacos had beef in them and would throw them into the swimming pool?"

We both let out a laugh, remembering that summer day when we were fifteen.

"I'll make it up to you," Wes said.

I nodded. "I know."

"It's good to see you not on the brink of suicide," he declared then.

I narrowed my eyes. "I wasn't on the brink of suicide. I was just really sad and miserable."

"I'm guessing that you two are pretty in love then."

I couldn't help but smile then. "Pretty is an understatement. We're beautifully in love."

"And cheesy."

"Like the tacos."

He rolled his eyes. "Like the tacos."

The End.

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