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School Sucks Ch. 2

Nami looked around and saw the artwork on the wall. She chuckled at the finger paintings, especially the one that had the word 'Luffy' scribble-, I mean signed on the bottom of the 'artwork'. The painting looked like it was Luffy in a red vest and blue shorts with white material on the bottom of the shorts. He also had what looked like a straw hat on the top of his head. Next to Luffy was a treasure box with 'treasure' in it. Nami tilted her head a bit and closed one eye.

'Looks more like a worm wearing a red box on top of the blue box. And the treasure looks more like spaghetti, yellow spaghetti.' Nami thought.

"Ah looking at our drawings now?" A voice came from behind the red head. Nami recognized the voice immediately.

"What do you think dumb-head?" Nami asked.

"Well if you ask me, you look like your trying to make yourself go to sleep by looking at our finger paintings." Luffy commented.

"I didn't seriously mean... uh, never mind." Nami sighed. 'Luffy, you have a brain the same size as a pea.' Nami thought. 'No offense to peas all over the world though.' Nami chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Nami looked behind Luffy and found that Luffy's friends, who were apparently her friends now, were there as well.

"None of your bees wax, grass-head!" Nami rudely commented to the boy who had asked the question.

"You're saying there's something wrong with green hair?" The boy, called Zoro, asked.

"No, I'm saying there's something wrong with you!"Nami was winning this fight.

"You win this time, Scary Mary!" Zoro spat, just an inch from Nami's face.

"Oh, that's it!" Nami shouted. She pulled up her sleeve and pointed her fist at Zoro's face. "You wanna fight, I'll give you one!"

"Give me all you got girl!" Zoro said. "Not like it's gonna do anything anyway." Zoro stuck his tongue out. The last thing Zoro saw was a devilish smile on the redhead's face before everything went black. Nami had sent Zoro flying, with a bleeding nose and it was still bleeding when he crashed into a sleeping figure, Shanks.

"You guys don't ever have manners. Don't you know how to treat a girl? " Nami glanced over her shoulder at the two unconscious 'babies'. "I guess not."

"Zoro, are you alright?" Luffy shouted from the other side of the room. Hearing no response from the green-haired 6 year old Luffy then said, "Oh well, I'll take that as a yeah."

"Good shot!" Sanji commented. "But won't you get into trouble?" Sanji's worried voice could be heard when he asked this.

"Nah, don't worry! I get into trouble all the time with mother. I've been in much worse things." Nami answered.

"What do you mean by 'um... mother'?" Luffy asked. Nami looked away, her hair covering her eyes. Trying not to show her tears she answered using a similar phrase she used on Zoro:

"None of your business."

It was a question better of unanswered. It just brought back the memories...

Author's Note: Sorry it was short. But I'll try to make the next chapter long. Ooh this is getting personal.

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Sanji: That's true.

Luffy & Zoro: Which side are you on?

Zoro: I bet he's a girl on the inside.

Sanji: What was that grass-head!

Zoro: You heard me curly-bro-... Hey! Don't call me that! Hey Author, you can't keep letting people call me grass-head. I like my grass hea- Oh great now you got me doing it.

Everyone else: Ha ha!

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Shanks: What! But I haven't even got to say anything yet!

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Shanks: Yeah, and that part was getting hit by a 5 year old grass-head.

Zoro: Oi! The next person to call me grass-head is going to get their fingers cut off.

Nami: Yeah, including you. And anyway, it's not like you're going to hurt us or anything *sticks tongue out*.

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