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Haku X Naruto



Haku casually walked throughout the woods looking for the herbs he needed when he came across a boy ing orange crying while punching the dirt. Haku slowly hid behind a bush, trying to listen in on what was bothering the orange clad ninja.

"Why? Why? Why must everyone hate me? why must everyone think i'm just a waste of space?1 Damn you Kakshi-teme, dame you Sasuke-teme, and screw you Sakura! All I want is someone to look at me with love not hate!", the collapsed and started sobbing.

Haku frowned and walked up to the boy and put a hand on his shoulder. The boy looked up at Haku who said, "Follow me." the boy was confused. You would be too if a total stranger came up and told you to follow them. Deciding that his so called 'teammates' and 'sensei' wouldn't care the boy followed him. Soon they came to a medium sized hut. Inside was just a kitchen, bathroom, and a rather large bed room.

"Um, why did you bring me here miss…", Haku giggled, "My name is Haku, I saw you crying in the woods and decided to bring you here. Please go into the bedroom, I'll bring you some tea."

"So will you tell me why you were crying in the woods Naru-kun?", Naruto held his head down cast. "My village hates me, my teammates and sensei hate me. The only people that even remotely like me is the Hokage, the ramen stand people, and this one weird blue haired girl in my age group. Everyone else treats me like worse than any famous missing nin. Just before going into the woods my sensei said that I'm not worth his time, and he had to train the Teme. When I asked Sakura if she would like to spar.

She slapped me saying I was harassing her, It's all because the stupid fur ball is in me. I just wish someone would love me." tears streaming down his face.

A little while later after Naruto and Haku drank their tea Haku got up and locked the bedroom door. This put Naruto on edge, "Um Haku why did you lock the door?"

Haku smirked, "So that no one will bother us, I saw the same pain in your eyes that I once had. And right now I want to take away that pain." Haku slowly crawled onto the bed towards Naruto. The boy was a little scared right now but for some reason he couldn't move his body. He could only watch as Haku got closer and closer until their lips latched onto each other. 'Oh my Kami I can't believe this is happening, her lips are so soft'

Naruto subconsciously wrap'd his arms around Haku's neck and pulled him in closer. Haku licked the boys bottom lip requesting entrance, to which Naruto willingly gave. Soon their tongues were battling for control, after awhile Haku won. They continued for what seemed hours. Soon Naruto was moaning into the kiss, then all of the sudden Haku trust his hips forward, grinding into Naruto's body. Naruto's eyes widened 'She is a HE!'

After a quick argument within his head Naruto decided to go with the flow, 'Its better than no one loving me at all' was his ultimate thought. He closed his eyes and continued to make-out with the boy on top of him. Haku slowly grabbed the hem of the blond's jacket lifting it upper his body. Haku marveled at the well toned body that was Naruto, after taking off the mash top as well Haku started kissing Naruto's neck and massaging the boy's sides and abs.

Naruto groaned as he felt Haku's hard shaft through the boys pink kimono, all the while his own got hard. Haku smirked as he felt Naruto's hard on, 'he's pretty big for his age, Haku thrust again getting the desired effect of a moan. Haku and the boy continued to kiss and message each other. then Naruto got impatient and licked Haku's earlobe, causing him to gasp in a mini orgasm and shudder.

"Naru-chan that was mean.", Haku whined backing away while taking off his kimono leaving him in only his boxers. Naruto started to drool at the sight of Haku's beautiful pale skin. Following his example Naruto stripped down to his fox covered boxers. Haku giggled at the sight of the boxers and the boys hard rod poking its head out. Haku lean'd back against a pile of pillows, taking off his boxers. Naruto gazed at the rock hard penis in all its glory.

"Now Naru-chan you'll have to wet this cock really well before I give you what you want ok.", Naruto crawled over kissing his new lover, lowering to his jaw bone to his neck. He started to nibble and suck his way down the boys body, sucking on the pert nipples really turn Haku on. He continued down to Haku's bellybutton and then to his cock, inch's from his face. "come on Naru-chan show me what you can do."

All Naruto could do was nod before licking it from the bottom, up causing Haku to moan. Taking the tip and swirling his tongue around and jacking off the untouched parts. Haku watched as Naruto lick and sucked his cock. Even though Naruto had no experience what so ever Haku had to admit he was good.

"Mmmmm thats it ah right there Naru-chan." groaned Haku as Naruto started taking in Haku's cock inch by inch. Naruto slammed his head down claiming the last two inch's quickly, this almost causing Haku to shoot his seed right there and then. But Naruto wanted this to last longer. Haku stroked Naruto's bright blond hair smoothly, "Your drunk on my dick aren't you my Naru-chan?" Naruto took a second to speak, "Yes I love your cock so bad." and he went back to pleasuring his partner.

Naruto was now getting faster, wanting to get a drink from his lover. Haku continued to moan and groan to the pleasure he was receiving. "come on Naru-chan is that all you got?" Naruto growled before taking the whole cock and massaging Haku's balls. Haku moaned giving Naruto the satisfaction of knowing he did good.

