A ball of hot air to handle ( sequal )

Written by Dangernicky

One sunny morning the sun rose up from beyond yonder and smiled down at the beautiful valley that lay below the bright blue clear sky.

in a cave somewhere near by a small misfit perculier herd are nestled together all in one group looking all cosy and cute as there were two large mammoths nestled together along with a small female little mammoth who was curled up in her mother's trunk fast asleep.

Along side the mammoth family were two small possiems curled up together side by side, one was snoring his head off while the other was cling up against his brother while sleeping soundly peacefully along with his brother.

Besides the too possiems were a saber tooth tiger and a sloth who was nestled beside the tiger as he slept.

despite all of them been a very perculier herd, they were very close and very loyal as they all truly love each other and respect each other as they value their friendship as one true treasure.

beside each other they would face the ends of the earth just looking out for one another.

despite all obsticles been thrown at them they would dearly risk their lives looking out for another as they would gladly risk their necks for one another.

Their names were Manny, elle, sid, diego, peaches, crash and eddie, despite their differences they manage to see past that and work together to survive.

one morining while the possiems woke up together as they yawn and streched their arms together they started to remember a time when they inflated sid and giggle slightly at the memory of it all.

But they remember their oath to not do the same mistake like they did last time to elle and they stuck by their word, but still….they wished they could do it again, just for old time sakes.

''Eddie do you remember when we inflated sid into a air balloon?'' asked crash as he looked at his brother forloanly. ''Why yes bro but what gave you the reminder?'' eddie asked him surprized that his brother brought that up?'' asked eddie as they walked out arm in arm.

''Well you know, I was sort of bored yesterday afternoon, so I thought I suggested it for old times shakes really'' crash mentioned as his sighed and foreloanly sat down on an old fallen log that was sitting behind him.

''You starting to miss that time when we had the most upper fun and great joy we had that day didn't you bro? I know you dude!'' eddie pointed out to crash who listened to his brother. Eddie was right, he didn't regret really about inflating sid, it was great fun and a laugh to have him bouncing around the valley like crazy, the two possiems remembered their day of laughter when they tricked poor sid into ''playing a game'' with them, only to trick him and end up inflating him with the help of the gysers.

''If only we had that chance again eddie, we would make sure our fun would have lasted longer.'' Crash told eddie who patiently listened to his older brother agreeing with him on the subject.

''Dude your right, I wish we could see sid as he was back then, as the flabby, wobbly rounder version he was when we first tricked him.'' Eddie said to crash as he looked at his brother then looked at sid again.

Who was snoring his head off while trying to find a suitable place to get comfortable with.

Both possiems looked enviously at sid who was his normal deflated shelf as they knew, really they were glad to see him back to his normal shelf, but once, just this once, they wished they could see the inflated sid that they had fun and enjoyment with.

Until the next chapter…