Title: Beauty & The Beast
Chapter 27 – An Ending Fit for Disney

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Friday morning, Mac awakens in his large King sized bed and glances over at Stella's side only to see it empty and offers a frown. The week had literally flown by for all of them. One of the biggest joys of each day during the week for Mac was driving the kids to the school and then having supper with them and listening to them chatter on about their days; this was a routine he was looking foward to. Next year would grade one and that would be another milestone, school supply shopping, new outfits and seeing them off with the rest of the parents.

After dropping them at school it was off to work for him and Stella and then each night after dinner it was time to pack whatever else was coming to his already furnished home, mostly the children's stuff so that the day before the big event at the house saw both children's rooms furnished, Stella's items removed from her home and Sid ready to welcome someone else if he so desired.

Millie had moved into the guest house Jessica was in, having sold her apartment condo in Chicago and making New York her permanent home.

Frankie was all but a distant memory.

Mac lifts his head just as he hears water gently sloshing around in the bathtub and feels his lips automatically curl upward as he pushes back the covers, goes and locks their bedroom door and heads for the bathroom. The morning before they had forgotten and were woken up by two happy children coming into their room and jumping on the bed. Fortunately they worn pajama's to bed so there was no embarrassment if they gone to bed naked like the night before.

"Morning," Mac smiles warmly as he eyes Stella in the soapy tub.

"Morning. Hope you don't mind."

"Why would I mind?"

"I wanted a few minutes to rest and…"

"Ah and with me there would be no rest. Are you saying I have no self-control?" Mac smirks as he nears the edge and leans in and kisses her warmly on the lips. "Take all the time you want."

"Sit with me?" Stella entreats.

"In there or out here?" Mac arches his brows as she gestures with her head to the other end of the large soaker tub. Without much hesitation, Mac sheds his boxers and gently eases himself down into the rather warm soapy water, leaning against the other side and taking her soft feet into his lap and giving her a tender massage. "Everything done?" He refers to tomorrow.

"Everything but the I do's," Stella winks and his face instantly glows. "The rest is just window dressing as they say."

"I know the kids are excited," Mac informs her as his hands gently massage her silky skin.

"All they know is a party is going to be here and they get to dress up and eat lots of food. I'm sure you can guess who's looking forward to what?" Stella mildly laughs.

"Have you gotten a dress for Belle?"

"She picked a yellow one," Stella smiles. "I tried to convince her to wear cream like me but she wanted yellow and that was it. But I don't mind, it'll go well with Lindsay's floral dress. But thank you for getting a new suit for Isaac."

"Actually it was fun. He was easier to shop for than Danny," Mac chuckles as his eyes drop to her feet and silence ensues. Stella gently maneuvers herself so that she's able to pull him into her grasp, her fingers starting to massage his thick dark hair.

"Talk to me Mac."

"I um…was thinking about tomorrow," he answers in truth. "I think the moment I met you…"

"The moment we met?" Stella teases as she gives him a small squeeze.

"Okay so maybe the moment after that," he slightly chuckles. "I think when I first built this house I had envisioned something…"

"Magical?" Stella whispers as she leans in and gives him a sideways kiss on the cheek.

"Magical," he replies, twisting his head so their lips could touch. "Sappy right?"

"Nope, romantic all the way. And tomorrow night?"

"Well that will be magical for sure," Mac grins as he pulls her onto his lap, his arms encircling her and holding her close, a heated union about to ensue.

By the time the two of them had come downstairs Millie and the children were already helping her with some treats for the big day tomorrow. And while they were having it catered, Millie still wanted to add a few things of her own to give it that little bit extra homemade feel.

"So is everyone ready for the big day tomorrow?" Stella asks as they enter the kitchen, Mac walking over to Isaac to see what he was doing.

"Everything is done," Millie informs them. "Today will be a day just to rest and await the excitement tomorrow.

"What happens tomorrow?" Isaac asks with a small frown.

"The wedding stupid."

"I knew that stupid."

"Enough with the stupid's," Stella groans.

"Mummy what's a wedding?" Isaac looks up at his mother in wonder.

"It's a gathering to celebrate Mac and I becoming a couple."

"A couple of what?" Isaac shrugs in innocence, drawing a few smiles from the surrounding adults. Stella looks up at Mac who sits down beside Isaac and looks at his sweet face with a tender smile.

"A wedding is when two people come together before friends and a member of the city to pledge their lives and love to each other and then live together as a couple or family and people are happy for them."

