Chapter 12 The Payment of Existence

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Harry followed Aleroth, who was leading a confused Hermione towards a small chamber that had been dug just outside of the Hogwarts grounds. At the gate, stood Elexaunder wearing golden armor, and a black cloak with a bluish silver tree on it. Elexaunder greeted Aleroth with a slight bow of his head, and the two led Hermione into the Chamber. Elexaunder declared gloriously, " Welcome to the Enchanted Chamber! Here is where we begin our fight for destiny. This is Sypherien,", Elexaunder pointed at the priestly looking man who was wearing robes of gold, red and purple. The man had jet black hair, so black it made Harry's look like it was the sun. Sypherien smiled, " Do not fret, for the Fires will guide us."

Elexaunder pulled Harry aside, " I hope you read my note?"

Harry nodded. Elexaunder smiled, " Good, then you will not fret too much if I have to kill your friend."

Harry paled at that notion. It was at this time, that he noticed that there were about thirty soldiers present in the Chamber. Most of them were not wearing a Dragonland insignia, and were instead wearing the gold armor with a silver eagle that was the armor of Elexaunder's kingdom, Renewan. Each carried a halberd and a longsword, several carried bows, and some others carried a spear. Elexaunder smirked, " I see you've noticed that I took the precaution of bringing soldiers along. Aleroth has brought his son Damian along as well. I am frankly surprised that you brought none of your retainers."

Harry answered, " Fred, Ron, George, Percy, and Malfoy weren't interested in seeing a strange ritual. Plus, I do not think they are ready for combat yet."

" I don't think I'm ever ready for combat Harry. If someone tells you they aren't scared on the eve of battle, then they lie,", Elexaunder countered thoughtfully. Harry frowned as he went over that piece of wisdom he had just received from one of the most prodigal warriors in this world. Elexaunder turned to see Hermione, who had just been informed of what was going on, looking a little panicked, but rather conformed. That wasn't a good sign. Daemons always show calm. He thought.

Harry was worried. The priest was chanting in a language that wasn't even remotely close to anything he had ever heard of, which was saying something because he had learned many languages in Dragonland. Aleroth seemingly read his mind, " That language is called Ancient High Wyyreydian, the oldest and most powerful man made language in existance. It can command anything. Very few are skilled enough to manage even a few phrases of it spoken, and the only reason Elexaunder can use it is because it was part of the 'gifts' given to him when he first came to our universe. After all, he went to the Origin World of Wyyeryd first."

Harry sighed with an " Oh...,", that was something he certainly hadn't expected. Harry was at a loss as he watched Sypherien walk around Hermione, who was aware of what was going on, but not entirely there. Suddenly, an alarm went off, and Aleroth shouted, " Come soldiers!"

Elexaunder motioned for Harry to follow him, explaining, " We are under attack."

When they reached the surface, they found the rearguard already dealing with a horde of hideous creatures that looked like Orks. They made disgusting, guttural growling sounds as they fought. Elexaunder did the one thing most men wouldn't have done in that situation. He smiled, and it wasn't a normal smile. It was joyous smile. He shouted, " Come Mr. Potter! This day we fight! This day we draw swords together!"

With a war cry, he drew a glimmering golden claymore from his left, and a flaming red one from his right. Harry drew his own longsword, which paled in comparison to the craftsmanship of Elexaunder's weapons. Aleroth stayed back, firing his longbow. Harry charged alongside of Elexaunder.

His vision blurred as he slashed into the horrid creatures. Black, acidic blood spattered all over his armor. Harry punched one to stun it, and sliced its head off, moving gracefully toward the next, taking its legs, and impaling it with his longsword. Suddenly, the creatures broke from him, and charged Elexaunder.

Harry starred almost in awe at the battle dance. The man was wielding two, full length, probably longer than normal Scottish claymores, yet he was moving faster and more graceful than any man armed with two daggers. He slipped deftly beneath strikes, moving his body only slightly to deliver a quick stab, a swift slash, a parry, a block. No movement was wasted as he shifted effortlessly from opponent to opponent. Even his sidesteps and twists all set up a blow. Harry was hardly able to keep his concentration on his own survival.

