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WOO HOOO! The song Nanten sings is of course "Sakura Kiss" from Ouran High School Host Club, and it's the English version, hope you guys don't mind. The song Yasha and Takamine dance to is "Trust You" by Yuna Ito. And the song Kame sings is "Alone Again", also by Yuna Ito. I actually recommend listening to either of them while reading this chap. My favorite is "Trust You" by "Alone Again" was the first one I ever heard of Yuna's sooo... that's why Kame sings it. XD

Enjoy after such a long wait, guys!

As it turned out, I wasn't up to bat first. So I had to sit in the audience with Gaara until my turn came. I didn't really mind, it was just the heat that was getting to me.

Some creepy dude got up on stage... with a puppet. He sat down on the stage, and gave us all in the audience a leery grin. "Who's ready for some real entertainment?" He gestured to his ventriloquist's dummy, the smirk not letting up. "Akira-kun here is going to perform the Sunagakure anthem for you all!"

As "Akira" began to sing, screechily and quite off-key, I groaned, sinking down in my seat. This guy had obviously not read that little note to the puppet masters on that flyer...

I heard Gaara "hmmph" next to me. "He's not that good," he whispered to me, laying his head on my leg and watching from an angle. "I bet my brother could do better. And his dolls are even uglier."

I looked down, blinking as I placed my hand on his head. "You have a brother?"

"Yeah. His name's Kankuro and he's eight. I have a big sister too. Her name's Temari and she's nine. They're both in the Academy already."

"How come I never met them? They hidin' from me?"

He shrugged. "They live with Daddy, and I live with Yashamaru."

"Well..." This was totally boggling my mind. That was so not the picture of a normal family. If one parent was dead, you lived with the other. You didn't live with your uncle while your brother and sister lived with your parent. Simple as that. "Okay, Gaara, so... if Kazekage-sama pays me to take care of you, and he's the one who had to hire me in the first place... why don't you live at his house?"

"Yashamaru's better at keepin' Shukaku from getting out. And if I do hurt somebody, he's the only one who knows I didn't mean it. He protects me. Plus I don't wanna hurt Kanky and Tema-nee-chan." He hugged his teddy bear.

I stroked his hair very lightly. "Well, I know you don't mean it. And I'll protect you too."

"From... From everybody?"

"Duh. Friends protect each other."

He snuggled into me, burying his face into the folds of my dress over my stomach. "Thanks, Kame-chan.'

"Hey, no problem. That's what I'm here for, dork."

Up on the stage, Creepy Puppet Dude and Akira were being pushed off the stage. "Thank you for that... err... stunning rendition of our anthem!" called the announcer person as he shoved Creepy Puppet Dude behind the curtains of stage left. "Folks, how about a hand for Hiro and Akira here, huh?"

There was scattered applause - none of it from me or Gaara, thank God.

"Well, we're starting the show off great," the emcee guy chuckled nervously, in my opinion lying through his teeth. "Now it's time for our second act, and it's a real treat! Ladies and gentleman, please put your hands together for Miss Nanten Chi, performing her version of 'Sakura Kiss'!"

Gaara immediately sat up from my lap. "Kame-chan, check it out! It's Nanten-chan!"

"Oh hell yes!" I clapped wildly, whistling. "Go Nanten-chan!"

Gaara mirrored my movements, if to a bit of a lesser degree. "Yay, Nanten-chan!"

Nanten pranced onto the stage with her glittery costume and flowers. She waved to somebody in the audience who I assumed to be Hana, and then at Gaara and I. She pointed her branch at the sound nerd, and music played. She took the microphone and began her performance.

"Kiss kiss, fall in love!

I see you come

I watch you go

You never seem to leave me though

So is this love

Or hate? We'll see

You're makin' me crazy!

Inside my dreams

You're all I see

Well, all I see is you with me

Lady, maybe

Or host, I find

I really don't mind

If I had to choose a rose

In this garden of romance

Maybe we could take this chance...

Maybe you're my love!"

At that point, she tossed several of her sakura branches into the audience. Lo and behold, Gaara caught one. And he grinned at me, as he clutched it, obviously very proud of himself. He waved up at Nanten as she kept singing.