"Okay," Isaac shrugs, bringing a mild bout of laughter from the three adults.

"Thanks Mac."


"Okay time for breakfast."

The rest of the day was spent in busy activity. Dresses and tuxes to be picked up, decorations to be set up, the large outdoor tent to be erected, any last minute mishaps to be dealt with and then finally everyone tucked in to get some sleep; most unable as all were excited for the events coming up in a few short hours.


Saturday arrives all too soon finding Stella nestled in Mac's loving grasp as they had spent most of the night talking and then finally fell asleep a few short hours before the sun was to come up.

"Did you sleep at all?" Stella asks Mac in a warm tone as she gives him a good morning kiss.

"A little…but I guess we can sleep in tomorrow right?"

"As long as we want. And have room service, linger in the private hot tub..."

"And you're sure you want to stay at a hotel?"

"Well we need some alone time as well," she whispers as his mouth captures hers once more. With the door unlocked, the children were able to enter after knocking and then being told to enter. The four of them enjoy a happy family moment, laughing and talking until it was time to get up and get ready for the exciting day ahead.

After breakfast the house was given a once over to make sure that everything was in place before the caterer arrived and it was time to get the festivities underway. Stella, Lindsay, Lucy and Isabella were able to use their large master bedroom which had more than enough room to get ready in. Jessica was able to use Millie's bathroom to get ready and soon they were joined by Alice, Sid was outside with Don helping to direct the modest amount of guests to where they would be.

"Mac you nervous?" Danny asks as he notices Mac curse as he fumbles with his bowtie and then stop and shake his head.

"A little. I told myself that I wouldn't compare…nothing."

"Claire would want you to be happy Mac, you know that right?"

"I know," Mac replies with a small smile. "It's just that…Danny this is the wedding I always wanted," he confesses in a soft tone.

"Well I think you're in luck," Danny retorts. "Stella said the same thing to Lindsay the other day."

Mac's lips curl upward, his heart spurred on and feeding his mind so that his fingers were actually able to get the bowtie done and then help Isaac with his.

"How do I look daddy?" Isaac asks as he stands before Mac and Danny in his small black rented tuxedo.

"You look very handsome my son," Mac replies with a warm smile as he kneels down to him and kisses him on the cheek. "You make me very happy and proud today Isaac."

"I love you daddy," Isaac smiles as he puts his arms around Mac's neck and kisses him on the cheek. Mac hugs him back once more and then stands up to face Danny with a small sheepishly glance.

"So what do you think?"

"I think I want one of those," Danny winks at Isaac, as the three of them leave the smaller bedroom on the main floor and then head into the gathering crowd, seeking out Sid and Don; the photographer taking pictures of the groom and his men now that they were on the scene.

"Stella?" Millie pops her head into the room where she sees Lindsay helping Lucy into her dress. Lucy wasn't to walk down the aisle this time, only Isaac and Belle would walk together before Lindsay and then Stella.

"Come in," Lindsay calls out as she fixes the top of her golden yellow dress. Her hair was up in golden curls, matching Lucy's, who was also wearing a dress in similar golden color to her mothers.

"Is she here?" Millie asks just as Stella steps out. The two adults and Lucy stop to watch as Stella slowly exits the large walk in closet in her wedding gown. "Stella…wow," Millie utters with a wide smile. "You look like…"

"A princess!" Isabella states with glee as she claps her hands. "Mummy you look so pretty."

"Stella that dress is amazing."

The dress was cream colored, fitted through the bodice and then long and flowing all the way to the ground with a small train. Her hair was up on one side with two flowers, a yellow rose and white orchid, the same flowers that Isabella had in her hair.

"A princess indeed," Millie echoes loving as she gives Stella a loving hug and kiss as she holds her close a few moments and then pulls back as the photographer finally enters to capture the bride in her final moments before she walks down the aisle to complete the happy part of the happy ending.

"My darling sweetheart," Sid comes into the room and gathers Stella in his arms. "You look amazing," he praises as he kisses her on the cheek. "I am so happy for you."

"Me too dad. I have dreamed of this day since I was a child."

"I know," Sid winks. "Come on…let's go make it happen."

They all slowly file out of the room, heading down toward the back door and then outside into the outer garden area where the tent was set up and the guests were now all seated and waiting for the big event to start.

