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Silence. Say something, Draco implored himself.

'You… you read my note?' Harry inquired uncertainly.


Bloody hell, what's wrong with you? Say more than one word now, Draco groaned inwardly. The line remained quiet for way too long. Draco started freaking out, wondering if Harry had hung up on him.

'And?' Tension dripped off that single word… See, if you're going to use only one word, that's the way to do it!

'Come over' Draco blurted. Fabulous. Two whole words. Aren't I eloquent? Draco rolled his eyes.

'Ok… Now?'

'Yes… I mean, no!' Draco panicked, taking in the chaos of his surroundings. 'Give me five minutes to open up the floo and then come through. The address is "Draco Malfoy's bedroom". Turning, he caught a glimpse of his crumpled reflection in the mirror and added breathlessly: 'No, make it ten minutes, alright Harry? Ten!'

Barely waiting for Harry's acknowledgement, he disconnected the call.

Draco did not shriek. A Malfoy would never make such an undignified sound. He might have made a bit of a sound, but it was definitely not a shriek. Nor did he repeat it several times. He didn't do a little happy dance either. He did however open up the floo in seconds, use his wand to vanish the splinters of crystal and tidy up the scattered files off the floor. He also examined himself in the full length mirror, assessing the damage. Using some of his expensive creams and hair products, he did some damage control on his red bleary eyes, his blotchy face and his ruffled hair. He of course absolutely did not linger to preen.

As Draco waited in front of the floo, he cast a tempus spell. Three more minutes before Harry would come through. Draco hesitated. What would happen if Harry came through the floo now? Would they… talk? His Veela genes surged up in protest and Draco quietly agreed. Talking could wait. Shagging Harry to within and inch of his life however, could not. He had waited long enough damn it, he wanted sex and he wanted it now. His Veela genes hummed gleefully, but other than that, they weren't much help. He'd have to rely on that other part of him, the Slytherin part… Instantly Draco started laughing. Being a true Slytherin also meant knowing when was the right time to set careful planning and sneaky manoeuvres aside and go for the bold Gryffindor like gesture instead.


As Harry stepped out of the floo, het was greeted by a sight that made him stumble and almost fall back into the flames. That sight was one very naked Draco Malfoy… With his wings out… And er… visibly happy to see him. His blazing eyes and proud stance made him look like a dangerous predator about to pounce. Which is exactly what he did. One minute, Harry'd been pacing in front of his floo, casting countless tempus charms to see if the ten minutes had finally fucking passed already, the next minute, he was standing in Draco's bedroom, his arms full of naked blonde Veela. Holding him in an iron but oddly tender grip, Draco tried to devour his lips, or at least that's what it felt like. Not that Harry was complaining mind. Nope, not complaining at all.

Harry felt the allure being used on him, but since it was trying to persuade him to pick Draco up and carry him to the bed, he saw absolutely no reason to resist. Groaning into the blonde's mouth, Harry rushed them over to the bed and gently laid his mate on the icy blue silk sheets. Obviously Draco had no intention of letting go, which resulted in Harry landing on top of him. Draco ripped his mouth free, purred, and started pulling frantically at Harry's clothes. Splendid idea, Harry agreed and started helping him eagerly. Robes, shoes, pants, even glasses flew through the air. Each discarded item caused Draco to cry out triumphantly and kiss, lick and bite the newly exposed skin. Harry approved of these actions immensely.

Naked at last, Harry pushed their bodies flush together and gasped. The feeling of naked skin against naked skin was overwhelming in a very good way. Their magic, that had been sizzling around them ever since he stepped out of the floo, now started to buzz in anticipation. Harry felt the overwhelming need to touch, to feel his mate. He let his hands glide over Draco's body, stroking arms, legs, chest, wings… Draco whimpered helplessly at his touch, arching his body to press against the caressing hands. Harry buried his face in the crook of Draco's neck, nuzzling his hair, breathing in his scent. The blonde sighed blissfully as Harry first lapped at the tender skin and then bit softly. Draco raked his fingers down Harry's back, making him throw back his head and moan. He laughed softly as he wrapped both arms and legs around Harry and flipped them over. Again he reminded Harry of a predator as he straddled Harry's hips and looked down on him hungrily. Harry moaned once more as Draco wriggled around, causing their erections to rub together deliciously.

