Prologue: Sea of Fate

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Summary: While with the Dursleys during the summer after Third Year, Harry is met by a strange man one day while out in Petunia's Garden. This man takes him to an alternate dimension to train him in the ways of the Dragon Knight, causing a rift between Harry's friends, and a unification of his greatest enemy and greatest ally under the banner of the Malefic One.

A/N: Bashing galore ahead, or at least, once Harry opens his eyes. For easy reference, I provided a list here of Weapon terms that one should be familiar with at the end of the chapter. Should the reader ever find himself lost, he or she can refer back to Chapter one. Chapter 2 will contain a list of Armors, since it is a much shorter list.

Harry Potter sat in his backyard, gardening again, but his mind wasn't on the task at hand. It was on a large crystal he had come across while gardening a few weeks ago. The crystal had released a torrent of energy which had nearly destroyed the entire house. Oddly, Harry felt this power within him now. It was a strange sensation. Like a dragon ready to burst out and….

" Hail, Mr. Potter. I suggest you get up off that cold ground and come up here and say hi to Aleroth."

Harry felt his heart go cold at the giant of a man walking up the driveway. He was at least seven foot tall. He wore black armor with crimson red streaks through it. The armor bore spikes on the shoulder pads which curved up to his head. He had cold, icy blue eyes. Scars dotted his face, and Harry was certain that many more dotted the man under the armor. A crowned helmet sat on his head. A gleaming opal set in the crest. He had no beard, and it was impossible to see the color of his hair, if he even had any, under the helm. Two Scottish Claymores were at his sides, and two Celtic Longswords were on his back. A Romanian Kilij was in his hand. The tip of the curved blade was wider and looked heavier than the body of the blade.

" G-G-Good evening Sir. Welcome….,", Harry was cut off by the angry shout of Vernon Dursley, " BOY! Get back to work you Freak! We don't feed you for nothing!"

The man advanced menacingly up to the door, and shouted, " From the looks of the boy, looks like you haven't been feeding him anyway!"

Harry watched as the man drop kicked the door in with a metal encased boot. The door completely shattered from the force, leaving Vernon Dursley face to face with a man that made him look small. The man shouted, " Good evening, my name is Aleroth. Judging by your size, I'm guessing you got plenty to eat in there?"

Harry saw that the giant, whose name was Aleroth, had a very evil smile on his face, and he was holding Uncle Vernon up in the air by the neck. Petunia "Horse Neck" Dursley screamed in the background as Aleroth ripped Vernon's head off with one hand. Blood sprayed everywhere. Aleroth shouted, " Boy! Get me one of the pikes outside."

Harry hustled outside, and there were three, about a flagstaff length, steel pikes outside. He hoisted one, and carried it to Aleroth. Aleroth skewered Vernon's head to the tip. He grabbed his kilij, and slashed through the kitchen door. He came back with a muffled Petunia Dursley. He drove the blade through her stomach, and pulled it out, covering the floor with blood and gore.

" Now, for the little piggy."

Aleroth walked up the stairs, very quietly for a man wearing what looked like two hundred pounds of steel armor. A thud came from up top, and Aleroth came back down with the whale known as Dudley Dursley. He beckoned to Harry, " Would you mind going out and getting the last two pikes?"

Harry shook his head, and hustled out. When he got back, he saw that Aleroth had tied Dudley to the floor using pegs and knives. Aleroth grabbed one, and bent down. " Harry! Hold him still! Time to send a message that no one will ever question!"

With that, Aleroth began to drive the pike up Dudley's ass. Literally. Harry watched in horror, yet strange glee as the giant impaled Dudley onto the pike. Dudley squealed like a pig as Aleroth drove the pike even further. Finally, Aleroth stood up. " Harry, you grab the bottom. I got the top. We carrying the little piggy outside for all to see", he directed.

" Is he still alive?" Harry asked.

" Hell yeah! I helped invent this with Vlad. I know what I'm doing when it comes to impaling!"

Harry grimaced at Aleroth's remark. He groaned as he helped carry Dudley out into the Garden, where they pinned him up like a Scarecrow. Petunia Dursley was strapped to the fridge, with hate symbols written in her own blood, to make it look like some stupid ass gangsters had come on a hit. Aleroth told Harry, " Now, we need to get the fuck out of here. You will not be needing clothes. You will not be needing books. Hell, you won't be needing that little stick of wood you call a wand either. All you need is that blue crystal you found about a week ago."