"And I would like to find

A hand like yours to take mine

And with one kiss

We could stop time and

I'd fall in love with you!

Tomorrow's far away

Let's place our hope in today

Just you and me

In a beautiful spring

And we'll always fall in love


She did a little dance before the final part, then sang out, "Maybe you're my love!"

And with that, she blew a kiss into the audience - aimed straight at Gaara. Hoo brother...

I looked down and noticed, with a barely concealed snicker, that he had his hand on his cheek and was blushing like nobody's business. I shook my head as I grinned, patting his back. "Well now, I didn't think we'd have to go through this till you were older," I muttered, half to him and half to myself.

Nanten smacked the announcer guy a high-five before giving him the mic back and bouncing off stage. "Well, now, wasn't that something?" the guy commented, sort of clapping. "What a perfect opening for our next entry! I present to you, Miss Takamine Ayasunako and Sunagakure no Yashamaru, performing their dazzling dance routine to Yuna Ito's 'Trust You'! Give them a big hand!"

While Gaara clapped rather zealously for them, I stiffly clapped just a few times, sore at the fact that they had picked the same artist as I had. At least it wasn't the same song, or otherwise I really would have been pissed.

The beginning 30-second intro began to play as Yashamaru and Takamine entered the stage from opposite sides. I guess it was supposed to have some sort of a romantic effect, as they kind of just swirled around each other during the opening of it. During the five-second countdown before the singing began, they assumed their positions, clasping hands and meeting chest-to-chest.

"Hana wa kaze ni yureodoru you ni

Ame wa daichi wo uruosu you ni

Kono sekai wa yorisoiai ikiteru no ni..."

Yashamaru's hand let go of Takamine's hand, and slid down her waist so that he could dip her down. Actually, it was such a low dip that her hair just about touched the floor of the stage.

"Naze hito wa kizutsukeau no?

Naze wakare wa otozureru no?"

Their position straightened again and they began to do more a fast-paced waltz type thing.

"Kimi ga tooku ni itte mo mada

Istumo kono kokoro no man'naka

Ano yasashii egao de umetsukusareta mam

Dakishimeta kimi no kakera ni

Itami kanjite mo mada..."

They embraced each other tightly, their mouths meeting in a kiss as Yashamaru picked her up bridal-style and quickly twirled her around for the bridge.

"Tsunagaru kara

Shinjiteru yo

Mata aeru to

I'm waiting for your love..."

During the chorus they did a more ballroom-style dance... not exactly like the waltz-type they'd done before, but a little similar.

"I love you, I trust you

Kimi no kodoku wo wakete hoshii

I love you, I trust you

Hikari demo, yami demo

Futari dakara shinjiaeru no..."

They stopped in the middle of the floor, clutching each other's hand, and the other hand occupying a spot on their partner's face as they both mouthed the last word of it.


They returned to the style reminiscent of the first verse, though they were moving a bit faster.

"Sekai no hate wo dare ga mita no?

Tabi no owari wo dare ga tsugeru no?

Ima wa kotae ga mienakute nagai yoru demo..."

Yashamaru did a variant of the first dip - picked up Takamine bridal-style like before, and dipped her even lower toward the ground.

"Shinjita michi wo susunde hoshii

Sono saki ni hikari ga matsu kara..."

More fast-paced waltzing, and it was even a little faster this time.

"Kimi ga oshietekureta uta wa

Ima mo kono kokoro no man'naka

Ano yasashii koe to tomo ni hibiiteru

Afureru kimochi no shizuku ga

Atatakaku hootsutau..."

And another kissing twirl. I actually rolled my eyes this time, although they did look kind of... cute... together. Two idiots didn't make a genius, though, so... yeah. You can see my dilemma.


Shinjiteru yo

Tsunagatteru to

I'm always by your side..."

Back to the dancing they'd done for the first chorus.

"I love you, I trust you

Kimi no tame ni nagasu namida ga

I love you, I trust you

Ai wo oshietekureta

Donna ni kimi ga michi ni mayotte mo..."

And there came the hand-holding and cheek-touching.

"Soba ni iru yo..."

Ooh, something different. They flung out, still holding each other's hand, throwing their free hand out in a reaching gesture. After that they twirled and embraced, then repeated until this part was over.

