True Insanity
A dark knight watches as the earth is stained red. Constant flashbacks running through his head.
Haunting laughter fills the air, igniting sparks of madness everywhere.
Madness like a disease spreads with ease through this city.
Corruption and greed are its fuel, insanity is its tool.
On the surface this city gleams, underneath, its citizens scream.
With crime and corruption this city falls, its citizens lives crushed beneath it all.
A madness disguised with happiness and fear leaves citizens close to tears, their own realities their very fears.
They turn to madness, such sweet bliss. Their lives in shambles, crushed to bits.
Here a dark knight watches and protects, listening as madness claims its prey, secretly wishing he could be free one day.
His one true love beyond his reach, stolen away by the night's beseech.
A Jester laughs as if it's all in fun, this city thinking it has him on the run.
He laughs as he gazes upon this city, the lives of millions he sees as a pity.
His face clown white in a permanent grin, a curse of sorts for all his sin.
He bears this curse as a mark, a joke of sorts in a world so dark.
He spreads pain and misery, attempting to make people see true insanity.
He says life's a joke; the jokes on us, our lives are pathetic. Where's the rush?
The caped crusader shakes and grabs, trying to convince this man that he's gone mad.
The Jester laughs and says not I. Others squander and waste their time. I live life and I feel fine.
The knight aghast tells this Joker that this city still stands.
The Jester sneers and looks away. And I thought I was the fool today.
Look at this city! It stands in ruins! Its citizens scream and fight for nothing.
They live and dream of a better place. But look around you! Just look at this place!
Our caped crusader here you stand. Have you no reason to be the Batman?
You fight and struggle but all in vain for corruption and greed swim through this city's veins!
Madness is life, life is madness!
Our lives are squandered on pity and pride, we barely laugh, we barely cry. And you say that I am mad!
If so this city is mad to, even you my fair dark knight should see no reason why we fight.
We both see the corruption we only see it in a different light.
I see a savage city of cons and fools. All the others simply follow the rules.
You see my dark knight; madness is merely our way of life.
If you don't see that, your life is merely strife.
Go ahead! Cut me free! And I'll show you true insanity.