Just as suddenly as the onslaught began, it ended. Harry was slightly winded, looking at his tally of about five of the creatures laying dead at his feet. Elexaunder was hardly breathing hard, with nearly thirty laying in a path of destruction that started almost at the archers. Harry breathed out, " What are those creatures?"

Elexaunder smiled, " Darkspawn, my dear protégé. I rarely see them outside of the Dragon Age world of Thedas, so whatever has possessed your dear Hermione must be powerful. I enjoy fighting Darkspawn, they die so easily compared to the other horrors that infest our universe. Like Tyranids, Chaos, Ganon, enemy Real Worlders, you know, all sorts of unpleasantness."

Harry commented, " I hope you don't take offense to this, but I would like to say that you are a lot like Dumbledore was back before Aleroth decided it was time for me to face my destiny."

Elexaunder smiled, " Oh I don't take offense at all. I rather liked the Dumbledore from the first four books. Of course, he was a complete bastard after that, but beyond the point. I enjoy helping people Harry, if anything, I have a far worse version of your 'Saving People' thing. You save girls from Basilisks and magicals from Voldemort, I save worlds and galaxies from my own people. We aren't that different when you think about it."

Harry sighed, " You know, Voldemort said the same thing when I was in the Chamber of Secrets."

" I know. I read the books you know. I can't tell you how disappointed I was with the ending of the last one. I mean, I fully expected you and Voldemort to give us a duel the likes of which hadn't been seen since Merlin first battled Morgan Le Fey. But noooo. Instead we get a load of horseshit, one hit kill duel. Sorry Harry, but I really would like to vent my anger in the actual world it happened in,", Elexaunder said with more than a hint of anger in his voice. Harry was kind of taken off guard by the man's constant talk about a book series bearing his name, but then he remembered that the Real World was the origin of all their worlds, and that they were little more than characters in books, TV shows, movies, etc in that world.

They were interrupted by Aleroth, who shouted, " New wave incoming!"

Harry shifted his attention to the now larger, more fierce looking Darkspawn rushing at them. Arrows whistled at them through the air, answered by a hail of their own arrows. Harry fired a cone of lightning at the creatures, only to watch many of them run right into it, but only a few die from it. Elexaunder didn't waste any time, he was already back in amongst them tearing them to pieces. Harry pulled back, and drew his own bow, enchanting his arrows with ice to slow his opponents.

He fired an arrow that took out a much larger looking one that Aleroth said was a Hurlock. He fired again, and his glittering blue arrow struck another Hurlock, slowing it, and allowing Elexaunder to cut it down with ease. He loaded three arrows at once, and fired all three in a cone at the Darkspawn that had outflanked Elexaunder. Three more kills. With deadly calm taking him over, he fired in rapid fire, hardly taking the time to aim. Elexaunder almost seemed to know exactly where Harry was firing before he even fired, so he made ducking beneath oncoming arrows look easy. Harry fired and fired, before a roar shook him from his concentration.

A giant, blue creature that towered over everyone charged onto the field. It had blue skin, a giant carapace of bone on its head, and was massive enough to trample most anything other than an elephant. Aleroth shouted, " Ogre!"

Elexaunder leapt clean out of the way of the ogre, but he didn't escape cleanly, landing right in the middle of a new squad of Hurlocks. Aleroth ordered his men, " Focus on the Ogre! The Lord Captain can handle himself! Take down the Ogre! TAKE IT DOWN! TAKE IT DOWN!"

Harry and the ten other archers began to fire directly at the Ogre, dealing damage, but nothing lethal. That carapace makes it real hard to hit the eyes. Harry thought as he fired another, this time flaming, arrow at the Ogre. Harry saw it running straight for him. Rather than jump aside, he dropped his bow, and drew his longsword. The Ogre lowered its shoulder, and rammed at him. He ducked aside like a matador. It swung at him with its massive fists. He jumped aside, and withstood the shock wave.

