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School Sucks. Then You Get Friends.

"Nami! Time for School! Wake UP!"

"But Nojiko..." Nami whined. "I don't wanna go to school."

"Nami, you have to. You have to get your education and besides, don't you wanna be an artist when grow older?" the violet-haired girl questioned.

"Yes! But I don't see how going to school will help me with my dream!" answered the red-head.

This is Nami. She is 5 years old and just starting school. What she doesn't know though, is that going to school will be the best decision that she will ever make...

It took a while to get Nami out of bed and into her uniform. After that everything just went normally.

When they reached the school...

The red-head said her farewell to her 'mother' Bellemere and walked towards the school with her 'sister'.

"You know, it's not that bad at school... well not bad at our school anyway. Some schools would be more strict..." Nojiko went on. Nami was just ignoring her as she was thinking of all the other things that she could be doing right now.

'Stinkin school. Why does every 5 year old have to go to school anyway. Why can't people go to school when they're a hundred or something? I don't need edumacation ,or whatever it was, anyway. (A/N: Yes, I did mean to spell education wrong. I mean, she is a 5 year old.) I'm already smart. Bellemere-san used to always say that I was a smart girl. And mostly because of the books that I sto...'

"Oops! Sorry."

Nami had only just realized that she had just been knocked over when the person, who 'accidently' pushed her over, had started picking Nami's books up.

"Uhh...t-thanks..." Nami mumbled, confused.

"New girl?" the dude asked. Nami nodded. "I'm Luffy." the guy then answered. Just then the schol bell rang.

"Nami! C'mon, we have to head to the Headteacher's office to find out which class you're in." Nojiko shouted, almost half-way down the corridor.

Nami recieved her books back and said bye to Luffy. Nami then ran to Nojiko.

In the Headteacher's Office...

"So you're Nami right?" Nami nodded.

The Headteacher was kinda scary and was giving the creeps to Nami. His name was Gol D. Roger, but he insisted on being called Roger. Even though he looked kinda retarded, with the wierd moustache and beard and everything, Nojiko had mentioned that he was really funny and that he doesn't get angry that often. Nami assumed that she was going to have a real wierd time at this school.

"Your teacher will be teacher Shanks. Do you want me to show you to your class?" Roger asked. Nami nodded, for what seemed like the hundreth time.

"Okay guys, settle down. Now I'm gonna need you to be just a little quite while I take a nap. You can do whatever you like as long as you clean up after..."

"Hello teacher Shanks!" shouted Roger as he slammed the door open. Shanks suddenly straitened himself up but fell over while doing it. Everyone laughed seeing how clumsy he was.

"No need to go overboard Shanks. Anyway, I would like you to all meet your new classmate!" Roger then grabbed Nami (A/N: Like how Genzou grabbed Nami when she had been caught stealing the Navigation book in the anime...). Nami didn't like it one bit and took it as an insult.

"This is Nam..." Nami got really angry and kicked Roger in the face. Some of the children stared at Nami with shocked faces and some were just about to blow up from holding in their laughter. Some were already laughing their heads off.

"DON'T DO THAT. I DON'T LIKE IT!" Nami shouted. Roger was astonished by her strenghth and just patted her head gently. He then walked to the door, with his hand still trying to soothe the pain he had on his cheek.

"I'll give her to you now, Shanks." Roger waved a hand in the air and left the room.

"Nice kick ya got there!" Shanks complimented. Shanks had red hair (A/N: I always thought red hair was awesome ^^) and had 3 vertical scars on his left eye."Soo... What's your name?"

"You know it's polite to introduce yourself before asking what people's name's are," said Nami rudely, obviously still not over with the 'grabbing incident'.

"Ooooh! You've got attitude! I'm glad you ended up in my class!" Shanks said with a grin. Nami pouted, looked the other way and whispered something about adding an extra scar on his eye.

"I'm Teacher Shanks but I'd rather have you call me just Shanks."

"The name's Nami Teacher Shanks," Nami answered.

"Ha ha very funny. Just sit down on the carpet and we can get the lesson started..."

The 'lesson' ended 5 minutes later as Shanks had told them that he would take a 'little' nap and let the children of on their own 'business'.

Nami was looking at all the artwork on the classroom wall when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Hi! It's Nami right?" questioned a familliar voice. Nami turned to see a grinning Luffy standing in front of her.

"Yep. Luffy right?" Luffy nodded. Suddenly he was kicked aside and there stood a blonde Dude that had half his face covered by his hair. He had a curly brow and was blushing a bit.

"Hello. I'm Sanji. Let me introduce you to our friends."

"Uhhh... Thanks..." Nami was a bit confused by the sudden introduction but laughed when she saw that Luffy had pushed Sanji onto the floor.

"What was that for?" asked an angry Luffy.

"Calm down Luffy. You know how Sanji is when it comes to girls." Nami looked to see who had just spoken. The person who had just talked had green hair and looked like he was half asleep. He was sitting on a chair and had placed his feet on top of the table.

"Yeh I know." Luffy then introduced his friends to Nami while Sanji was still unconcious.

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