This is a Drarry Veela fic, rated M for later chapters.

Warnings for SLASH, Draco Malfoy/ Harry Potter. Don't like, don't read. Creature fic, EWE, WiP.

Draco is a Veela who hasn't found his mate yet. He should have had a vision by now, revealing his future mate, but he hasn't. Or has he?



The soft reproach in his mother's voice could always affect him more than his fathers harsh disapproval ever could. Draco hunched his shoulders and hugged his knees stubbornly. Of course he knew he was being ridiculous. Sulking like a twelve year old in his room, hiding away from life.

'Darling', Narcissa spoke softly, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder, 'you have to stop this you know. This isn't doing you or anyone else any good. You're stronger than this, I know you are'.

Draco let his head fall to the side, raising his shoulder to cradle his mother's hand against his face.

'I'm sorry mother… I know you're worried about me. You don't need to be though. I'll… I'll be fine. I will'

'I just wish you wouldn't give up Draco. You're still young. There's still time for you to find your mate'.

Narcissa bent down and kissed the top of her sons head. Such a beautiful boy, she thought to herself.

Her son had always been beautiful. The smooth pale skin, the soft blond hair and the expressive grey eyes made his features stand out in any crowd. When his Veela inheritance kicked in, in the spring of his nineteenth birthday, he became the even more striking man sitting before her now. Narcissa prided herself on having an eye for aesthetics. The sight of her son, sitting in the window seat of his studio all hunched up like that… No. Her son was a Malfoy, strong and proud. And a Veela to boot.

'Draco darling, please talk to me' she insisted.

Draco sighed and looked up at his mother with sad eyes.

'I should have seen him by now mother. You know I should have. You've told me yourself how al the Veelas in the Black family line know who their mates are by the time they're 21. I'll be 25 in a couple of weeks. If I don't know by now…' Draco swallowed, 'then I don't think I ever will'

Narcissa found it hard to watch her son being this miserable. Draco knew that, so he tried to lighten the mood.

'Don't worry though mother. So I'll not have a mate. I can live alone. I'll be like great uncle Aurelius' he said, smiling wickedly.

'No son of mine will be walking through life in pink flannel pyjamas en bunnyslippers Draco Malfoy' his mother replied sternly. Her voice softened as she continued 'But darling, are you sure you haven't had a vision yet?'

Draco ducked his head in, flinching at her words.

'Don't mother. Please' he begged.

'I wouldn't. But I know you Draco. Don't forget, I'm Veela too. You will never be happy without a mate. Not you. And you deserve to be happy. Draco I… I wouldn't say anything if it wasn't so important. You see, you're right. All the Veelas in our family have known who their destined mate was by the time they were 21. I fact, many of us have known much earlier than that. Before they received their Veela inheritance even. Most of the time, they know from the moment they meet their future mate for the first time. It was like that for me and I think it was for you too now wasn't it darling?'

Draco looked up, trying to conceal his shock.

'Darling? I seem to remember hearing you talk about young mister Potter quite a bit whenever you came home for holidays during your Hogwarts years? I know your father was fooled by your words, saying how much you hated him, but I've always seen right through you my son. It's mister Potter you want, isn't it? Well? Isn't it?'

Draco thought about denying it. He really did. But then he remembered that that would be useless. His mother would always know. There was no deceiving her. His father had tried. For years Lucius had tried to outsmart his wife. It had never worked. Not even those last few days before his decease in Azkaban. He tried to pretend all was fine. But she knew. It was stupid of Lucius to try and hide it. Her Veela instincts had told her the minute her mate fell ill. A few weeks later, when Draco came to find his mother to inform her of his father's death, she had sat there as if frozen. It was then Draco realized there was no reason for him to speak. She already knew.

Narcissa had not been herself for a full year after that. She had loved Lucius deeply. Although his foolish actions had been the cause of much heartache over the years, she had always loved him and supported him in every decision he made. When Lucius chose the side of the Dark Lord, she knew it to be the wrong choice. But it is in a Veela's nature to protect and love their mate. So she had stood by his side.

After the war, with her husband first in Azkaban and then dead, she had assisted Draco in rebuilding the family name. Together, they had decided on the causes they would support, made sure families of victims of Death Eater's crimes were acknowledged and supported. They did this is in a quiet, unobtrusive way, which helped their reputation even more. Harry Potter's testimony at both Narcissa's and Draco's trial had been the foundation that mother and son built their new reputation on.