"How do you know about that?" Harry asked as he dug up the crystal. Aleroth didn't answer until he found the crystal. Harry held up the large chunk of blue crystal. Aleroth grabbed it, and examined it. " Amazing. I never thought anyone would ever find one. My father was right…."

Harry heard Aleroth's muttering, and asked, " Uh? What is it?"

Aleroth placed his gauntleted hand on Harry's shoulder, " Come boy. You have much to learn, and not long to learn it."

He hustled Harry out the door and into the street. Aleroth whispered, " Based on your memories, nothing I do should surprise you. Now, I hope you won't pass out at the sight of a dragon will you?"

" Dragon? I-I-I… Well, at least I hope not." Harry answered unsteadily. Aleroth shouted, " Good! I hope you have even more courage. Ego Draconis!"

Aleroth tapped a small stone that hung from his chest. Fire began to wrap his body. Blood red leathery wings emerged from the flame. A giant head emerged with long horns. The flames dissipated, and in its place was a large, crimson red dragon. Black spines ran up and down its back. The Dragon hissed, " Up! Now! Jump up by grabbing the spines on my neck, and sit between spines on my back, not far from my head,", Harry did as he was told, and the Dragon hissed back, " Good! Now! We Fly!"

The Dragon took one leap forward, coupled with a powerful down flap of its mighty wings, and they were in the air. Muggles were screaming below, but Harry paid no heed. They were on their way out. Aleroth hissed to Harry, " Alright Harry, time you learned some things. Aight?"

Harry nodded, " Ok then. Mr. Potter, let me formally introduce myself to you. I am Aleroth Emrys."

" Emrys? Like Merlin's original name?"

" Merlin was my half brother Harry. But beside the point. Me and he didn't always see eye to eye on a good deal many things. Especially King Arthur. I digress. I am taking you to a place where you will never need to use a wand again. A place where the old fool will never find you. A place where the Dark One will never find you. Once there, you will trained in the ways of the DracoKnight,", Aleroth explained.

" But what is a DracoKnight?"

Aleroth's sigh as a Dragon sent a gout of flame out that set a forest aflame, but he didn't pay any heed to it. " A DracoKnight is a warrior who can fight either from Dragon back, or as a Dragon himself. We are an ancient order, older than the Temples of Ur. We have existed since before the dawn of man. Since before Atlantis fell. We were the original Humans. We befriended the Elder Races, unlike many of the other Humans at the time. The Rulers saw to punish them, and thus they were destroyed. But we were spared. So we exist. The one who represents us in the Universal Civil War, He granted us a place to live. I will show you, but we must reach the Sea of Fate first."

" But most importantly, he granted us the Authority to Wage War in His Name without Penalty. We are those who judge, the adjudicators if you will. We are granted the Sacred Art of Pruning the Tree. We destroy those who threaten the Sanctity of Mankind." Aleroth felt Harry's skepticism, and answered, " Do not be skeptical Harry. These were his exact words. ' My friends! Nay, my Warriors! It is your duty to assure that the ones who are not yet ready, are not threatened. They may be stupid, and childish, but what children are not? Assuage them of their Evil, and praise their Good! But be most aware! Not all that is Dark is Evil, and not all that is Light is Good.' So our Ruler instructed us to watch over your world's ass. We are no Holy Order of Knights. Our presence was 'requested' Your Ruler is but one in a universe of Many. "

" That's a lot to bend your mind around."

Aleroth chuckled as they reached the Atlantic Ocean. He shouted, " Hang on Harry! We are going way up! Into the River of Winds!"

Aleroth took a sharp turn skyward. Harry watched nervously as he furiously pumped his gigantic wings to achieve the loft needed. Once they were there, Harry knew. The formally still air suddenly erupted into a fast streamed gale. The air currents moved so fast, Harry could hardly see. He held on to his glasses as tight as he could as Aleroth bobbed and weaved through the currents.

After twenty harrowing minutes, Aleroth emerged from the end of the River of Wind. A giant gateway stood in the eye. It bore many ancient sigils, and looked to be made of pure gold. Aleroth shouted gleefully, " The Gates of the Dragon! Here we go Harry! Today begins the first day of the Rest of your Life!"

Aleroth flew through the Gate at a terrifying speed, with Harry Potter, raven hair whipping in the wind, holding on tight.

Weapons list


Kilij: A Kilij is a Romanian sword that was particularly popular with Vlad the Impaler. It is a long, curved scimitar like blade with the tip heavily weighted. It can cut flesh cleaner than a Katana.

