A little oneshot extra chappy-chap written at my request. One smut scene isn't enough, after all. ;D

Tino unlocked the door to the private sauna quietly, tiptoeing in as though his parents could hear him from inside the house thirty yards away. "Come on," he murmured, gesturing for his towering companion to follow him into the shack. Tino switched on the lowlights and scampered off to light the heat under the rocks, anticipation tingling through him. "Lock the door," he said over his shoulder to his taller classmate.

The Swede did as asked, just a little apprehensive. He had heard a lot about Finnish saunas, and he was worried that it would be too hot for him. But Tino had wanted to do this, so now he was standing in the small hut, a towel around his waist.

Once the rocks were heated and little waves of the warmth drifted upward, Tino poured water from a bucket onto the stones, stepping back a little as clouds of steam burst. He peeled off his shirt, pants and undergarments, hopping onto the bench near Berwald. "Come sit," he beckoned cheerfully.

The bench was already getting wet from the steam, Berwald noted as he sat down. Tino scooted closer so they were touching, and the taller looked down and realized that his boyfriend was now completely naked. The Finn's face, flushed from the steam, focused on Berwald's form as he bent his long, lanky body to sit beside him on the bench. He glanced down at the Swede's towel and grinned in a fashion that alluded to some kind of private joke.

"Feeling a little abashed?"

Blushing completely because of the heat, Berwald looked down to the floor. "No," he said simply. It wasn't like he didn't like Tino to see him naked, but for some reason this just seemed so much less private than usual. Besides their first time in the school, they had mainly stayed to their bedrooms when they were planning to be... without clothes.

"Then you should take it off," he responded cheerfully, moving a little closer and unabashedly laying his fingertips over Berwald's.

Still not able to go against his 'wife', as he had grown to affectionately call Tino, Berwald undid the knot he had made in the towel and let it fall off. And if his hand happened to fall into his lap, then he couldn't be blamed really, could he? Tino's knee rubbed against his partner's and he smiled, his eyelids drooping slightly as the lavender orbs within trailed over Berwald's lips. A flash of pink darted across his lips, wetting them unconsciously. He leaned up, a hair's breadth away from Berwald's lips and then...

"Did you know that traditionally, we Finns beat each other's backs with dried branches?"

"Tha's stupid." That's not why Tino brought him in here, was it? Was it all a trap just so he could beat him up with a branch? Or maybe he wanted to try it because he thought their sex life was too boring. Berwald really hoped that wasn't the case.

The Finn laughed out loud, kissing the corner of Berwald's lips. "Maybe it is, but it's good for the circulation."

Berwald kissed him back, lightly. "Still stup'd." It was getting difficult to breath, the warm air heavy in his lungs. But he was determined to prove that he could stand the hot sauna, if his 'wife' could. Tino made a happy little noise and reached up to cup Berwald's cheek, tilting his head just slightly to the left to press an open-mouthed kiss to the gentle giant's lips. "Healthy, though."

"Y' don't want tha' though, right?" Because there was absolutely no way that he was going to hit Tino with a branch. It didn't matter if it was good for circulation, or healthy for him, he just couldn't do it.

"Oh, not today, since you don't seem so keen on the idea." His free hand trailed along Berwald's thigh. "But in the future definitely, okay?"

Hoping to get away from that topic, Berwald just leaned forward and kissed his boyfriend deeply. The hand on his thigh was distracting, but he didn't mind at all. Instead he put his own hand over it, not moving it up any further, but pressing it into his leg slightly.

Tino squeezed the thick, firm muscles there and just to make himself more comfortable, he stood up just partially and swung his leg over to straddle the sturdy thigh, his fingers wriggling about to fit themselves between Berwald's. "Trying to shut me up, are you?" he scolded good-naturedly, stroking the pale, soft hair at the back of Berwald's neck. He stared up through his lashes into his lover's eyes in a sultry fashion. "It's going to take more than that to quiet me."

That was definitely meant to be a challenge, which Berwald took gladly. He pulled Tino to him, kissing him deeply, one hand going to the back of his neck, the other going to just above his butt. He kneaded the skin there, and went lower to grab a handful of one cheek.