Harry saw the Ogre stumble slightly when Elexaunder sliced at its legs with both his blades. Harry saw him mouth, "Get it now! Go for the head!"

Harry made a running start, and leapt up into the air, straight at the ogre. He shifted his grip on his sword into an execution position, and drove it home into the creatures skull. But it didn't want to die! It began to flail around as Harry clung to it, stabbing his sword down. It grabbed Harry, causing him to briefly lose grip, but he was able to hold on, and land one last thrust. The Ogre screamed a terrifying death roar that made Harry tremble even as death gripped it. Harry passed out from fighting the Ogre.

( Later)

" Potter! P-Potter! Wake your sorry ass up dammit!"

Harry groggily woke up to his head getting slapped by Elexaunder's gauntleted fist. He shouted, " Stop that."

Aleroth sighed, " Good, he is awake. Come, Sypherien is almost done."

With that, he was roughly hoisted to his feet, and told to follow Elexaunder and Aleroth into the Chamber. When they got there, they saw Sypherien standing over Hermione's prone body, shouting at some dark entity. Aleroth commented, " Stay behind me Harry."

Elexaunder added to that, " Yes, do that. I fear I do not know what manner of servants that my sister carries, but this is certainly one of the more fearful ones I have encountered."

At that moment, there was an earth shattering scream of pain from Hermione as the shadow began to take form, but Sypherien advanced anyway. He shouted some sort of banishing spell, but not before the shadow could fire some evil looking green hex. Green like the Avada Kedavra…

Harry must have passed out for a moment, because he was on the ground, and Aleroth was next to him. He stood up grunting, before noticing that Aleroth was alright. He was muttering to an outraged Lord Captain. Sypherien approached Harry, " It is done. We will now perform diagnostics to see the extent of the damage that the spirit may have caused. You may join us in the circle."

Harry followed the regal looking priest up into the runic circle, where three men were talking to Hermione. At least she isn't dead. Harry thought. He would soon regret that thought in many ways. Sypherien asked, " What is your name?"

Hermione answered, " Hermione Jane Granger."

Harry noticed there was something wrong with the tone of her voice. It sounded different. It sounded younger. It sounded childish. Harry knew something was wrong. Sypherien could sense that Harry knew something was wrong as well, being a priest and all. He asked, " What is your age?"

In one moment, Harry, Ron, and anyone else who had ever known Hermione Granger would be blown off their rockers. She held up four fingers and answered, " I'm four! Where are my mummy and daddy?"

Sypherien shouted, " Get Potter out of here now!" When his men did nothing, "Did you not here me? NOW!"

Sypherien noticed that Harry was rocking on his feet. Sypherien was getting nervous, he didn't need the young man to blow up in the middle of his diagnostics. There might still be something that could be done to save her. He shouted again, " GET HIM THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

Elexaunder came to his senses, and roughly grappled Harry, who felt like dead weight to him. He drug him out of the Chamber, hissing, " Control yourself Potter! We have all dealt with the loss of loved ones before. This should not be new to you!"

Elexaunder smiled at the cold hate that greeted him in those Death Curse colored flaming eyes. He shouted, " Come on Potter! Together now! "

With that, he left the Chamber, and reentered the Hogwarts grounds. Little did Elexaunder know, as he is wont to do in some situations, he had just done the one thing he shouldn't have.

( Hogwarts: Gryffindor Tower)

Ron shot up out of bed like a lightning bolt had hit him. Fred and George shouted, " Did you feel it too?"

Ron nodded, " Something is wrong. Something is very wrong."

Fred and George nodded, and hastily threw some clothes on. They were not alone. Most of Hogwarts was now stirring and heading off towards the edge of the grounds near Hogsmeade. Ron felt great panic in his heart as he made his way down towards what looked like a glimmering star.

( Elexaunder)

Elexaunder was surprised by the look of anger in Potter's eyes. It reminded him of himself when he was fighting his own people. The fire in those Death Curse eyes filled Elexaunder with the promise of a challenge. He drew his sword, and began to set up barriers to contain them. Suddenly, he was blasted off by a surge of emerald power.

