Abracadabra (Year 1) Keeperoliver Chapter 1

A/N: Hello my friends, Sorry about this, But, I need to take a break from Angel for a bit. I need to find out how to end it. In the meantime, This is a new story that needed to come forward. It is the continuation of A Letter To Santa. Hope you enjoy it, and I will get back to finishing Angel soo. Ollie the Keeper.


Albus and Minerva were just getting over their laugh caused by Hermione Granger's letter to Santa Claus. It was once again delivered by an unknown deliverer.

Minerva finally caught her breath, when it dawned on her to ask Albus the question that had been nagging at her for five years. "Albus, do you know where these letters came from?" "

"Of course Minerva, from Harry and Hermione. You knew that though, so I guess what you are asking is, Do I know who delivered them? Is that a correct assumption?"

Minerva's answer was sharp, "You know it is you git."

Albus chuckled. He liked getting Minnie riled up. Unfortunately, he didn't have an answer for her. "That is a question that has plaguing me also Minerva. And I don't know the answer."

"It just seems strange that they would appear like they did, without any way of knowing how they got here. We both know there is no Santa, yet is there another explanation?"

"It is like the great Sherlock Holmes once said, (Once you have taken away all the obvious answers, then what you have left, becomes the obvious solution.) What I mean by that, is, someone is obviously protecting young Harry. They wish to assure he is loved by family. With Sirius and Remus out of the picture, that leaves either Lily, James, or both."

"But, how can that be, if they are both dead? Unless, one or both never really left this plain of existence. Do you suppose that we have one or two new ghosts roaming the world?"

"That is precisely what I think. And, if I were to make a guess, I would stake a claim that just one of them made this happen, but, would not be surprised that there were two."

"Do you think we should tell Richard and Jean of this?"

"Not until we have proof. It would be bad, if it was because of something else that we received the letters."

"I suppose you're right. All I know is, that what ever it was that did it, I am happy it was done. Those Muggles that you so poorly judged as family, were the most horrid beings I could imagine. You ever become that dumb again, and I will light up your tail feathers. Harry must never be kept in the dark about his family, or his destiny. I agree it is too soon for him to know, but, he must know, before he starts up here in school. I see great things coming from both Him and Hermione. I also think that there will be others involved. I just feel that Harry will be gathering a team that will be more than Tom and his Death Eaters can handle. I know you know something, why can't you tell me?"

"Minerva, if you were to know, you would try to bring it about faster. It is best to let them come together naturally. We can speed it up a bit, but that is all we can do. There are two, who ordinarily be one year behind him. If we bring them in with Harry and Hermione, I believe it will be enough for things to work out perfectly. The other members, who ever they may be, will join them as well. Of course I speak of Ginevra Weasley, and Luna Lovegood. I will test them on their tenth birthday, to see if they will be accepted. We can always say that they were perceived as gifted children, and would be better off joining school early."

"Thank you Albus. I feel better knowing a little of what you know now. Are Miss Weasley and Miss Lovegood important to Harry and Hermione?"

"This once again is something that has to take it's own course Minerva. I can't tell you what their role is."

"Well it didn't hurt to ask."

"No, Minerva, it didn't."


It was Harry and Hermione's eleventh birthday. They were so excited to be receiving Their letters to Hogwarts, and their trip to Diagon Alley. Minerva would be there to take them and to get their school supplies. Normally, they would wait until August to get supplies, but, Minerva knew that their thirst for knowledge was insatiable. They would have their first year books read before summer, and would be looking for year two, before they even attended year one at Hogwarts.

They were at the kitchen table, eating breakfast when an owl was tapping at the back door. Hermione jumped up, to let the owl in. The owl went to the table. and Harry took thew letters from the owl, and offered him some bacon, toast and water. He then handed Hermione her letter, which elicited a squeal from the high strung girl. They read the letter, and the requirements list. If it hadn't been for Aunt Minerva telling them of what to expect, they would have been lost, as to where they would look to find these things. Harry was going over his list, when he heard voices in his head. They were gentle voices, calling his name.

"Harry, do you hear us?" They kept saying. Harry looked from his list to see if he could see who was speaking, not realizing they were in his head. "You can't see us Harry, at least not yet. We are in your mind Harry. Just visualize your thoughts, and we will hear you. Can you do that my son?"

"SON, Are you my real mom and dad?" Harry thought.

