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I know I'm supposed to get their acceptance and all, but I have no idea of who "they" are or where I am. I want to go back to Camp Half-Blood, but that won't happen anytime soon. Hera must have some sort of plan. How come I have never heard or seen any of these demigods before, or this other camp for that sake.

Percy sighed as he saw the landscape flow away outside the window of the car. Reyna had been very quiet since they started driving, but he didn't think too much of it she seemed like a girl that had a lot on her mind at all times.

Let's see what I know about these people. They are acknowledging the gods in their roman names, and my father told me to call my self a son of Neptune, his roman name. I don't think I got anything to worry about from anyone of these guys, well this Reyna might be a problem she's powerful and probably got quite a few aces up her sleeve.

He was pretty sure he was far from New York, after he got into the car they had driven for a couple of hours straight north. Time to start asking questions I guess.

"So tell me something err.. Reyna. Were still in America yea? And how did you know how to find me where you did?" He looked over at her, her face had an unreadable expression.

She looked quickly over at him and seeing he was looking at her with a sad but stern face, his sea green eyes staring right into her soul.

She looked back to the road and said in a low voice

"We are still in America yes, California to be exact. We're going to camp where I will present you to Lupa our guardian. The camp is just north of San Francisco. As to how I knew where to look for you was because Juno came to me in a dream to look there after a person who was lost, and to take some warriors incase something happened."

Percy nodded, it made sense.

"You don't seem to take this news weirdly, but I guess you're pretty used to it."

Percy turned and smiled at her

"Yea, I am. In fact I'm probably more used to it then any demigod ever."

He didn't say more, but he knew she was getting more and more curious as of whom he was.

They drove into a multi floored garage and parked at the roof. Percy could see The Golden Gate Bridge in the distant but didn't say anything as his eyes landed on Mount Tam. His eyes darkened as he looked at the mountain and the memories of earlier events there rushed to the front of his mind.

"That's Mt. Tam we fought a great battle there earlier this year when we tried and succeeded in destroying Saturn's throne. And Jason our leader son of Jupiter single handedly defeated the titan Krios."

"Yea, I've been there. Wait you said you destroyed Mt. Tam? From what I heard it just crumbled when Kronos fell."

Her eyes darkened.

"Why do you say Kronos, that's his Greek name they are no longer used. And what you mean to say you were at Mt. Tam? No one was allowed up there, not even now."

"That my dear is something I'm not allowed to tell you as of now. I will tell you in time." Percy looked away and back onto Reyna, the others standing on the other side of the roof bye a stable. Wait stable, they must be using the mist to cower it I guess.

"I'm guessing we're flying the rest of the way?"

She looked at him again, her eyes had such a glow to it they nearly made Percy's knees buckle but he managed him self as she simply walked away.

He took one last glance at Mt. Tam before joining them over at the stables where they had already brought out 6 pegasi.

When he got over there all 6 pegasi bowed there heads and simultaneously said, My Lord, it's a pleasure seeing you! Did you bring sugar cubes for us?

"Of course I always got some on me" Percy said smiling as all the pegasi walked over to him leaving the demigods standing staring.

He plucked up some sugar cubes from his pocket and handed one each to the pegasi as he patted them on the head.

"So which of you will I have the honor of riding?"

Any one of us you will my lord! They all said.

"Mkaaay let me rephrase. Which of you was I supposed to carry me?"

I was my lord. A beautiful white mare that walked gracefully past him and stood still behind him.

"I'm sure we will meet again" he said to the other pegasi as they returned to the others. He turned around looking at the beautiful horse in front of him. He put his hand on her neck asking. "So what is your name, you are magnificent."

Bellona is my name my lord, but call me Bella. The horse shivered in excitement as he got onto her back stroking her neck. "I know a big heroic pegasi I'm sure would be excited meeting you sometime Bella. He is one of my best friends." He looked at the others still standing on the ground beside there pegasi looking at him as if he was mad.

"So... you talk to horses?" The girl named Halley asked with an unmistakable tone of sarcasm. She was startled thou when the pegasi beside her pushed her with its head so she fell to the ground.

"Yes I do, they are after all my relatives" He smiled down at her, "Are we going or not?"

"We are going, right now as a matter of fact" Reyna looked closely at him before mounting and soaring to the sky. The others following close behind.

"You know the way to camp don't you?" Percy asked Bella quietly as she took off.

Yes my lord.

"Good, then let's see what kind of flying you can do eh Bella?" She let out a little sound which he took as a chuckle. I was waiting for you to ask! She flapped her wings harder and faster and flew straight up between Gwen and the boy named Bobby.

Bella went into a loop circling the rest of them, and Percy shouted out in joy before they straightened up and flew straight past them.

"Wait up Percy!" he heard Reyna shouting behind him. He didn't care he was really enjoying flying with Bella she reminded him so much of Blackjack back home.

The ride was over way to quickly for Percy's taste as they landed in a clearing in the woods beside a cave which had an aura around it which Percy couldn't place.

He waited nearly 15minutes on the ground before the others joined him, they all had an angry and annoyed look on their faces as they dismounted. The two boys, Bobby and Dakota, took the reins of the horses except Bella's as it was clear she would not leave Percy's side until he commanded her away.

This left Percy hiding halfway behind Bella as the looks those girl gave him was more then he could stand. Halley looked like she wanted to chop him into little pieces with a blunt axe. Gwen like she was seriously thinking about using him as a needle cushion for her arrows. And Reyna was glaring at him like she wanted to vaporize him at the spot.

He chuckled a bit when Bella said kind of sarcastic; If looks could kill...

"What are you laughing about Jackson?" Reyna spat as she said his name

"Nothing, never mind" he said quickly straightening his face.

"Good, I really hope Madame Lupa will decide on eating you. But I hope she will give me the honor of killing you first. Now follow me." Damn she was mad so she just followed her after sending Bella away to rest. Gwen and Halley following close behind him their hands on their swords.

When he entered he was amazed of how big this cave was. It was huge. His eyes finally landed on a big wolf, at least 3 times as big as a normal wolf, sitting on the cave floor waiting on them.

The Girls knelt down in front of the wolf as Reyna spoke.

"Madame Lupa, as you know we went on a quest after I had the dream of Juno telling me to find a boy. We were hoping to find Jason, but what we found was only this guy. I will let him introduce him self but I must say that he is rude and can't follow orders." The girls continued to kneel as the She-Wolf got up on all four.

Percy bowed his head before looking up at Lupa.

"My name is Perseus Jackson Son of Neptune. More I can not say since Juno herself has commanded it."

Lupa growled loudly.

"I'm afraid of what your presence here means Perseus but I know from where you come from and I do not like your kind."

She looked at him with black eyes before motioning to the girls to stand up.

"Reyna, please show Percy around camp and get him settled at the Neptune cabin. His tests will begin this evening." She turned her face to Percy "As for now Perseus, I will not feed you to my pups. And if you survive your tests I will consider again if you are worthy of the Roman army or not. Now leave my presence..." The others were on their way out and Percy was following when he heard the She-Wolf hissing "...Greek."