He wrenched himself up with a curse. Lucky shot boy. Time to see what you got then.

Elexaunder charged with a roar. Golden sword met tendrils of emerald energy. Elexaunder shouted, " Come now Potter! Is this all you got?"

With a shout, Elexaunder fired a powerful pillar of light at Potter. The attack connected, knocking him to the ground. Potter rose from the ground, shrouded in emerald energy. Elexaunder plunged into the storm, swiping away the tendrils of energy, and encasing himself in his own golden power. The Hogwarts students stumbled in upon this strange light show of power.


" Holy shit…."

Fred couldn't have said it much better. That glimmering star was actually Harry seemingly doing battle against the man known as the Lord Captain. Emerald versus starlight gold. Based on the ease that the Lord Captain was moving, he was clearly sentient of the Students, and was simply just trying to contain Harry now. Elexaunder's aura flashed far brighter than Harry's and it seemed to contain a warning. Then, his voice rang out, "Run you fools! Do not stand and watch!"

Ron watched as Elexaunder continued to round in and out of the maelstrom of energy, dotting back and forth preventing it from growing too large. But the students did simply just watch. They never moved. They were never inclined to move. Aleroth walked in on this, and walked up to Ron, whispering, " Come with me. Get Fred and George as well."

Ron did so, and the three followed Aleroth into the Enchanted Chamber. They noticed that their robes had been replaced by the House Potter Retainer Armor. A long haired man with preistly gold, purple and red robes was standing waiting for them, while some of the men wearing the silver armor were moving someone. Aleroth took them over to the side, " Boys, I want you to know this. How close were any of you to Hermione Granger?"

Ron answered nervously, " Me, her, and Harry were called the Golden Trio because we were like best friends. Me and Harry saved her from a Mountain Troll when we were in first year. The next, she was petrified and it about killed me and Harry. Then last year, she helped Sirius escape by using a Time Turner. The school is practically mad with our adventures, you would think we were the new Marauders."

Aleroth frowned, before turning to Fred and George, " And you two?"

Fred started, " Not really…"

" …she was the killjoy…"

" We didn't think she was."

" Very Pretty either…"

" But then again…"

" We always liked Angelina,"

" And Alicia."

Aleroth's frown deepened into a full blown scowl at the infamous 'Twin Speak', " Look, I don't care about your love life. As you know, I already tapped those two. Nonetheless, Ron, come with me."

Aleroth motioned for Ron to follow him. They both entered what looked like a small tunnel that was being built while it was being used. Aleroth whispered in a grim tone, " Ron, brace yourself. Nothing I can say can prepare you for this, but, given Harry's reaction, I think I should give you some proper warning."

Ron instantly stiffened, " What? Did something go wrong with the ritual?"

" Well, not exactly…. We got rid of the demon, but we hadn't wagered on something. Since your sister was possessed by Tom Riddle in your Second Year, I guess you know how no one ever remembers being possessed unless they are really powerful, like Elexaunder?"

" Yeah. Why?"

Aleroth simply waived his hand at the men who were trying to control something. Ron didn't even see what he was worried about, but somehow, he felt his own heartbreak. Ron finally saw it. Hermione playing in the dirt like she was some little child on vacation at the beach. Ron went to his knees, " What the hell happened?"

Aleroth placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, as Damian came in to do the same, " She had been possessed at a very young age. We think age four. That means…."

Ron finished, " The Hermione we knew, wasn't Hermione…."

" Exactly. I don't know how exactly to tell you this, but the monster possessing her was extremely powerful. Sypherien himself insisted on being the one to do the deed, and only an extremely powerful Arch-Daemon would have been able to summon minions like that in only a spiritual form. And based off of a sense that I have, it was the Dark One."

Ron asked, " The Dark One is the most trusted servant of Elexaunder's sister right?"

" Yep. It has been a menace unto all worlds for years untold. They say that his sister doesn't even disclose the gender to allow for greater secrecy. Elexaunder will tell you that the Real World is his greatest opponent, but in reality, it is his sister."

