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It was hungry. It had been for a long time. Its little mind found it hard to remember a time when it had not been hungry, but snuggled up contently inside its lair, safe and warm. Those outside had come and fed it regularly and it had been grateful for that.

But then, one day, they had stopped the steady trickle of sustenance and its lair had grown dark and cold and lonely. Now, it just felt miserable. And hungry. It could do with a decent meal, or any meal at all. For a moment, it considered the option to just crawl out of its dark cave and take a look around outside. Maybe, it could find something out there to devour. The mere thought of food made it quiver excitedly. But then again, it remembered the outside world as a cold and harsh place. Its lair was so much better or at least, it had been better while they still fed it. And who knew what waited outside?

Finally, the instinct of survival won over the fear of the unknown. Driven by the sheer need to feed on something, it uncurled, sniffed the air cautiously and searched for a way to climb the steep, blackened walls of its abode.

Once it reached the exit of its cave, it was surprised to feel itself bathed in warmth from above. Cocking its tiny head, it looked up and into the blue sky above. Staring into the sun for a few moments, it decided that the outside world wasn't such a bad place at all. It wasn't the bleak and cold place it remembered and it certainly was an improvement to the cold walls of its cave. Taking heart by that, it started to look around and take in the world that spread out below it. Suddenly, it caught a faint whiff of a delicious smell. It cooed with pleasure and its tail twitched in anticipation. As fast as its tiny feet would carry it, it descended the steep slopes.

When it reached the ground, it lifted its head to pick up the trail, then made its way across the yard behind the empty sheds and over to the now deserted office building. It scurried under the car that had been parked in front of the building and scuttled around to examine the ground. There was a small puddle, created by the liquid that dripped down from the car. The delicious smell, that had lured it here, rose from that puddle and wafted over to it. It cooed again and darted over to the puddle to tuck into its first meal in what felt like an eternity.

"Okay, geek boy. Tell me again, why you think that's really our kind of gig."

Dean picked up his second burger and glanced over to his brother who had shoved aside his salad to make place for his laptop. For a moment, he pondered whether Sam would notice if he pinched his dessert, but then decided against it. Instead, he took a bite out of his burger and waited for Sam to answer.

Sam studied the screen and scratched his ear. "Well, there have been over a dozen cases of arson in last couple of months."

Dean raised an eyebrow at the glance that his brother threw him. Then he shrugged and swallowed down before answering.

"So? Some pyro on the loose."

He watched Sam's head snap up from behind his laptop again, shaking his head slightly as Dean took another, disturbingly big bite out of his burger. He grinned broadly at Sam who rolled his eyes and chose to ignore him in favor for discussing the potential case.

"Well, police reports on the fires all state that there was no trace of accelerant. Then, there's no pattern when it comes to the targets of the fires. There's everything, from barn to family home."

Dean studied the remaining half of the burger in his hand, trying to figure out a decent plan of attack on the sandwich that was on the verge of falling apart in his hands. Absentmindedly, he wondered what had happened to the art of burger crafting.

"Are you even listening?!"

No, eating here. - "Yes, fires, all over the place, no obvious pattern, not our business. As I said, just some pyro having fun."

"Family homes, Dean."

Dean froze mid-bite. His eyes caught Sam's for a moment. A shudder slowly crept up his spine that he couldn't quite surpress. Sam was watching him for a reaction, so he quickly and ruthlessly stamped down on any memories that tried to rise up from the deep dark well of his mind. Instead, he stuffed the last bit of the burger into his mouth with a frown.

Of course, Sam was watching him like a hawk and going by that rising eyebrow at the opposite side of the table, his little brother hadn't missed that little slip there. He didn't comment on it, though, so Dean decided that it had not happened. And what hadn't happened, didn't need to be mentioned.

Finally, Sam returned his attention back to his laptop screen and the potential case.