'But Harry Potter hates me mother. There is no way he'll let me court him, let alone choose to be my mate. So that's just not going to happen. I haven't even seen him since my trial' Draco concluded, shrugging his shoulders helplessly.

'Don't be a coward son. It is beneath you. The war was a long time ago. You're a different man now. Besides, the words he spoke at your trial were not words of hate. At worst, he is indifferent to you' his mother responded.

'That might be even worse' Draco said gloomily.

'Let me put it like this: As long as you haven't decisively ruled out young mister Potter as your mate, your Veela genes will never allow you to choose another. If you don't succeed, at least you'll be free to find someone new. Look at this as a challenge my dear Draco. A challenge that should be easy enough for a former Slytherin' Narcissa insisted. She knew her son well. At the word "challenge" she could see him perk up. There was nothing Draco liked more than a challenge, especially one that he could use his excellent and cunning brain for. She could tell he was already plotting his first move. The gleam in his eyes made her heart swell with pride. Yes… young mister Potter would make an excellent mate for her beautiful, powerful, headstrong son.


Harry Potter felt pretty good about himself right now. He stretched his legs out onto his desk and leaned back in his chair. He had just solved another case, his PI firm was making a very good name for itself and he had plenty of friends supporting him. He also had a hot date to look forward to tonight. Julian was taking him to Fernando's. He'd been dying to go there, but reservations were almost impossible. Harry had heard the veal was the best in town and the dessert tray was the stuff dreams were made of. He could practically feel his mouth watering already. Yes, life was good.

Harry had gotten into the PI business quite by accident. After the war, he hadn't known what to do with himself now that there was no more Voldemort for him to vanquish. For some reason, the Auror career he had fantasized about in Hogwarts, had lost all its appeal. This might have had something to do with him finding out just how much studying he would have to do. While he was still contemplating what to do with the rest of his life, people had started to ask him to find things for them. Word had gotten out (Rita Skeeter of course) about the Horcruxes he had found and destroyed during the war. Apparently popular opinion was that if he could find the extremely well hidden pieces of Voldemort's soul, he would surely be able to find precious items they had lost. That's how it had all started. Harry had tried to tell everyone that he actually had quite a bit of help from Dumbledore and his friends in finding the Horcruxes, but of course they wouldn't listen. In the end he had given in, because the thought of finding clues, doing research and ultimately helping people sounded very appealing. Now, 5 years later, he had expanded on those first few cases, building the firm now known as "The Lost Cause".

Over the last few years he had found lost jewellery, stolen paintings, long lost relatives and much more. His latest case had been especially gratifying, reuniting a pureblood witch with the daughter she had once renounced for daring to fall in love with a muggle born. She had regretted her decision almost instantly, but hadn't been able to find her daughter for almost 15 years. Harry had witnessed their tearful reunion with satisfaction. Yes. He had chosen well for himself. He could choose his own cases. He didn't employ anyone else. He just enlisted the help of his friends when he needed it. George Weasly had developed a whole line of products especially for "The Lost Cause". George now mostly spent his time developing new products, while his brother Ron had taken over the management of the Weasley shops. Harry smiled fondly as he thought of his two red haired friends.

Suddenly he was startled by the sound of an owl tapping at the window with its beak. This could be a new case! Harry quickly got up and let the owl in. It was a beautiful creature of soft gray and white, its yellow eyes looking into the world regally. As soon as it had landed on Harry's desk, the owl held out its leg, waiting patiently for Harry to detach the letter.

'You're a beautiful girl aren't you' Harry crooned, fingering the soft feathers of her wings while releasing the letter from her leg. The graceful owl just looked at him as if to say that yes of course she was. Harry grinned and gave her an owl treat. Instead of eating it and taking off, she just sat there, looking at the letter expectantly.

'I guess your owner must have told you to wait for a reply. Alright than, I'll read it now'.

The handwriting seemed vaguely familiar. Then Harry noticed the Malfoy family crest seal and new it must be from Draco Malfoy. He was both surprised and intrigued. Why would Malfoy be contacting him? Oh well, only one way to find out…


Congratulations on the success of your PI company "The Lost Cause". I've heard that you are very good at finding things. Please consider this letter a request for your help.

I know there have been ill feelings between us in the past. I however, have changed as I'm sure you have too. I hope we can put the past behind us and you won't let our childhood feud get in the way of assisting me.

If you are willing to help than please come to the Manor at 8 o clock tomorrow evening. I will explain my case to you then.

If this time is not convenient for you, please let me know and we will reschedule to accommodate you.


Draco Malfoy


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