Would he ever notice me?

Would he ever share the same feelings?

Seth gave a soft groan answering his own questions.


Sure he might be a cocky asshole, a bastard to everyone around him, make people's life miserable by always getting mad, have a bad ass temper, and have a comment about everything.

But Seth though he was perfect.

He had skills, was a sweet talker, had a over few off things, lots of experience, and even thought he never let it on was really smart.

He remembered the day he started liking Paul.

It was both on of the happiest but also one of the most horrible, miserable day of his life ever In his life so far.


Seth sat at Emily's kitchen early in the morning, to early for the pack to be around, or Sam to be up, but so that Emily was already up moving around her adored little kitchen making breakfast at a fast but gentle pace.

He came here almost every morning since he had became a wolf, just to get away. Away from his sister, Leah, whom he loved but was such a pain and was always complaining. From his mother who was always fusing over him, always asking questions, making sure he was okay, it had gotten worse since his dad had died. Emily understood this need.

He hated being treated like he was a child. Because he wasn't one. He was fifteen, a teenager who turned into a huge werewolf everyday protecting the tribe from crazy vampires who were trying to rip people's throats out. Even the pack members treated him like a child.

They always called him " kid" and " shorty". He wasn't that short!

He let out a groan barring his head in his arms.

" Are you okay, Seth?" Emily asked the moment she saw this.

"I'm fine." he said quickly not wanting to give her any stress.

Suddenly he heard a pair of running footsteps, than the sound of a door being opened, and then the sound of a door slamming shut. Seth picked up his head and him and Emily looked at the door and sighed as one.

Except the were sighing for to complete different reasons.

Emily was sighing because it was Paul walking throw the door with a hungry look on his face as he eyed the food in Emily's hands. And she knew half her food would be gone before any other of the pack was going to be there.

Seth's sigh was more of a gasp which thankfully went unnoticed to the other people in the room. He was gasping at just the sight of Paul, which had sended his body into a complete shock.

Paul stood there in nothing but a pair of black cut off jeans that went down right before his knees, shirtless with his chest and six pack gleaming with fresh sweat, with soaking wet black hair that was trapped against his forehead and a glint in his dark brown eyes.

oh, fuck.

End of flashback.

What am I going to do he ,though miserably.

He wanted to stop being miserable, stop to always keep himself in check when he was around people so he didn't let anything slip, to keep his thoughts to himself when he was running patrols with Paul and the others.

he wanted someone he could tell. Who would be able to share his secret , but would still look at him the same, treat him the same, who he could talk to, and share all his feelings about this.

Suddenly he knew the answer.