Aleroth helped Ron to his feet. Sypherien came in, " Keep in mind that her memory loss may not be permanent. Unfortunately, the only real way to tell or not is to take her to Dragonland, or to Renewan where we can view her further. Even then, it may be years before we can tell if she can regain her magical powers as well."

Ron's jaw dropped, " You mean that she may not be a witch?"

Damian entered in, " I checked the Hogwarts Rosters through the years. I noticed that there was no Hermione Granger prior to 1984. Since the roster updates constantly to accommodate for the discovery of Muggle-Borns, there is no flaw. It is very possible that she was only a witch because of the Dark One possessing her."

Ron walked back to Fred and George with some tears in his eyes. Fred asked, " Is something wrong with little Ronnie-kins?"

" Did they hurt his feelings?"

" Fuck off both of you. They just told me that one of my best friends never really existed, that all she was, was a figment of some demon's possession."

Both Fred and George backed off considerably. Fred whispered, " Is this why Harry is going nuts?"

Aleroth walked in, " Yes, it is exactly why. He took it extremely bad, despite our warnings. Sypherien had to have Elexaunder physically remove him, so that when he blew up, he wouldn't destroy the chamber. From what I saw, Elexaunder was either holding back because of the students, or Harry was giving him a good run."

( Elexaunder)

" RUN YOU FOOLS!" Elexaunder shouted as he desperately tried to pin the bouncing energy. He couldn't use his full power, or he would potentially destroy the entire area and all the people in it. He parried another shimmering blast of cold energy, and another, and another. Finally, he just shouted, " Fuck it!"

Elexaunder raised his sword high into the air, and it began to shimmer with golden energy. The ground began to shake with power. Fire erupted around the battle. Water and ice cascaded through the air. The very air itself was turned into slicing blades. Elexaunder shouted, " Shatter!"

He slammed his sword down on the ground, and with the sound of a bomb, the earth split open into a massive fissure, traveling at massive speed at Harry. Suddenly, it stopped as it hit the barrier of emerald energy. Elexaunder blocked the returning blast of fire, and sent a hailstorm at him. The energy blocked him again, and fired a giant wall of flame at him. Elexaunder rolled under it, swinging his golden blade in a wide arc. A wall of energy formed and propelled itself at Potter, knocking Potter back.

Potter opened a rift in the world as well, which Elexaunder blocked with a giant spire. Potter sent wave after wave of flame after Elexaunder, some of which only barely missed. Elexaunder jumped high into the air, shouting " Helios Megiddo!"

A giant ball of flaming light shot from his open palm, and struck Potter with enough force to rip a giant hole in the world and scorch the surrounding area. The heat was so intense that many of the students had to run back, and some of the closer ones were heavily burned by the flames as they exploded around them.

Then, just as suddenly, it all stopped. Ron came running out, but found himself with a blade in his face, the look on the Lord Captain's face was all that was needed to be said. Harry was standing in the middle of a giant crater, seemingly ok, only that tears were streaming down his face. He was shouting incoherently. Elexaunder shouted, " Suck it up Potter!"

Ron muttered, " Boy, you sure know how to console someone don't you?"

Elexaunder rounded on Ron, " Actions will always speak louder than words. It makes it worse for a certain amount of time. You have to do something! You have to move! You have to participate, and eventually, the pain lessens."

" You are worse than Voldemort."

Everyone turned to look at Harry as he climbed out of the pit. Potter continued his tirade, " You claim you've done all this work for us, all this fighting, and yet, you cannot have any sort of feelings for any of the actions you have committed?"

Elexaunder countered, " You have no idea the battles I have fought, the people I've watched die because I couldn't save them. The worlds I had to destroy because they were too corrupted. I've dealt death, and I have felt death! Just because they are my enemies does not mean I don't feel remorse every time I send one back to the Real World in bits and pieces, only to find myself fighting the same people over and over again? Do you have any idea what it is like to fight people who you are friends with on your own world, but hate you with a passion everywhere else?"