"Oh thats wonderful mmmmm yes yes I'm almost there!", Then Naruto with the whole cock into his mouth, he hummed. This was what caused Haku overboard, "NARU-CHAN!". Haku grabbed Naruto's head shoving it down onto his dick till his hairs where tickling Naruto's nose.. Haku exploded, thick sweet cum that filled Naruto's mouth as Haku's eyes fluttered. The boy had to swallow many times as not to drown by the amount of cum filling his mouth. With a loud 'POP' Haku took his dick out, while Naruto licked up the last remnants of Haku's cum off his belly. This show caused Haku to get rock hard again, making Naruto smile.

Naruto went up and kissed Haku causing them to share Haku's seed, even though it was his own it turned him on. Haku slowly leaned forward pushing Naruto backward with a kiss until he was on his back. Rolling him over on his belly.

"Lift up.", following the command Naruto got on his hands and knees, Haku stared at Naruto's ass with lust filled eyes. "Please be gentle Haku-kun, its my first time." Haku nodded and messaged the smooth skin on Naruto's ass. Haku got off the bed and quickly brought back a bottle with lube. Haku slowly rubbed his fingers in the lube to get Naruto ready.

"This is special lube Naru-chan it will make sure I don't hurt you when you get used to my cock you love so much." Naruto nodded then gasped when he felt Haku put one of his fingers in him. Haku watched but when not hearing any complaints added another and started to stretch the boy out. Haku soon found Naruto's sweet spot, which sent white lightning through Naruto's vision. After the last finger was added Naruto was in ecstasy, moaning out Haku's name.

"You like this Naru-chan?"

"Yesssssss mmmmmm More Haku-kun please!"

Haku took out his fingers resulting in a moan of displeasure from the boy, Naruto wiggled his ass back and forth, side to side. He NEEDED something in him again. Haku quickly lubed up his member and positioned it at Naruto's entrance. "You want to be loved Naru-chan?"


And Haku plunged into the boys waiting ass, making him scream in pure pleasure. Haku gasped, "Ah your ass is so tight Naru-chan! I'm going to fuck you all night long."

Naruto whimpered, "Yes fuck me, just please don't stop!" Haku started at a slow pace, in then out, in then out. Haku and Naruto were lost in their own little world. "Faster!" Haku did not disappoint. He started going faster and faster, slamming into the boy.

"Yes yes yes more Harder please Haku-kun!", Haku lowered himself on Naruto's back and nibbled ear and tweaked his nipples. Naruto gave a 'Eeeep' while the knot in his stomach got tighter. The heat and smell of sweat and sex got stronger. Naruto met each thrust with his own, they were in sync both diving in to the pleasure pool that is sex. The grunts and moans as both boys working toward their release.

"Fuck-AH More-UN Mmmm More, Almost there Haku-kun!", moaned out Naruto. Haku nodded, he too was close to his orgasm.

"Cum with me!", Quickly their thrusts got sloppy and faster soon Naruto muscles tightened on Haku's shaft and they both screamed.



Haku, with one last thrust, spilled his seed within Naruto, while Naruto spilled his seed onto the bed sheets below. Naruto hummed with the feeling of his lovers hot cum in him, for once in his life he was happy. Haku surprised Naruto by flipping him over. Looking into his lust filled eyes Haku whispered, "We're not done yet Naru-chan."

Naruto's gasped as he felt Haku rod harden inside him, 'Oh my Kami I think I might go crazy if we continue!'

Lifting up Naruto's hips Haku was able to go deeper and hit the sweet spot in his lover. Naruto was once again moaning and screaming Haku's name, so much so he didn't notice him perform a jutsu.

Haku drove his dick directly into Naruto's prostate, causing him to arch his back and open his mouth in a silent scream. Suddenly Naruto found his mouth stuffed with Haku's Water clone's cock. At the angle he was in Haku's cock was able to go deeper. Haku started to get rougher.

"Like I said Naru-chan I'm going to fuck you all night long!". Haku smirked and slammed into the boy again and again. Still slamming into the blond boy Haku pulled him back till Naruto was sitting on his lap, and the clone standing on the bed fucking Naruto's throat.

"Get to work Naru-chan and I might give you an award for a job well done.", whispered Haku into Naruto's ear with his hot breath. Shuddering Naruto continued to suck the clone's cock with renewed vigor. Haku made two more clones and Naruto started jacking off two on the side and sucking one in the middle. Naruto was in a trance, "So much penis."

Reaching his limit Haku groaned, "Here it comes Naru-chan, TAKE IT ALL~~~~~~~~~!". Them him and his clones painted Naruto white, poor (or lucky) Naru-chan had at least a quart of cum shot into his little body frame.

"Come on Naru-chan lets go clean you up." dispelling his clones Haku picked Naruto up bridle style and took him to the large bathroom.


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