"Waiting for your love

Always by your side

You're the one that I love

You're the one that I trust

You're the only one..."

They kissed and held their arms out to their sides, hands still clasped together.

"You're the only one..."

They were slow now, as was the tempo of what seemed to be the final moments of this edit.

"I love you, I trust you

Kimi no kodoku wo wakete hoshii

I love you, I trust you

Hikari demo, yami demo

Futari dakara shinjiaeru no..."

One last dip, and of course a kiss...



I scowled and tossed my hair as the entire place burst into applause. "Clap a bit louder," I snorted, crossing my arms over my chest. "I don't think they can hear you in Kirigakure yet."

"Wasn't that super amazing?" Gaara cried, latching onto my legs and hugging just about as tightly as he could. "I told you they were good!"

"Yep, super amazing." I gently pried him off and gave a cue to the sound guy, who was sitting there looking bored with the whole thing. He nodded and changed the CD.

"Wonderful! Just astounding!" The emcee was busy gushing over how romantic and fantastic the choreography had been. "Have you ever seen two people more in love, folks? And I'll tell ya, their footwork's pretty fancy too!"

Yashamaru and Takamine were already on the way back to their seats, and I snickered at the fact that both of their faces were completely red. That was what they got for showing off.

"Next up," the announcer called, apparently able to move on from that totally spectacular performance, "Kame Chi, singing her rendition of - we-ell, another Yuna Ito song! Should be interesting. Here she is with 'Alone Again'. Enjoy."

He handed the mic off to me, practically gagging as I got onstage, and I childishly stuck my tongue out at him before walking up to the mic stand and putting the microphone back in it. I gave a snap of my fingers to the sound guy, and as the intro played, I tried to pull my uncomfortably hot collar down a little. To no avail, might I add. Stupid temperatures and living in the middle of nowhere...

I tapped my foot, trying to hear my cue, and realized I had missed about a beat. I quickly began to sing, even though I'd come in late. I compensated for it though, singing faster till I'd caught up.

"Anata dake ima miteru

Mou aenaku naru kara

Konomama zutto mou kitto

Furikaeru koto mo nai

Wasureru koto wa nai yo

Itsumo soba ni ita no ni

Naki dashisou na sora no shita

Tada tachisukun de iru..."

I nodded, closing my eyes and concentrating on nothing but the music and putting emotion into my performance.

"Time is not on my side..."

Thankfully, I didn't miss my cue this time.

"Itsumo anata no soba de

Naitari warattari wo

Kurikaesu hibi mou nidoto

Modoru koto nante nai

Kanashimi ni sayonara wo

Sugu ni ieru no nara

Hito wa dare mo ga tsuyoi mono

I wanna be with you..."

I punctuated more, as the chorus of the music came to me. I noticed my voice sounded a little shaky, and I hoped that singing out more would made the tremble disappear.

"Itsumade mo te wo tsunai de

Dokomade mo ikitakatta

Kajikanda yubisaki

Nukumori wo sagashita

Kokoro wa zutto? No way, no way

If I go, will you come too? I don't wanna be
Oh, alone again

I allowed myself a small peek into the audience, and saw that Gaara was practically bouncing with excitement, and I was kinda worried that smile was going to just spontaneously split his face in two.

"Itsuka futari de miteta

Ekimae no vision niwa

Ima mo anata no suki na uta

Repeat shiterunda

Watashi mo suki nan dayo

Sou itte ita nowa ne

Anata tame de ima wa mou

Kirai ni nari sou nan da

I will never leave you...

Anata kara no mail wo

Zenbu keshite mita kedo

Yasashii koe wa kioku kara

Kie wa shinain darou

Moshimo negai ga hitotsu kanau

No nara nante ne

Arifureta koto omotte wa

I wanna be with you...

Itsumade mo te wo tsunai de

Dokomade mo ikitakatta

Kajikanda yubisaki

Nukumori wo sagashita

Kokoro wa zutto? No way, no way

If I go, will you come too? I don't wanna be
Oh, alone again

Because the submissions were only allowed to be four minutes, I'd had to edit the song a bit. So instead of doing the different beginning of the chorus and then the regular chorus, I was just going to do the one with the different beginning, and since it ended the same it really wasn't an issue. Just under the limit, but hey, whatever works. And here it came!