"Yes, Harry. we are James and Lily Potter. I know this is strange to you, and are probably wondering why we waited so long to talk to you. We had to wait until you came of school age, in order to contact you. Harry, now that we are able to talk, we have a lot to tell you, and it is important for you to listen. Your father will be talking to you now, but, before I let the idiot take over, I just want you to know we love you son, and wish we could have been with you all along."

"Harry, this is dad. Hello my son. I know you feel weird right now talking to us in your head, but, until we can take a form. whether it be ghost, or, Familiar, this will have to do. Harry, when you are taken to Diagon Alley, you will be making a stop at Gringotts Bank. Ask to speak to Griphook. He will be your account manager for the Potter Estate. You must be allowed into the family vault, and retrieve a package that is lying on a desk in the vault. It will explain quite a few things to you. Do not touch the money in the family vault. You will have to wait for that, but, do not worry, as your mom and I set up a trust fund for you to get you to school. Your schooling has been paid for, and if need be, any one else will be taken care of. Harry, I must tell you, you have been given a great burden, and at times it may seem to much, but, if you gather friends around you, from each house, it will not be so bad. Remember, you must have friends from each house at Hogwarts. Think you can remember all this Harry?"

"Yes dad. Can I tell anyone about this?"

"Only those you trust, Harry. Hermione and your mom and dad, should be first. They will think you're crazy, while you are talking to us. Hermione is already looking at you strangely. We will leave you for now Harry, but, if you need to talk, we will all ways be right here. We love you son."

Harry's distant look faded from his eyes, and he looked to Hermione. "I'm alright Sis, but, you're not going to believe, who I just talked to."

"Harry, for 10 minutes, all you did was sit there with a weird look on your face. You didn't say one word. If mom and dad had been here, they would taken you to the doctor, to see what was wrong with you. You had me scared. I tried talking to you, but, you either ignored me completely, or didn't hear me."

"Mia, believe me. I was talking, but, it was in my mind. My birth mom and dad are there. They said they couldn't contact me, until I was of school age. I know, you think I'm nuts, but, it's true. I think we need to tell Aunt Minerva. She'll know if it's real or not."

"I suppose. Did they tell you why they are here?"

"Just that when we go to Diagon Alley, I will be taken to Gringotts Bank, and I need to talk to Griphook, my account manager. Also, eventually we will be able to see them, but they have to find there forms first."

"What does that mean, find their forms? I thought they would be ghosts, like they have in Hogwarts?"

"Just passing on what they said sis. It may be as ghost, or as a familiar. Now, I really am looking forward to our visit to Diagon Alley. I love a good mystery, don't you?"

Hermione just laughed. Harry has always been able to make Hermione laugh at his weird sense of humor. Maybe it wasn't funny, but, the way he snapped them off, she always found comical.


Minerva arrived at the Granger household a couple of hours early, at Harry's request. He had something he wanted to tell her. She was met by the two, as she exited the floo.

"Hello Aunt Minerva. Glad you could make it so early. Would you like some tea, or coffee?"

"Ohhh, a good cup of coffee sounds nice. Thank you Hermione, dear. Now, Harry, what is it you would like to talk to me about?"

"Aunt Minerva, do you believe in spiritual contact. I mean, do you believe a person could talk to the dead, other than as a ghost?"

"Harry, I have seen many strange things that would be considered impossible in the muggle world. So yes, I think it would be possible to have the spirit world to contact a person who accepted the call. Why are you asking this Harry, have you felt the touch of a spirit?"

"Yes. Mom and Dad talked with me this morning."

"James and Lily contacted you, Thank you dear." She added as Hermione brought Minerva her coffee. She ignored the cream and sugar. "Harry, can you still talk to them?"

"They said they would always be with me, until they found their true form, either ghostly, or through a familiar."

"Could you ask them a question for me then Harry?"

"Sure Aunt Minerva, what is it you wish me to ask them?"

"Did they deliver the letters?"

Harry asked his mother and father if they delivered the letters, and Lily laughed. "Harry, tell Minnie, it was special delivery, ghostly post."

"Mom told me to tell you it was 'Special Delivery, Ghostly Post."

Minerva laughed. This was the type of humor she expected from Lily. "Tell her, I was ready to do Percival in, when he first left the package on the doorstep."

Lily growled when she heard this, and asked Harry to tell her, "Percival will feel my sting, when I am able to deliver it. Thank you for convincing him Minnie."

"MINNIE! You call Aunt Minerva, MINNIE. Whoops sorry Aunt Minerva, that one slipped. Mom told me to tell you that Percival will feel her sting, when she is able to deliver it, and thank you for convincing him MINNIE."