" That does not matter. I see now, why our universe loves and hates you in equal measure. So ruthless, so merciless, so downright evil, and yet, righteous, good, caring, all in one. You are the embodiment of humanity, Elexaunder, did you know that? How is one man capable of dealing with so many emotions, so much power, and yet so much responsibility without cracking is beyond me. I guess you are the Pillar that the Light is built on. Not Dumbledore."

Elexaunder snorted, " I see great potential in you, Harry Potter. It is the reason I decided to change this world. You see, I was content to let you all live in peace after you defeated Voldemort in that farce of a duel, but seeing you in battle changed that. I decided to hit the magic reset button, and come back for one more time. I have done well.

" You are right of course. I am what few men are. Both Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. I do what I must to save a universe that I love. A universe of Fiction and imagination. One Day. One day you will understand the meaning of those words. But for now, we fight. Frankly, I am surprised you are not screaming and shouting about the loss of your friend."

Harry commented, " Hermione was a friend, a friend that I thought I had begun to love. But as Fate is wont to do, it fell apart. I am sorry, but I really did love her. I felt it when I saved her from the Mountain Troll, when they revived her from the Basilisk. When we went back in time to save Sirius."

Elexaunder smiled, " Good, you are learning the lessons you have to in order to lead. But now, Lord Harold Harada James Potter, you will battle me. You will prove your worth by battling me. En Garde! Ingis Solus Flamis!"

With that battle cry, Elexaunder's body became enshrouded with fire and light, and he charged at Harry. Harry met his charge with a blast of emerald and sapphire energy. Harry conjured a silver sword out of the air, and in the midst of the storms of power, two men dueled. Lights flashed as sword met sword, Potter and Elexaunder moving at speeds that normal men couldn't comprehend. Not even Dumbledore, who sat on the grass enjoying the show, could see all the actions.

Elexaunder's technique was something of a dance form, elegant, graceful, yet deadly. In the epicenter of fire and light, a man whirled and danced like a Whirling Dervish, ducking and leaping over ill placed, sometimes perfectly placed, strikes.

Harry's technique was indirectly based off of Elexaunder's, and it was equally wild and graceful. Both men looked like they were embracing in a magnificent dance, both countering each other, both hitting each other's weakness, both shielding their strengths. Then, the magic began to fire. Aleroth had been the first outside of the actual battle to notice that Harry's spells were all tinted purple.

The Lord Captain's were all tinted red as he fired beams of golden light, arcs of golden lightning, bursts of flame, and cones of ice at Potter. Katie Bell flinched as a bolt fell close to her, and then shrieked as she was hit by a bolt, scorching the left side of her face.

No one noticed the injured crowd member, they were too transfixed by the battle at hand. Many watched as others were consumed in flames, or impaled by ice. Giant rocks flew around the battlefield, blades made purely of air slashed at both combatants. Both combatants leapt hither and yon, dodging the other's attacks, avoiding sometimes by the narrowest of inches. Each was now clutching two blades, and they were fighting with ferocity that made even Aleroth cringe.

The earth beneath them began to break and bend, tumultuously pitting back and forth. Large fissures ran across the ground, almost to the Forbidden Forest. The Quidditch stadium caught fire from a stray bolt, and fell in on itself. The crowd gasped as a missed beam of light soared over Harry's head, and struck the Astronomy Tower, destroying the viewing platform. The sheer energy unleashed by the battle had destroyed the Hogwarts wards utterly.

Then, it suddenly stopped. Harry was blown backward, his blades disintegrating, and his energy disappearing. Elexaunder announced, " This is over. Well done, Harry. It has been a long time since I had a battle like that. I dare say, you have great potential, maybe great enough to earn Lord Captaincy one day. Until, keep working on your technique, specifically, defense. It is hard to defend with the twin blades, but it is also easy."

With that, he began to leave, but he whispered something in Harry's ear before he left. In a flash of fire that would make Fawkes envious, he left. Harry turned back to the crowd. His first words surprised them, " Why the hell did you stay?"

Harry looked at several students, who were laying on the ground writhing in pain. Some were motionless, like Katie. He shouted directions, " Gather them up! Get healers ready!"

