"Laughter will not end
her funny feeling
or assuage our
strange desire
Children will be born"

~~Poet: Jim Morrison~~Poem: Hope Is Just...~~Book: The American Night~~

New Beginnings

Now, a couple of years later, it is dark and the stars are shining thru my Master's open bedroom window. I'm not in his arms anymore, no, not being securely hugged by him. Instead I'm looking up from a barred crib as he rocks a child in his arms and yawns. Behind him Pickles is laying in the bed, staring at him with his green, passionate eyes ablaze with affection. "You're good with kids, dude."

"I hates kids, Pickle."

"Even ours?"

He shrugs and stares into the baby's face. "Nos, I guess not." I watch as he gently touches the young one's cheek and smiles. "Do you thinks we did a good thing, adopting her?"

"Sure we did. We're gonna be good parents...well, at least you are."

Over in the baby's crib I couldn't help but to think, That poor child is doomed...

"I think she ams asleep now!" my Master says with a sigh of relief. "Thanks God; I'm so tired."

"Next time she cries, I'll get her." the drummer promises, patting the bed beside him. "C'mon, go to sleep. You're tired, huh?"

My Master says nothing for a moment and just carefully lays the baby girl in the crib. "Ja, I ams." and, like so many times before, he goes and crawls into the bed, safely into Pickles' arms. Meanwhile I am left to be snuggled and squeezed by that stupid little baby girl who...I was beginning to love.

The past few months had been a time of beginnings for me. Between the adopting of the baby and Pickles and Toki's third anniversary coming up, I was lost within the confusion of a new life. My Master was happier than ever. He didn't cry anymore and was always grinning absurdly. Here they were now with a child; I was hers now, she was my new Master.

I suppose that it really was a new beginning—the beginning of my Toki forgetting me and discarding me to his child, of me no longer sleeping in his bed, of him no longer kissing my nose or pinching my ears, pulling my tail, or hugging me...this was the start, wasn't it? Perhaps it was, but this new Master was just as good. She smiled at me before going to sleep, her eyes shining in the dim light of the room. I felt her grab my devil's tail, tug, and giggle softly.

Sill girl...lovely girl. My button-eyes looked over and watched as my Master let Pickles run a hand thru his hair delicately.

"Love you, dude."

"Loves you too."

And then they began whispering so quietly that I couldn't hear, and the baby girl finally fell into a sweet, dream-filled sleep. I let her hold my paw as she slept; sometimes she would smile in her slumber and I'd be there to bring her comfort. Yes, this was a good, new beginning of something that I didn't understand—there were still many things that I didn't get—but perhaps it was the best new start that I could hope for.

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Yep, that's it. It's over now. Wasn't that cute? I sure hope so. Can you imagine if Pickles and Toki really did get together and have a kid? It would be the biggest alcoholic/deddy-bear- loving/guitarist-drummer kid ever. :P

I hope you enjoyed this happy, whimsical story, because the next one I publish will be very, very, horribly sad, dark, and just plain depressing. I think that I might get a few death treats because of it...seriously, I even cried while thinking of the ending...*hint, hint* It will involve the Apocalypse. That's all I will say about that. Hope you liked this story and will read my next one. Thank you to those who you have reviewed, because I really, really appreciate it. Love you all.

Peace & Love