Mac hears the music come to a complete stop and then looks up to see his mother slowly walking down the aisle in a two piece set that was cream and yellow, the colors of the bride and her ladies. He feels his stomach tighten from happiness as Isaac and Belle are seen and stop before proceeding down the short aisle to the front. A natural chorus of 'awwws' accompanies them as they head toward their father and then stop on either side as they had been told. Danny watches his wife starting to walk, offering her a small wink and then smiling as she rewards him with a coy smile of her own; a telling glance between and established couple.

The music then changes for the big moment and Mac instantly feels his breathing stop and the world around him slow and then only one person come into focus, his beloved bride. Wow, she really is my princess! Is all the sappy sentiment he can seem to muster, words failing to describe her amazing beauty right now. Breathtakingwas another his brain would offer, his heart racing with happy anticipation. He watches her pause at the head of the aisle so the photographer can officially do their thing, his eyes wanting to water at the thought this moment was holding for him. She had given him life…he could he ever repay her?

"All set my daughter?" Sid asks warmly as they watch Lindsay round the corner and then disappear down the aisle of the tent.

"I am," Stella remarks with a firm squeeze on her father's arm. They finally start to walk but to Stella it feels like floating – literally, the world around her fading into a blur. Her brain had told her to automatically offer a smile for pictures but as she rounds the corner and spies the handsome man waiting for her. My prince, she echoes his somewhat similar sentiment, her heart racing in tandem with his as she nears him. She hears her father mention some words and then feels him kiss her cheek before he goes and sits beside Alice. But all that is in focus right now is the two of them.

"You look absolutely beautiful," he whispers as he allows Don and Sheldon to fix the chairs behind them and then they sit down before the minister. Their hands clasp tightly as the legal official before them offers words of encouragement and instruction for the about to be newly formed family union gathered before their family and closest friends.

Finally it was time to stand and repeat their vows, wanting to make it official before God and man. Mac takes her hand, looks deeply into her stunning emerald orbs and effortlessly repeats the vows, unable to say them fast enough to make it official. Stella was the same. A few more legalities are offered before the big moment where everyone also holds their breath as the minister states:

"You may now kiss your bride."

As much as he would like to lock them both in a passionate and intimate embrace, her pull over him just that strong, he is mindful of the crowd and so the liplock doesn't last as long as they would want, it was just right.

"I would now like to present to the crowd gathered today Mr. and Mrs. Mac and Stella Taylor. A happy round of applause rings out from young and old alike and then it was time to get another round of official wedding photographs before the party could commence.

"Daddy can I take this off now?" Isaac grumbles as his little fingers tug at the bowtie around his neck, the supper about to start.

"Well I have to wear mine," Mac frowns as he tries to loosen it a little. "How about a bit longer. After the a few dances?"

"Do I hafta dance?" He moans, making Mac smile as he pulls him into his arms. "I love you my son," he whispers with a small lump of emotion filling in his throat. "So very much. Just a big longer okay? It'll make mummy so very happy. She loves you in this."

"Ok-ay," he resigns with a groan as he heads off, instantly catching the attention of Lucy and Kara who hurry after him, Isabella not far behind.

"Are they behaving themselves?" Stella whispers in Mac's hear as she slides up beside him.

"So far," he turns to her with a smile. "Are you?"

"I wouldn't be if we were alone," she smiles and his face warms.

"Well we can leave right now," he motions with his head toward the door and she giggles. But his plan is thwarted just as Don, the evening's MC steps up to the Mic and asks all in attendance to take their seats for the supper. The dinner service, which was served was five star all the way, everyone getting a second plate if they so desired; and no mishaps of spilled food from any of the children. A few warm and heartfelt speeches followed and then the tables were cleared so that the dancing could begin.

Mac and Stella wait by the sidelines until they are called for their first official dance as husband and wife.

"This is a real first for me," Stella whispers as they head for the middle of the dance floor, the song Endless Love playing softly in the background.


"Dancing with my husband," she answers in truth with a warm smile.

"Well it's a first for me in that it's here with my wife."

"She's happy for you today Mac, I know she is."

"She's happy for us," he lovingly corrects her, watching her smile grow. "Today has been perfect so far."

"It really has," Stella answers as she glances around at their family and friends, her father finally finding someone he could love and who would love and appreciate him back; Millie surrounded by the adoring grandchildren she always wanted, three sets of friends all in favor of their blessed union and a host of friends to give them added support. It was perfect – a dream come true.

The song first song ends and they treat their guests to one more kiss before the second song starts and the bridal party and Sid and Alice join them. Stella and Mac each break apart and take one of their children, Mac holding Belle in his arms as they sway to the music.