Sypherien stepped up, " Lord Potter, His Excellency ordered me to remain behind and help with the injuries while he tries to deal with the problems that Granger has produced. I shall help heal. You will find my healing more powerful than any others."

Harry nodded, and Sypherien descended among the wounded. Aleroth came up, with Damian and a scared looking Carolyn. Harry smirked, " Good to see you all again. How fare thee?"

Damian answered, " We are fine. Though I must admit, me and Cary both got a real good scare out of that battle. I didn't think you could handle the Lord Captain like that."

" Thanks for the vote of confidence Damian."

Aleroth spoke next, " So what are your plans? My men are going to take Hermione to Dragonland to see if we can get her memories back."

Harry inclined his head slightly, " Damian, I leave you in command, not your father."

Damian was surprised, Aleroth was angry. Harry simply said, " I thank you for your sacrifice Aleroth, but I know what you are now. Go ahead and give Damian his birthday present early."

Aleroth sighed, " Yes, Lord Potter."

He turned to Damian, " I, Aleroth Cerridwen Emrys hear by bequeath the title of Lord Emrys and all honors it bestows unto Damian Emrys. My son, do you accept?"

Damian nodded, " I accept."

" So mote be it."

A golden flash of light signified the change in house leadership. Meanwhile, Harry walked off, Cary following him. She asked, " What are you going to do?"

" I have no intention in competing in this tournament anymore. In fact, I care little of this world anymore. I tell you this, Cary, so that you can plan accordingly. I want you to tell anyone who is considering joining me, that they will have five months, or until the end of the tournament, to prepare themselves for their oaths. Tell Fleur that she had better be ready by then as well."

" So what are you going to be doing?"

" Nothing."

With that, Harry shouted a powerful spell in Ancient High, and the air around him began to coalesce into ice. Within moments, he was firmly encased in ice.


Aleroth looked upon the exposed body of Katie Bell. She was nude, but that was no longer the instant turn on it used to be for the males who were overseeing whatever was being done to keep her alive.

" So how fares Ms. Bell?"

Sypherien sighed, " She is proving very difficult. Her wounds are grievous, and the spell she was hit with was tinged with Soulfire. It is proving most difficult to handle. If she heals, it is unlikely that the scars will ever fade. She will never heal completely. The entire left side of her face was scorched. We are trying as hard as we can to regrow the skin, but right now, I am more worried with the internal injuries."

Aleroth grimaced when he looked at Katie's face. The left side of her face was scorched pitch black and wrinkled. Most of her golden hair had been burned black, and her left eye was blood red and probably useless. Her neck was scorched in a similar fashion, and the rest of her body was sprinkled with bright red wounds from where the electricity had lanced and arced across her body. She was once beautiful, but now, only a desperate man would consider her. It was a fact not lost to many who saw her.

Aleroth noted that this would have a devastating effect on her when, or if rather, she ever woke from the electrical coma she was in. Sypherien saw Aleroth looking at the long, red wounds, " If she lives, she will have those scars the rest of her life, however long that is. Same with her face. I heard tale that she was known as the Golden Fox. Particular reason?"

Fred answered, " She had golden hair, it separated her from the other Foxes of Gryffindor. But, she….she is not what she once was."

Alicia came up, " No…No she isn't."

McGonagall commented, " She had such promise when she came to Hogwarts, even as a Muggle-Born. Her beauty would only have helped her, but now."

Ron finished, " Her body is a hindrance."

Dumbledore looked upon the entire scene, and remarked that one man, with one attack, had essentially killed a girl. Even if she were to live, she would be reviled as a monster for those scars. Dumbledore began to feel whatever was left of his own humanity slipping away.

(Riddle Manor)

Peter Pettigrew reentered the Manor to find his master waiting, with his old body, the one from before he created his first horcrux. His only words were, " The Great Mistress Commands us move forward. She has returned the pieces of my soul and my body. We move."

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Easter Eggs

1. Elexaunder's cloak was Gondorian of nature, with the White Tree as the emblem.