A/N: I thought how Mike told Molly how he felt about her for the first time on the show was uber romantic, but I couldn't quit thinking how they could make it better. So I came up with this. : )

Mike Biggs couldn't help but feel happy as his girlfriend Molly Flynn relaxed in his arms. The evening they had just shared had been full of romance, strawberries, and wine. He felt extremely happy to have her this close to him, because he hadn't ever felt as strongly about any other woman except her.

He knew how he felt, he was just having trouble telling her for the first time. He didn't think it was so hard to tell someone how you felt about them, until he had met Molly. Now his main worry was whether or not she felt the same. He knew she liked him, but did she love him?

There are many words a human being can say in a moment to make it absolutely prefect. To make it resonate with that other person forever. Mike knew what he should and needed to be saying. He had admitted it to himself, and to Carl, but he hadn't the nerve to say it to Molly yet.

Just tell her. Now's your chance. His instincts screamed at him.

Taking a deep breath and gathering up his nerves he said:"Molly?"

"Hmm?" she mumbled sleepily.

"There's something I want to tell you. Something important."

"What?" she asked, turning in his arms to look at him.

His heart began to speed up. Was he ready for this? Was she? Lust and infatuation was a thing of his past. He was sure of that. Taking a deep breath he said:"I've been beating around the bush about this for a while. But I know what I want to say, and I think this might be the best time to say it."Molly's green eyes got bigger as she wondered what he was going to say. Was it something bad? Were they breaking up? Mike never got serious too much and now he was.

"I kinda more than really like you. I love you."

Her breath caught in her throat. He loved her. He didn't just love his cowboy boots, he loved her too. After all these years of waiting for a man to utter those three words to her and actually mean them, one finally had.

"I love you too." she said back. "Always."

He kissed her then and it seemed like the prefect close to the moment just shared between the two of them. And one that would be remembered for sure.

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