Novelizing Phantasy Star II is something I've long wanted to do. Truth be told, I did "novelize" it once when I was around 12 years old. I'd like to think my writing has improved since that time, though. (For starters, I used to hate the name Rolf and renamed Rolf as Paris, because I loved the Trojan War mythology. Too bad Paris is unusable in the game, since it would need to be shortened to four letters! Paris is kind of ruined as a man's name these days, anyway, no matter how manly it will always be in my own mind. Anyway…)

I did want to clear up a few things about my story. First, I will stick to Phantasy Star II's story as much as possible. This is a fairly easy task, since the game itself has relatively little script. I will take liberties when needed, to avoid or explain game devices that don't fit a literary retelling very well. Be prepared for some wild explanations for Ryuka and why Rolf can't teleport to whatever city he wants from the very start of the game. The same goes for issues with the clone labs and so forth. When things become too convoluted, however, actions present in the game might simply be ignored or changed completely to suit my writing needs.

Second, I use Phantasy Star terms from outside Phantasy Star II. No, I'm not going to give the characters PSIV skills or PSI magic. What I really mean is that several spelling variations exist for the many place names and characters across the entire series. I choose the names based on my own whims. My story will not contain the abbreviated place names found in Phantasy Star II. Sure, one can say that the names were all shortened because a very efficient computer was in charge of the star system, but then all of the planets and star will have four-letter names and it looks odd to me. Maybe I'm not into symmetry!

Third, I will expand frequently on the missing character interactions. For anyone who might be reading this who has never played the game (why are you here?), virtually all of the dialogue will be my own. Please don't take anything I write between characters as being a part of the game. It probably won't be. I also do not plan on using the actual script verbatim, as the original English translation is rather dry, and the fan retranslation is pointlessly flowery (sorry, hardcore JP fans, it just is).

Last, I will also include information contained in the SegaNet Phantasy Star II text adventure games, as well as info found in some of Sega's Phantasy Star publications released in the 1990s. I see this as a great opportunity to tie-in all of the relevant information out there that fans have lovingly translated for us over the years. This is my way of saying "thank you" for their hard work. I hope I won't disappoint!