"Ice cold Love"

Chapter 3 The Fall

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Haku X Naruto X Hinata



Haku look out the window to see it was the next day around two o'clock. Haku woke Naruto up, they got cleaned up and went down stairs to see who was at the door. It was a huge and yet little surprise at who it was.

"Hinata?" asked Naruto. Hinata still blushed, "Can we please talk inside?" Naruto looked at Haku for permission, Haku just shrugged and let the dark blue haired girl inside. The three of them sat in awkward silence for a while at the living room table. Naruto was first to break the ice.

"So how are things in Konoha?" The answer that the two boys caught them by surprise. Hinata didn't even stutter when she spoke

"There is no more Konoha Naruto." The two lovers gasped and looked at Hinata for an answer.

"About a month after your defection during your mission the Chunnin exams started. My team made it past the first and second test. After the second test was a preliminary round where I lost and was injured. I had to heal for a month." Naruto and Haku noticed that Hinata stiffened when she talked about the prelims.

"After the month the final exams happened but it was all a set up. Orochimaru of the Sannin along with Suna destroyed the village. Almost everyone is dead, only me and a few others were able to escape."

Naruto tentatively asked, "What about Hokage-jiji?" Hinata let a tear go down her eye, "He gave his life to give the rest of us time to escape. He gave me a letter to give you." Hinata took a scroll from her back pack and gave it to Naruto.

Naruto took it and slowly opened the letter and read it.

Dear Naruto-kun

If you are reading this that mean that I have given my life to protect the ones I love. Though I wish I could have seen your smiling face one last time. In this letter are a lot of secrets that I should have told you long ago.

First off about your parents: your father was non other that the Yondaime Hokage while your Mother was the heiress of the land of whirlpool. Their names were Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

I'm sorry I could not tell you this myself, I hope you can come and forgive me one day. Your godfather to my great disappointment is like the villagers, he blames you for your fathers death. Just like Kakashi, who I know was a horrible decision as sensei. Your godmother on the other hand never told me how she feels. She was out of the village during your birth, I told your godfather to tell her about you. But I fear he went behind my back and lied to her.

Once again I'm sorry for the many mistakes I have made. In this scroll is your inheritance: Money, weapons, Jutsu, and even the clan compound. Its all there, also I've included a full record of every jutsu and training regime that the village of Konoha has made or gained. There is also that old scroll you once stole from me.

Please train hard and look for your godmother, her name is Tsunade Senju. The Slug Sannin and master healer. Shes a big gambler so just follow the debt collecters. Please don't go looking for revenge, I want you to live and have a family.


Your Jiji, Hiruzen Sarutobi

The Sandaime Hokage.

(P.S. Please give Hinata-chan some love, she lost everything including her little sister.)

Tears went down Naruto's face as he finished the letter. Naruto started sobbing and burried his face in Haku's kimono. Haku hugged and rocked his lover. Haku also noticed that tears were slowing going down Hinata's face as well. Haku gave a sad smile and motioned for the girl to join. Hinata made it over to Haku and Naruto and sat down and also cried. Haku soon joined after feeling the pain from his love.

It took about half an hour before the three of them calmed down. Haku was first to respond, "So what are you going to do now Hinata?" The two boys saw Hinata stiffen.

"I don't know, as far as I know I'm the only survivor of the Konoha attack. Well besides Sasuke, he bowed down to Orochimaru as soon as the snake killed the Sandaime." Naruto looked at Hinata and then Haku. He took a deep breath, "Hinata could you give us a minute to talk?"

Hinata nodded and Naruto took Haku to the kitchen to talk.

"Haku-kun can she please stay with us?" Haku was surprised at this.

"Naru-chan you know that this is a one bedroom house not to mention what she might act when she finds out that I'm actually a guy, and your sleeping with me...a guy." argued Haku.

"Haku I know this but she was the only one besides three people in the old village that accepted me and didn't confuse me with the fox. I also don't think she'll hate us for how we are. Lets not forget..." Naruto leaned up and put his lips next to Haku's ear.

"We once talked about getting a child." Naruto could see the bulge slowly growing in Haku's kimono. Naruto got back down and looked Haku in the eye.

"With Hinata's help she can be the mother, not to mention that I think we can come to love each other. When I was back in the village I had a crush on her remember, I told you. But I only didn't go after her because of her family." Haku started to get a sad look in his eyes. Only for it to go away as Naruto kissed his neck sensually.

"Don't get in your head that just because she's joining us that I'll forget you. We will be a family, all three of us, together as one." Naruto gave Haku a quick kiss and asked, "So what do you say?" Naruto sealed the deal with the puppy-dog-eye-jutsu.

Haku smiled and kissed Naruto, "Alright we'll give it a chance." They returned to Hinata who was just looking at the nearby pictures.

"Hinata we would like to give you the chance to stay with us. But there are somethings you should know if you do."

Hinata blushed and asked, "Is this about Haku being a boy?" The two boys were dumbfounded, "How did you?"