Minerva was laughing out loud now, not able to hold it back any more. She hoped Lily and James would find their forms soon.

"OH, Aunt Minerva, Dad wants me to go to Gringotts and speak to Griphook, our account manager. Do you think we could make a stop there first?"

"It was already planned Harry. We need to get some pounds exchanged for Hermione, so that she can make her purchases. Oh, and here is your Vault Key."

Minerva flooed them to the Leaky Cauldron, and bid every one their good morning as they walked through. Harry felt the hairs stand on the back of his neck, as he passed a strange looking man, wearing a turban. He also noticed a distinct smell of garlic, as he passed him. He hoped he didn't have to meet him again. Too spooky. They walked out the back, only to be blocked by a brick wall. Harry and Hermione looked to Minerva, and she smiled, tapped three bricks, and the bricks started to move, creating an opening big enough to let the three people through.

Hermione and Harry looked around in awe of the wonder that was Diagon alley. Minerva led them through the little village, to a huge whit building standing at the end of the lane. There were lanes breaking off to the left and the right, but, Minerva led them up the steps to Gingotts Bank. Once inside, Harry looked to Minerva, and she nodded to a teller. He walked over the Goblin, "Excuse me sir, could you please direct me to Griphook?"

"And why would you like to see Griphook?"

"It's a personal matter, if you don't mind sir."

The Goblin looked at the youth, with a different attitude. He tried to rile the youth, but, he remained humble. A trait not found in most of the arrogant wizards 'Wait here, and I will get him for you."

He soon returned with a second Goblin. "I am Griphook, How may I help you?"

"Hello Griphook, I am Harry Potter. I have been told that I need to see the contents of the Potter Family Vault. I will also need access to my Trust Fund Vault, if you don't mind sir."

Griphook smiled. It had to be a Potter that asked this. The Potters have been the friends of the Goblins, for as long as he could remember. They always treated the Goblins with respect. "It will be as you wish, Harry Potter. I will take you to them personally. This way."

"May I tell Aunt Minerva first. She may worry?"

"Your Aunt Minerva, as in Minerva McGonagall?"

"Yes sir, is there a problem?"

"No, no problem. Just a little of an unexpected statement. Pleas go tell Aunt Minerva."

Minerva looked to Griphook when Harry told her where he was going. She smiled at the Goblin, and Griphook felt much more relieved when she did.

The ride to the vault had Harry laughing. Never had he felt this excited. Yes, he had been on a roller coaster, but, it never raised two wheels off the track like this cart did. He pictured Hermione turning three different shades of green if she rode this cart. All too soon, the ride ended, and they stood in front of vault 111, the Potter family vault. Griphook Had Harry place his hand in a slot, warning him that he would feel a prick on his hand. This was to draw blood, for verification of the person wanting entry. Harry felt the implement break his skin, and a glow spread over the door, and there was a sound of pressure being released, as the door opened. Harry entered, after being warned by Griphook, that no money was to be touched. Harry nodded his head in agreement, and went to the desk, and took the package from it. He started to leave, when another package began to glow. He asked Griphook about it, and the Goblin allowed him to take it also. They then left, and went to vault 687, Harry's trust fund vault. Harry knew what to expect in this vault, and took a pouch from the table, and filled the bag with gold, silver, and bronze. He left the vault, and returned to the main area, where Harry met up with Minerva, and Hermione. From the bank, their first stop was with Madam Malkins Robes for all occasions. They were fitted for their robes, making them slightly bigger than they were actually fitted for, since they had to wait another year, before they were to attend school.

While they waited for their robes, A woman with two kids about Harry and Hermione's age came into the shop All with flaming red hair. They were soon joined by a blond also about the same age. The boy was tall and gangly, while the two girls were smaller and more coordinated. They were all well mannered and quiet. The blond didn't look the rest, so Harry assumed she was a friend of the red headed girl. The mother went to the used rack to look for clothes for the boy. Her daughter was looking at the new robes, and found a beautiful light green set. She picked up the price tag, and dropped it. She walked away from the rack, looking back once, and sighing. The blond had found a nice looking light blue set, and she did the same thing. Harry walked over to look at the price, and thought 35 galleons wasn't a lot, but,. if you don't have it, I guess it was. He looked at the prices on the used clothes. Ten galleons.

"Minerva, do you know that woman who just came in?" Minerva looked up, and saw Molly Weasley.

"Why yes, Harry. The mother is Molly Weasley, Her son is Ronald, her daughter is Ginevra, and the blond I believe is Luna Lovegood, Ginevra's friend. Why do you ask?"

