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Ass Story

Bella ran through the Volterra fountain, up the church steps and leaped onto Edward, "I'm alive! I'm alive!"

It took him a minute but he finally got it, wrapped his arms around her, pulled her into the church and closed the doors. They ended up against a wall as they kissed and whispered words of love. It took Bella a minute but she realized he wasn't wearing a shirt. She sent her hands exploring all over his muscled back, shoulder blades, waist, sliding down, down and then her hands found purchase on two glorious round mounds of marble hard flesh where, seemingly with minds of their own, they clamped down. Oh yeah.

Edward froze, "Bella are you grabbing my ass?" he asked beginning again to kiss her. It had been quite a while since he had seen her.

"Uh, yes. Yes I am," she replied. Again without thinking or planning, her hands on his ass pulled Edward's body flush against her own, naughty bits aligning nicely, well, except for all the clothes in the way.

"Ungh!" Edward cried out. Six months alone is a long time.

"Emfr!" Bella groaned into his mouth until he moved his lips to her throat. "Edward," she breathed and squeezed his ass again while hitching her leg around his hip. She felt his hardness against her and wiggled her hips a bit. That oughta do it.

Yep. Suddenly Edward hands were flying everywhere and then they were naked, which was cool because Bella couldn't seem to move her hands off his perfect vampire butt. He grabbed her upper thighs, lifted her and in a firm but tender gentlemanly way, and guided himself into her. Bella's eyes rolled back in her head. Holy crow that was the best thing she had ever felt EVER. The coolness of his skin soothed what little pain there was and when he began thrusting… Oh. My. God.

Things progressed as they usually do, with a lot of moaning and heavy breathing, then Edward sped up a bit, kissed Bella's throat, nibbled a teeny bit and asked her, "Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes! Oh! Edward! Yes! Yes! " She screamed. She wasn't exactly answering his question, but she would have said yes to that as well, which is good because right then he sunk his teeth in her throat, took a good drink (Dude, she's his singer, no sense in wasting it.), and poured as much venom as he could into her bloodstream as he came inside her. Wow. Sex is awesome. Not sure it was worth the hundred years wait though.

He laid Bella on the floor in a gentlemanly way but couldn't seem to pry her hands loose from his ass. "Bella, sweetheart, let go," he tried to say gently but kind of had to yell over her screaming in agony.

Between screams she tried to answer him, "I... can't... hands... found... home... for eternity." And the screaming continued.

Huh. Edward thought for a minute, shrugged, reached under her and grabbed Bella's own robust ass, fitting his thumbs in the dimples he sometimes caught a glimpse of while he was watching her sleep. He rested his head on her shoulder. Sure this position, permanently naked and grasping each other's asses, might get awkward eventually. But they had all the time in the world to figure it out. They would be together like this. Forever.

The End