Hinata twirled her fingers, "When I looked at your house with my byakugan I saw your chakra signatures and I saw that Haku was a boy." Naruto gulped and asked, "Hinata do you know why I left Konoha?"

Hinata got a hurt look on her face, "Hokage-sama told me you found someone that loved you. I just wish I could have told you my feelings before you left."

Naruto took a deep breath, "Hinata-chan I know how you felt about me, the reason I never talked to you about it was because you would have been hurt by either your father or the village for being a 'demon lover'." Hinata's eyes widened, she never thought about that!

"Now though Haku and I are together." That gave Hinata a blush as well as a sad look. "But recently we've been talking about adopting. But you can imagine what an orphanage matron would do if two men came in asking to adopt a child. What I want to ask you is if you want to join us and make a family." Hinata's blushed thirteen different shades of red.

Haku decided to talked, "Hinata-san, Naruto has talked about you and how he loved you, and how sad he was about not being able to act upon those feelings. Now I don't love you, but deep down I think I can come to, just like Naruto has. I think that the three of us can make this work."

Hinata wiped away a single tear and smiled, "Thank you, you don't know how much this means to me."

Naruto smiled and asked, "Are there anything you want to know before we get you settled in?"

Hinata blushed and started meddling with her index fingers and shyly asked, "I always wondered how can two boys could make love. Will you show me?" This caused the two boys to blush but Haku was the one with the raping smile on his face.

"We would be glad to hina-chan."

Naruto didn't get a chance to talk as Haku quickly grabbed him and pulled him on to his lap. Naruto moaned as Haku started attacking his neck with kisses and nibbles. Hinata felt her loins get hotter as she watched the two boys make out.

She had heard of two boys being able to love each other from a few girls at the academy. At first she thought it was a little gross, but Naruto and Haku made it look sexy.

Haku slowly started to unbutton Naruto's top and rubbed his hands over Naruto's body. Haku latched his mouth on Naruto's pert nipple causing his to gasp in pleasure. Neither of the boys noticed Hinata's evident arousal.

Haku pushed Naruto off so he could take off his pants. Hinata whimpered as she saw Haku's member and her eyes filled with lust as she saw Naruto start to lick and jerking off Haku's shaft. Haku moaned and combed Naruto's sun kissed hair with his delicate hands.

After a while Naruto pushed his lovers cock into his mouth and started sucking. Haku smiled and turned to Hinata and said, "As you can see Naruto loves to suck dick." Naruto blushed even though he was still sucking Haku's member.

Hinata couldn't take it anymore and started rubbing the wet spot between her legs on her pants. Trying to stimulate pleasure that her body wanted. Haku could only grin as he saw this but the grin didn't last long as his climax started to come up.

Haku grabbed both sides of Naruto's head and pulled the boy's face flush with his bace. Haku groaned and let his sperm travel up his shaft and explode into Naruto's mouth and down his throat. Hinata watched with the Byakugan, seeing the white substance travel down Naruto's gullet.

Haku moaned, "Naruto never lets one drop exit his mouth, he really loves the taste." Naruto blushed even more as he pulled his head from Haku's hip. Haku then pulled off the rest of his and Naruto's clothes. Both of the boys smiled as they saw Hinata furiously try to get a release from rubbing her pussy through her pants.

Naruto smiled, "You can masturbate if you want Hinata-chan, we won't mind." Hinata quickly threw off her pants and started to thrust two fingers into her snatch as she watched Haku lube up his cock and move Naruto so he was laying belly down on the couch.

Hinata saw Haku line up his member with Naruto's ass and asked, "Isn't that dirty?" Haku shook his head, "Not really we clean each other regularly, and we take vitamins that clean our insides throughly. So no need to worry."

Naruto yelled, "Forget about that and shove it in me already!" Haku gave a girl like giggle and complied with Naruto's request. He shoved all of it straight into the boy. Naruto released a very loud moan.

Haku gave Naruto a second before starting to thrust slowly. Naruto's face was flushed with pleasure, His own penis was rock hard and jutting proud. Hinata watched mesmerized as her long time crush was fucked up the ass by a feminine older boy. She lifted up her shirt and start to massage her breast.

Haku continued to fuck Naruto hard, sometimes giving some dirty talk and kissing the younger boy. It was about 20 minutes later that Haku started to grunt louder.

"Oh Naru-chan you're ass is going to be flooded by my cum! Get ready here it comes!" And as Haku screamed and came in Naruto's ass, Naruto himself shot his load across the room. His cum landed on Hinata's face and in her mouth. She wiped the cum into her mouth and savored the wonderful taste. After she swallowed, she had the biggest orgasm in her life.

Hinata was then interrupted as she heard Haku and Naruto grunting again. She looked up to see Naruto bouncing on Haku's still hard cock, much to her surprise. It was about two hours later that Haku and Naruto stopped. Hinata herself had came three more times from shoving her fingers in her pussy.

After it was all done The three of them went off to bed, Haku and Naruto let Hinata sleep on the bed with them. Haku on the right, Hinata on the left, and Naruto in the middle. For hinata it was awkward but she soon fell asleep with a smile on her face.