Squealing into Berwald's mouth a matter that probably wasn't as manly as he would have liked, Tino complied to the gentle demands and wriggled himself closer until his pelvis was nestled flush against Berwald's hip. "You really don't like me talking, do you?" he sighed, his breath fanning against the Swede's cheek.

"I l'ke this bett'r." Berwald went for his lover's weak spot: his nipples. It was always so fun playing with them, with how much Tino would react when he would pluck and roll them. It made the petite Finn mewl, a little noise keening deep in his throat. He craned his neck forward, kissing the other deeply, thoroughly, sighing happily.

The steamy air made it difficult to breathe through his nose, so Berwald had to pull back from the kiss when his lungs started to hurt. He felt both their erections pressing up against each other, and when Tino moved even slightly, it created a delicious friction.

Tino made to wrap his lithe legs about Berwald's hips and giggled, a little light-headed from all the steam, and in the process he nearly fell over, laughing and clinging to Berwald. "Ah, here, this bench is too narrow, let's..." And slowly, he slid over and off Berwald's leg and onto the bench, pulling Berwald along until he was laying down with his back to the warm, wet wood while his lover's body held itself above him.

Berwald shuffled down so that he was right above Tino's cock, and he leaned down to take it into his mouth. He loved tasting him like this, he was sure only Tino had this taste. At the same time, the tall Swede got his hands under his ass, lifting him up to his mouth.

Even Tino's neck arched as Berwald took him in all the way, pressing the heel of his hand firmly to his mouth to suppress the loud, scandalous noises threatening to explode from his aching chest. His toes curled and he reached with another hand, threading his fingers deeply in the Swede's short, pale locks.

With his tongue, Berwald massaged the underside of his boyfriend's shaft, his fingers inching closer to Tino's hole. But too late he realized that they didn't really have any lube here, so he brought his hand out and put it in front of the Finn's face, silently willing him to understand.

Shuddering lightly, he leaned up, taking three long fingers into his mouth, laving them in a fashion to mirror the wonderful things Berwald was doing to his cock. He suckled lightly, feeling the lustful rumble from Berwald's chest all the way to the tips of his toes.

As soon as his fingers were covered in saliva, Berwald brought them back to Tino's hole. The first few times they had had sex, he had made sure to ask if he wanted it, but the last time the Finn had gotten a little annoyed and told him to stop asking and just do it. After that, he made sure to not ask, because if Tino was hard and naked and panting, then he probably wanted it no matter what.

Tino spread his thighs, tensing and relaxing in anticipation. He glanced down his body and something registered, something that felt distinctly like pity. Berwald was crouched so awkwardly half on, half off the bench, but even so he was paying such diligent care of Tino, preparing him so gently and thoroughly, and before he could even feel the second finger inside of him, the Finn reached down and put a hand over Berwald's to catch his attention. "That can't be comfortable. Here, let's move."

To move, Berwald had to take his fingers out for a moment. "Where d'you want?" He asked, not sure where this was going. Tino stood up and faced him, and they kissed for a minute.

Tino reached down when the kiss deepened and took a firm hold of Berwald's thick, heavy cock. It never ceased to amaze him just how large it was, though he shouldn't have been surprised; it was most definitely in proportion to the rest of his body. It throbbed and pulsed in his grip and he stroked it lovingly for a long, curious moment before falling to his knees and turning. "Come behind me," he said, a small, flushed smile on his face.

"'Kay." Berwald knelt down behind his lover and continued stretching him from where he left off. The hole got bigger as he spread his fingers, curling them to hit the cluster of nerves that Tino loved so much. It was amazing; before they went out, he didn't even know that the prostate felt so good, but now he not only knew that, but exactly where to find it in Tino's body. His fantasies had changed somewhat with the knowledge, now including a small vibrator that he could press inside Tino right against that spot.

Leaning on his elbows against the damp wooden bench, Tino subtly raised his hips to meet Berwald's hand, arching and groaning when Berwald visited that same delightful gland over and over. "B-Be, if you keep, mmmm... if you keep that up, I'm gonna come!"

Figuring that he was stretched enough, Berwald took his fingers out and spread the remaining saliva over his shaft. He bent over Tino's body, going flush against his back. "Ready?"