Draco bent over and started tracing a path of hot fiery kisses down Harry's chest. When he reached the belly button, he teasingly flicked his tongue inside, making Harry writhe underneath him. Smiling against the soft skin of his belly, Draco followed the thin trace of dark hair all the way down. He hovered over Harry's yearning cock, ghosting a hot breath over it. Harry sobbed his breath and then bit his bottom lip fiercely to stop himself from coming right then and there. Sensing this, Draco held his breath and waited. Harry closed his eyes, exhaled slowly, unclenching the hands he had unwittingly clawed into the sheets. His cock, flushed a dusky pink, twitched as if to reach for Draco's lips. Taking his cue, Draco reached out a hand, grabbed Harry's cock by the base and circled his tongue teasingly around the tip. Harry's eyes flew open, groaning harshly as he looked down on the slightly blurry image. You could mistake Draco for an angle, with his wings fluttering softly, but only until you saw those eyes. There was nothing angelic about them at all. They were full of want and lust and desire… Harry swallowed, feeling a little thrill of anticipation go through him. Draco bent his head, opening his mouth to engulf his throbbing erection. Harry screamed.

'Please… Draco… please' he pleaded, over and over again.

Draco took Harry's cock in his mouth as far as he could and then sucked… Harry's body spasmed helplessly as Draco bobbed his head up and down. He fought the urge to push his hips up into the blonde's mouth, but couldn't resist grabbing Draco's head with both hands. Draco released his cock from his mouth, using just his tongue now to drive Harry crazy. He alternated between tracing the throbbing vein at the base with the tip of his tongue, lapping at the entire length, covering his cock with his mouth and then twirling his tongue…

Suddenly, Draco sat up. Harry cried out in disappointment as his hands slipped uselessly out of the blond hair. Draco shook his head, a look of determination in his eyes.

'Not like this' he said.

'What? Why?' Harry asked, slightly alarmed.

Draco smiled reassuringly.

'No, I mean I've waited to long for this. It's not enough. I want you inside of me when you come' Draco said, then hesitated. 'Is that ok?'

Is that ok? Harry thought incredulously. I would say so, yes. He nodded. A shiver went through his spine as he saw Draco's eyes blaze up again. He couldn't believe there had ever been a time he would have considered those silvery grey eyes cold. They were blazing hot, branding him as they swept over his naked flesh. Draco was… Magnificent? Unbelievable? Achingly beautiful? Completely irresistible? Yes, Harry thought. Yes to all of that. And most of all… he's mine. Harry shuddered with pleasure. More then anything he wanted to please his mate, impress him. Harry's magic surged up, more than happy to assist him, and he used a bit of it for a wandless nonverbal spell.

Draco's eyes popped in surprise, his mouth forming a perfect little o. Harry smiled wickedly as he wrapped one oily hand around Draco's cock and slid the other towards his arse, the quivering entrance now clean, loose and slick.

'My my, you have hidden talents I see' Draco admired, hissing as Harry's finger entered him.

'You like?' Harry inquired coyly as he wriggled his finger and then slid in a second one.

'Hmhm…' was all the response Draco was capable of, tilting his hips so the fingers were able to slid in further, hitting that marvellous spot. Draco keened.

Harry started to move his fingers in and out, angling them so they could hit Draco's prostrate even better. His other hand pumped Draco's cock in the same, maddeningly slow rhythm. Draco's hair was slightly messy, his lips swollen and slightly parted, his breath coming in quick pants. Harry knew he could look at him forever and never tire of the view.

Harry couldn't wait any longer. He pulled back his fingers, making Draco whine until he felt the tip of Harry's cock pushing against his entrance. At once, he pushed back eagerly, taking all of Harry in. Harry tossed his head from side to side madly, relishing the feeling of being buried deep inside his mate.

'Harrrrrry…' Draco moaned desperately.

That's when Harry grabbed on to Draco's hips and started to move. Slow, languid thrusts at first, but Draco was having none of that. He met Harry on every thrust, urging him to speed up. Harry helplessly complied.