Scottish Claymore: Though many cultures have used the two handed, up to four foot long, cleaving blade known as the Claymore, those most famous are the Scots and the Holy Roman Imperial Forlorn Hopes and Vanguard units. Powerful two handed swords that can be used to deadly efficiency, as the English found out when fighting William Wallace.

Jian: A Chinese longsword that is shorter than most, but has a faster draw and is easier to maneuver. It is also called the Gentlemen's Blade, because scholars could walk around with it and not get tired from the weight.

Rapier: French longsword that is extremely slender. Best used for quick stabbing, but is too slender for anything else save fencing. Used by the Musketeers in combination with the Gauche dagger.

Katana: Japanese version of the Claymore. Has a definitive, yet slight, curve that allows it to cut flesh easily and still be used as a stabbing blade. Samurai are the most famous for this blade.

Ninjato: A shorter, longsword version of the Katana. It was faster, and sharper. Ninjas favored it for its speed, efficiency, and silence, while still being deadly.

Broadsword: A heavy, slightly longer, and heavier version of the Longsword used by Knights. Strong knights could use this with one hand, but it was primarily a two handed version of the normal longsword.

Syphos: Greek shortsword used to great power by the Spartans. These wide short swords were very maneuverable, and could be easily powered to a specific point. One down side is that they required a specific technique to be used to maximum effect.

Dao: A Chinese blade designed by the Ming Warriors. It was a one handed, well balanced blade. The back edge was sharp, but the first foot or so of the back of the blade was dull, so if need was be, the Warrior could put his off-hand on the blade and give it extra push.

Flamberge: Giant swords given to prestigious warriors that are generally seen in stories. Video game examples include any Greatsword from Dragon Age, Ragnell from FE Radiance series, and Alondite from the same game. Heavy and unwieldy.

Longsword: Longswords come in many varieties, depending on where in the world you look. The Celtic Longswords were usually light, and could be used from Chariot back.


Spartan Spear: The spear used by the Spartans. It was a well balanced killing machine used by Spartans in all situations

Naginata: Japanese two handed short spear. Very fast, yet still extremely deadly.

Glaive: Longer than most spears and lances, with a blade longer as well, the Glaive was a weapon designed by the Mongols originally. The blade is usually curved. The original design of the weapon was to just strap a sword to the end of a shaft of wood.

Javelin: Lighter spear that can be thrown. Used by many cultures.

Pike: Really, really long spear used in Phalaxes and Schilltron ( Shield circle) formations to defeat cavalry.

Pillum: Roman throwing spear that was also very effective in close combat. High penetrating power from the triangular blade.

Lance: Typical shaft of wood with a long metal blade attached to the end.


Short bow: A small bow used for archers who expected to be in close proximity to their enemies. They have a very short range, but high penetrating power and accuracy.

Generic Crossbow: Used by Knights and other heavy infantry who didn't have the luxury of the heavy training needed to use a Longbow. Easy to use, and had high penetrating power. Very long reload time.

Arbalest: A specialized Crossbow used by Knights that had a shorter reload time, but not as much power.

Repeating Crossbow: A rare Crossbow designed in Ancient China, and used by Sun Tzu to great effectiveness. The bow could be loaded with ten bolts, and was literally the Ancient World's Machine Gun.

Longbow: A larger version of the typical bow. These bows were extremely powerful and had very long range, but required extensive, generally years of nothing but, archery training. The Longbow was first seen in use by the Welsh, but saw most use at the Battles of Agincourt and Crecy. Essentially, it is the weapon that Almost won the Hundred Years War, as the French had no counter to the English Longbowmen. The Longbow is seen as the weapon that caused the death of Chivalry and the beginning of Specialized Militarism.

Ballista: A very long range, stationary bow that could fire giant bolts across huge distances. It was the first Siege Weapon.


Great Axe: A large, two handed axe that was the signature weapon of the Vikings.

Halberd: A long Axe that had a pike on the end, and a sharpened bill hook behind the blade of the Axe. This gave the warrior that used it three options on how to use it. Excellent Anti Cavalry weapon.

Tomahawk: Native American Throwing Axe.


Bill hook: A weapon generally used by conscripts, but eventually given to specialized heavy anti cavalry infantry. The Bill Hook could be used to drag a rider off his horse from relative safety, if the user was trained. Not all billmen were.

Trebuchet: The Castle Destroyer. Before you had cannons, you had to use this. Capable of hurling giant, flaming stones at your enemy from thousands of yards away, it's a wonder these weapons weren't used more extensively. But they were also a logistics nightmare, as a battalion had to be assigned to defend the crew of engineers who used it.