"Well … who or what ever it is, it is moving in a straight line. It started in an abandoned steel mill about four months ago. From there, it moved down northwest. Since then, there has been a fire every week or so," Sam explained and turned the computer around to reveal a map on which he marked all the fires that where likely attached to the case.

Dean studied the screen thoughtfully for a moment. Sam, being the geek he was, had apparently developed some color coding for this case, based on the likelihood of the incident being related to the series of fires. Red dots appeared to be most certainly related, yellows were unlikely and orange was safely in the realm of 'no idea'.

Dean briefly admired Sam's sense of drama expressed by choosing to apply such a color scheme to a case that involved arson. Then he turned to actually studying the dates attached to the dots. There was indeed a rather straight red line running down south with only three orange and two yellow dots accompaining it on the sides. Between each of the red dots lay a couple of dozen miles and they weren't further apart than a week at most. The thing moved slowly, but it moved.

"So, you wanna check it out?"

He glanced up at his little brother. He still wasn't entirely convinced, but they had nothing better to do. They had finished the last hunt a few days ago with just a few scratches and bruises and hadn't found another good lead since. And before things turned from relaxing to boring, Dean was willing to follow up whatever it was Sam had found there. Anything to kill boredom, before he had more time to think about ... things.

A couple of days later, a black car pulled into the disaster zone that once had been the central yard of a steel mill. Now all that was left were ruins from the devastating fire that had raged here four months earlier.

Dean stopped the Impala right in the middle of the open space and took a moment to stare through the windshield at the twisted ruins of what probably had been office buildings. He heard the passenger side door squeak as Sam descended. Finally pushed open the driver side door as well and got out.

"Dude … that gotta to be one hell of a fire to do this."

Desaster zone did barely begin to describe the destruction around them. Most buildings had burned to the ground. Including the blast furnaces and those things were actually built to withstand something like a couple of thousand degrees. There was just no way to get close to that without any accelerants.

The wind curled around the remains of some support beams and played a little with some leaves that it had brought over after the fire. It carried a hint of ash, charred concrete and the acrid smell of smoke, even after months.

Dean closed the door and leaned his arms on the Impala's roof. Funny, that he could almost tell what had burnt just by the smell of it.

While he surveyed the blackened rubble and scorched earth, Sam had wandered around and ducked under some parts of the former roof. Something had obviously caught his attention as Dean watched him retrieve his pocket knife to pick at something on the ground. When he stood up again, Dean noticed something shimmering in his hand.

"Found something?" Dean pushed off the car and approached him from behind. Looking over his brother's shoulder, he saw that Sam was trying to clean piece of dark green, glossy rock. He held it up to him.


As soon as they were back at the room, they had rented for the night, Dean made a beeline to the old fridge to inspect its contents. Behind him, he could hear Sam's laptop booting. His little brother was probably about to geek out all over that piece of glass that he found on site.

"So. Glass?", he asked as he turned around with two bottles of beer.

Sam answered with an affirmative mumble as he continued to search the internet.

One well-aimed kick closed the fridge and Dean walked over to put one of the bottles in front of Sam, before pulling out the second chair to sit down at the table next to his brother.

"That's special how exactly?"

Sam tore his eyes away from the website that he had been studying and picked up his bottle to take a sip.

"It takes an inferno to melt sand to glass, you know? Something like 3900 degree."

Dean couldn't help the grin when he noticed Sam slipping into his lecture mode.

"There are only a couple of ways, in which natural glass is created," Sam continued. "Volcanic activity, meteorite impact, lighting striking the sandy ground, or an atomic explosion. Obsidian, tektite, fulgurite and trinitite."

Dean nodded. "Yea, and those blast furnaces surely didn't burn down in a camp fire."

He straightned up and leaned forward on the table.

"A'right. So, we are dealing with something really hot out there?"

"Yep." Sam took another swig from his bottle, before he placed it down on the table next to the laptop to continue his search. "And chances are," he added, "that it's not a woman." Sam grinned as he heard Dean mumbling something that sounded like 'too bad' into his beer bottle.