Tino nodded, glancing over his shoulder at Berwald. "Go on," he insisted, tensing and sighing in pleasure as he felt the hard shaft slide through, fitting inside of him with a snug perfection.

He waited just long enough for Tino to adjust before pulling almost all the way out and thrusting back in. Berwald's hands went to his lover's cock, fingers light on the hot skin. He didn't want him to come too quickly, after all.

The Finn didn't seem to be of the same opinion, pressing forward, bucking his hips into Berwald's hand for more friction. "Mm, Berwald, please," he whimpered when the Swede didn't give in. For once, Berwald didn't listen to him. It had always been in his fantasies for Tino to be begging him, and now he was, so he kept his grip light and teasing. He felt bad for not doing what his lover wanted, but the sounds he was making were worth it.

It made Tino ache and whimper, pushing back to nestle his rear against Berwald's hips. "No fair," he whined, reaching down with one hand to cover Berwald's.

The Swede could taste the sweat dripping off them from the steam, their bodies sliding against each other. He thrust harder, pushing Tino forward into his hand. With the hand over Berwald's, the pressure was increased slightly, but he didn't mind so much.

"Ah!" Tino cried, and over and over the noise resounded in the small, steamy shack. "Nng, Berwald, harder," he panted, jolting when a calloused thumb swiped over the weeping head of his cock.

But suddenly Berwald stopped completely, deep inside Tino, breathing hard against his back. "Say... say y're m'wife," he panted, because even if he had been saying it a little lately, he had never heard his lover say it, and he wanted to hear it, even if it was only just once.

Tino's breath came hard and fast and he looked over his shoulder, warming further at the intensity of Berwald's stare, the vulnerability and hope hidden so well behind it. "Y-your what?" he squeaked, his fine brows knitting together.

"M'wife. Please." He moved slightly so that he was close enough to lick Tino's ear, but still didn't move his hips even though it was killing him.

The Finn's heart clenched and he blushed furiously, shuddering at the sensations Berwald's tongue sent through his body. "B-but I'm a man!" he protested weakly, tightening around Berwald's cock. "C-can't I be your h-husband instead?"

That was obviously not what Berwald wanted, because he kept still. "H'sbands don't wear apr'ns." He said simply. He had only seen Tino in an apron once, but it was an image he would keep with him forever.

Tino wanted to whine and argue, he wanted to prove his masculinity, and he wanted... well, it's a little difficult to be taken seriously when one is taking it up the ass and moaning like some kind of slut at every tiny movement. Burying his face in his arms, Tino willed the cherry red in his cheeks to fade.

"... your wife," he mumbled abashedly.

After that, Berwald couldn't hold back any longer. He thrust into Tino with everything he had, feeling his ball sack hit that pert ass. The sounds his 'wife' was making weren't helping with him with trying to be gentle, and he was well aware that he was pushing Tino into the bench every time he went forward.

Due to the rather obscene noises the Finn made when Berwald picked up the pace, it was needless to say that he rather enjoyed the lack of inhibitions. The Swede's heavy cock rubbed against the sensitive gland inside of him in time with his thrusts, rendering Tino a moaning figure of pleasure. Berwald's name was a wild chant on Tino's lips as he felt himself near completion.

Berwald felt his boyfriend tighten around him, so he knew to expect the quick spurt on his hand and Tino almost falling down in exhaustion. He held him up, and kept thrusting to his own climax, which hit him hard. Strong shivers jolted through Tino's spine long after his orgasm, and he gave a little "ooh!" when Berwald pulled out. Two little puddles formed on the floor just centimeters apart and he fell limp in Berwald's arms. When the Swede fell back, he moved himself about to sit cradled in Berwald's lap, his cheek against the sweat-and-steam slick shoulder to catch his breath.

" 'm not gonna hit y' with a branch," Berwald said between breaths of hot steam. He knew that if he didn't say it now when he had the courage in post-coital bliss, he probably never would.

Tino's breathless laughter filled the tiny hut and he reached up, touching Berwald's cheek. "You say that now, but if you want me to use the 'w' word, you're going to haven to acquiesce to my terms."

Growling deep in his chest, Berwald grabbed Tino and lifted him up, laying him down on the bench. "Wanna bet?"