Her Beauty

Chapter 1

"Ah Legolas, it is good to see you once more" Elrond said as Legolas walked into the Lord's private study.

"Thank you, my lord Elrond, it is a pleasure to be back" Legolas said with a smile looking around at all the books that he had read many a time as he had been here many times before.

"Aye, but alas Legolas, you have still to meet my daughter" Elrond said standing as if to go get his daughter but Legolas stopped the other elf.

"Nay, my Lord Elrond, I have already met Arwen" Legolas spoke the truth to the Lord who smiled despite there being no joke.

"Aye Legolas but you have not met Lúthien Telemnar my foster daughter" Elrond said back to the elf who was confused. When did Elrond take in a child.

"Ada" A young woman with long blond hair brushed past Legolas who tried to see her face but her hair hid her features as she stood beside Elrond.

"What may be the matter child?" Elrond asked the girl and she blushed looking around her.

"Ada, I heard you call my name" The girl spoke once more and Legolas took another look at her.

The woman looked nothing like that of Elrond's family so this must be the foster daughter, Lúthien.

"Aye my child, I wish for you to meet Legolas, son of Thranduil, Prince Of Mirkwood" Elrond said pointing to Legolas who stood roated to the spot wondering what Lúthien would do.

"Pleased to meet you Legolas of the woodland relam" She spoke up taking Legolas's hand in her own slightly smaller one.

"Aye indeed it be a pleasure" Legolas spoke back overwhealmed by the girl's smile. He was sure that he had seen her before but he could not place it. Soon enough, Lúthien moved her hair from her face and Legolas gasped.

He knew where he remembered her from.

10 Years Ago...

"Prince Legolas" His companion Eöl said stopping the two of them as they heard a strange noise.

The same noise filled the air once more and Legolas realised that it was that of a screaming woman.

"Eöl a maiden is in trouble. Get Mahtan, Fëanáro, Amras and Finwë. We must be ready to save her" Legolas called out to his friend who nodded running back towards the camp whilst Legolas ran forward climbing a tree to try to see what was happening then he saw it.

Orcs. Orcs were surrounding a young woman. Elven by the looks of her with long blond hair that fell in-front of her face casting her features in shadow.

"My Prince" Mahtan shouted from below him whilst Legolas shushed him telling him to be patient

"We attack the Orcs from the trees" Legolas whispered back to his companies who nodded climbing into the trees themselves and readying themselves.

Legolas began to count down just as the arrows were released hitting the first few Orcs whilst the rest looked around them wondering where the arrows had come from.

"Show yourselfs or she gets it" One of the orcs called out in his foul speak grabbing the woman who began to struggle.

"Leave her be" Legolas called back dropping from the trees whilst he saw his compainins move closer together wondering what he was doing.

"Another elf, a Prince no doubt" The Orcs began to laugh tighting the hold on the young woman whilst Legolas un-sheated his twin knives and with a few slashes, all the Orcs were dead.

The other elves came out of hiding among the trees whilst Legolas helped the woman to her feet.

"Hi, may I know the name of the maiden I be saving?" Legolas aked slipping into common tonuge knowing she should understand him.

"My name is Lúthien Telemnar, I am travelling to Rivendell" The woman answered looking at the many elves behind Legolas who seemed to not know what to do.

"You have come a long road by Mirkwood" Legolas answered back looking up as the woman, Lúthien pushed her hair back from her face.

"Aye and who might my saviour be?" She asked him whilst he replied with simply Legolas.

"Lúthien?" Legolas asked the woman who looked back up at him, her eyes searching before she remembered.

"Legolas? You were the one who saved me that day 10 years ago" She answered back smiling at the elf she had never forgotten.

"I realize now, I forget to give you a reward" Lúthien continued but Legolas held up his hand.

"Nay, none be needed. It is indeed my job to help" Legolas answered back watching as Elrond looked between the two.

"Aye it may be but I must still reward you" Lúthien said before she reached up placing a kiss on Legolas's cheek.

"I thank thee for that day" She said before walking back out of the room.

"Legolas? Legolas?" Elrond asked the elf who turned to him.

"Aye my lord" he said still overwhelmed by what had happened.

"Look over her, she needs guidance."

"Aye my lord" Legolas bowed to the elf lord before he too left the room.