"It's kind of hard to explain, really. I just feel a connection with them, like I am supposed to get to know them. Do you think Mrs. Weasley would be upset, if I bought the kids something?"

"I don't know Harry, the Weasleys are a very proud if somewhat poor family. Molly doesn't take kindly to charity."

"Excuse me Aunt Minerva, but, I have to as. Hello, Mrs. Weasley, my name is Harry Granger. Sorry if I'm bothering you. I just asked My Aunt Minerva about you, if you don't mind."

"Your Aunt Minerva being a McGonagall. Why did you ask about me Harry?"

"I wanted to know if it would be alright if I bought something for your kids. Please don't get me wrong, I am not handing out charity, it's just that Your daughter and her friend seem upset about something, and I just wish to cheer them up a bit. And I can't buy them something, and not buy for your son."

"Well thank you Harry, but, if they need it, I can get it for them."

Harry lowered his head and said," OH OK Mrs. Weasley. Sorry if I bothered or upset you." He then started to walk away.

Molly looked at the young boy. He looked like she had hurt his feelings. "Harry, is something wrong? Did I hurt your feelings?"

"No Mrs. Weasley, it's just that Hermione, my sister, and I, don't have many friends, and I was looking to try and make some before heading to Hogwarts. I know buying friendship, is not the way to do it, but I was just looking to break the ice, so to speak. It wouldn't be a lot. It would be very nice of you to allow me to do it. But, don't be feeling bad about it, it was just a thought. Thank you Mrs. Weasley, for taking the time to listen to me."

"Harry, if you promise not to get to extravagant with the purchase, I think this one time, it would be alright."

"Thank you Mrs. Weasley, and I promise it won't be too expensive." Harry ran to the sets he saw with the colors the girls picked out for their robes. There was a hat, scarf, Gloves and socks in the set. They were three galleons. He got the Light green for Ginevra, The light blue for Luna, the Orange for Ronald, and a violet one for Hermione. He got a Forest green set for himself.

He paid for them, and walked up to the three. "Ginevra, Luna, Ronald, my name is Harry Granger, and I have permission from your Mother, to buy you something, I hope you like them. He gave them to the girls, and they both smiled brightly at the unexpected gift. Ronald looked a little sour, until he saw the colors of the Chudley Canons. He smiled back at Harry. Harry was surprised when he was hugged by Luna. "Thank you Harry Granger. No one has ever bought me a gift before, after just meeting me. That was very nice of you. How did you know what color I liked though?"

"I saw you and Ginevra looking at the robes, and the colors you liked. As for Ronald, I just went by what he was wearing. Please come with me, I would like you to meet my sister Hermione."

They walked over to where Hermione was sitting- Harry passed the fourth set to Hermione, and she pulled him into a hug, "Thank you Harry, they are beautiful. You surprise me sometime with your thoughtfulness. And who are your friends?"

After the introductions, they all sat down and talked. they got to know each other pretty well, and hoped they would meet again before they headed out to school. Ginevra and Luna looked upset, and Harry asked what the problem was. It would be another two years, before they got to go to Hogwarts.

Minerva heard all this, and remembered her talk with Albus. She approached Molly, "Molly, dear, how are you?"

"Oh Minerva, I'm fine. Just had a nice little chat with your, ahem, nephew. Quite a charming young man. Now to what do I owe this pleasure."

"Can't get one passed you can I Molly? Look, Albus and I talked, and we feel that young Ginevra, and Luna are bright enough to fall under a little used clause, in the school charter. If they were to pass an exam, set up by the board of directors, they would be allowed entry into Hogwarts one year earlier. They would also be considered as prodigies, and would be attending under a scholarship. Their tuition would be taken care of. Albus has been doing research on the students, and in every category, Ginevra, and Luna placed in the top five. This is an honor that is not given every year Molly, in fact the last was given over thirty five years ago."

"You mean they would be going to school free of tuition. That would save us 1200 galleons."

"It would save you more than that Molly, as their books would be included for their classes."

"Well what kind of a test is it, and when to they get to take it."

"They must take the test within the month, and they must score 90% or better to get accepted. If you want, I can get Harry and Hermione to tutor them, although, I feel they are capable to take the test now, and pass."

"Do you think Harry and Hermione would help them. What about their school work?"

"They should be able to go on weekends."

"Well, why don't we ask them, and see what they think?"

Harry and Hermione would be going on weekends, and helping their new friends get ready to take their tests. Ron wasn't really happy with it, but, he didn't say anything.