Prologue: Warnings and Thanks

This story updates Wednesdays. If I finish a section early, I may post it early, but I guarantee you, I will have at least one section of this story uploaded every Wednesday until I'm finished with all three endings.

Before anything else, a quick warning: This story is loosely based off of Hans Christian Andersen's classic, The Little Mermaid. There might be a bit of creepy and sad in this. There will be references to happy Disney songs though, so don't fret.

This story, in tribute to Persona and the many retellings of TLM, has multiple endings. Please read each "Ending" chapter as a separate ending so you won't be confused.
Finally, THIS STORY CONTAINS HOMOSEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER CHARACTERS. Hope my character interpretation doesn't offend anyone.

I'd like to thank safelybeds for creating the beautiful picture (.com/art/i-don-t-even-know-mer-edition-188042608) that inspired the comment thread which led to the creation of this fanfic. Also, of course, thanks to the Persona team, Atlus, Disney, and Hans Christian Andersen.