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Writer's Note: This is a little something something I started writing about before the episode where Parker meets Hannah, just never finished it until now at least this chapter. At least it was going to be a one shot, but it is going to be a multi-chapter. Sorry the first chapter is a little short, but I know chapter two will be longer since Pops has to have a good old talking to with his grandson. I hope this helps me get the happy, fluffy feeling muses back for my "What Will Happen" story. So without further adieu, "WHEN POPS MEETS HANNAH"

Hank couldn't wait to see his grandson. He hadn't see Seeley since he left for Afghanistan. Seeley had called Hank and said he was coming to visit today and had something important to tell him. Hank was so happy to see his grandson and assumed Temperance would be coming as well. He really liked Temperance. She had balls or as Temperance had corrected him ovaries. She was a firecracker, just like Seeley's grandmother and she was perfect for his grandson.

Hank waited outside in the garden waiting for Seeley and Temperance to arrive. When he saw his grandson walking up the path without Temperance he was greatly disappointed. Following Seeley up the path was not his partner, but a tall skinny blonde.

"Hey Shrimp."

"Hey Pops" as they bumped knuckles and hugged.

"Where's Temperance?"

Seeley rubbed the back of his neck. A thing he always does when he gets nervous. "Ummm, I don't really know, I haven't talked to her today."

Hank glared at him, giving him that what the hell is wrong with you kind of look. "So, who is this Seeley, one of Temperance's friends?"

Before Seeley could speak, Hannah did. "Hi Mr. Booth, nice to meet you," extending her hand out to shake his hand. "I'm Hannah Burley. Yes, I am a friend of Temperance, but I am also Seeley's girlfriend." Hank didn't extend his hand out to her once she said she was Seeley's girlfriend.

The color left Hank's face as he thought to himself, "I really didn't teach him right. What is he thinking Temperance should be his girlfriend? Not this life size Barbie doll."

Hannah was thinking too, "Why did Booth's family all have the same reaction when they met her? First Parker, now Hank. Why would this happen if Seeley and Temperance were truly just only partners and best friends?"

Seeley stood there dumbfounded he didn't know what to say. The silence and the tension were so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Hank was the one to break the awkward silence, "Nice to meet you Ms. Burley, but I really must be going. I just remembered I have a prior engagement."

Seeley looked puzzled, "Prior Engagement? Pops I thought we were going to spend the day together."

"Sorry, Shrimp. I forgot about this prior engagement until just now. Walk me to my room, will ya?"

They started walking, leaving Hannah in the garden confused about what just transpired. Seeley looked back at her, shot her an apologetic look and followed Hank into the main entrance.

"Pops, what was that all about outside? You were very rude to Hannah."

"Shrimp, we will discuss it once we get to my room."

Seeley was consistently rubbing the back of his neck as they walked through the corridors to reach Hank's room. When they reached Hank's door, all Seeley could think of was, "This isn't gonna be good."

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