Chapter 5

As soon as Legolas reached Elrond and Elrohir with Estel right by his side, he started to talk wondering what Elrond was going to do to try and save his step-daughter.

"I know not" Was Elrond's only reply as he looked up at the sky perhaps trying to work out where Lúthien was "I know not where she may be" He continued looking back down with a sad look as if the sky had betrayed him for the first time in all his life.

"You must find out where she may be. I need my sister" Estel wept cradling the necklace in his hand not wanting to let it go just in case it was the last thing he had to ever remember her by.

"I shall young Estel, I shall not fail you" Elrond replied although he didn't know how he was going to be able to do such a thing but he would do just about almost anything to get Estel to smile once more even if it were to be the last and final thing that he would do. Though Elrond really hoped it wouldn't come down to death and things like that as Estel was still young and the disappearance of Lúthien would have been really hard on the small boy who was smiling knowing that his foster-father was going to find his foster-sister, he must.

Meanwhile, Lúthien was facing the Uruk-hai, her breathing coming in short gasps as she tried to see a way out but seeing none she turned back to the enemy at hand, how was she supposed to kill the creature without any weapons on hand.

Well at least if she died now, she would have died knowing that Legolas was happy with someone else who was not her but her grief would sub-come soon and overtake the pain she would feel at being sliced open by the scimitars which the Uruk-hai held in it's hand currently, oh if only she was as great a warrior as Elladan and Elorhir or even Arwen. Arwen. The name caused her chest to become heavy with the weight of jealously as she looked into the eyes of death and greeting it ready to accept her fate and live on with the right knowledge.

Closing her eyes so all she could hear were her own breathing and that of Uruk-hai as it made ready to attack, thoughts of Elladan, Elorhir, Legolas, Estel, Elrond and even Arwen filled her mind waiting for the Uruk-hai but nothing happened.

Eventually, Lúthien slowly opened one eye then the other to see that the Uruk-hai was standing in exactly the same spot as it had been before but there was something different that she hadn't noticed when looking at it.

The Uruk-hai now had blood flowing from it's now unprotected body and as more blood was lost, the Uruk-hai began to fall to it's knees letting out a growl of pain as it tried to pull out what was lodged into it's chest.

It was an arrow aimed perfectly so that the blood would flow more easily and quickly allowing for a quicker death.

Lúthien looked at the arrow and was surprised to see that it had the Mirkwood sign etched upon the side and for a moment she thought that it may have been Legolas come to her rescue but upon turning, she was surprised to see that her saviour wasn't elf.

Far from it in-fact, this strange being was the same guy who had nearly ran over her outside the forest.

The wizard who named himself, Mithrandir.

He had saved her.

And not for the last time either as she was about to find out.