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Bones waited patiently, well as patiently as she could. With her bones she was very good at being patient, but with live people not so much. Maybe the reason was that waiting for Hannah gave her this unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach. It was kind of the same feeling she had when Booth first told her about Hannah. Bones hated feeling this way. Since coming back from Indonesia, it had been getting harder to compartmentalize her feelings like she once was able to. She had Booth to blame and to thank for that.

While sitting there sipping her coffee, watching the door from time to time. Wanting to be anywhere but at the diner, Bones still couldn't comprehend why she was feeling like this. She didn't do anything wrong. She did everything that she hoped that would make Booth happy, she accepted Hannah. Hannah was her friend, even though she didn't make friends easily but Hannah seemed to sincerely like her. Even though she still couldn't read people as well as Booth could. Waiting there by herself, Bones thought about what Hank had said earlier that day that she only became friends with Hannah because of Booth.

All Bones wanted was Hannah to show up, she was over analyzing everything, which she tended to do when she was alone by herself. She took another sip from her coffee, glancing at the door again.

Then finally Hannah arrived. Hannah approached the booth that Bones was sitting at. "Temperance, I hope you weren't waiting long."

Reading Hannah's facial expressions, to Bones Hannah didn't seem angry, may be a little sad but Bones didn't see anger in her face. Booth didn't tell her how much he had told Hannah about them so Bones' plan of action was to let Hannah do all the talking.

"No, I haven't. Just long enough to order a cup of coffee."

"Ok, good. Thanks for meeting me on such short notice. I don't have much time." Placing her duffle bag along side the table, she took the seat across from Bones. "I don't know if you have talked to Seeley today and what he might have told you, but we broke up."

Bones just sat there listening to what Hannah had to say. The feeling that Bones was feeling in her stomach had disappeared. There was only question though that Bones could come up with since she noticed Hannah's bag. "How long are you going on assignment this time?"

Hannah looked down at her hands. "Well Temperance, that's why I asked you here. I'm here to say Good-bye. I'm going back to my job in Afghanistan and I'm not coming back."

"Oh?" Bones didn't know what else to say.

"I just wanted to tell you good-bye to you in person. You were so nice to me while I was here. You are one of my few friends that are women. I was lucky to have you as my friend. I would like it if you could say good-bye to the others for me. Besides, saying good-bye I also wanted to thank you again for saving my life. Here," as Hannah started rummaging through her duffle bag and pulled out Bones' sunglasses. The ones that Bones had given her when she was recovering in the hospital from the gun shot and placed them on the table. "These are yours Temperance. Thanks for loaning them to me."

Bones looked a little confused. "Hannah, no I gave them to you. They're yours."

"No, Temperance. Everything that I've had of yours was just on loan." And with that Hannah smiled, rose from her seat, grabbed her duffle bag and was back to her old life, the life before she ever met Seeley Booth. "Good-bye Temperance. It's been a pleasure."

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