"Anata no sono egao mo

Ookina te no hira mo

Omoide ni nanka

Shitaku wa nakatta

Kokoro wa zutto? No way, no way

If I go, will you come too? I don't wanna be

Oh, alone again


The music faded out, and I bowed, desperate for a rush of cool air, even if it was fake. I took deep breaths and tried to calm myself down. I was done! It was all over. There was nothing left to be nervous about.

I could hear slight clapping, but when I looked up Gaara was out of his seat, clapping like a little frickin' maniac. His entire face was a light pink, and his eyes were so bright I wondered if perhaps the sky might notice those stars were missing tonight. He still had that same, ear-to-ear grin on his face, and I can't tell you how good it made me feel that he was actually... proud of me.

I heard the emcee guy talking as he came up and took the microphone, but I didn't hear him. I wasn't focusing on anything... I was just staring into space. I wondered why I suddenly felt like my head was about to float away, and I wondered why I hadn't cooled down yet. I was still sweating like mad, so why wasn't that cooling me off? My last coherent thought was that as soon as we got home I'd have to ask Gaara to hose me down with the sprayer in the sink.

I felt my eyes close, not even of my own will. I could feel myself falling forward, but I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even reach out my hands. I was so hot... and so confused...

The last thing I heard before my world went totally black was Gaara screaming my name. "Somebody help her! Kame-chan!"


OK, well... translation for "Trust You":

Flowers sway in the wind as if dancing
So that the rain moistens the earth
Even though this world is alive, coming closer together
Why do people hurt each other?
Why do partings come about?

Even if you go far away, still
You're always right in the middle of my heart
While they remain buried away by that kind smile
Even if I feel pain
In fragments of you that I held, because we'll still connect
I trust that we can meet again
I'm waiting for your love

I love you, I trust you
I want you to share your loneliness with me
I love you, I trust you
Even in light, even in darkness, because we're together
We're able to trust each other
Please don't leave anymore

Who saw the edge of the world?
Who announces the end of the journey?
Even if it's a long night and you can't see the answer now
I want you to advance on the road that you trusted
Because light is waiting ahead of there

The song that you taught me
Is right in the middle of my heart even now
The overflowing drops of feelings
That are resonating together with that kind voice
Warmly trail down my cheeks
I'll become strong; I trust that we're connected
I'm always by your side

I love you, I trust you
These tears keep flowing because of you
I love you, I trust you
You taught me what love was
No matter how you're lost on the road
I'm by your side

Waiting for your love
Always by your side
Youre the one that I love
Youre the one that I trust
Youre the only one

I love you, I trust you
I want you to share your loneliness with me
I love you, I trust you
Even in light, even in darkness, because we're together
We're able to trust each other
Please don't leave anymore

And for "Alone Again":

I only look at you now because I can't meet you anymore
I will surely not look back
I can't forget, I was always by your side
Under the empty sky I seem to burst into tears, but I'm standing petrified
Time is not on my side

I always cried and laughed by your side
Days repeat themselves and again, there's nothing
I seem to be able to say goodbye to my sadness if I can say it immediately
The thing which everybody's strong in
I wanna be with you

Hands joined forever,
I wanted to go somewhere.
I searched for the finger-tip warmth which has become numb.
Is my heart more? No way, no way.
If I go, will you come too? I don't wanna be
Oh, alone again

Someday the two of us looked at the image/vision in front of the station
Even now your favorite song is repeating
"I like it too", I said
I already seem to dislike you if it's for your sake
...I will never leave you

Although I deleted all the mails from you
The gentle voice will not disappear from my memory
"If one wish comes true"
I yearn for the same thing
I wanna be with you

Hands joined forever
I wanted to go somewhere
I searched for the finger-tip warmth which has become numb
Is my heart more? No way, no way.
If I go, will you come too? I don't wanna be
Oh, alone again

As for your smile, as for your hand
I didn't want to make it turn into a memory
My heart becomes more no way, no way
If I go, will you come too? I don't wanna be
Oh, alone again

Yeah, I changed the very last parts in the chorus on "Alone Again" but hey.

None of the songs belong to me, the only things that do are Kame and Takamine.

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