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#27. Eyes
This was inspired from re-reading the 1st SG book, from the beginning when Sabrina is in the car on the way to Granny's house and she thinks someone is watching her, and when Sabrina swears she saw someone's eyes in the forest through the window, and then she see's 'fireflies' and well you know the rest! This is from Puck's POV, and yes, this is going to be WAY OOC, so if you hate that kind of stuff, GO AWAY!


I flew from tree to tree. I watched as the Old Lady's car clunked towards the train station, what was she doing?
My mind flys back to a few days ago when she told me about some weird girls who were like her grandchildren, like how grand can children be? Definitely not as grand of awesome as ME!
She told me that they were going to be staying with her, and that I was not in any way supposed to harm this peasants, huh, yeah right.
But even when I promised to 'behave' around them, Canis had the nerve to threaten me with... a bath... *_*
So, it has been decided that I will go and see how awfully disgusting these vile peasants were.
I arrived at a tree close enough to see them getting off the train. A tall and painfully thin woman stalked off the train, behind her followed two girl like figures. One had brown hair and was quite short. Her hair was pulled into pigtails and she was skipping happily from the train, her face was smiling as she met the Old Woman. The other was a bit taller, blonde, definitely not as peppy, her face was- Whoa...
I almost fell out of my tree when I focused in on her face, she was, beautiful.
"Agh!" I leaned to far forward and fell headfirst towards the ground.
Instantly my wings popped out and saved my face from having an unpleasant encounter with the ground.
"Whew! Close one," I landed on the branch again, "Oh great, now where are they off to?"
I launched into the air and weaved through the branches until the old car came into view. I slowed my pace to match the car's, I was just slow enough to see inside the old windows
...Wow... *Cough* I mean, uh, EW! She looks like the Little Mermaid BEFORE she went on a diet. Hehhehheh...*nervous laugh*

BRILLIANT! I'm amazing, did ya know?
I've just come up with the most AWESOMETASTIC plan ever! I would get my pixes to spy on the pret- I MEAN ugly, girl, and her sister! Then I'll get them to unlock the window, and I'll sneak in and watch her sleep! *nervous cough* Um, I mean, I'll sneak in and attack them! LOL you sound just like Peter Pa- "SHUT UP CONSCIOUS!"

Now... Time to put my plan into action!

I played a simple tune to gather my followers, I noticed that she heard it as well. I stared up at her, her eyes met mine for a fraction of a second, then they kept scanning the trees. I turned back to the glowing orbs surrounding me.
"OK! Here's the plan. Go sneak into the Old Lady's house through that window up there," I pointed to the window where the girl was, "Then when no one's looking, unlock the window and let me in! OK? Got it?" The mass of light nodded, if that's even possible.

I played another tune that sent my minions towards the window. I watched intently as the girl started opening the window. Yes, that's it, open it-

"SHNGNSDHNGPNNGSNDF C NVISFDGNEGIHSDGKDESNADFIHEDF!" I heard a muffled shouting from inside the house. Canis. DARN IT!

He started nailing the window down, poo, there goes my great plan to be all Edward Cullen...

"FAIRY-BOY!" I heard from the distance, yup, there's my cue to leave.

Mr. Canis' POV (yeah weird right?)

I was meditating and thinking about calm fields of daisies when I decided to- *SNIFF* do you smell that? *SNIFF* It smells like, *SNIFF* pixie *DEATH GLARE*

I barged into the girls' room and saw the little glowing insects at the window, "!" I lectured them about the importance of not letting strangers in the house. Once I was sure that they were completely afraid of opening that window, I left them, and took a walk to the woods...



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OK, I have a test for all of ya true SG fans;
1) What are the two last words of SG book 1 (hint: on pg. 284)
2) What side of older Daphne's face has a scar? (hint: I'm referring to the pic in book 5)
3) What hand is Puck using to hold Sabrina on the cover of SG #2 (Srry if you guys have a copy with a different pic)
First to get all right gets to pick which challenge I do next! (plz make sure I haven't already done it!)