Their magic was zooming around them frantically, shooting bolts of electricity through their bodies. Harry reached up a hand, hooked it behind Draco's neck and pulled him in for a searing kiss. His other hand slid up and down Draco's cock, swiping his thumb over the tip. They moved faster now, ever faster, moving closer and closer to the edge. Draco went first, crying out as his body convulsed in an explosive climax. Clamping his muscles down on Harry's throbbing cock, he dragged him right along with him. Harry arched himself off the bed as his orgasm hit him, trashing mindlessly beneath the blonde. Their magic whirled around them like a hurricane as they toppled over the edge, then quietened down to a delicate little murmur.


This was pure bliss. Harry sighed happily, rubbing his cheek against Draco's smooth chest. He was lying on his side, one arm and one leg flung over Draco's body, his head resting on Draco's chest. He listened to the steady heartbeat beneath his ear, which made him feel oddly safe and secure. Draco's fingers drew lazy patterns on his arm and he had his wing folded, partly covering their entwined bodies. Harry didn't think he wanted to move for a very long time, if ever.

'I love you' he said quietly, placing small kisses on Draco's chest.

'I know' Draco replied smugly. 'I'm a very lovable person'

Harry looked up to see the blonde smirking at him. Merlin he loved that smirk…

'And you love me too' Harry said confidently.

'I know that too' Draco confirmed with a glint in his eye. 'Although I wasn't too happy with you this evening I must say'.

'What? Why?' Harry asked, confused.

Draco pouted.

'I'll have you know I was devastated. You just left me there for Merlin's sake, without saying a word. Why would you do that? I was convinced you didn't want me'.

Harry looked baffled.

'What made you think that? What about that kiss? Did you not feel the bond forming?' he asked.

Draco bristled.

'Of course I did. But you left. How was I supposed to know that you'd decided you wanted to be my mate all of a sudden?' he asked indignantly.

Harry truly didn't know what to say. How could Draco have thought such a thing? Hadn't Harry made his intentions perfectly clear? Harry shook his head confusedly. He didn't understand this at all.

'But you must have known that I wanted you to consider me for your mate. Why else would I have put my file in with the rest?' Harry explained urgently.

'Well yeah, but that was only after the party, after I'd come home, miserable and lonely' Draco complained.

'But… I sent you those files two days ago. So you could look through the information, be prepared when you met with all the potential mates at the party. We talked about this, remember?' Harry implored. 'Sure, I charmed the post-it to not appear until after I'd given you the phone. But the rest of the file was right there! Unless…'

Draco ducked his head guiltily.

'Unless you… never read the files?' Harry tried, looking perplexed.


'Draco?' Harry insisted.

Draco sighed.

'I didn't' he admitted reluctantly.

'But… why? That was the whole point of you hiring me wasn't it? So I could help you find your mate? The files were supposed to help with that, the party too' Harry insisted.

Draco looked decisively shifty and Harry for the life of him didn't understand why.

'I… might have been less than completely honest when I hired you'.

Harry said nothing, waiting for his mate to continue.

Draco gulped a deep breath and blurted: 'I-knew-it-was-you-all-along'.

Harry's jaw dropped. It literally dropped. He closed his mouth, swallowed, all the while staring at his mate.

'You did? Does that mean that I'm your destined mate? That you had visions about me and everything?' Harry asked suspiciously.

Draco nodded guiltily.

'And this was all some big elaborate ruse to get me to forget that I couldn't stand the sight of you, fall desperately in love with you and agree to be your mate?' Harry continued, his lips quivering suspiciously.

Another guilty nod.

Harry couldn't contain himself any longer, bursting into joyous laughter. Draco looked at him indignantly, trying to push him away. But Harry knew just how to deal with him, pinning the blonde beneath him and kissing him silly.

'Brilliant' Harry exclaimed, still hiccoughing with laughter. 'Well played Malfoy, very well played' he acknowledged.

Draco looked very pleased with himself, if still a bit dazed from that kiss.

'The name is Dra-co ' he insisted petulantly.

'Indeed it is' Harry agreed pleasantly, looking down on his gorgeous mate. 'Come here you' he murmured, kissing the willing blonde happily. He was about ready to claim him again, Harry decided. Or let him claim me, Harry thought. He'd decide that later.


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