Merry Christmas

A short Story



Merry Christmas

Lynn ran her hands along her arms as if trying to bring herself some comfort even while she struggled to breathe past the lump in her throat.

It happened every time she passed the bus depot. She cast her gaze around to find something to take her anger out on. She kicked at a rock and it clattered down the sidewalk and into the street.

It wasn't that she hated him. Or even her feelings for him. If she hated anyone or thing, it was herself. She hated that she was letting herself be hurt by the one person she truly loved.

She drew a shuddery breath as she continued on her way. The cold December air chilled her through her thin hoodie, and she had her scarf pulled up over her nose and mouth – covering as much bare skin as possible. Her messenger bag hung on her left shoulder and across her body to her right hip. It was the way she wore it when he wasn't around to walk beside her.

Like now.

She drew another breath, steadier than the first as she made her way farther from the bus depot. It was Christmas break from school. And that meant two weeks with her mother, father and two siblings. It was not something she looked forward to; her family was the epitome of dysfunctional.

There always seemed to be someone yelling, and, as the oldest, Lynn was the one blamed for everything. Her father's fist was law – a lesson she'd quickly learned – and her mother's words were spirit-breaking.

Lynn pushed her light brown hair behind her ears. She knew that if it weren't for him, she would probably not be here right now. He'd given her confidence and taught her how to put aside her insecurities and let someone into her heart. He'd loved her, and she him. The last three and a half months had been her own personal hell on earth, not being able to have him beside her. But she'd dealt with it…

Lynn paused as she noticed footsteps behind her. It wasn't a normal sound. Anyone else who lived this far away took a bus or drove; she couldn't take buses anymore, at least, not unless she fancied breaking down in front of a bunch of strangers. But no one walked down here – especially at this time of night.

But as she turned to see who was following her, she found arms around her, pulling her against a warm body. She pushed against them until a familiar smell invaded her nose and he spoke.

"Merry Christmas Lynn," He whispered in her ear.

Lynn held onto him, afraid to let him go, and cried out three months of pain into his shoulder. It was the happiest moment of her life.