"You look so beautiful tonight Belle," he praises, her yellow party gown in stark contrast to his black tuxedo.

"Thank you daddy. Mummy said you look handsome. What does that mean?"

"Oh it means I look pretty okay too," he smiles as he kisses her on the cheek.

"Having fun Isaac?" Stella asks her son.

"No. Lucy and Kara said they wanna dance with me. Do I hafto mummy?" He asks with an almost terrified glance, making her slightly giggle.

"My handsome little man is growing up," she whispers as her eyes want to water. "I love you Isaac."

"I love you too mummy. But do I hafto?"

"How about one song each only?"

"Okay," he resigns with a small huff, causing her to pull him up into her arms and hold him close just as the song comes to an end. "And once with gramma Millie okay?"


That request didn't seem so bad so for the third song, the bride and groom returned to each other and Sid took Belle whereas Millie was with Isaac, each older grandparent happy as could be. The third song comes to an end and Isaac is soon in the middle of a tug of war between the two adoring girls, whereas Isabella just rolls her eyes when she was told she had to dance at least once with Freddie. But by the next dance, the parents said they could go play and so under the very loving and watchful eye of Millie, the five of them, plus a few others happily headed back into the house, into the playroom and spent the evening doing what they wanted to do while the adults took full advantage of the dance floor.

The evening progressed with as much fun, laughter and friendship as everyone expected, however, exceeding the expectations of the bride and groom. Nearing midnight and it was time for the bride and groom to put their two darling children to bed and say goodnight to their guests.

"We'll see you both tomorrow night for the family dinner," Sid whispers as he kisses Stella on the cheek and then pulls back with a smile, Alice at his side. Alice also says her goodnights, thank you's and well wishes to both Mac and Stella before they leave hand in hand.

"You were such a doll tonight my darling Isabella," Stella says as she carries her daughter up the stairs toward their bedroom, Mac at her side with Isaac in his arms.

"Isaac you were a complete gentleman tonight my sweet boy."

"They'll be okay until whatever time you get home tomorrow," Millie tells them after both Mac and Stella had taken turns tucking in each child and kissing them goodnight. "Thank you again for letting me a part of this special day," Millie whispers to Mac as she kisses him on the cheek. "Your father would have been so proud."

"I felt him here with us today."

"He was," she tells him tenderly before taking Stella into her arms and hugging her tightly.

"I was proud to have you there today with us," Stella remarks. "It was like my mother was there with me today."

"She was," Millie whispers as she kisses Stella on the cheek. "And she couldn't be happier for you both. I love you both so very much."

After talking a bit longer, they grab their small overnight bags and then head outside to the limousine, the promise to return tomorrow to spend the day with their children, taking them to the zoo and having a family supper, the first in a weekly family tradition.

"Oh I got you a little present," Mac whispers as he hands Stella a small black velvet box. Stella takes the box, holding it in her hands before slowly opening the lid and looking at the object with wondering eyes. "Open it," he tenderly suggests to the small gold locket.

Stella gently pries open the locket to reveal a picture of the two of them on one side and then the four of them on the other. "My family," she whispers with a happy smile, her eyes watering again. "Mac, it's amazing I love it so much. Thank you," she praises as she twists her head and kisses him on the lips. But when she pulls back with a small frown, he's quick to wonder.


"Mac you have everything…what could I possibly give you ever that you don't already have?"

"A child of my own?" He answers without hesitation, making her smile even wider as the limo stops just outside the luxury hotel. "A child of our own?"

"How about we start on request that tonight?" She suggests as their lips finally lock in the first of many heated kisses. The break apart long enough for them to get into the hotel room and then after Stella's dress was carefully, resume their passionate embracing.

"I was so lost and in the dark not that long ago," Mac tells her in truth as his fingers brush her soft cheek. "You found me Stella, in my darkest hour and gave me light and hope."

"I followed my heart and found my dream," she answers warmly.

"Well if today is a dream I don't ever want to wake up," Mac remarks warmly as he lowers his wife to the bed.

"Well when you do wake up you'll be safely in my arms."

"There is no other place on earth I'd rather be," he answers in truth.

"I love you Stella."

"I love you too Mac."

And for the next few hours nothing else in the world would matter to them. And as they started to make love, a peaceful calm washed over them both. Embracing them in its endless arms. Wrapping them in serenity. And watching over them with a careful eye making sure they got the love they both needed and deserved. And tomorrow would come. The future was theirs to share together. But for now it would have to wait...because afterall...

~They would live happily ever after~


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